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happiness offering exceptioual opportunities for training in self-discovery and self-direction. Inspiring ideals of health, responsibility and Christian usefulness. School for Grammar and High School

Students three terms, fall, spring, and summer. Mid-winter vacation. Two Rev. Thomas Bickford, A.M. hundred acres; pine groves, 3,000 feet seashore. Swimming. Athletics. Founder

Esthetic dancing. Gymnastics. College preparatory subjects. Art, Music. Distinctively devoted to and Domestic Science. Handicrafts. Business Courses. Foreign Languages. recognized as the Pioneer Personality Methods. Diplomas introductory to definite service.

School of Personality Summer Course in Personality Theory for High School Graduates MISS FAITH BICKFORD, MISS ADDIE BICKFORD, Directors, Box D, Brewster. Mass,


School for Nurses

YONKERS. NEW YORK Registored in New York State, offers a 2x years' courneas general training to refined, educated woinen. Require ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nursos, Yonkers, New York.



23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Prepara tory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston.

Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals. The Clarke School for the Deaf NORTHAMPTON, Mass. Oral method employed. Imperfect hearing trained. Manual training for both boys and girls. Pupils grouped according to age, in three homes. Well-equipped gymnasium and out of-door sports. Normal department. Prin., CAROLINE A. YALE

A course of forty lessons in the

history, form, Btructure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by Dr. J. Berg Ksenweln, for year Editor of Lippincott's 150-page catalogue free. Please address




Boarding and Day School From primary grades through college preparatory School building. Gymnasium. Three residences. Ample opportunity for outdoor life. 62d year. Address


Life in the open. Athletics. Household Arts. College and general courses.

Each girl's personality observed and developed. Write for booklet. Telephone W. N. 131.


CAMP NORRIDGEWOCK A Boys' Camp.on the Belgrade Lakes, Oakland, Maine, Fishing, canoe trips, swimming, all outdoor sports. Booklet.

ARTHUR M. CONDON, Northampton, Mass. OCEAN CAMP for BOYS On beautiful, historic, secluded, wooded peninsula on Casco Bay Forty, acres spruce and pine and thirty acres field. Best of care, food and instruction, with trained supervisors. Excellent boating, bathing, hiking, fishing and sports. ERNEST E. NOBLE, Mgr., Portland, Me.

For On Otsego Lake

Boys Cooperstown, N. Y. Give Your Boy a Vacation That Counts. SelfReliance, Happiness, Health. Wholesome Food, Systematic Exercise, Mountain Air, Ideal Surroundings. Send for Illus. Booklet. A. D. LOVELAND, 251 Maple St., Brooklyn, N. Y. CAMP WONPOSET Bantam Lake, Connecticut. A camp for young boys in the Berkshires. 100 miles from N. Y. City: Everything a boy can wish for. Write for camp book. ROBERT C. TINDALE,

31 East 71st St., N. Y.C. CRYSTAL BEACH CAMP Located at Saybrook, Conn. A salt water camp for young boys. Boys that are behind in their school work will be given an opportunity to make up their deficiencies. Instruction by experienced teachers, no extra charge for tutoring. Send for circular to McTERNAN SCHOOL, Watei bury,Conn. Pole Bridge Camp A rugged vacation in the

, forests of the Water Gap. region overlooking the Delaware, only 90 miles from N. Y. Modern equipment. Mountain, water, and indoor sports. For 25 boys, 8 to 14 yrs. Booklet. Rev.

WM.E.PALMER, 75 Yale Sta. New Haveu, Conn. GIRLS' CAMPS

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Camp Quan-ta-ba-cook


A choice Summer Camp for Boys on a Lake in the Maine Woods near Belfast, Maine

Exceptional Care and Personal
Supervision Given Every Boy

For Booklet address
H. Percy Hermansen, Tower Hill School, Wilmington, Del.
Camp Yellowstone Fifteenth season. Horse

back trip through Yellowstone Park, Jackson Hole and Rockies. Indian dauces, ranch life, trout fishing, etc. Educational, beneficial, de lightful trip for boys. Opens July 4th. Address Directors. W. S. WOODRUFY, M. D. CHARLES C. MOORE, LL.B., Mount Vernon, N. Y.

Fort Washakie, Wyo.

