New Perspectives on Middle East Politics: Economy, Society, and International Relations

الغلاف الأمامي
Robert Mason
American University in Cairo Press, 06‏/04‏/2021 - 272 من الصفحات

An ideal primer on contemporary Middle East Politics, covering the entire MENA region from an interdisciplinary perspective

This compelling volume examines important and cross-cutting themes in the study of contemporary Middle East and North African politics and international relations in the current climate.. Drawing together contributions from scholars based within the region and beyond, it weaves together essential interdisciplinary, conceptually rich, and forward-looking content. Chapters cover population and youth, civil-military relations, soft power and geopolitical competition, regionalization and internationalization of conflict, the role of oil in reconstruction efforts, extra-regional actors, environmental politics, and specifically, the Israel-Palestine conflict. Students are supported with an extended and innovative glossary, including key concepts, actors and abbreviations. New Perspectives on Middle East Politics serves as an ideal primer and companion volume for scholars of contemporary Middle East Studies, as well as for policy professionals, journalists and the general reader engaging and re-engaging with the region.

Contributor affiliations:
  • Mohamed Abdelraouf, Gulf Research Centre, Jeddah, United Arab Emirates
  • Dina Arakji, Carnegie Middle East Center, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Eyad AlRefai, Lancaster University, Lancashire, England and King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
  • Philipp Casula, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Ishac Diwan, Paris Sciences et Lettres and Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
  • Seif Hendy, American University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Simon Mabon, Lancaster University, Lancashire, England
  • Robert Mason, Lancaster University, Lancashire, England
  • Neil Partrick, freelance consultant, UK

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