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Fig. 1.—Coiffure composed of pansies and black lace.

Fig. 2.I This coiffure is very simple, and genera'y becoming. The rosettes are formed of pieces of bias silk, about an inch and a half in width; the edges are cut out in points, and the silk boxs plaited and formed into a rosette, then sewed on to stiff net; the band can be of velvet or silk, and a bow of ribbon to match the silk is often placed on one side of the band. One or more colors can be used; rose sublime and black make a good contrast.

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worker. They can either be arranged 80 as to produce a handsome and rich effect, or they can be worked at considerable distances, and yet for curtains look well, without much ezpendi

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There is a lightness aim convenience in small groups of flowers, or stars, for ornamenting a large space, as they can be placed at any distances to suit either the taste or the time of the



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tare of time and labor. The sprigs we are now giving are for darning on a netted ground, and with a border down the front of the curtain, form an elegant and durable ornamental article

for the drawing-room. We need scarcely say that the darning must all have the threads going the same way, and have the ends well secured, to preserve the beauty of the work.

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