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Four disorderly

Till Christ, his God, shall to this 6th. being sent to Bridewell, a par

world defcend, cel of sailors assembled in Rose- Eternity to fix, all time to end; mary-lane, with an intent to rescue Whose powerful word shall raise the them ; upon which a file of muf general dead; queteers was sent for from the First those, elect by him, Thall Tower, and the failors continuing each head; obftinate in their purpose, the fol- With him above eternally to dwell, diers fired, when four were killed Leave the reject eternal here in hell. on the spot, and many mortally The earl of Northum

17th. wounded, who died in a few days, berland, with his family, in the hospital.

set out for Ireland, and arrived at A most dreadful fire broke Dublin the 20th. 8th.

out at Shadwell dock, which Trial has been made before the burnt thirty houses before it could fociety for encouragement of arts, be extinguished, among which was of an improvement of the guitar, Stocker's brewhouse, and divers by adding some new ftrings, which others of great value. Fifteen gave great satisfaction. hundred pounds has been fince col The sea at Weymouth rose

18th lected for the unhappy sufferers by 10 feet inftantly, and went this fire.

back as suddenly ; probably owing We cannot help observing on this to an earthquake in some other part occasion, how many lives might be of the globe. saved in case of sudden fire, had At the quarter sessions held at every floor a front and a back door- Manchester, John Unfworth, bell. window, as then those, who could man, was tried and found guilty, not get down stairs, might much for robbing the charity box belongbetter come at ladders fixed to re- ing to the society of free masons, ceive them, and throw out beds, of which he had one key in his and jump out with a much greater poffeflion, and obtained the other certainty of falling upon them, two by fraud. These boxes being than can be done by means of mere common property, it has been a windows, as is plain from the un- question, whether the taking the happy fate of those involved in money could be deemed robbery, the great fire at lady Molefworth's, which this verdict seems to have loth.

Robert Wood, Esq. re- decided.

figned his place of one of the The honourable commissioners of under secretaries for the southern longitude have appointed the revedepartment.

rend Mr. Nevil Maskelyne, fellow The following lines, engraved of Trinity college, Cambridge, on the tomb-Itone of a person lately and of the royal fociety, and Mr. deceased, in St. James's church- Charles Green, assistant observer yard, (having given offence) were at the royal observatory at Greenerased by order of the bishop : wich; to proceed for Barbadoes in Return’d to earth, within this dirty the Princess Louisa, commanded hole

by captain Tyrrel, in order to setLies a lifeless mortal, body and soul; tle the longitude of that island by

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astronomical observations, for the found in new paving the cathedral trial of Mr. Harrison's longitude of Exeter, of which the reader will watch ; and, likewise, to try in find an account in our article of the courle of the voyage, Mr. Antiquities. Meyer's method of finding the Her royal highness the

. longitude by the diftances of the princess of Brazil was deli: 26th. moon from the sun and fixed stars, vered of a prince, but he died with a curious Hadley's fextant, within a fortnight. It is very reexecuted by Bird; and the good- markable, that one of the many ness of Mr. Irwin's marine chair, names given this young prince at in making observations of eclipses his baptism, was Francis Xavier, of Jupiter's fatellites, and occul- after St. Francis Xavier, the firkt tations of itars by the moon, for disciple of St. Ignatius, founder the same purpose.

of the Jesuits.
The high constable, and Captain Sampson had the

upwards of one hundred honour to present an ele- 27th. petty constables, by an order from phant, brought by him from Benthe justices in Southwark, went to gal, to his majesty, at the queen's Suffolk Place, adjoining to St. house. It was conducted from RoGeorge's Fields, and caused the therhithe in the morning at two persons who had erected booths o'clock, and two blacks and a and italls there, to pull them down, seaman rode on his back. as they had no lawful authority for He is seven years old, has five keeping any fair; so that South toes on each fore foot, and four wark fair may now be considered toes on each hind foot. The dias entirely abolited.

mensions of his several parts are Ended the feflions at the as follows. 20th. Old Bailey, at which 168

