Biennial report of the State Board of Health of Kentucky. 1898/99

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State Board of Health, 1899
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الصفحة 134 - Every dead body must be accompanied by a person in •charge, who must be provided with a passage ticket, and also present a full first-class ticket marked "corpse...
الصفحة 133 - If the body cannot reach its destination within thirty hours from time of death, it must be prepared for shipment by filling cavities with an approved disinfectant, washing the exterior of the body with the same, stopping all orifices with absorbent cotton and enveloping the entire body with a layer of cotton not less than one inch thick, and all wrapped in a sheet and bandaged, and encased in an air-tight coffin or casket.
الصفحة 133 - ... and stopping of all orifices with absorbent cotton, and (c) washing the body with the disinfectant, all of which must be done by an embalmer holding a certificate as such, approved by the State Board of Health.
الصفحة 134 - Every disinterred body, dead from any disease or cause, shall be treated as infectious...
الصفحة 54 - Sir: I have the honor to respectfully submit the following report of the work of the Service...
الصفحة 126 - Health and his own board; he shall keep a correct report of its proceedings, and of his official acts; shall report quarterly and at such other times as may be required by the State Board of Health, and perform such other duties as may be required by his own or the State board. Local boards of health shall recommend to their respective fiscal courts and councils the value of the services of the health officer, to be paid under section 2060, Kentucky Statutes.
الصفحة 131 - No building shall be used for stabling cows for dairy purposes which is not well lighted, ventilated, drained, and constructed, or which...
الصفحة 130 - No parent, guardian or other person having charge or control of any child or children shall allow or permit any such child or children to go from any house or building infected with...
الصفحة 134 - The undertaker's certificate and paster of the original shall be detached from the transit permit and pasted on the coffin box. The physician's certificate and transit permit shall be handed to the passenger in charge of corpse.
الصفحة 134 - The transit permit must be made in duplicate, and the signatures of the physician or coroner, health officer and undertaker must be on both the original and duplicate copies. The undertaker's certificate and paster of the original, shaJl be detached from the transit permit and pasted on the coffin box.

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