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the army,

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felves. But the lords justices hav- effect, if it had no other, that of ing sent some troops against them, rendering them in time dependent and at the same time issued a pro- upon us, by creating amongst them clamation, promising indemnity to a want, which neither themselves, should return

to their

nor any European nation, but the duty, except those against whom English, could supply. bills of indictment had been al There has been lately at Amready found, and a reward for fterdam, Hamburgh, and some taking those who hould not, they other of the principal towns of were speedily dispersed, though Germany, a surprising number not without some skirmishes with of bankruptcies. They began at

in which some of Amsterdam about the 29th of them were killed and wounded. July, by the bankruptcy of two Many associations were entered brothers named Neufville, who

this occasion all over the failed, as was said, for above kingdom, particularly in those 330,000 guineas, and a Jew, counties which were, or lay near, who a few days before failed for the scene of disturbance,

between and

40,000. This They write from Charles Town was followed by a stoppage of payin South Carolina, that one Jef- ment by no less than eighteen ferys, an Indian trader, having houses in that city; aud soon after fold to the Cherokees several gar- by a much greater number atHamments of red baize, much in the burgh and other places; which nature of the Highlanders uniform, put such a stop to private credit, for which he had a valuable return that no business was for fome time of furs and deer-skins; and his ex transacted but for ready money ; cellency the governor finding these but the Lombard houses at Amthings liked, and the Indians not fterdam and Hamburgh, having a little proud of their new dress, supplied with large quantities of has ordered a very magnificent suitcash such as could give real or of rich scarlet, in the same form, personal security, many, who must and trimmed with silver tassels, to otherwise have stopt, were thereby be presented to each of their chiefs; enabled to stand the run; and no so that if this humour holds, they bankruptcy. having happened for might foon see the whole Cherokee some weeks past, private credit nation clad in regimentals; which begins to revive, and trade to go may probably extend all over as formerly. On this occaNorth America.

fion several merchants, on thewUpon this letter we cannot helping their books to persons apremarking, that as change of dress pointed to examine them, were has been ever deemed a tep, at protected from arrests by the maleaft, towards a change of manners, giftrates. The king of Prussia, it would, perhaps, be well worth finding that some of his subjects the while of our colonies to supply had deposited large fums of ready all the favages in general, even money in the hands of fome gratis, with garments of this kind. bankers of Hamburgh, took proit would probably have one good per measures to prevent its going


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towards the payment of their other of vessels, for ten years, without e creditors.

perceiving any sensible alteration Various have been the conjec- in them, either by fermentation, or tures concerning the cause of these otherwise; he has also caused this bankruptcies; some have 'attri- water to be, in the heat of sumbuted them to the large sums of mer, transported to a considerable money left unpaid by the English distance, and it has still retained and French armies ; and others to its purity. This water, thus puthese merchants being disappoint- rified, will, it is thought, prove an ed in their expectations of the se- excellent antiscorbutic. · The inveral German princes, who had ventor is sensible that this water, iffued base money during the late though to so great a degree puriwar, calling it in again, if not at fied, may ferment in long sea voy

the rate at which it was originally ages, in passing the line particuE paid away, and for some time cir- larly ; but he is certain no putre

culated, at least at a much greater faction will ensue, neither will it than what themselves had bought be at all injured. It must be put it up at.

into new casks, which should not The season continues fo mild, be quite filled ; but, what is still that an apple tree near Piper's- more surprising than any thing I Inn, in the road to Bridgwater, is have told you, is, the inventor will in full blossom, and three at Bell- discover his secret on very reasonHall, near York. A pear tree at able terms. Warminster, Wilts, bore a second Bayonne, Sept. 1. Our minicrop of fruit. An elder tree, at ftry are wholly attentive to the re

Weston in Yorkshire, ripe berries, establishment of the marine, and :green berries, flowers full blown, have lately turned their attention and buds beginning to flower.

foreit of pines fit for ships Paris, Sept. 10. I must not mafts, which grow in the Valley omit mentioning to you a disco d'Aspe, in Bearn. The expence very made here by the fieur of carriage was fo great, that none l'Hoste, his most christian ma of them have, till now, been used jesty's chemift; it is the secret of in the navy, though they are of rendering water fo pure as to be the best kind, and fit for any shipincorruptible. Many attempts of ping whatever. We formerly used this nature have been hitherto annually to buy great numbers of made, but none of them have fuc- maits from foreigners, but this ceeded. It is necessary to sepa- trade is now at an end, for the rirate the heterogeneous particles ver Cave is made navigable, by that cause the water to corrupt: which a communication is effected this the fieur l'Hofte does, without betwixt the Valley d'Aspe and this the help of fire, and without any city. Severat Abars, of various extranecus mixture whatsoever. fizes, are 'already come, and we The method he uses is, in fact, so daily expect great numbers more. easy, that a child may put it in considerable quantities are orderpractice. He has kept water thus ed to be sent, for the use of the purified, by him, in various forts royal navy, to every dock-yard on

