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Dublin, Nov. 20.

In the multiplicity of reports on this WE are happy to contradict a report distressing subject, it is also said, that that prevailed in town this morning, two vessels have foundered off Kiliney that two Holyhead packets were lost Bay. This morning the bodies of selast night-the weather prevented the veral soldiers, with 97 on their buttons, packets from sailing from our harbour, were drifted on shore along the coast in and we are well convinced the same the neighbourhood of Black-rock and cause had the same effect at Holyhead, Dunleary. and except these two, there could be Last night, during the snow-storm, no other at sei.

as the lord chancellor was returning to It is with the deepest concern that we town from the Phænix-Park, his coach are obliged to state the following fatal was upset. We are glad to find that effects of the storm last night. On none of his lordship's family receired Wednesday evening last, three tran- any serious injury. They were brought sports with volunteers for the 18th and to town in the solicitor-general's coach, 97th regiments, chiefly froin the South which happened to be returning from Mayo nilitia, sailed from the Pigeon- the Park at the same time, and with house dock, for Liverpool. Yesterday difficulty avoided a similar accident. morning they had gained so small an Lord Manners's coach remained all offing, that they were discernible from night in ils subverted situation. the heights about Dunleary, and dread Deal, Nov. 21.- Dispatches came ful to relate, one of them, on board of down this inorning, and were put on which were 120 soldiers, with several board the Aag of truce at day - light, women and children, were driven on The schooner being ready got under the rocks under the battery at Dunleary weigh immediately, and sailed for Point, and all perished, except the crew Calais, where it is probable she arrived and two soldiers, who were preserved by by noon. The nature of them is kept taking to the boat. Among the unhappy so profoundly secret that not a syllable sufferers on this occasion, we regret to is known here ; they are, however, find the name of lieutenant M'Clean of pretty generally conjecturer! to relate the 18th regiment, who had charge of to a negotiation with France. Tbe the recruits, he was a young officer of Messenger who came over the other unquestionable merit and uncommon day remains in London. promise. Another vessel is stated to Portsmouth, Nor. 25, Arrired the have struck on the White Bank, near Indus from Madras, (a single ship) the South Bull.

and the Fox cutter, of this port, Further accounts state, that a Park- from Lisbon ; she left the Tagus on gate vessel, with recruits for the 97th the 15th instant; at which time the regiment, foundered in the gale; also a Portuguese had seven sail of the live, brig, a sloop, and a very large Swedish two frigates, and a schooner, ready for ship, which had formerly been a frigate. sea. On the oth instant two sail of

Russian men of war arrived in the order that it may be made as public as
Tagus from Gibraltar, and, on the possible.
11th two sail more and two frigates ;

I have the honour to be, &c. also a Portuguese frigate, and a mer

George Canning. chantman from the Brazils richly

Dec. 3. After the transmission of laden.

the letter to the lord mayor yesterday London, Nov. 26. Two suicides were morning, two other communications comınitted on Tuesday, the one by a

were made, the first stated that young inau of the naine of Wootton, • The dispatches received from St. á draper's apprentice in Oxford-street, Petersburgh were sent froin that place who swallowed a dose of aqua-fortis ; on the inorning of the gth ultimo, at and the other by a tradesnian in Totten- which time no embargo had been laid hain-court-road. The former was found on the British shipping in the ports of in a state of pain and despondency, at Russia ; it appears that about 20 sail of the breakfast hour in his sleeping-room ; British vessels remained at Cronstadt, and on being questioned, he confessed most of which were loaded. On the what he had taken, and assigned no

31st of October there were 52 British other reason than that life was a burden ships at Riga ; and on the 23d of Octoto himn. The other person cut his ber the River at Archangel was frozen throat in bed, after his wife had risen, over, and no British ships remained about eight o'clock in the morning. there.' His conduct was noticed to have been At Batson's coffee-house, the accus. very strange and out of the regular way tomed resort of our Russia merchants, the whole of Monday, but not such as the following communication was also excited any particular alarm. The de- publicly exhibited :ceased had retired from business a few · The governor of the Russia commonth ago, and was in his 60th year. pany has received from Mr. Canning