Camp Mitigwa


Worcester Domestic Science School Worcester,

One and two-year Normal and Home-making, courses. Trains for teachers of cookery, sewing, matrons, dietitians. Normal Domestic Science training. Red Cross Work. Gradrates occupy exceptional positions. Opens Oct. 4th, 1921. Address Mrs. F. A. WETHERED, 158 Institute Road,


CAMP JUNALUSKA One of the finest "all around" camps for girls in the South. Lake Junaluska, N. C., in the Land of the Sky," near Asheville. Send for illustrated booklet.

Miss ETHEL J. MCCOY, Director.

Virginia Intermont College, Bristol, Va. KAWAJIWIN Cass Lake, Minnesota. A camp for girls

among the Minnesota pines on famous Star Island. Screened sleeping porches; wonderful beach ; all land and water sports; canoe trips ; library; French conversation ; tutoring. Sixth season from June 18 to Aug. 27. For illustrated booklet, address Miss WINNIFRED SCHUREMAN, 1780 Lyndale Ave., South Minneapolis, Minn. CAMP AREY, Lake Keuka, N. Y. In a spot chosen for its beauty and healthfulness

Under the guidance of experienced directors; all
water and land sports, dramatics; hikes, camp-

ing trips, horseback riding. Limited to fifty girls. Mrs. A.C. Fontaine, 713 E. Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Dodge Pond, Rangeley, Maine

Canoe and mountain trips.

Water sports and athletics. A healthy, happy summer, outdoors, for the boy. A place for Dad's fishing or hunting trip. For booklet write G. W. FAIRCHILD, Jr.

48 Grove St., Pawtucket, R. I. CAMP PISCATAQUIS Lobster Lake, North East Carry. EUGENE HAYDEN, Director.

Your boy deserves the best. This camp offers to boys, 12-17, a 250 mile canoe trip under ideal conditions. Fishing, hiking, exploring. For booklet with map, write H. J. STORER, Sec'y, 74 Fayette St.,

Cambridge, (39) Mass. CAMP QUITO casco, MAINE

On-the-Lakes, Limited to 20 boys. Real wood-craft instruction. Excellent food. Ownership-supervision. Experienced trained college councilors. All sports. Perfect sand beach. Best camp for $200. Near Portland.

Write Director MERRITT GAY, J aconia, N. H.


STANDS for the ideals of Theodore

Roosevelt-robust health, clear thinking, broad culture. Physical and scholastic training for future leadership. Pro

gressive curriculum, able tutors, super. vised recreation. Advisory Board men of national prominence. Forestry. Twenty-three acres. Athletic field. Modern, sunny buildings. Gymnasium, swimming pool, shower baths, recreation room, study hall. Academic Term commences September 21. Enrollments now being received. Write to John 0. Carrington, Headmaster, for descriptive booklet. ROOSEVELT MILITARY ACADEMY

West Englewood, New Jersey


In the mountains of Northern New Jersey. Camp for American girls of twelve years or over. Number limited. Ninth season. Booklet. Mr. and Mrs. MILTON C. COOPER, 135 West Washington Lane, Philadelphia. ARROWHEAD CAMP for Girls

Lake Champlain, N. Y. Illustrated booklet “D” on request. Address MARGARET DUDLEY, 39 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. The Rocky Mountain Dancing Camp

Steamboat Springs, Colo.
Junior, Senior, Normal, Professional Departments. Classic
Dancing and Its Related Arts. Cross country riding, swim-
ming, tennis, basket ball. Booklet upon request.


For Girls. 17th sea-on. 3 camps-ages 7
to 30. Fun, Frolic, Friendships. Vigilance
for health and safety. Booklet.
Mrs. E. L. Gulick. 290 Addington Road, Brookline, Mass.

NEW YORK CITY Bureau of Personnel Administration

Founded to further human relations in industry. Educational Division-One Year Co-operative Course, Eight Weeks Intensive Course, Evening Courses. Labor Analysig Division. Placement Division. Teachers' Summer Course.

