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Hotels and Resorts

Spend Your Summer

Tours and Travel
England, Beautiful North Wales

Two ladies, long experience in a girls' board-
ing school, will chaperon three or four girls
to England sailing about June 8th, returning
mid-September. one month London visiting
places of interest in and around city. Motor
tour through Shakespeare's country, Strat-
ford-on-Avon, Warwick, Kenilworth, en route
North Wales. Will take house probably Dol-
gelley picturesque old world town, five weeks.
Motorings through entire country visiting
Edwardian castles, Harlech, Conway, Car-
narvon. Opportunities golf, tennis, fishing,
boating, bathing. Some social life.

Address 5,111, Outlook.


Hotel Hargrave



West 2d St., through

to 71st St., New York 300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely fireproof. One block to 720 St. entrance of Central Park. Comfort and refinement combined with moderate rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.

Small Groups
Scholarly Leadership
Interesting Itineraries
Weekly Sailings

Write for further details to BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL 15 Boyd Street

Newton, Mass.

Hotels and Resorts



NORTHERN ONTARIO Interbrook Lodge and Cottages THIS miniature

paradise of happi: AIXLes BAINS VICHY



RECREATION Luxurious hotels and magnificent Casinos, Temples of Fashion throbbing with Life, Restful Villas and Pensions amidst Sylvan Surroundings and Alpine Scenery, Modern Thermal Establishments, Sport Organizations of every kind, combine to please every taste and meet all budgets. For your conrenience, arrangements have been made whereby you can secure your steamship, and railway tickets, and book your holel reservations without any increase in cost whatever at the office of the PARIS-LYONS-MEDITERRANEE RY.

281 Fifth Ave. at 30th St.


Trapper Lodge


RAYMOND-WHITCOMB | TAE beauty, fascination, and mys

Health Resorts Rock Lodge Health Farm

The Best on Travel


The Beat
in Travel


A Summer Cruise

Wabi Kon Camp Keene Valley, N.Y. Wonderful location,
Lake Temagami in spruces and pines. Beautiful illustrated

Ontario, Canada booklet. $18 to $20. M. E. LUCK, Prop.

The unspoiled country-A Camp with every heart of Europe. It may be reached

comfort in the heart of four million | A DIRONDACKS, The FRATER overnight from all the principal derful fishing.. Guides, Boats, Canoes

plain. Cottages with central club house and Launches. Bithing, Tramping. One night

where meals are served. References required. cities and points on the Continent

For circular or information address Johx B. from Toronto. Excellent table. Write for booklets. and England. Swiss hotels again MISS G. ORR, 250 Wright Ave., Toronto, Ont., Canada

BURNHAM, 233 Broadway, New York. have flung wide their hospitable


doors. And there has been no appre-

VHESTER, YT.“The Maples," Delight-
ciable increase in the cost of livivg.
Take advantage of our free in-
I will be ready to receive applications for

rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad
formation service, which in-
boarders May 10th. Mrs. D, Y PERKINS.

piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable

Refs. exchanged. The MISSES SARGEANT. cludes useful travel literature. "Select Collection” on receipt


ME. HITCHCOCK FARM of ten cents to cover postage.

Near beach and pine woods. Vegetables froin our own farm.

Pittsford, Vt. Beautiful country, pleasant Official Agency of

rooms, excellent table. $14. Address Box 115. THE SWISS FEDERAL RAILROADS MASSACHUSETTS

241 Fifth Avenue, New York City If You Are Tired or Need a Change
London: 11b Regent St., S.W. Paris : 20 rue Lafayette you cannot find a more comfortable place in


New England than

An all season stock ranch. Good water,

table, and our own garden in season, fishing, WILL ACCOMPANY FAMILY GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS

and saddle horses. Camp OUTDOORS WITH OR BOYS A professor, graduate

It affords all the comforts of home without COMFORT in the Big Horn Mountains. extravagance.

Reservations all the year. Address of an English college, knowing the

WYMAN & SONS, Shell, Wyoming. Continent thoroughly, languages and customs, will save you money and annoy

THE ances. Terms reasonable. 4,993, Outlook.

PINES tery

from all over the world to

Boating, bathing excellent. Cottages. Ideal
place for summer.Own garden.C.D.Crawford.

