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Egypto-file, 2002 - 395 من الصفحات
Looking for a resource to provide facts and figures about life in contemporary Egypt? The Egypt Almanac 2002-3 is an excellent place to start. The book is organized into six topical chapters, covering the land, culture, society, politics, economy, and industry. Each chapter is then divided into further detailed articles written by some of the top journalists and researchers in Egypt.The 2002-3 edition of the Egypt Almanac includes 125 articles, 244 color photographs, and 113 graphs, tables, and maps, as well as handy contact and reference sections. Whether your interest is finding out who's who in Egyptian business or music or gaining further understanding of the local perspective on important news events of the year, this volume covers it all.More than forty noted experts and artists contributed to the book, including Salima Ikram, Max Rodenbeck, Norbert Schiller, Sherif Sonbol, and Nicholas Warner. This book is an essential reference that should be a part of every home and office library.

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Alexandrias facelift continues apace as the city tries to put itself
The Green Agenda 3 l
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