17 West 47th St., New York City.

PENNSYLVANIA S ummer Course in Horticulture. The School of

Horticulture for Women, Ambler, Pa. (18 miles from Philadelphia), offers an August Course in Floriculture, Vegestable Gardening, Fruit Growing, and Canning and Preserv. ng. Practical work out of doors forms a large part of schedAle. Teachers will be especially interested in this course. Circular upon application. Elizabeth Leighton Lee. Director:

Camping and Trail Trip



for Boys Party limited to twenty boys in charge of tutor, guide and cook, to take 60-day trail and camping trip through the Big Horns and Yellowstone Park, starting July 1. References as to health and


required. Address Ranch is nationally famous as an ideal vacation spot. FRANK O. HORTON lows. Kates on application Buffalo, Wyoming

17th SEASON YOUNGER BOYS EXCLUSIVELY Woodcraft, nature lore, manual training

and swimming. H.O. LLE Lincoln High School. Jarsey City. N.J.

Tenth season. Three camps, 150 girls, ages 8 to 22.

Season eight weeks, $325
Miss ESTHER G. COCHRANE. 3722 Pive Grove Ave., Chicago

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Towering back of the Mimeo graph is a longrecordof honorable and important accomplishment in business and educational institutions throughout the world. In old Yale, and in the newest industries of the east and west, it is working remarkable economies of both time and money. An hourly grist of five thousand neat and exact duplicates of any typewritten sheet, makes its total delivery forty or more thousand a day. And this work is done at negligible cost, privately, far quicker than by any other means. No annoying delays in making ready. No type to set. No expensive skill necessary. The speedy and inexpensive way of reproducing letters, forms, bulletins, drawings, charts, etc.! For thirty years the Mimeograph has led in its field, but today it is a greater device than ever before. Ask for booklet “O-5.” A.B.Dick Company, Chicago-and New York.


MAY 11, 1921



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N April 29 two striking events

occurred in the emphasis of

American rights abroad. One was the publication of a note from the Italian Government to ours concerning international rights at that center of cable communication in the Pacific, the island of Yap. We quote the following:

Italy is fully convinced that the United States is not asking for any privilege in the island of Yap which is not equally granted to every other nation, including Japan. Italy is also convinced that the United States intends to protect its interests in the island of Yap with full consideration for the interests of other nations.

Italy, therefore, has not hesitated to express herself in a way which completely agrees with the text of

the American note of the 5th of April pany, the latter said to be controlled by
inst., concerning the equality of British capital. A bill to this end has
rights among mandatories in the ex-
ercise of their mandates.

passed one house of the Dutch Parlia

ment. It would bar the bid of any The second event was the publication American oil interest for a concession in the French Government's similar assur- that region. ance three weeks ago.

While Mr. Phillips is careful to say The second event was the publication that our Government is aware of the by the State Department of a letter ad- laws and regulations in the Dutch Indressed by William Phillips, our Minis- dies which prohibit foreign companies ter at The Hague, to the Dutch Foreign as such from entering the colonies for Minister. The Dutch have continually oil development, he does call attention shut us out from becoming financially to the fact that American capital stands interested in the development of the oil ready to assist in that development. He resources of the Dutch East Indies. A asks for equal opportunity. He declares case in' point is that of the Djambi oil that we have borne the burden of supfield in the island of Sumatra. It is plying “a large part of the petroleum proposed that a monopoly of this field be consumed by other countries and that given to a combination of the Dutch the petroleum resources of no other Government and the Batavia Oil Com- country have been so heavily drawn




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upon to meet foreign needs as have those last election the citizens of Vancouver berry and his associates on the ground of the United States.” As ample sup- returned her at the head of the poll. of error in the trial judge's instruction plies of petroleum have become neces- This was in itself a great compliment to the jury. Second, it declared that sary to our life and property, our Gov- to the work which she had already done the specific clause of the law under ernment "finds no alternative than the as a member of the British Columbian which Senator Newberry was convicted adoption of the principle of equally good Provincial Parliament.

was unconstitutional. In the latter case opportunity, with the proviso that no The nine provinces of Canada have the Supreme Court divided five to four. foreign capital may operate in public each a separate - Parliament and admin- The majority opinion (although we have lands unless its Government accords istration, with a Lieutenant-Governor not yet seen the complete text of the similar or like privileges to American appointed by the Governor-General of decision) appears to have been given citizens."

