The Foreign Policies Of Arab States: The Challenge Of Change, Second Edition

الغلاف الأمامي
Avalon Publishing, 08‏/09‏/1991 - 449 من الصفحات
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Middle East politics have been proverbial for their changeability. The 1970s ushered in petro-politics, for instance, but OPEC's international status declined markedly in the following decade. Similarly, the Arab world's ostracism of Egypt in the 1970s following its separate peace with Israel was turned around in the 1980s; the late 1980s also brought PLO acceptance of the State of Israel. Inter-state relations were not the only arena to experience significant alterations; state-society relations also underwent dramatic changes, such as the acceleration of privatization in erstwhile socialist regimes. policies since the book was originally published in 1984. In addition, the authors have included two new chapters on Jordan - at the heart of the Arab world - and on the Sudan - the region's link to sub-Saharan Africa. Their inclusion allows a fuller understanding of the foreign policies of states that occupy crucial geopolitical positions but wield little tangible power.

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