A unique place where over-worked and run
down business and professional men regain

health and strength. Open all the year, SaniThe quaintest and most interesting of all

tary new buildings. Modern equipment. Sucountries. Come while the old age customs

perior accominodations. The three weeks prevail. Write, mentioning “Outlook" to

supervised course, specially adapted to each A quiet, cosy little house by the sea. Opens individual, assures the maximum benefits in JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION June 11. Private baths. Descriptive booklet. the minimum tine. Rates $100 per week inCare Traffic Dept.

clude all charges : physical examination, IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS

WHITE HOUSE INN medical care, treatment, training, exercises, TOKYO

riding horses, baths, massage, etc. Under the 91 Elm Street, Northampton, Mass.

personal direction of Dr. B. F. ROLLER for full information. Season June 24 to Sept. 10. Reservations may

(physician, surgeon and athlete), 260 West be made now. Detailed information upon Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

720 Street, New York City. $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

application to Mrs. M. V. BURGESS.

43 West

LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick Northampton, Mass. Season, from July

Doylestowa, Pa. lan ipatitution devoted to

People to Get Well 1 to Sept. 1. For details address 0. S. BLAIR.

the personal study and specialized treat

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Fine location. Running water in bedrooms. Hydrotherapy. Apply for circu iar to Private baths. Open wood fires. Son parlor.

ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D. CATHEDRAL ROUTE Fresh eggs, cream, chickens. Rates moderate.

(late of The Walter Sanitarinn) East Anglia, Home of the Pilgrim

Fathers, Dickens and Tennyson Dis
tricts, Seaside Resorts, Golf.

THE FELIX HOTEL Forest Hills Hotel and Bungalow Colony


Karl P. Abbott, Managing Director
The most magnificently appointed estab Golf, tennis, dancing, woodland paths, rest.
lishment on the East Coast of England,

Finest view east of the Rockies.
owned and managed by the Great Eastern 300 acres-new hotel-unobtrusive service-
Railway Company. Illustrated brochure unexcelled cuisine-spring water-physician
on request.

Particularly high grade clientele of desir-
able Americans. Resort ideal for children.

Moderate tarif

Sanford Hall, est. 1841
England to the Continent Robinswood Mansion Gilmanton,

Private Hospital

Offers high-class boarding and table accom-
modations for a few adults and autoists en

For Mental and Nervous Diseases

route. Dry, cool climate. Splendid scenery.
Agreeable society. Lovely drives. Booklet.

Comfortable, homelike gurround-
Mrs. Roberts, 384 William St., East Orange, N.J. ings; modern methods of treatment;
New Service Commencing June, 1921

competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn,


park, flower and vegetable gardens.


[blocks in formation]

Luxurious Steamers Pullman Car Trains Parties enrolling now. Moderate

213 Madison Avenue prices. Most interesting routes. Apply for illustrated booklet,

The Bethesda White Plains.

Near 36th Street
Great success 1920.

The World War Battlefields of
Belgium and France,

New York

A private sanitarium for invalids and aged TEMPLE TOURS 65-A Franklin St.,

Exclusive residential hotel, excellent table,

who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address Boston, Mass. H. J. Ketcham, Gen. Agt. attractive rooms. Select neighborhood near

for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. SEE EUROPE

best shops and theaters. Now booking summer rates

311 Fifth Ave. (at 32d St.), New York Five weeks with Prof. Otto Bond, Chicago

HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washingmotoring in the Chateau country, the Pyre: GO TO EUROPE IN 1921 adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms I WANTED_Adult Boarders ono old

Country Board

Country Board



Property Wanted

Real Estate


Companions and Domestic Holpers Wanted ADULTS ON ORANGE

COUNTY FARM, by lady

SPEECHES, lectures, and special articles REFINED lady, speaking French, Spanish, prepared for all occasions.

Prompt and careful who has two double rooms and one single For Rent, Summer Season Marlon,

desires to be companion, home or traveling.

service. 1,000 words, $10. Sanborn and Pierce, Miss Xhrouet, Grand Haven, Mich. trian roads. Golf within easy motoring dis On Buzzards Bay, attractive old-fash- Studio, 690 Shepard Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.

POSITION wanted as housekeeper for tance. References exchanged. 4,773, Outlook. ioned house, 3 living rooms, kitchen, laundry, 6 master's and 3 servants bedrooms, 4 bath

business woman or companion to invalid. LANTERN SLIDES

9,770, Outlook. In

Two acres cultivated ground and

rooms. A QUIET HOME country gardens; combination barn and garage ;

LANTERN slides made and colored. High

SUMMER position wanted as companion village for elderly people. Private water-front rights and float. 5,129, Outlook!

est grade work. 25 years' experience. Edward

or governess. 9,768, Outlook. family. $10 week. Box 155, Portageville, N. Y.