Canada at the head of the executive on the ground that, while Congress had Dutch capital has enjoyed free access branch of the provincial governments. the power to regulate the manner of to our oil deposits. Why should not ac- A correspondent of The Outlook in holding elections for Federal offices, it cess to the oil on our public lands be

did not have the power to control party denied to foreign Governments which

primaries or conventions for selection of refuse to allow our citizens to share in

candidates for Federal office. the development of the fields under

This second decision eliminates the their control?

necessity for a retrial of Senator New"Equality of opportunity"-Secretary

berry's case. Mr. Newberry's career has Hughes proposes to maintain that prin

proved his patriotism and his ability as ciple wherever possible. Exhibit I:

a public servant. It is a relief to know Yap. Exhibit II: Djambi.

that he will not be required to pay a penalty the justice of which has at best

been questionable under a law which in A PANAMA RECORD

some of its provisions is certainly unTHEODORE ROOSEVELT's greatest single

reasonable and which has now been constructive work was the building

declared unconstitutional. of the Panama Canal. If he had wavered or weakened before Colombia's

CONGRESS TO DECLARE PEACE crooked scheming or faltered as physical difficulties arose, American failure might

HE Knox Resolution has passed the have followed French failure. The re

Senate. It now goes to the House. cent discussion on the history of our

If passed there, as expected, the Presirecognition of the Panama Canal has

dent has promised to sign it. only emphasized the greatness of the

The Senate vote was not wholly par. undertaking.

tisan. Several Democrats voted for it; Keystone And just at the time when the politi. MRS. RALPH SMITH, MEMBER OF THE

and one Republican, Senator Nelson, of

CABINET OF BRITISH COLUMBIA cal and international questions have

Minnesota, was paired against it, first, come to the front we have a report

because, in his opinion, it failed to susVancouver writes to us that, “as a wife, which shows the magnitude of the

tain the claims of France for reparation mother, and widow, Mrs. Smith underworld's work that is done by the Pan

due, and, second, because it contained stands perhaps better than the mere ama Canal. The high record for ton

no provision intended to compel Germale what legislation is necessary for nage of traffic through the Canal and

many to live up to her agreement to the protection of the women and chil. also for tolls earned was made in

disarm. dren of the provinces." March last. If we remember rightly,

The Resolution does three things:

She has now been further honored by the first month of operation of the

(1) It declares the war between Ger. being given a seat in the Cabinet. She Canal, in 1914, yielded about $100,000.

many and the United States at an end, is at present “Minister without portBut now a monthly yield of over $1,000,- folio."

thus conforming the legal situation to 000 has been made several times. The

the fact. record of March was about $1,105,000,

(2) Property taken under the proviA SENATOR FREED and the report of registered tonnage

sion of the Alien Property Act it holds for the month was 1,417,220, while both

HE United States Supreme Court for final disposition by treaty with Ger. in February and March over three hun

has reversed the decision of the many. dred vessels passed through. The for

Federal Court in which Senator New- (3) It does not follow the text of the mer troubles with landslide impediments

berry, of Michigan, was found guilty of Knox Resolution of a year ago, vetoed have been done away with by engineer

a conspiracy to violate the Federal Cor. by President Wilson, in "not waiving" ing skill and hard labor.

rupt Practices Act during his Senatorial any of the rights to which we became More and more the Panama Canal is

campaign. The offense with which Sen- entitled under the armistice or the a great world asset; its special value

ator Newberry was charged was not one Treaty of Versailles, but declares (in to this country needs no demonstration. which of itself involved moral turpitude. language suggestive of the present Sec

He was not charged with bribery, which retary of State) that the United States

would be a moral crime whether or not reserves those "rights, powers, claims, A WOMAN AS CABINET MINISTER the statutes declared it so, but with privileges, indemnities, reparations, or

RS. RALPH SMITH is, we believe, the spending more than the law allowed for advantages." We are thus still in a

first woman ever to be appointed purposes of publicity during a primary position to enforce our rights, and, as to a Cabinet office. For many years she campaign.

an agency of such enforcement, to keep has been prominent in getting legisla- The Supreme Court, in passing upon our army in the Coblenz area. tion adopted in British Columbia for Senator Newberry's case, uttered two We have never before ended a state of the benefit of women. Her work was opinions: First, unanimously it re- war by Congressional resolution. But it so thoroughly appreciated that at the versed the convictions of Senator New- is argued that it may lawfully be so

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