Materials science and engineering: an introduction

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Wiley, 1991 - 791 من الصفحات
Revised and updated to reflect the most recent developments in the field, this book continues the fine tradition of its predecessor by presenting the fundamentals of materials science and engineering. Among the changes you'll find are a completely new chapter on failure which treats fracture modes, principles of fracture mechanics, impact fracture testing, fatigue and creep; a more detailed discussion of electronegativity and a more quantitative treatment of interatomic bonding; the addition of X-ray diffraction and linear and planar atomic densities; a more extensive treatment of interfacial defects; expanded coverage of nonlinear elastic behavior, anelasticity, resilience, and a more complete discussion of hardness testing; added sections of the phase diagram which covers peritectic reactions, congruent phase transformations and the Gibbs phase rule; detailed treatment of corrosion rates, and the roles of activation and concentration polarizations in the prediction of the same; an updated examination of composite materials. In addition, there is a new, expanded appendix, and more than 400 new homework problems.

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Atomic Bonding in Solids
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