Dec. 2. Sir Robert Wilson arrived the copy of a letter from lord G. Leveson in the iniddle of last night with dis- Gower to Sir Stephen Shairp, informing patches of the highest importance from him that an end had been put to all Petersburgh.--- Dispatches of a nature political relations between the courts decidedly hostile. The ministers were of London and St. Petersburgh, and summoned to meet in council early this that he should, in consequence, leave morning. Messengers were sent off to the country in a very few days. The all the out-ports, and the following date of the letter is Nov. 8, 1807.letter was transmitted to the lord • Sir Stephen Shairp inentions that major:

there were 20 ships at Cronstadt, some

of which he hoped would get away.' Stanhope-street Dec. 2,

The dispatches brought by Sir Róbert My Lord, I have the honour to ac Wilson were carried by that gentleman quaint your lordship, that dispatches to Mr. Canning's house in Stanhope-. Hare been received from his Majesty's street, between three and four yesterday einbassador at the court of Petersburgh, morning. After the cabinei council by which it appears that the emperor of was held, telegraphic orders were sent Russia having published a declaration, to the different out-ports, to Deal, to ju which his imperial majesty announc Yarmouth, to Portsmouth, to stop and es his determination to break off all detain all Russian ships.-- There is at communication with England, to recall Russian frigate at Portsmouth, and imhis minister, from this court, and not mediately after the receipt of the tele

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Sperk noi, of 44 guns, and a large trans- ficient quantity to work the engines, port, were taken possession of as prizes until the main was forced at Pimlico on Wednesday night at Spithead, by the and at the New River Head. By that Leda and Hussar. We hope soon to time the flames had spread to such an announce the entrance of the Russian alarming degree, as to threaten destrucMediterranean squadron into an English tion to the houses of earl Powis, and port.

şir John Harrington. Lord Foley's Part of the squadron that was under house also stood in great danger, as thie admiral Keates, is to sail from Ports- back drawing-room windows project, mouth this morning.

and were much scorched by the fames. On Wednesday night and yesterday At nine o'clock the square was, filled morning a party of Officers went on with people, and carriages full of laboard all the foreign vessels in the River, dies, who stopped to witness the dread. examined their papers, and scrutinized ful scere; the Hames by that time have their cabins closely. All vessels found ing extenried to the front of the house, under Oldenburgh colours had the broad and still keeping to the attic stories, arrow put upon their masts, and orders burning in the most awful manner. It were given that no person belonging to illuminated the whole atmosphere for them should be suffered to go on shore. many miles round. The engines by

Dec. 4. Four persons were drowned that time had received an ample supply on Sunday last, by imprudently ventur- of water, but it did not seem to have ing on the ice before it was sufficiently any effect on the devouring element, it strong to bear them. An inquisition still burned with great violence in the was taken yesterday at Newington, on back part of the house, and consumed the body of Peter Fowler,, a joiner, re the third floor room, with its furniture: siding in Gray's Inn-lane, who was By ten o'clock the roof fell in with a drowned in a pond near Newington, dreadful crash, which stopped the prue and whose wife was a spectator at the gress of the flames, although the ruins time of the sad accident. The deceased of that part of the house, by the great had been to see his brother, and it was heat, threatened destruction to the se by mere accident that he was induced cond Hoor. About eleven o'clock, it to go on the ice, where some boys were was nearly got under, but it still fiad an sliding. Verdict Accidental Death.- awful appearance. Lord Foley stood A lad of the name of Bremen, was also on the roof of his own house, during drowned in a pond at Somers Town, the whole time; and lady Foley, who as was also a youth at Paddington, ex had packed up her jewels, remained clusive of another in Hyde Park, whose within, with the greatest fortitude and death we mentioned yesterday. composure, being determined not to re

