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Thoii (halt be wedded unto on of tho

That han for thee so mochel care and wo,

But unto which ot hem I may not tell. 2355

Farevvel, for here I may no longer dwell;

The fires which that on min autcr brenne

Shal thee declaren er that thou go henne

Thin a venture of love as in this ca8.

And with that word the arwes in the cas 2360
Of the goddessc chtteren fast and ring,
And forth she went and made a vanishing,
For which this Ernelie astonied was,
And fayde, What amounteth this, alas!
I putte me in thy protection .236 J

Diane, and in thy disposition.
And home she goth anon the nexte way.
This is the effecte; ther n'is no more to fay.

The nexte houre of Mars foiwing this
Arcite unto the temple walked is 13?0

Of fierce Mars, to don his sacrifise
With all the rites of his payen wife.
With pitous herte and high devotion
Right thus to Mats he fayde his orison:

^. 23^8. Shal tbze declaren] This is improper, as the fires have already declared the event ot" the combat. In the origin Hal, as I remember, the appearance of Diana is prior to the Omen.

ir. 137a. payen] This Fr. word Is constantly used in the best piti'. instead of pagan.

O stronge pod, that in the regnes cold # >3 75

Ot Trace honoured art, and lord yhold,

And hast in every regne and every lond

Of armes all the bridel in thin hond,

And hem fortunes! as thee lilt devise,

Accept of me my pitous sacrifise! 2380

If so be that my youthe may deserve.

And that my might be worthy for to serve

Thy godhed, that I may ben on of thine,

Than praie I thee to rewe upon my pine,

For thilUc peine and thilke hote site 2385

In which thou whilom bremlest for desire

AV'hanne that thou usedest the beautee

Of fayre yonge Venus frefhe and free.

And haddest hire in armes at thy wille;

Although thee ones on a time mis.fiHo, 2390

Whan Vulcanus had caught thee in his las,

And fond thee ligging by his wif, aias!

For thilke sorwe that was tho in thin herte

Have reuthe as wel upon my peiucs Imerte.

*. 1375. Ofironic god] The prayer of Arclte in JbiThi— Jeida begins in tlic fame manner;

A forte (iio, die ne : re^ni ntvnli

Biflonil fervi le tue facre cafe

Se per aim volerela mia elate
E le raie fnr'/.cineritan,chc io
De i tni IW tlctto. per cuclla pit-rale,
Ch'ttilte Neptuno, alor che con ill flu
Di Cithtrca usavi U bcllatc,
Kincbius.i t'.a Vulcan, ail o£ni ittio
Facto palcse, humilmen'.e te priceo,
Cbc a li mici prieght tu non fay.) r.irg*.
lo sua curac tu viili giovtECt'.o, .'fr.

I am yonge and unkonning as thou west, 2 3 95
And, as I trow, with love offended most
That ever was ony lives creature;
For me that doth me all this wo endure
Ne recceth never whether I sinke or rlete;
And wel 1 wot or she me mercy hete 24c®

I mode with strengthe win hire in the place;
And wel 1 wot withouten helpe or grace
Of thee ne may my strengthe not avaiile;
Than helpe me, Lord, to-morwe in my bataille,
For thiike fire that whilom brenned thee, 2405

As wtl as that this fire now hrenneth me,
And do, that I to-morwe may han victorie:
Min be the travaille and thin be the glorie.
Thy soveraine temple wol I most honouren
Of ony place, and alway most iabouren 2410

In thy plesance and in thy craftes strong;
And in thy temple I wol my baner hong,
And all thearmesof my compaguie,
And evermore until that day 1 die
Eterne sire I wol beforne thee find; 2415

And eke to this avow I wol me bind.

■fy. 2404. 'Thjn helpe me] So in The ThefehU;

Dunqvie me aiuta per lo saiito focho,
Che teari'e p.ia, si come me arde hora.

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My berd, my here that hangeth long adoun,

That never yet felt non offensioun

Of rasour nc of shere I wol thee veve,

And ben thy trewe servant while I live. 2410

Now, Lord, have reuthe upon my sorwes sore;

Yeve me the victorie.; .1 axe tbee no more.

The preier stint of Arcita the stronge,
The ringe» on the temple dore that honge,
And eke thedores, qlattereden ful fast, ^3,

Of which Arcita somwbat him agast.
The fires brent upon the auter bright
That it gan all the temple for to light;
A swete smell anon the ground up yas,
And Arcita anon his bond up has, ,4 ,e

And more encen/einto the fire he cast,
.With other rites mo, and at the last
The statue of Mars began his hauherke ringj
And with that soun he herd a murmuring
Fu! low and dim, that sayde thus, Victorie; 2435
For which he yaf to Mars honour and glorie.

And thus with joye and hope wel to foe
Arcite anon unto his inne is fare
As sayn as foul is of the brighte sonne.

And right anon swiche strif ther is begonne 1440
For thilke granting in the heven above'
Betwixen Venus the goddesse of Love,
And Mars the sterne god Armipotent,
That Jupiter was besy it to stem,

fo'.umc II. rJ

Til that the Pale Saturnus the Colde, 2445

That knew so many of aventures olde,

Fond in his ulje experience and art

That he ful lone hath plcscd every part.

As sooth is sayd, elde hath gret avantage;

In elde is bothe wisdom and usage: 24 J O

Men may the old out-renne but not out-rede.

Saturne anon, to (lenten strif and drede,
Al he it that it is again his kind,
Of .ill this strif he gan a remedy find.

My dere doughter Venus! quod Saturne, *455
My cours that hath so wide for to turue
Hath more power than wot any man.
Min is the drenching in the fee so wan,
Min is the riison in the derke cote,
Min is the strangel and hanging by the throte, 2460
The murmure, and the cherles rebelling,
The groyning, and the prive empoysoning.
1 do vengeance and pleinc correction
While 1 dwell in the figne of the Leon,
Min is the mine of thehighe halles, 2465

The falling of the touresand of the walks
Upon the mincur erthe carpenter;
1 ilew Sampson in shaking the piler.

fy. 2451. out-rede] Outwit, surpass in counsel. The sense of this word has teen most ridiculuuPy mistaken by Dryden;

Tor this advan'.pge Sjrc from youth hr.s won,
As nol to be ttuuidetin though. Beirut,

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