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41 And behold, there came a man named Jairus,

and he was a ruler of the fynagogue: and he fell down at Jefus feet, and befought him that he would come into his house:

42 For he had one only daughter, about twelve years of age, and the lay (But as went, the people thronged him.


43 And a woman having an iffue of blood twelve years, which had fpent all her living upon phyficians, neither could be healed

of any,
44 Came behind
him, and touched the
border of his gar-
ment: and immedi-
ately her iffue of

blood ftanched.

45 And Jefus faid, Who touched me? When all denied, Peter, and they that were with him, said, Mafter, the multitude throng thee, and prefs thee, and fayeft thou, Who touched me?

4142. And he tarried fome time amongst them, preaching to them, and healing their Sick. Particularly one Day, while he continued there, there came to him one Jairus, a Perfon of confiderable Note, a Ruler of the Synagogue; and kneeling down before him, defired him to go home with him, and fee his only Daughter, a young Woman of about twelve years old, who was at that time fo dangerously ill, that her Friends fuppofed her to be just dying. Jefus feeing the Man's Faith, went along with him; the Difciples alfo, and a great multitude of People, following and preffing after him.

43 & 44. And as they were in the way, a Woman who had been twelve Years troubled with a Bloody-flux, and had all that time used the Affistance of

Phyficians with great Expence, and without any Succefs; feeing Jefus going along in the midft of a great Crowd, and hoping modeftly, that by privately touching his Cloaths fhe might be cured of her Difeafe, without being obliged to discover her Cafe; fhe flipped into the Croud, and came behind Jefus, and touched his Coat foftly, without being (as fhe thought) taken notice of. And immediately fhe felt fenfibly within her felf, that her Disease was cured.

45. But Jefus, knowing what was done, and not willing that fo extraordinary an Inftance of Faith and Modesty should pafs unobferved, turned himself about and faid; Who touched me? To which Question, when no body knew what to answer; Peter, and some other of the Difciples, faid; Master, Do you not see the whole Multitude croud and prefs upon you? What mean you then, to afk, Who touched you?

46. But

46. But Jefus perfifted, faying; I know that fome body more than ordinary, has touched me; And I am fenfible that fome Cure has been worked by this means.

47. Then the Woman, feeing that fhe could not conceal her felf any longer, came trembling and kneeling down before him, and confeffed openly in the prefence of all the People, both for what reafon, and in what manner fhe had touched him, and how fhe had presently thereupon found her felf


48. Expecting therefore to be rebuked for her Prefumption, fhe by this publick Confeffion fubmitted her felf wholly to his Pleasure. But Jefus fpake comfortably to her, faying; Daughter, be not afraid; your great Faith hath obtained the Cure of your Difeafe; Go in peace.

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49 While he

yet fpake, there cometh one from the ruler of the fynagogues houfe, faying to him, Thy daughter is dead; trouble not the Master.

49. While Jefus was yet fpeaking to the Woman; one of Jairus's Servants came from the Houfe to meet and acquaint his Mafter, that his Daughter was now dead, and that therefore it was in vain for him to trouble Jefus any farther about her.

50. But Jefus hearing the Servant deliver his Meffage, faid to Jairus; Be not afraid; only believe and truft in the Power of God, and your Daughter fhall yet be reftored to her Health.

51. Then being by this time come 51 And when he came into the near to the Houfe, Jefus commanded all the Multitude to retire ; houfe, he fuffered and fuffered no Man to go in with him, but only fave Peter, no man to go in, and Peter, James and John; * which three James, and John, Difciples, and the young Woman's Pa


fus heard it, he an50 But when Jefwered him, faying, Fear not: believe only, and fhe fhall be made whole.

*This is plainly the Meaning of the Evangelift, compared with St. Mark; though in the Text it be expreft very contractly.

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rents, he defigned to take with him into.
the Room where the young Woman
lay, to be Witneffes of the Miracle he
I was about to work.