Van Altena, 29 West 38th St., New York City. SUPERVISING housekeeper wishes posiManomet, Plymouth, Mass.

tion huspital or institution. Experienced. NEW FURNISHED COTTAGE

Best references. 9,743, Outlook.

HELP WANTED to let or for sale ; broad piazzas, electric

TRAVELING companion. Young woman lights, hot and cold water, conveniences,

Businoss Situations

of intelligence and refinement going to
open fireplace; terms moderate. WM. H.

Europe will act as companion to older wo-
Summer or longer
HAWLEY, Room 148, State House, Boston. WANTED - 1,500 Railway Traffic Inspec- man. References exchanged. 9,835, Outlook.

tors; no experience; train for this profession Furnished Single or Duplex Apartment FOR RENT DURING SUMMER Shrough spare-time home study ; easy tering;

COLLEGE graduate, experienced traveler,

offers services on voyage to Britain in return Lower 80's close to 5th Avenue. LARGE FURNISHED HOUSE anteed, or money back. Outdoors, local or

for her expenses. References. 9,840, Outlook. Reasonable rent. Possession any time.

fourteen rooms and two baths, in pleasant traveling, under big men who reward ability. POSITION as hostess in hotel, camp, or club WM. B. MAY & CO.

location in old New England college town. Get Free Booklet CM-27. Stand. Business 570 Madison Ave., New York

by young woman; at present hostess in army Apply to Box 752, Northampton, Mass. Training Inst., Buffalo, N. Y. Phone 0270 Plaza.

camp. Would combine other duties and no SPLENDID clerical work opportunity, preference to locality. 9,836, Outlook.

For Rent, for Summer, furnished

Spare or whole time. No canvassing, good WANTED_Refined, cultivated
Chautauqua Business Builders,

would like position in home as manager, telephone, electricity, steinway piano. Mod- LAKE' SUNAPEE, N. H. Jamestown, N. Y.

chaperon or companion. Widower or bachelor erate. References first letter. 4,997, Outlook. Charming Summer Homes and Cottages,

preferred. References exchanged. Companions and Domestic Helpers

9,837, furnished, for rent and for sale. Write for

Outlook. booklets. SARGENT & Co., New London, N. H. DIETITIANS, superintendents, cafeteria

LADY recommends managing, houseHeadquarters Lake Sunapee Real Estate managers,

governesses, matrons, house

keeper; Swedish woman, trustworthy, capakeepers, social workers, and secretaries. NEW JERSEY

ble, refined. Miss Otterberg, 132 East 45th

Miss Richards, Providence, East Side Box 5. WANTED- Attractive location for

St., New York. Phone 8700 Murray Hill.

GRADUATE nurse, refined, sunny dispo pot. Berkshires or seashore preferred. Alice To Rent, MONTCLAIR, N. J. Trinity Court. Address Hovidence. LADUE, 1546 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich.

WANTED-Lady of refinement and educa

sition, will take intelligent care of lady or for three or four Summer Months tion as mother's assistant with children.

gentleman in mountains or at seashore. $65
10 minutes' walk to Lackawanna station.

Mrs. Karran, 75 Fulton St., N. Y. City.

month. Credentials. 9,802, Outlook. College Woman

Adults only. 10 rooms, 2 baths, 4 toilets. All
modern improveinents; small vegetable gar-

WANTED-Young woman to serve as com- COMPANION Very capable, willing, small modern, year-round bungalow,seashore, den. Cheerful home for invalid.6,136, Outlook.

panion to girl 7 years and boy 5 years. Ex- cheerful. Would keep house. References. Casco Bay to North Jersey. 3,137,' Outlook.

perience not necessary. Intelligence and re |“9,801, Outlook.

finement and references required. Brooklyn
in winter and Long Island summers. Address

COMPANION or governess. Refined, edu-
Real Estate

cated young woman. Would travel. Summer. FOR SALE

P. 8. W., 28 Orange St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
COMPANION-Refined, educated male for

9,810, Outlook.
A large and exceptionally, well built house of backward young man (no tutoring); position GENTLEWOMAN, English, experienced

16 rooms, in good condition, on corner plot, offers attractive home and liberal compensa practical nurse, wishes position as traveling

