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“ satisfactory : If I throw the means away, I “can no longer compafs the end; this is self* evident; I perceive therefore that I must not “game ; for though I like play, I do not like to « lose that, which alone can purchase every

pleasure I propofe to enjoy, and I do not fee « that the chance of winning other people's

money can compensate for the pain I must “ suffer if I lose my own: An addition to my “ fortune can only give superfluities; the loss of " it may take away even necessaries ; and in the « mean time I have enough for every other gra* tification-but the desperate one of deep play: << It is resolved therefore that I will not be a

gamefter: There is not common sense in the " thought, and therefore I renounce it.

.." But if I give up gaming, I will take my “ twing of pleasure ; that I am determined upon. * I must therefore ask myself the question, what “is pleasure? Is it high living and hard drink"ing? I have my own choice to make, there“ fore I must take some time to consider of it. “ There is nothing very elegant in it I must “confess; a glutton is but a sorry fellow, and a “ drunkard is a Bcast: Besides I am not sure mý “ conftitution can stand against it: I shall get "the gout, that would be the devil; I shall grow ** out of all fhape ; I shall have a red face full of

“ blotches,

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« blotches, a: foul breath and be loathsome to the

women: I cannot bear to think of that, for I “ doat upon the women, and therefore adieu to “the bottle and all its concomitants; I prefer the « favours of the fair sex to the company of the “ soakers, and so there is an end to all drinking; “I will be fober, only because I love pleasure.

“But if I give up wine for women, I will re“pay myself for the sacrifice; I will have the “finest girls that money can purchase--Money, " did I say? What a found has that !-Am I to

buy beauty with money, and cannot I buý « love too? - for there is no pleasure even in "beauty without love. I find myself gravelled " by this unlucky question: Mercenary love! " that is nonfenfe ; it is flat hypocrify ; it is dif“gusting. :I should loath the fawning caresses " of a dissembling harlot; whom I pay for false “ fondness: I find I am wrong again. I cannot “fall in love with a harlot; she must be a modest

woman; and when that befals: me, what then?

Why then, if I am terribly in love indeed, “ and cannot be happy without her, there is no “other choice left me; I think I must cyen “ marry her! nay I am sure I must; for if plea“sure leads that way, pleasure is my object, and “ marriage is my lot: I am determined therefore * to márry, only because I love pleasure.

« Well!

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“Well! now that I have given up all other u wonen for a wife, I am resolved to take pleasure

enough in the possession of her ; I must be cau“ tious therefore that nobody else takes the same “ pleasure too; for otherwise how have I bettered “ myself? I might as well have remained upon u the common. I should be a fool indeed to pay “ such a price for a purchase, and let in my

neighbours for a share ; therefore I am deter«mined to keep her to myself, for pleasure is my “ only object, and this I take it is a sort of plea“ sure, that does not consist in participation.

“ The next question is, how I must contrive “ to keep her to myself._-Not by force; not by “ locking her up; there is no pleasure in that “ notion; compulsion is out of the case ; in“ clination therefore is the next thing; I must “ make it her own choice to be faithful : It “ seems then to be incumbent upon me to make « a wise choice, to look well before I fix upon a “ wife, and to use her well, when I have fixed; “I will be very kind to her, because I will not

destroy my own pleasure ; and I will be very 4 careful of the temptations I expose her to, « for the famc reason. She shall not lead the “ life of your fine town ladies ; I have a charm“ ing place in the country; I will pass most of “iny time in the country, there she will be safe

« and

us and I shall be happy. I love pleafure, aną as therefore I will have little to do with that * curft intriguing town of London ;: I am deterI mited to make my house in the country as * pleafant as it is possible.

“But if I give up the gaieties of a town life, Kand the club, and the gaming-table, and the

girls, for a wife and the country, I will have

the sports of the country in perfection; I will 5 keep the best pack of hounds in England, and “hunt every day in the week.-But hold a mo16 ment there ! what will become of my wife all "the while I am following the hounds? Will * The follow nobody; will nobody follow her? “A pretty figure I shall make, to be chacing a « ftag and come home with the horns. At least “I shall not risque the experiment; I shall not si like to leave her at home, and I cannot take “ her with me, for that would spoil my pleasure; < and I hate a horse-dog woman; I will keep s no whipper-in in petticoats. I perceive theres fore I must give up the hounds, for I am de" termined nothing shall stand in the way of my “ pleasure.

" Why then I must find out some amuseAs ments that

my wife can partake in; we must “ride about the park in fine weather; we must I visit the grounds, and the gardens, and plan

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se out improvements, and make plantations; it “ will be rare employment for the poor people 6 That is a thought that never {truck me « before ; methinks there must be a great deal < of pleasure in setting the poor to work I shall « like a farm for the same reason; and my wife « will take pleasure in a dairy; she shall have

the most elegant dairy in England; and I will « build a conservatory, and she shall have such “ plants and such flowers !-I have a notion I “ shall take pleasure in them myself—And then e there is a thousand things to do within-doors; « it is a finę old mansion that is the truth of it: « I will give it an entire repair; it wants new “ furniture; that will be very pleasant work “ for my wife: I perceive I could not afford to “ keep hounds and do this into the bargain. « But this will give me the most pleasure all to “nothing, and then my wife will partake of it “And we will have music and books I re« collect that I have got an excellent library “ There is another pleasure I had never thought “of-And then no doubt we shall have children, " and they are very pleasant company, when they

talk and understand what is said to them; « and now I begin to reflect, I find there is a " vast many pleasures in the life I have chalked ..out, and what a fool should I be to throw



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