55 And her fpirie came again, and The arofe ftraight way: and he commanded to give her


56 And her parents were astonish

ed: but he charged

them that they fhould tell no man what was done.

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55. At which Words fhe immediately came to Life, as one awaking out of fleep. And the rose up in perfect Health and Strength; and Jefus ordered that fomething fhould be given her to


56. And her Parents were aftonished at this great Miracle. But Jefus * bid * See Pathem, not to report it publickly raphrase


on Mat.ix.



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Herod fuf

Jefus fendeth out the Twelve to preach, ver. 1. pects Jefus to be John the Baptift rifen from the Dead, and defires to fee him, ver. 7. Jefus feedeth Five Thoufand with five Loaves and two Fishes, ver. 12. Enquireth what Opinion the World had of him, ver. 18. Foretells his own Paffion, ver. 22. And warns his Followers to expect Sufferings likewife, ver. 23. The Transfiguration, ver. 28. Jefus healeth a Lunatick, whom his Difciples could not, ver. 37Foretells his Paffion again, ver. 43. and warns his Difciples against Ambition, ver. 46. and forbids them hindring thofe that in any manner promoted the Gospel, ver. 49. Reproves a paffionate and revengeful Spirit, ver. 51. Why Elias destroy ed his Enemies with Fire from Heaven, ver. 56. Obedience must be conftant and without Delay, ver. 59, 61.

1&2. AFter these things, Jesus taking afide his twelve Apostles, gave them Commiffion, and fent them forth to preach the Gofpel in the Cities of Judea, and to declare that God was now about to establish the Kingdom of the Meffiah, wherein He would be worfhipped in Spirit and in Truth, and, inftead of all external Rites and Ceremonies, would accept nothing but Repentance and fincere Obedience. And that they might do this with the more Courage and Affurance, and with the greater Efficacy and Authority; he gave them Power to prove and confirm their Doctrine, by fuch Miracles as he himself worked, of casting out Devils, healing all Manner of Difeafes and the like.

3. Moreover, that they might go with the greater Expedition and the fewer Impediments, he gave them the following Charge. Be not, faid he, follicitous

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he called his twelve disciples together, and gave power and devils, and to cure authority over all difeafes.


2 And he fent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the fick.


3 And he faid nothing for your unto them, Take journey, neither


ftaves, nor fcrip, neither bread, neither money; neither have two coats apiece.

4 And whatfoever houfe ye enter into, there abide, thence depart.


And whofoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, fhake off the very duft from your feet for a teftimony against them.

6 And they departed and went through the towns preaching the gofpel, and healing every


7 Now Herod the tetrarch heard of all that was done by him and he was perplexed, becaufe that it was faid of fome, that

to make any Provifion before-hand for your Journey; but go juft as ye are, each Man with the fame Cloaths, Shoes and Staff, that he now has; without providing any Change of Apparel, or furnishing your felves with any Money or Victuals for the Way.

4. Neither take any care for Lodging or Entertainment: But when ye enter into any Town or City, go to the House of the first pious and well-difpofed Perfon you meet with, and there continue without changing your Lodging till you depart out of that Town or City.

5. And if ye find any Place fo obstinately prejudiced against you, that they will not give you any Entertainment, nor hearken at all to your Doctrine ; when you depart out of that place, fhake off even the Duft from your Feet for a Testimony against them; fignifying and declaring to them; That fince God has by you offered them the gracious Means of Salvation, and they have wilfully rejected it, and judged themfelves unworthy of it, ye can have nothing more to do with them, but muft leave them to the Judgment of God.

6. Thefe, and many more, wife and neceffary Inftructions, did Jefus at that time give his Apoftles. And they went out and travelled through all the Cities and Towns of Judæa, preaching the Doctrine of the Gospel, and proving the Divine Authority of their Commiffion, by healing the Sick, and many other Miracles.

78. By this Means the Fame of Jefus's Doctrine and Power, spread exceedingly through all that Country. So that coming at laft to the Ears of King Herod, it filled his Mind with many Fears, Doubts and Sufpicions;


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