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with you; and perhaps has not fo much
knowledge of me, or refpect for me,
as you
have; yet if he works a Miracle
in my Name, he cannot eafily think ill
of me, or oppofe my Doctrine. And
whofoever has any kind of Refpect for
me, or does in any the leaft way pro-
mote the Gofpel, though it fhould be
no more than even barely by not oppo-
fing it; is more of our fide, than if he
directly withstood us; and ought there-
fore not to be difcouraged.

51 Now when the time began to draw near, that Jefus having fulfilled his Prophetical Office in Teaching the Will of God, was to finifh his Ministry, and to leave this World; he bent his Courfe towards Jerufalem; and pofitively refolved, notwithstanding the known Malice of his Enemies, and the repeated Perfwafions of his Friends to the contrary, that he would go up thither; this being abfolutely neceflary, in order to fulfil the other parts of his Office for which he came into the World.

52. Directing his way therefore towards Jerufalem, he fent two of his Difciples before, to a Town belonging to the Samaritans, through which he was to pafs; to provide Accommodations for him in his Journey.

not against us, is for


53. But the Samaritans, perceiving that he was going to Jerufalem, refused to give him any reception. For the Samaritans, contrary to the Religion of the Jews, contended that Jerufalem was not the place whither Men ought to go up to Worship. And in an obstinate adherence to this Opinion, they re-, fufed to furnish Jefus with any Neceffaries in his Journey towards Jerufalem.

54. Then the Difciples, James and John, provoked at the Rudeness and In

51 And it came to pass when the time was come that

he fhould be received his face to go to Jeup, he ftedfaftly fet



And fent mef-

fengers before
face: and they went,
and entered into a
village of the Sama-
ritans to make ready
for him.

53 And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerufalem.

54 And when his difciples James and John

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civility of the Samaritans, faid to Je-
fus; Lord, fhall we call for Fire from
Heaven to confume these Men; as Eli-
as did in old time, to deftroy those that
oppofed him?

55. But Jefus rebuked their indifcreet and unfeasonable Zeal; faying, Ye are not aware whence this hafty Difpofition and defire of Revenge in you proceeds; mixing too much of Humane Paffion, and Defire of Temporal Power, with your Zeal for the Honour of God; and not confidering the difference of Times and Perfons, nor diftinguishing the different Methods of God's various Difpenfations with Mankind.

56. For under the Law indeed, and in the Court of a wicked and idolatrous Prince, and at a time when God was not declaring the gracious Covenant of the Gofpel, but vindicating the Honour and juft Severity of his Law; it became Elijah, a Prophet of the Law, 2 Kings and one appointed of God to be a fevere i 10. Reprover of the idolatrous King of Ifrael; it became Him, I fay, to vindicate the Honour of God at fuch a time, and to prove his own Commission by a fevere Inftance of deftroying the Meffengers fent to apprehend him. But now at the firft establishment of the gracious and merciful Covenant of the Gofpel, and in the Days of the Meffiah; whofe Character is, that He fhould come, not with fevere Judgments to compel, but with Meeknefs and Gentlenefs to perfuade and intreat Men to Repent; and that he should be the Saviour, not the Destroyer of Men: 'tis fit to proceed only by merciful and gentle Methods, and to endeavour to win Men by Patience and Forbearance. And ha


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* 'Tis not to be fuppofed that his Father was then dead; that he defired to ftay till his Father's death.


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your Difciple; only fuffer me first to
take leave of my Friends, and agree
with them about fettling my Family,
and put my worldly Affairs in order.

62. But Jefus answered him; No
Preacher of the Gofpel, who looks back
with Affection to temporal and worldly
Affairs, is worthy of this Sacred Mi-
niftry: Neither can any Man be a wor-
thy and perfect Chriftian, who presses
not forward continually to greater and
greater Degrees of Virtue, but draws
back after the Pleafures and Vanities
of the World.


Jefus fends out the Seventy to preach, ver. 1. Obedience the Condition of eternal Life, ver. 28. Charity must extend univerfally to all Mankind, ver. 30. Attention to the Doctrine of Religion, much better than an uneafie Diligence in external Services, ver. 39.

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the Minds of Men; and many are in a Difpofition to entertain and believe it: But there are few who are able and well-fitted with Courage and Patience to preach it, and to inftruct Men in the Ways of Righteoufnefs and Truth. Pray ye therefore that God would be pleased to provide plenty of faithful, couragious, and skilful Minifters, to be fent forth to preach the Gospel to the World.

3. In the mean time, ye which are ready, go and begin this great Work; and promote, as much as ye are able, the Converfion of all Men. I know, ye will meet with great Oppofition from the Cunning and Malice of obftinate and incorrigible Men: But join Prudence and Courage with Meeknefs and Innocence, and by Patience overcome all the Attempts of your Perfecutors.

4. Be intent upon the Business ye go upon; and truft the Providence of God to provide all things neceffary for your Prefervation and Support, and to difpofe the Hearts of good Men to affift and maintain you. Burden not your felves with any Provifion of Money, Cloaths, or Victuals; neither let any Man, whom you meet, delay or hinder you in your Journey, by unneceffary Ceremonies, or entring into Difcourfe about any worldly Business.

5. When ye go first into any House, give your Bleffing to the Family, and pray for the Profperity of all that dwell


6. If those that are there, be pious and well-difpofed Perfons, unprejudiced and prepared to receive whatever Truths God fhall pleafe to discover to them; God in answer to your Prayers, will accordingly blefs and profper them.

the Lord of the har

veft, that he would fend forth labourers into his harvest.

3 Go your ways: forth as lambs among Behold, I fend you


4 Carry neither purfe, nor fcrip, nor fhoes and falute no man by the way.

5 And into whatfoever house ye enter, firft fay, Peace

be to this house.

6 And if the fon of peace be there, your peace fhall rest upon it if not, it fhall turn to you again.

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