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Wid. l'll swinge you into better manners, you booby.

[Beats him off, and exit. Well. You have consummated our project upon him.

Luc. Nay, if I have a limb of the fortune, I care not who has the whole body of the fool.

Well. That you shall, and a large one, I promise you.

Luc. Have you heard the news? They talk of an English ship in the river.

Well. I have heard on't, and am preparing to receive it as fast as I can.

Luc. There's something the matter too with the slaves, some disturbance or other; I don't know what it is.

Well. So much the better still. We fish in troubled waters. We shall have fewer eyes upon us. Pray, go you home, and be ready to assist me in your partof the design. Luc. I can't fail in mine.

[Exit. Well. The widow has furnished me, I thank her, to carry it on.

Now I have got a wife, 'tis high time to think of getting a husband. I carry my fortune about me; a thousand pounds in gold and jewels. Let me seem'twill be a considerable trust; and I think I shall lay it out to advantage.

Enter STANMORE. Stan. So, Welldon, Jack has told me his success, and his hopes of marrying the widow by your means.

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· Well. I have strained a point, Stanmore, upon your account, to be serviceable to your family.

Stan. I take it upon my account, and am very much obliged to you.

But here we are all in an uproar.
Well. So they say. What's the matter?

Stan. A mutiny among the slaves. Oroonoko is at the head of them. Our governor is gone out, with his rascally militia, against them. What it may come to, nobody knows.

Well. For my part, I shall do as well as the rest : but I'm concerned for my sister and cousin, whom I expect in the ship from England.

Stan. There is no danger of them.

Well. I have a thousand pounds here, in gold and jewels, for my cousin's use, that I would more particularly take care of. 'Tis too great a sum to venture at home; and I would not have her wronged of it: therefore, to secure it, I think my best way will be to put it into your own keeping. Stan. You have a very good opinion of my honesty.

[Takes the purse and casket. Well. I have, indeed. If any thing should happen to me in this bustle, as nobody is secure of accidents, I know you will take my cousin into your protection and care

Stan. You may be sure on't.

« Well. If you hear she is dead, as she may be, then “ I desire you to accept of the thousand pounds as a * legacy, and token of my friendship--My sister is

provided for.

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Stan. Why, you amaze me! but you are never “ the nearer dying, I hope, for making your will?

Well. Not a jot; but I love to be beforehand “ with fortune. If she comes safe, this is not a place “ for a single woman, you know."-Pray, see her married as soon as you can.

Stan. If she be as handsome as her picture, I can promise her a husband.

Well. If you like her when you see her, I wish nothing so much, as to have you marry her yourself.

“ Stan. From what I have heard of her, and my engagements to you, it must be her fault if I don't.

hope to have her from your own hand. " Well. And I hope to give her to you, and all this.

Stan. Ay, ay; hang these melancholy reflections “ -Your generosity has engaged all my services.”

Well. I always thought you worth making a friend.

Stan. You shan't find your good opinion thrown away upon me. I am in your debt, and shall think so as long as I live.



The Country. Enter on one side of the stage OROONOKO,

ABOAN, with the slaves. IMOINDA with a bow and quiver.' The women, some leading, others carrying their children upon their backs. Oro. The women, with their children, fall behind.


Imoinda, you must not expose yourself.
Retire, my love; I almost fear for you.

Imo. I fear no danger : life, or death, I will
Enjoy with you.
Oro. My person


your guard. Abo. * Now, Sir, blame yourself;" if you had not prevented my cutting his throat, that coward there had not discovered us. He comes now to upbraid you. Enter on the other side the Governor, talking to HOTMAN,

with his rabble.

Gov. This is the very thing I would have wish'd.
Your honest service to the governinent [To lot,
Shall be rewarded with your liberty.

Abo. His honest service! call it what it is,
His villainy, the service of his fear.
If he pretends to honest services,
Let him stand out, and meet me like a man.

[ Advancing Oro. Hold you; and you who come against us;


I charge you in a general good to all :
And wish I could command you to prevent
The bloody havock of the murd’ring sword.
I would not urge destruction uncompellid;
But, if you follow fate, you find it here.
The bounds are set, the limits of our lives;
Between us lies the gaping gulph of death,
To swallow all. Who first advancesa


Enter the Captain, with his crew.
Capt. Here, here, here they are, Governor.
What, seize upon my ship!
Come, boys, fall on

[ Advancing first, roonoko kills him. Oro. Thou art fall’n indeed ; Thy own blood be upon thee.

Gov. Rest it there.
He did deserve his death.

« Take him away.

[The body removed.
You see, Sir, you and those mistaken men
Must be our witnesses, we do not come
As enemies, and thirsting for your

If we desir'd your ruin, the revenge
Of our companion's death had push'd it on.
But that we overlook in a regard
To common safety, and the public good.

Oro. Regard that public good : draw off your men, And leave us to our fortune. We're resolvd.

Gov. Resolv'd! on what? Your resolutions Are broken, overturn'd, prevented, lost: “ What fortune now can you raise out of them ? “ Nay, grant we should draw off, what can you do? " Where can you move? What more can you re.

16 solve, « Unless it be to throw yourselves away!" Famine must eat you up, if you go on. You see our numbers could with ease compel What we request; and what do we request?

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