86 x 200, in Bay Ridge, a suburb of Greater tion. In reply give full name, age, personal companion to lady or young girls. Good sailor CAMDEN ON THE COAST OF

New York. Wide porches, open fireplaces, history, and references. 9,827, 'Outlook. and traveler, speaking French and Spanish. MAINE-For Rent trees, garden. Suitable for small institu

REFINED companion, generallyuseful,

Highest references. Terms by arrangement. Fully furnished, attractive cottage, on Diltion, sanitarium, school. 5,101, Outlook.

willing to do light housework. References. Lease, Box 834, Scarsdale, N. Y. Hingham Point, on the shore. Apply to

9,843, Outlook. EL. DILLINGHAM, 599 5th Avenue, N. Y.

YOUNG woman desires position as travelNEW YORK

WANTED-Man and wife without children ing companion. 9,812, Outlook.

as caretakers on small country place in YOUNG English lady seeks position as Class summer cottage ADIRONDACKS Highealeotage northern New Jersey. Man must have thorough knowledge of the care of cows. 9,846, Cross and Royal Army Service

Corps. Cali

companion-chauffeuse. Four years with Red FOR RENT

in heart of the Adirondacks, Keene Valley. Outlook. Near the sea and 200 ft. above it. 10 chambers, For particulars apply to 5,115, Outlook.

fornia preferred. 9,819, Outlook.

WANTED-Mother's helper, between ages 3 baths, running water. Living-room 34 x 16, 3

of twenty-five and forty, for girl two and a

CAPABLE, pleasant, well educated ProtSleeplice rights, garage. in so amarier cottago API Private parties not invalidne rur: half. Experience and references required.

estant woman desires position as companion

to lady in home of culture and refinement. Dear by. J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass.

Mrs. James Ladd, Ardmore, Pa. nished cottage, 8 rooms and bath, on Big Tup

Willing to travel. Highest credentials. 9,824, per Lake; high, breezy, wooded site; superb Toachors and Governossos


outlook. Garage, boats, ice, wood, etc. Easy
access by fine road. Owner 5,103, Outlook. WANTED-Competent teachers for public

MAN, 27 years of age, college graduate, and private schools. Calls coming every day.

year's attendance in French Lycée, 8 months For Sale, 2-story Bungalow, 45 x 60,

with French escadrille, wants few months' Dearly fominhed commandinglocation: 12:500 For Rent, Keene Valley, Adirondacks Send lor sirculara. Albany Teachers' Agency,

engagement as guide through Europe, comLarge, completely furnished cottage, linen, McCLAVE, 1 Madison Ave., N. Y. City.

panion, tutor. Can drive car. 9,839, Outlook. plans

TEACHERS WANTED-College graduates
silver, etc., 3 bathrooms, 8 fireplaces, tele-
for all departments of schools and colleges.

SECRETARIAL, companion, chaperon, Furnished Cottage Me.,to let for sum

phone, garage, magnificent mountain and

with travel abroad, by refined woman. Know
September vacancies. Special terms for early
valley views. Golf and tennis near. Address

edge stenography, inusic, language. 9,842, M. S. LUDLUM, 1827 Pine St., Philadelphia.

Outlook. mer, $250. 10 rooms, wide double veranda,

ERS' AGENCY, Macheca Building, New

Orleans, La. boating and fishing. Apply 5,131, Outlook. Santa Cruz Park Kalmis.,

For Kent

Toachers and Governosses WANTED - First-class handcraft teacher for girls' summer camp. Give training and

FRENCH lady, refined, experienced teachOGUNQUIT, MAINE Electricity and bath. Meals at attractive Inn experience. 9,804, Outlook.

er, excellent references, wishes position for For Rent-Summer Cottages

WANTED_Woman of refinement and tact.

summer, Chaperon, tutoring, private secre8. H., General Delivery P.O., Englewood, N. J. Teacher whose time is free latter part of day

tary. Would travel. 9,721, Outlook. Beautifully situated and completely furpished for housekeeping.

and during the summer, or one who can de On LAKE GEORGE

REFINED young college student desires FOR RENT E.S. WARE, 6 East 8th St., New York City.

In the Adirondacks

vote entire time will be considered, to assist summer position as tutor and companion to Furnished cottages. Golf, tennis, boating,

mother in care of two boys of school age. No boy or boys in private family. Athletic. bathing, fishing. Meals at Club if desired. teaching except small assistance in lessons.

