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Works published by Whittaker and Co.


New and enlarged Edition, in post 8vo., with beautiful wood-cut Vignettes, by Baxter, in cloth, 7s. 6d.; and also, handsomely bound in Turkey Morocco, with gilt edges, 12s.

The BOOK of FAMILY WORSHIP; consisting of a Four Weeks' Course of Prayer, and Prayers suitable to the Festivals of the Church, and other solemn Occasions; together with general Prayers for the Church, King, Clergy, Wives, Husbands, Children, Friends, &c., and General Benedictions. By the Editor of the "Sacred Harp." To which are added, JEREMY TAYLOR'S Sacramental Meditations and Prayers.

"The Book of Family Worship' ought to be in the hands of every family in the land; the prayers are beautifully simple and sweet; and every sentence that they breathe speaks of Christ alone as the hope of our salvation."-Dublin Evening Packet.

"There is so much that is good in this volume, that we could not avoid adopting it for our own use, and therefore we feel justified in recommending it to others."-Christian Ladies' Magazine.

The Book of Family Worship is correct in its principles, devotional in its spirit, and well worthy of being used by those who prefer a form to a free address at the throne of mercy."-Family Magazine.

In super-royal 8vo., illustrated by elaborate plates, price 15s. cloth lettered. AN EXAMINATION of the ANCIENT ORTHOGRAPHY of the JEWS, and of the ORIGINAL STATE of the TEXT of the HEBREW BIBLE.

Part I., containing an INQUIRY INTO THE ORIGIN OF ALPHABETIC WRITING; with which is incorporated an Essay on the Egyptian Hieroglyphics. By CHARLES WILLIAM WALL, D.D., Senior Fellow of Trinity College, and Professor of Hebrew in the University of Dublin.

"That many peculiarities in the writings of the Old Testament, especially in the Pentateuch, might possibly be elucidated by a careful examination of the hieroglyphic system of expression, has been for some time a general belief among Biblical scholars. Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians,' and his early education must have naturally influenced his habits of thought and language. This hypothesis, which, however, scarcely went beyond a vague surmise, has been examined with great learning and acuteness by Dr. Wall, Professor of Hebrew in the Dublin University. In the progress of his inquiries, he was led to doubt the reality of Champollion's dis coveries in the interpretation of hieroglyphics, and pursuing an opposite course, arrived at a key to the deciphering of the Rosetta stone. *** He is entitled to the great merit of having discovered a new principle of investigation, which may elucidate the chief difficulties in the Hebrew text."Athenaum.

"The volume abounds with deep learning and forcible argument."-Monthly Review.

New Edition, in 3 vols. 12mo., 21s. cloth.

A DICTIONARY of ENGLISH QUOTATIONS from the BRITISH POETS. Part 1. Shakspeare.-Part 2. Rhyme.—Part 3. Blank Verse.

"These volumes are what they profess to be, and are honestly and tastefully executed. We have in them the essence of Shakspeare and the British Poets."-Monthly Review.

In 1 volume, post 8vo., 12s. boards.

A DICTIONARY of FOREIGN and CLASSICAL QUOTATIONS, with ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS, and illustrated by remarks and explanations. By HUGH MOORE, Esq.

In 1 vol. 12mo. 7s. 6d. boards, the 9th edition, revised and improved. MACDONNEL'S DICTIONARY of LATIN and FRENCH QUOTATIONS. To which are added many from the GREEK, SPANISH, and TALIAN Languages. Translated into English, with illustrations.

Ave-Maria Lane, London.


PINNOCK'S CATECHISMS of the ARTS and SCIENCES. Illustrated with Maps, Plates, and Wood-cuts,



These Catechisms are intended to form the basis of every branch of useful knowledge, and are of themselves, in fact, "an Epitome of the Arts and Sciences." The style in which they are written is at once clear and simple, conveying instruction to the youthful mind in a manner unattainable by the use of more elaborate and comprehensive works. In short, while they fix on the mind the leading facts in History, and the fundamental principles of Science, the memory is relieved from the burden of retaining a mass of minutia with which larger books necessarily abound. They consist of separate Catechisms on the following subjects::

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The following may be had, with an Explanatory Map to each, price 1s.
Modern Geography-Bible History-History of England.