Dec. 5. Yesterday evening, between tire until it was thought necessary. seren and eight o'clock, a fire broke- Her ladyship’s carriage was at the door out in the house of lady Clermont, in during the whole time, in case it was Berkeley-square. Her ladyship had thought prudent for her to leave the company at dinner, and the cloth was house. At half-past eleven, the fire just removed when the alarm was given. was very much abated. The St. As soon as her ladyship's company heard James's volunteers attended, and kept of the dreadful accident, they persuaded excellent order. The firemen also exher to quit the house, but in vain : she erted themselves to the utmost of their remained in the house, and would not posver; one of them baving got access suffer the doors to be opened, while the in the top of the house on fire, through fire was raging with the greatest fury in sir John Harrington's house, he broke the back attic story, where it is imagined the windows of the dormers, stripped it had begun; the engines soon arrived, the lead off the top of them, and beat and the whole neighbourhood was in down the rafters. This had a very good aların. Water could not be procured effect in stopping the progress of the for a considerable time, and when the flames, which, at that period, had plugs were opened, there was not a suf nearly caught the roof of carl Powis's

house., At twelve o'clock the engines Yeo, of his majesty's sloop Confiance, were all at work, and the square was arrived this afternoon at this office, with crowded with people. About one dispatches fronı rear-adıniral Sir Sidney o'clock it was completely extinguished. Seith, dated December 6, stating that Every gentleman's house in the square the Prince Regent, with the whole of was opened, and ready to receive any the Royal Family, consisting of fifteen thing that might be saved from the persons, had embarked for the Brazils conflagration.

on the 24th ult, with seven sail of the Dec. 12. A coroner's inquest sat on line, fire frigates, three armed brigs, Priday at Pender's-gate, near Stanmore, and upwards of thirty Brazil inerchant on the body of James Richmond Davis. vessels. The deceased, an artist of considerable The Portuguese fleet is attended by property, resided near the turnpike at, his Majesty's ships Marlborough, LonPaddington, and had beep on the pre- don, Monarch, and Bedford, under the cedding day to a house, near Watford, command of capt. Moore. in a single horse chaise, accompanied Only one serviceable Portuguese line by his neice, a girl 16 years old. On of battle ship, and three hulks, renained their return home in the afternoon, it in the Tagus ; eight Russian line of being dusk, and the ditches being filled battle ships remained in the Tagus ; with snow on a level with the road, only three of which were in condition Mr. D. mistook the horse-track on the for sea. off-side, and drove into a ditch five feet Rear admiral sir S. Smith has resumed deep. The young lady was precipitated the blockade of the port of Lisbon with into the hedge unhuri'; but the chaise five sail of the line; and will probably was overturned so suddenly, that the by this time have been joined by an addriver was thrown into the ditch with ditional squadron of line of battle ships, the vehicle upon him, by which he was -I have the honour, &c. killed.- Accidental death.

J. Ansley, mayor, Dec. 19. In the course of this day

('True Copy) Mulgrave the following letter was sent by the secretary of state and first lord of the

admiralty to the lord mayor:
Foreign office, half past Two, P. M.
Dec. 19. 1807.

Nov. 18. At Talmouth, near BerMy lord-I have the honour to ac wick, a seat of her father's, sis Francis quaint your lordship that lord Strang. Blake, bart. Mrs. Stag, of a daughter. ford, his majesty's ininister plenipoten At lady Chambers's house, in Mortitiary to the court of Lisbon, has just mer-street, the lady of colonel Wilton, arrived, having left the Portuguese fleet of a son. on the 5th instant, between Marleira 20. In Guildford-street, the lady of and the Western Islands, under con Samuel Edwards, esq. of a son and voy of a British squadron, with a fair heir. wind, steering for the Brazils.

25. At the cottage, Southgate, the I have the honour to be, &c. lady of W. Curtis, esq. of a daughter. (Signed)

G. Canning, The lady of Colin Douglas, esq. of The Right hon. the Lord Mayor. Frederick's-place, of a daughter.

Captain Yeo, of the Confiance sloop, Dec. 1. At Whiteford, the lady of also reached town on Saturday, between sir Wm. Cail, bart. of a daughter. two and three o'clock, and an endled at 3. The lady of adıniral Wilson, of the A diniralty with dispatches from Sir Redgrave, Suttolk, of a son. Sidney Smith. Shortly after his arrival 7. At Barham Court, near Canter. the following letter was dispatched by bury, the lady of Samuel Tyssen, esq. lord Julgrave to the lord mayor : of Narborough Hall, Norfolk, of a

Adiniralty, Dec. 19. 1807. My lordmol have great satisfaction in 9: At Fountington, Sussex, the lady acquainting your lordship that captain of sir James Duff, of a daughter.