Good references. 9,734, Outlook. Ogunquit, Me. Beautifully furnished

GLENBURNIE CO., Glenburnie, N. Y.

Comfortable home and very moderate amount TEACHER in girls' vocational school

of time required, but applicant must have ing, dining rooms, hall, kitchen, seven double

would like summer work. Governess. Girls'

good judgment and natural aptitude for bedrooms, laundry, pantries, large porches,

camp preferred. References exchanged. 9,764, boys. 9,821, Outlook.

Outlook. garage. Best location. Superb views of moun

Shore front

Lake Champlain tains and sea. Season $1,200. 5,105, Outlook.

camps in

HOPKINS' Educational Agency, 507 Fifthr COLLEGE graduate, successful boys the pines, furnished. Open fires. Sand Avenue. Governesses, purses, camp direc- teacher, wishes position as tutor for summer

beach for children. $250 to $300 for season. tresses, swimming teachers, housekeepers, 9,795, Outlook. PEMAQUID, MAINE C.H.EASTON, 140 Liberty St., New York. attendants, companions.

WANTED-Position for the summer in FOR SÅLE OR RENT

girls' camp. Will tutor. Highest references. Finest estate on Maine Coast. Large Colonial

SITUATIONS WANTED 9,830, Outlook. bouse. Ocean view, fine harbor and drives. ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW W.G. TIBBETTS, Pemaquid Harbor, Me.

SUMMER work by English woman as libraFOR RENT FOR SUMMER MONTHS

Professional situations rian, pianist, or teacher. 9,829, Outlook. Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles WOMAN RESEARCH EXPERT, EDI- YOUNG Swiss lady, speaking French, Gerson, at Sedgwick Attrac

by good road from Bolton Landing, Lake TOR, AUTHOR, now holding responsible man, and English, desires position as gov

George. Entirely new. furnished home, 8 rooms, bath, all modern.

Built by present position, seeks connection, business or other, erness or companion with family going

owner, who will rent for the entire season at Shore frontage. L. H. LANE, Sedgwick, Me.

offering scope to unusual experience and abroad. Excellent references. 9,838, Outlook. moderate rental.Completely furnished carrying commensurate salary. Resourceful,

COLLEGE GIRL desires position as govTO throughout. Five rooms (three thorough, versatile, has organized nationally SUTTON ISLAND, ME.

erness or companion. Experience in college LET bedrooms) and bath. Kitchen with known information bureau, published many

president's family. 9,803, Outlook. running water. 7 bedroom cottage, on water's edge, with best

Ice, wood, and magazine, articles and two standard books. row boat included.

Career may be checked in Who's

Who, 1920

PRIVATE school teacher of English, who view of Mt. Desert. 5 fireplaces. Terms mod

For full particulars address 4,511, Outlook. erate. Rev. Geo. L. Paine, New Haven, Conu.

21. 9,831, Outlook.

likes housework, desires work June 23-Sept.

15. 9,805, Outlook. $10 to $100

RESEARCH, translation, editing, libra FOR

ries catalogued and resystematized, by young PARISIAN lady, education and refinement,

an Acre. Stock,

tools, crops, often included to settle quickly. SALE

lady, college trained and with extensive head of French department in leading school, To settle an estate, attractive house

Write for big illustrated catalog. Strout Farm
experience. 9,817, Outlook.

desires to spend 3 summer months vacation

with well educated and comfortable family to and furniture; 7 master's rooms, 3 baths,

Agency, 150 BM Nassau St., New York City. 2 servants' rooms, living and dining rooms,

Business Situations

speak and teach French, for expenses only batler's pantry, kitchen, laundry, furnace,

no remuneration. No objection to traveling VERMONT

SECRETARY-Young woman, experienced, 9,800, Outlook. Greplaces, sun and sleeping porches.

To Let for sea

desires position in school or college. ReferJ. PERLY PUTNAM, Agt., York Harbor, Me.

ences. 9,726, Outlook.

GOVERNESS or nursery governess. Edu-
YOUNG man desires position of superin-

cated young woman, experienced, wishes to , TO LET home, fully furnished, among

Four modern, furnished houses, seven miles
tendent or assistaut in boys' institution, or in

take charge of one or two young children. from St. Albans, Vt. Dock, bathing beach.

References. 9,844, Outlook.

church work among young people. Would evergreens of Maine. Short distance to State

Apply Dr. MELVILLE, St. Petersburg, Fla.
tutor. Experienced. 9,748, Outlook.