For the use of young persons studying French, the Catechisms of HISTORY OF ENGLAND, GEOGRAPHY, and BIBLE HISTORY, are translated into that language, price 1s. each.

The Catechisms may also be had in Twelve volumes, price £3. 12s. in cloth, or £4. 4s. half-bound and lettered, forming



Works published by Whittaker and Co.

Works of Instruction, &c.—continued.

In one vol. 8vo. Price 24s. cloth.

The LYRE of DAVID; or ANALYSIS of the PSALMS in Hebrew, critical and practical, with a HEBREW AND CHALDEE GRAMMAR. By VICTORINUS BYTHNER; translated by the Rev. THOMAS DEE, A.B. Ex-Sch. J.C.D. To which are added, by the translator, TABLES of the Imperfect Verbs and a PRAXIS of the first eight Psalms.

A desire to read the Sacred Scriptures in the original tongue has become of late evidently very prevalent in these kingdoms. Three months' industrious study, with good books, will effect that desirable object. The number of Hebrew radical words is 1867; of these 1184 occur in the Psalms: it is plain then, that a thorough knowledge of the Psalms very nearly amounts to a thorough knowledge of the language. Bythner's Lyra is, as all the learned know, the very best work on the Psalms; nearly two centuries have gone by since its first publication, and it still stands in all its freshness of estimation, unrivalled by any work that has since appeared on the same subject. Yet, excellent though it is, until now there has since appeared no English version of it, and so it has remained a closed book to the English student. Such a translation, so manifestly called for, will be presented to the English reader, with much unnecessary matter omitted, and several judicious additions made; and which, as the editor trusts, will be found more correct than any preceding edition in the original Latin.

The Third Edition, very considerably improved and enlarged, 18mo. 3s. in cloth.

The WRITER'S and STUDENT'S ASSISTANT; or, a COMPENDIOUS DICTIONARY of ENGLISH SYNONYMES; rendering the more common Words and Phrases in the English Language into the more elegant and scholastic, and affording a choice of the most appropriate, from a Variety of nearly the same Significations; with concise Notes, pointing out, in a familiar way, the Distinction between such Words as are frequently (in error) used synonymously.

"This little work is calculated at once to accelerate literary composition, and to assist in establishing a correct and elegant style, both in speaking and writing."-Gentleman's Magazine.

"It will be found useful to the finished scholar and orator, as well as to the tyros of letters."Sunday Times.

With numerous Additions and Improvements, mounted on rollers, price £1.16s. THE STREAM OF HISTORY:

Showing the Rise and Fall of Empires, and the Progress of the Arts, Sciences, and Literature of every Nation in the World, from the earliest ages to the year 1825. Originally invented by Professor STRASS.

This elegant and useful appendage to the library exhibits a clear and comprehensive view of the principal events of General History; and to those who have not opportunities or time for research, it may be truly said to be invaluable.

Price 3s. 6d.


ning a Companion to the "Stream of History." By C. HAMILTON.

Ave-Maria Lane, London.

Works of Instruction, &c.-continued.


In 1 vol. 12mo., with Frontispiece, price 3s. 6d. cloth. L'ITALIE; abrégée de "CORINNE, ou L'ITALIE," Par


*This book is peculiarly adapted for a FRENCH CLASS BOOK, as it comprises an example of the most elegant style of the French language, gives a very excellent account of Italy, and has an interesting story, which abounds with the purest sentiments and precepts.

With Illustrations, price 3s.

The FRENCH and ENGLISH PICTORIAL VOCABULARY: Containing upwards of Twelve Hundred Words. By N. WHITTOCK.

"A pretty little horn-book for children who begin French, which we think they may do soon after they have commenced syllabification in English. This book should therefore be mamma's companion with children of four years old."-Atlas.