Nov. 17. At Clifton Church, John Nov. 21. At Bury, Suffolk, in the Eld, esq. of Singleford, Staffordshire, 87th year of her age, Mrs. Pretyman, to the hon. Louisa S. Sidney Smythe, wife of George Pretyman, esq. and. youngest daughter of the late right hon. another of the bishop of Lincoln. and rev. Viscount Strangford.

25. At his house on Clapham-coin18. At Stockport, the rev. George mon, in his 31st year, John Colliek, Hornsby, vicar of Turkdean, Glouces. esq. late of St. Martin's Lane, and one tershire, and chaplain to the marquis of of the magistrates for the county of Huntley, to Cordelia Enrna Astley, Middlesex and Westminster. youngest daughter of the late John Asta 28. At his house in Grosvenor-place, ley, esq. of Dukingfield-lodge, Cheshire. Sir John Thomas Stanley, bart. of Al

23. At Kendal, John Drinkwater, derley Park, Cheshire. esq. Liverpool, Merchant, to miss At his house in Spring Gardens, aged Gandy, of the former place.

65, Henry Vaughan Brooke, esq. MP. 24. At Inveresk, the earl of Selkirk, for the county of Donegal, in Ireland. to miss Wedderburn, only daughter of At Southampton, aged 6), Mr. T. James Wedderburn Colvile, esq. Collins, Proprietor and manager of the

At St. George's, Bloomsbury, John theatres of Southampton, Portsmouth, Edwards, esq. of Bloomsbury - square, Winchester, and Chichester. to Mrs. Dalton, of Russel-square. Dec. 2. In Wimpole-street, Caven

28. By the rev. Dr. Drummond, cish-square, vice-admiral John Paken. George Haldimand, esq. of Clapham, ham, of Lowestoft, in Suffolk, aged 61. to miss Prinsep, daughter of J. Prinsep, At Abb's Court, Surry, dowager, esq. alderman of the city of London. countess Bathurst. She iad nearly

At Aswarby House, Lincolnshire, completed her 77th year. capt. Atty, of the royal North Lincoln At her house in Upper Brook-street,, Militia, to miss Harriot Whichcote. Mrs. Lynne, relict of the lale Nicholas

Dec. 1. Major Williams, Bombay Lynne, esq. of Horsham, in the county Establishment, to Martha, third daugh- of Essex. ter of the late Charles Deane, esq. of At Ipswich, at an advanced age, Keekle - Grure, Cumberland.

Mrs. Clara Reeve, sister to the late viceAt the parish church of Bolton, by admiral Reeve. the rev, Mr. Folds, Joseph Yates, of 5: At Gretford, in the county of Peel Hall, in the county of Lancaster, Lincoln, in his goth year, Dr. Francis esq. barrister at law, only son of the Willis, M. D. late hon. Mr. Justice Yates, to miss 10. At his house in Southaupton, Amelia Ainsworth, eldest daughter of John Brisbane, esq. admiral of the red. Thomas Ainsworth, of Bolton in the 12. At Stepleford, in Leicestershire, same county, esq.

the right hon. Philip Sherard, earl · 12. Earl Craven, to miss Brunton, and baron of Harborough,' and biron late of Covent Garden Theatre. The Leitrim in Ireland. His lordship was ceremony was performed at

in his 41st year.

He is succeeded in o'clock, by special licence, at his lord- his titles and estates by 'his only son ship's house in Charles-street, Berkeley- Philip, who is about twelve years of square.

The hon. Berkeley Craven, age. his lordship's brother, and Mr. Brun Lately, Miss Frances Toynton, of ton's family were present.

A splendid Toynton All Saigts, near Spilsby. But dinner was prepared for the occasion. a few days before, the prospect of life At eight o'clock yesterday morning, the and happiness presented itself to her happy pair left town for Combe Abbey, and the day on which she died had beca near Coventry, one of his lordship’s fixed upon for her welding-day. seats. The noble carl is in his 37th 17. At Stoke-Newington, Thomas year, the fais bride in her 25th. Penn, esq. after a rery scvere illness.


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