SPANISH, English teacher, American, 15 road from Portland to Augusta; two miles

years Cuba, desires position teacher, superto large beautiful lake and Kennebec River.

LADY desires position as assistant or take

intendent school, institution. Executive exSeven large rooms, large veranda, modern con- BOARD AND ROOMS charge of linen room in an institution. 9,760,

perience both countries. Diplomas. Referveniences, fireplaces, wood, telephone, place


ences. In New York June. Mrs. Amy Grant, for auto. Milk, fresh eggs, fowl and some

LADIES visiting New York, professional AVIATOR, former Lieutenant Army Air Superintendent of Schools, Chaparra, Cuba vegetables could be furnished at market women, students, transient or permanent,

Service, desires position as pilot with firm 9,845, Outlook. price from the farm if desired. 5,135, Outlook. June-October. Apply School for Girls, 17 East

or individual, passenger-carrying, exhibition 86th St.

FRENCH woman, teacher, desires summe work, or Gosport instruction. Address John

position, tutoring i elementary or college MASSACHUSETTS

F. Bay, Jar rettsville, Md.

preparatory conversation. References. 9,814

COLLEGE girl desires summer steno- Outlook.
HOUSE HONEY Delicious honey. Guaranteed graphic position. 9,834, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as governess or com nished, 8600 for summer, $1,000 pure. $1.90 for 10 pounds, $1.05 for 5 pounds, COMPANION - Secretary-executive; edu-panion for summer. Will travel. 9,826, Outlook amid i zones 1 and 2.9.788 intlook

No obiection travel.

catad refinert woman.

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The first prize goes to a woman who signs herself

“Lee;" the second prize (Derivative Compound)

to a soldier who signs A little ENO in water makes a bub

himself “Corporal;” and bling refreshing, pleasant, clean-tasting

the third prize, as in the draught-Nature's true health drink which acts as an anti-acid, helps to

last contest, is doubled, correct a sour stomach, relieves indiges

two third prizes being tion, banishes headache and prevents

awarded,respectively, toa fermentation. A larger amount thoroughly cleanses the intestinal tract of

woman who signs herself stagnated body waste, in Nature's gentle

Alice I. Stevens" and to but efficient way.

Katherine Carr Wilson
Health insurance for the entire family
lies in the daily glass of ENO.

We publish herewith a list of the
At all druggists, $1.25 a large bottle

writers whose letters are deserving of DERIVATIVE

honorable mention. They are not noted COMPOUND Prepared only by

in order of merit: “Medico," "Mar in K. J.C. ENO, Ltd., London, S. E., England

James," Maude V. Griffin, "A Quaker,"

"A Kansas School Teacher," Judson s. Sales Agents : HAROLD F. RITCHIE & CO., Inc.

West, “John Benner," S. Omar Barker,
New York-Toronto-Sydney

"Jock West," A. J. Thomas, Mrs. James
B. Draper, Verne Victor Barnes, “Maud
Muller,” Joel Shomaker, Blanche Hancock
Hudson, "A Prayerless Mother," "Service
Man," "Ellen West," Miss Emily Beatrice
Gnagey, “A Sergeant Major," "Adelaide
Chadsey,” Mrs. Fannie F. Armstrong,

Mrs. Ethelwyn Follansbee, "Ray Weaver," A CASH OFFER FOR CARTOONS AND PHOTOGRAPHS Harold Hubbs, “Dorothy Chester,” “D, B.

Roberts," Sara Haardt, “Frances Bird," Cash payment, from $1 to $5, will promptly be made to our readers who send us a

Eva Ruperta Dixon, Roscoe West, Carl cartoon or photograph accepted by The Outlook.

A. Glover, “May Clark," "Only a DoughWe want to see the best cartoons published in your local papers, and the most inter- boy," "A New Woman," Alice E. Cate, esting and newsy pictures you may own. Read carefully the coupons below for conditions Charles Haven Myers, “I. B. I.," "Jean," governing payment. Then fill in the coupon, paste it on the back of the cartoon or print, "A Red Cross Worker," F. T. Bleya, and mail to us. ThE EDITORS OF THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York? “Cynic.", Mrs. M. C. Ward, "Elizabeth

Clavert," Dennis Whittle, J. Philip

Brewer, Walter C. Hixson, “K. I. M.," To the Photograph Editor of The Outlook:

To the Cartoon Editor of The Outlook :

“Richard Karven,” “Margo Peck," "L. S.," The attached photograph is the property of

The attached cartoon is clipped from the the undersigned and is submitted for publica

"R. D. Kayer," "My Name is Legion," tion in The Outlook. Postage is enclosed for

of the following

Raymond Howard, “A. L. M.," Miss Ethel its return if unavailable. It is my under

Wentworth Hurst. standing that The Outlook agrees to pay $3 date.

