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42 But wo unto you Pharifees for ye tithe mint and rue

and all manner of herbs, and pass over judgment and the love of God: thefe ought ye to have done, and not to leave

the other undone.

43 Wo unto you, Pharifees: for ye love the uppermost feats in the fynagogues, and greetings

in the markets.

44 Wo unto you, fcribes and Pharifees, hypocrites for ye are as graves which appear not,


vations, which do not really make a Man clean or unclean, holy or unholy in the fight of God.

42. But Wo unto you, Hypocritical Pharifees. For ye, as I faid, are fuperftitiously fcrupulous and precife in matters of smaller Importance, in things of trifling Nicenefs and Difpute, in Tithing a few inconfiderable Herbs: But the things of great and eternal Obligation, Juftice and Equity, Mercy and Charity, Faithfulness and Truth towards God and Man, thefe things ye utterly and shamefully neglect: Whereas on the contrary, though thofe other fmaller things ought not in their due place and proportion to be altogether flighted; yet these great and important Duties, which are the principal part of the Law of God, and of unchangeable Obligation, ought certainly to be the first and most efpecial Care of your Lives.

43. Wo unto you, Hypocritical Pharifees. For under pretence of being of a ftricter and precifer Sect than other Men, ye nourish in your Minds those

moft hateful Vices of Pride and Ambition; expecting to have a great Deference and Refpect paid you by the People. In the Places of God's publick Worship, ye ambitioufly ftrive to fix your felves in the uppermoft Seats; and in the open Streets ye applaud your felves in receiving the Praife and Complements of Men; and covet to hear the People with great Reverence and Efteem call you Mafters and Fathers, Heads of Sects and Authors of Doctrines.

44. Wo unto you, Hypocritical Scribes and Pharifees. Ye may, for your Hypocrify, be well compared to the Sepulchres of the Dead. For as VOL II, Graves

I 2

Grave, either appear not at all, or per*See Mat. haps are covered with Stones, white, xxiii. 27. clean, and adorned on the outfides; but within they are full of all forts of Corruption: So ye, by your outward appearance, conceal your Hypocrify from Men; and not only fo, but perhaps are esteemed moreover to be extraordinary Holy and Religious Perfons: But really and in your Hearts, ye are full of all manner of Wickedness and Uncleannefs.

45. At thefe Words a certain Scribe or Expounder of the Law, offended at the great freedom and liberty of Speech wherewith Jefus reproved the Hypocrify of the Pharifees, interrupted him, Jaying; Mafter, in talking at this rate, you reproach us alfo, and reflect on us, more than is fit to be allowed, confidering the Gravity and Dignity of our Profeffion.

45. But Jefus answered him: Yea,
Wo unto you alfo, ye Scribes and Ex-
pounders of the Law: For ye expound
the Law in the ftricteft and fevereft
Senfe, and impose upon other Men the
utmost rigour of its Commands
; and
not only fo, but ye add moreover num-
berlefs burdenfome Precepts and vain
Traditions of your own: But ye your
felves at the fame time take no care to
practife fo much as the moft neceffary.
and important Moral Duties, of Eter-
nal and indifpenfable Obligation.

47. Wo unto you, ye Hypocrites. For while ye your felves are no lefs wicked and cruel, than those who perfecuted and murdered the Prophets of God in ancient Times; ye pretend to have a great Veneration for the Memory of thofe Prophets; and to testify, your Refpect for thofe Holy Men of

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48 Truly ye bear witness that ye allow the deeds of your fathers for they indeed killed them, and ye build their fepul


49 Therefore allo faid the wisdom of God, I will fend them prophets and apostles, and fome of them they fhall flay and perfecute:

50 That the blood of all the prophets, which was fhed from the foundation of the world, may be required of this gene

ration ;

51 From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perifhed between the altar and the temple: verily I fay unto you, it fhall be required of this generation.

Old, by repairing and adorning their Tombs. And ye fay; If you had lived in thofe Days, when your Ancestors murdered the Prophets; ye, who are their Children, would not have been guilty of fo impious a Fact.

48. Nay verily, But ye are indeed, as ye fay, the Children of thofe who murdered the Prophets; and ye approve your felves their genuine Off-fpring, by being like them, and imitating their Wickednefs. Nay, notwithstanding your Hypocrify in building the Tombs of the Prophets, and pretending to have a great Veneration for their Memory; ye will yet even exceed the Cruelty and Malice of your Ancestours in this very inftance, of Perfecuting and Destroying. the Meffengers of God.

49. For God, in the all-wife Difpenfations of his Providence, has determined to fend amongst you, other Prophets and Holy Men, to perfuade you to repent, and to inftruct you in the Doctrine of True Religion: But ye will perfecute and flay them, with unparallelled Cruelty and Impiety.

50 & 51. Wherefore, fince your Wickednefs will exceed the Wickedness of all former Ages; I tell you, the Punishment that fhall be inflicted by Divine Vengeance upon the Men of this prefent Generation, fhall be as great and dreadful, as if not only the Fore-fathers of this People in their feveral Ages, but the Men who are now alive, had in their own Perfons been the Murderers of all the Righteous and Good Men, who have been unjuftly Martyr'd from the time of Adam to this very Day. Yea afluredly, fuch a horrible Punishment as this, fhall with

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Jefus warns his Difciples against Hypocrify and Fearfulness in Preaching, ver. 1. Refufes to meddle in determining a Dif pute about an Inheritance, ver. 13. and warns his Hearers against Covetousness and Worldly-mindedness, ver. 15. Of the Oppofition between the Cares of this World and the next, ver. 22. Of the Neceffity of Watchfulness, ver. 35. Reward of good, and the Punishment of bad Minifters, ver. 42. Knowledge a great Aggravation of Sin, ver. 47. Perfecution must be expected, ver. 49. The Jews inexcufable, in not knowing Jefus to be the Meffiah, ver. 54. Repentance must not be deferred, ver. 58.

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NOW when a vaft multitude of People was gathered together about Jefus, fo that they were not able to come near him, but prefs'd and almost trod one another down; Jefus began again to inftruct his Difciples, faying; Above all things beware of that Pharifaical Hypocrify, which corrupts all good Actions, and renders even the most fpecious pretences to Piety, odious and contemptible before God and Men.

23. For nothing can long be concealed, but will fooner or later be difcovered and made publick. Be not therefore like the Hypocritical Pharifees, Pleafers of Men, ftudying to make an outward Appearance of Piety, and neglecting the great inward Duties of Religion; but let your moft fecret Actions be fuch as will bear the Teft of being made publick before all Men. And when ye teach others; speak not for the Applaufe of Men, but Truth. Conceal none of the Things wherein I have inftructed you, whether they will be acceptable to Men, or not; but with Courage

I 4

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