Feet. Inch. prisoners were tried, and a woman Height for murder, eight persons for street Length from the tip of his robberies, a woman for shoplifting, trunk to the tip of his tail

13 one for forgery, one for personating Length of his body from a failor, to defraud the govern

behind his ears to the ment, and one for returning


root of his tail transportation before the expiration Ditto of his neck from beof his time, received sentence of tween his ears to his death; ten of whom, including the shoulders

1 31 woman for murder, suffered foon Ditto of his face from beafter; two were sentenced to be I 'tween his ears to the betransported for furteen years, ginning of his trunk

o forty-one for seven years, one to be Ditto of his trunk


3 whipped, and three were branded." Ditto of his tail

7 23d.

His royal highness the Ditto of the trunk of liis

duke of York embarked for body from his shoulder Lisbon at Plymouth, on b ard the to his tail.

46 Centurion man of war.

Circumference of his body Some antiquities were lately behind his fore legs 7

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widest part

his ears

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Ditto of the middle of his

which he was fastened, upon

which body

8 I a great number of labourers, then Ditto of his body jaft be

at work there, immediately diffore his hind legs 8 4 persed in the greatest confufion. Ditto of his neck

4 4

But captain Sampson being informBreadth of his body in the

ed of it, immediately pursued him, 3 5

and leaping on his back with fur. Ditto of his face between

prising agility, brought him under

2 91 by sticking a tuck into his neck, as Ditto of ditto between his

practised in the East Indies. eyes

I 71 William Bridgen, Esq; Length of one of his fore alderman of Farringdon

29th. legs

Without, was elected lord mayor Circumference of ditto in

of London for the year ensuing. the largest part


It was thought, and with great Ditto in the smallest part I 10 reason, that the wise measures taken The length of one of his by the government of Ireland to

hind legs to the huckle fuppress the riotous proceedings of bone

3 9 the people called White Boys, or Circumference of ditto in

Levellers, in the south, would the largest part

3 have had a falutary influence over Ditto in the smallest part

all the other parts of the kingdom; Ditto of his trunk in the

when, to the surprise of every one, largest part

6 fresh disturbances broke out in the Ditto of ditto in the smallest o 8 north, where it was expected the Length of one tooth

1 people were both less ignorant of Circumference of the largest their duty, and better disposed to part

o 6 practise it; and where the labour The distance of the two of the common people, as being

outer points of his teeth chiefly employed in the linen manuLength of one ear

6 factury, is of such importance to the Breadth of ditto

welfare of the whole nation. The Length of the bottom of inhabitants of a certain tract, con

one of his fore feet 91 ceiving themselves injured by some Breadth of ditto


new roads made there, assembled, Length of the bottom of his in order to compel the gentlemen hind ditto

O 10 of the country to promise them reBreadth of ditto

o 6 dress in that particular; and from Distance between the two the facility, with which they were

21 gratified in those instances, deBreadth of the upper part clared against the clergy's smaller of the forehead

5. tythes and church dues, and op

posed the payment of them by force. While he was waiting in the They called themselves Hearts of Green Park for their majesties Oak, carrying sprigs of that tree coming, he broke the rope by in their hats to distinguish them

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eye brows

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such as

the army,

felves. But the lords justices hav- effect, if it had no other, that of ing sent some troops against them, rendering them in time dependent and at the same time issued a pro- upon us, by creating amongst them clamation, promising indemnity to a want, which neither themselves, should return

to their

nor any European nation, but the duty, except those against whom English, could supply. bills of indictment had been al There has been lately at Amready found, and a reward for sterdam, Hamburgh, and fome taking those who mould not, they other of the principal towns of were speedily dispersed, though Germany, a surprising number not without some skirmishes with of bankruptcies. They began at

in which some of Amsterdam about the 29th of them were killed and wounded. July, by the bankruptcy of two Many associations were entered brothers named Neufville, who into upon this occasion all over the failed, as was said, for above kingdom, particularly in those 330,000 guineas, and a Jew, counties which were, or lay near, who a few days before failed for the scene of disturbance.

between 30 and 40,000.