In 8vo., neatly half-bound, coloured outline, 12s.; full coloured, 15s.; in 4to., 18s. and 21s.

WHITTAKER'S MODERN GENERAL ATLAS; comprehending all the Empires, Kingdoms, States, &c., in the world, constructed from the most correct authorities, and containing all the recent discoveries. To which are added, three maps of Ancient Geography, the whole comprising 36 plates.

In 18mo. price 3s.

The MORAL and POETICAL MISCELLANY: containing choice Selections from our most approved Poets, arranged under distinct Heads.

With Engravings and Coloured Examples in Tints, price 3s.

The ELEMENTS of DRAWING: containing the first Principles of Light and Shade, Colouring and Perspective. By G. M. MATHER.

With seven Engravings, price 2s. 6d.

A PRACTICAL EXPLANATION of the ELEMENTS of ARCHITECTURE: For the Use of Drawing Academies, &c. By G. SMITH.

Fifth Edition, price 3s. 6d. in silk.

LETTERS FROM A MOTHER TO HER DAUGHTER, AT OR GOING TO SCHOOL: pointing out the Duties towards her Maker, her Governess, her School-fellows, and Herself. By Mrs. SARGANT.

"This is a very well-meant publication; the principles it enforces are of the purest kind is a book which, put into the hands of the young, is well calculated to render them u virtuous members of society."-Literary Gazette.


Works published by Whittaker and Co.

Works of Instruction, &c.—continued.

Eighty-one Volumes, 18mo., bound in cloth, price Ten Guineas. 3s. 6d. per volume, separately.

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Each volume contains at least 320 pages, the print being of a good size; has a Vignette Title-page, and is otherwise illustrated by Maps, Portraits, &c.





An HISTORICAL VIEW of the Manners, Costume, Arts, Literature, &c. of Great Britain. By R. Thompson, Esq. 2 vols.

The HISTORY of OLIVER CROMWELL. By Dr. Russell. 2 vols.

LIFE of MARY QUEEN of Scoтs. By H. G. Bell, Esq. 2 vols.

LIFE of KING JAMES the FIRST. By R. Chambers. vols.

HISTORY of the REBELLIONS of SCOTLAND under Montrose and others, from 1638 to 1660. By R. Chambers. 5 vols.

The HISTORY of the CIVIL WARS of IRELAND. By W. C. Taylor, LL.D. &c. 2 vols. LIFE of the famous SIR WILLIAM WALLACE, of ELDERSLIE. By J. D. Carrick, Esq. 2 vols. MEMORIALS of the LATE WAR. 2 vols. HISTORY of the PRINCIPAL REVOLUTIONS in EUROPE. From the French of C. W. Koch, by A. Crichton. 3 vols.

The HISTORICAL WORKS of FREDERICK SCHILLER, from the German. By G. Moir, Esq. 2 vols.

The GENERAL REGISTER of POLITICS, SCIENCE, and LITERATURE, for 1827. HISTORY of CHIVALRY and the CRUSADES. By the Rev. H. Stebbing, M.A. 2 vols. MEMOIRS of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, from the French of Bourrienne. By J.S.Memes, LL.D. 4 vols.

The ACHIEVEMENTS of the KNIGHTS OF MALTA. By A. Sutherland, Esq. 2 vols. HISTORY of the OTTOMAN EMPIRE, from its Establishment in 1326 to 1828. By E. Upham, Esq. 2 vols.

HISTORY of the WAR of INDEPENDENCE in GREECE. By T. Keightley, Esq. 2 vols.

HISTORY of REMARKABLE CONSPIRACIES, connected with European History. By J. P. Lawson, M.A. 2 vols.

IISTORY of the CONQUEST of MEXICO; comprising the Life of Hernan Cortes. By Don Telesforo de Trueba.

HISTORY of the CONQUEST of PERU by the SPANIARDS. By Don Telesforo de Trueba. 1 vol.

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