If this particular for this photograph if reprodnced as a half- clipping is selected for reproduction in The page cut, or smaller, and $5 if reproduced in

Outlook, I will accept One Dollar as payment


PRIZE LETTERS larger size than a half page. The enclosed

in full for my service in bringing it to your brief account of the object or event depicted

attention. I agree that if it is not used it will WILL BE PRINTED you may use as you see fit.

not be returned nor its receipt acknowledged. Name... Name.


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Write for what you want to SCHOOLS' AGENCY, R, 604,

38 Park Row, New York City. TEACHERS' AGENCIES

The Outlook

The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools, Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr.

Copyright, 1921, by The Outlook Company TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 128 May 11, 1921 No.2



CONNECTICUT The Curtis School for Young Boys

Has grown forty-six years and is still under the active direction of its founder. Entering age pine to thirteen. $1,000.

GERALD B. CURTIS, Assistant Principal


A school for boys under 15

Yearly rate $1200 L. R. SANFORD, Principal

LOUIS H. SCHUTTE, M.A., Headmaster



In the country. One hour from New York.



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Lowell, Massachusetts. 38 minutes from Boston, Country sports. Gymnasium and swimming pool. For catalogue and views address

Miss OLIVE SEWALL PARSONS, B.A., Principal TAMMERER FOR 54 YEARS we have successfully cor. rected stammering by our simple and natural method. Individual instruction only.


Boston Stammerers' Institute

246 Huntington Ave. Boston, 17 Mass. SCHOOL OF

Methods, Influence,

Graduates, Books EXPRESSION have led for forty training for all professions. Summer terms in six States. Winter courses open October 1. Booklets free,

8. S. CURRY, Ph.D., Litt.D., Copley Square, Boston. New-Church Theological School See Quincy Street, Est. 1866. Three years' course. College preparation desired. The curriculum includes systematic study of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures. Correspondence courses. Catalog.


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55th Year. Young men and young women find here a homelike atmosphere, thorough and efficient training in every department of a broad culture, a loyal and helpful school spírit. Liberal endowment permits liberal terms, $400 to $500 per year. Special course in domestic science. For catalogue and inforination address, ARTHUR W. PEIRCE, Litt.D., Principal.


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the most remarkable book ever written on•Control of the Nerves. You should study the teachings set forth in this book whether your Nerves have troubled you or not. We are living in the age of Nerve Strain-the age of worry, grief, and trouble. Many of our habits tend to weaken and wreck the Nerves. These important points are explained in detail and the advice given is the result of over 25 years' experience by the author as a Nerve Specialist and Psycho Analyst. The startling facts he reveals show clearly that we are all ruthlessly wasting our precious Nerve Force, which is a direct cause of endless mental and physical misery.

Send for the book To-Day. The price is
only 25 cts. (coin or stamps preferred).

Paul von Boeckmann
Studio 332, 110 W. 40th Street

New York Publisher's Note : Prof. von Boeckmann is the scientist who explained the nature of the mysterious Psycho-physic Force involved in the Coulon-Abbott Feats; a problem that baffled the leading scientists of America and Europe for more than thirty years, and a full account of wohich has been published in the March and April issues of Physical Culture Magazine.

What Readers Say "I have gained 12 pounds since reading your book, and I feel so energetic." “Your book did more for me for indigestion than two courses in dieting." “Your book has helped my nerves wonderfully. I am sleeping so well and in the morning I feel 80 rested.” “The advice given in your book on relaxation and calming of nerves has cleared iny brain. Before I was half dizzy all the time." A prominent lawyer in Ansonia, Conn., says: "Your book saved me from a nervous collapse, such as I had three years ago. I now sleep soundly and am gaining weight. I can again do a real day's work."

THE OUTLOOK. May 11, 1921. Volume 128, Number 2. Published weekly by The Outlook Company at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Subscription price $5.00 a year. Entered as second-class matter, July 21, 1893, at the Post Office at New York, under the Act of March 3, 1879.

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