This They write from Charles Town was followed by a stoppage of payin South Carolina, that one Jef- ment by no less than eighteen ferys, an Indian trader, having houses in that city ; aud soon after fold to the Cherokees several gar- by a much greater number at Hamments of red baize, much in the burgh and other places; which nature of the Highlanders uniform, put such a stop to private credit, for which he had a valuable return that no business was for fome time of furs and deer-skins; and his ex transacted but for ready money.; cellency the governor finding these but the Lombard houses at Amthings liked, and the Indians not sterdam and Hamburgh, having a little proud of their new dress, fupplied with large quantities of has ordered a very magnificent suitcash such as could give real or of rich scarlet, in the same form, personal security, many, who must and trimmed with silver tassels, to otherwise have stopt, were thereby be presented to each of their chiefs; enabled to stand the run; and no so that if this humour holds, they bankruptcy, having happened for might foon see the whole Cherokee some weeks past, private credit ration clad in regiinentals; which begins to revive, and trade to go may probably extend all over as formerly.. On this occaNorth America.

fion several merchants, on thewUpon this letter we cannot helping their books to persons apremarking, that as change of dress pointed to examine them, were has been ever deemed a ktep, at protected from arrests by the maleaft, towards a change of manners,, giftrates. . The king of Prussia, it would, perhaps, be well worth finding that some of his subje&s the while of our colonies to supply had deposited large sums of ready all the savages in general, even money in the hands of fome gratis, with garments of this kind. bankers of Hamburgh, took proIt would probably have one good per measures to prevent its going


: towards the payment of their other of vessels, for ten years, without creditors.

perceiving any sensible alteration Various have been the conjec- in them, either by fermentation, or tures concerning the cause of these otherwise ; he has also caused this bankruptcies ; some have attri- water to be, in the heat of fumbuted them to the large sums of mer, transported to a considerable

money left unpaid by the English distance, and it has still retained 6 and French armies and others to its purity. This water, thus pu

these merchants being disappoint- rified, will, it is thought, prove an ed in their expectations of the fe- excellent antiscorbutic. The inveral German princes, who had ventor is sensible that this water, isfued base money during the late though to fo great a degree puriwar, calling it in again, if not at fied, may ferment in long fea voythe rate at which it was originally ages, in palling the line particupaid away, and for some time cir- larly ; but he is certain no putreculated, at least at a much greater faction will ensue, neither will it than what themselves had bought be at all injured. It must be put it up at.

into new casks, which should not The feason continues fo mild, be quite filled; but, what is still that an apple tree near Piper's- more surprising than any thing I Inn, in the road to Bridgwater, is have told you, is, the inventor will in full blossom, and three at Bell- discover his secret on very reasonHall, near York. A pear tree at able terms. Warminster, Wilts, bore a second Bayonne, Sept. 1. Our minicrop of fruit. An elder tree, at stry are wholly attentive to the reWeston in Yorkshire, ripe berries, establishment of the marine, and green berries, flowers full blown, have lately turned their attention and buds beginning to flower. to a forest of pines fit for ships

Paris, Sept. 10. I must not mafts, which grow in the Valley omit mentioning to you a disco- d'Aspe, in Bearn. very made here by the fieur of carriage was so great,

that none l'Hofte, his most christian ma- of them have, till now, been used jesty's chemift; it is the secret of in the navy, though they are of rendering water fo pure as to be the best kind, and fit for any shipincorruptible. Many attempts of ping whatever. We formerly used this nature have been 'hitherto annually to buy great numbers of made, but none of them have suc- maits from foreigners, but this ceeded. It is necessary to sepa trade is now at an end, for the rirate the heterogeneous particles ver Cave is made navigable, by that cause the water to corrupt': which a communication is effected this the fieur l'Hofte does, without betwixt the Valley d'Aspe and this the help of fire, and without any city. Several foats, of various extranecus mixture whatsoever. fizes,' are already come, and we The method he uses is, in fact, so daily expect great numbers more. easy, that a child may put it in Confiderable quantities are orderpractice. He has kept water thus ed to be sent, for the use of the purified, by him, in various forts royal navy, to every duck-yard on

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The expence

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