The Pedagogy of Empowerment: Community Schools as a Social Movement in Egypt

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American University in Cairo Press, 2004 - 196 من الصفحات
This new study offers a historical understanding of the initiative whilst carefully embedding it in the political and economic global context of the late twentieth century. The author first introduces the movement approach to development and carefully develops the notion of learning as a countermovement to the disintegrating world of today. She then moves on to describe how a community schools movement developed in the most deprived areas of rural Egypt and how such a movement is planned, mobilized, and sustained and details the strategies and activities of the initiative. In the third part of the work the author describes the results of the movement and its impact on people's lives. The last chapter places the community education movement within the political economy of Egypt's educational reform and attempts to forecast the movement's long-term impact on the educational system. The work will be of interest to anthropologists, educationalists, feminists, practitioners working in the field of development, and policymakers.

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Community Schools in Egypt
Results of a Movement in Progress
The Way Forward The Road to Sustainable Learning
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حول المؤلف (2004)

Malak Zaalouk has a Ph.D. in social anthropology from the University of Hull, England. She is currently Chief of Education at UNICEF, Cairo, responsible for researching social movements, strategic planning, and policy dialogue.

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