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the coasts of Provence, Britany, sivulet rose upwards of twenty and Normandy, and, doubtless, feet ; and in the latter, a mountain every other royal harbour will soon called Knockacree, within two be supplied with them ; for there miles of Tenehinch, burst with a is such plenty of pinea, fit for the prodigious noile ; and poured out purpose, in this forest, that we a torrent, which, in its way to ą Thall not only have enough for the neighbouring river, bore down consumption of the whole king- every thing it met with. Many dom, but be able to supply, at a lives were loft on this occasion. reasonable rate, our allies the Spa- One of the bridges fell while it niards. The price of masts is al was crouded with people going to ready fallen, and those from the relief of a poor family, furd'Alpe are of the most ready fale. rounded by the water, and upThe felling and bringing down wards of 70 persons perished. this timber is undertaken by a But, perhaps the most melancompany

of merchants, who will, choly scene of all was that on it is said, make immense fortunes board a ship going from Chester to out of the profits ; it was they Dublin. Her provisions, already, who made the river Cave naviga- it is probable, too little for the ble, for the purpose of bringing vast number of fouls she took out down their floats of timber. with her, were rendered still less

Died lately. Mrs. Eliz. Çlub, by many more who afterwards of Barking in Eflex, aged 100. crouded board her; and

George Wilson,, at Allenton, this scanty stock, to make Northumberland, aged 104.

for the passengers, was John Waters, at Wells, Somer- obliged, along with the sea ftores setshire, aged 106...

most necessary in a storm, to be Rev. Peter Alley, 73 years placed upon the deck, from whence rector of Donamore, in Ireland, every thing was soon after washed, in the 11th year. He did the before the captain, and crew, surduty of his church till within a prised by the suddeness of the few days of his death,

storm, had time to look about Nicholas Gallagher, at Castle them.

them. What followed


be knock, in Ireland, aged 113.

better imagined than expressed.

The wretches crammed into the OCTOBER. hold, without light or air, and all

on board the ship, without bread or 2d.

Arose a most violent storm water, with scarce any other pro

of wind and rain,, whose spect of seeing an end to their sufferdreadful effects were felt in almost ings but by the ship's foundering; every part of the three kingdoms, an event, which the impossibility of particularly Ireland, where feven getting rid of the maits, now bebridges in the county of Kilkenny, come à most dangerous incumand seventeen in the county of brance, for want of proper inftruWicklow, with numbers of houses, ments to cut them away, seemed to cattle, &c. were swept away by render almost unavoidable. Prothe violence of the foods. In the vidence, however, brought them counties, one little in about 48 hours, into a small



port in Wales, but without put- tor Saxony.

tor Saxony. His majesty was tall, ting a final end to their distress, and had a handsome face, but he the place being too little to afford

was shorti necked and very lufty. immediate relief to so many new He was good-natured, magnificent, and unexpected guests.

generous, and affable ; but too eafiThe earl of Northumberland, ly guided by his ministers. Some besides doing for the sufferers on time before his death, he was fhore all that could be expected troubled with an almost continual from so public spirited a governor, drowsiness. The physicians and gave them, in his private capacity, surgeons, who were present at openone thousand pounds. And, asing his body, remarked, 1. Several foon as the Irish parliament meț, ftones in the gall-bladder. 2. Some they took care to prevent, as much appearance of a polypas on the as poflible, the fame calamity hap- heart. 3. A confiderable quantipening at sea again, on board any ty of water between the skull and ships coming to, or going out of, the brain, the sudden effufion of the Irish ports, by obliging the which is thought to have been the masters, under severe penalties, immediate occafion of his death. to man, victual, and otherwise Seventeen prisoners made provide themselves in proportion their escape cut of white, 13th. to the length of the voyage, and chapel gaol, and all, except one, number of passengers, with proper who happened to be hindmost, and allowance, for accidents of every was shot, got clear off. kind.

The fruit of the Palii.
Several thousand journey- flora, was cut in high per-

16th, 3d.

men weavers assembled in fection, at Castle - Howard, in Spitalfields, and in a riotous and Yorkshire, and eat by a number of violent manner broke open the gentlemen and ladies, who house of one of their mafters, the greatest commendations for its destroyed his looms, and cut a most excellent acid and flavour. great quantity of rich filk to It weighed one pound and a quarpieces ;

after which they placed ter, and may juftly be ranked his effigy in a cart, with a hal- amongst the best of the tropical ter about his neck, an execu- fruits, but never ripened to pertioner on one side, and a coffin on fe&tion in that county before. the other. They then drove it A large number of failors through several streets, hanged it having riotously assembled, 17th. on a gibbet, and burnt it to afhes; and seized on a register office keepwhich having proved a sufficient er and a publican, for defrauding vent for their fury, they difperfed them, as they alledged, under preof themselves without further miss tence of getting their R's off at chief.

the pay office; were, after letting Ath.

The earl of Bute set out the delinquents escape, dispersed by

for Houghton-Loo, in Beds a party of soldiers. But gathering fordshire, to take poffeffion of a together again in greater numbers, large estate, which his lordship they attacked the soldiers, left at has lately purchased there..' the publican's request to guard his

Died at Dresden, Augustus house at Spitalfields, with such sth. 111. king of Poland, and elec- fury, as to make it absolutely re


gave it


quisite for the men to fire in their ing its course towards the earth; own defence, upon which the fai- its motion continued about twentylors thought proper to retire. But fix seconds, and fell about two the populace on recovering from miles off Bedford, as confirmed by their fright, finding that, of four two gentlemen who were returning persons killed on the occafion, two from Bedford to St. Neot's, and were innocent spectators, renewed were terribly alarmed by the sudthe attack in fo desperate a man. den light, and the ball falling Dear ner, that the soldiers were obliged them,

but providentially neither of to send for a new reinforcement, them received any hurt. and remain on the spot till next A shovel-mouthed or cow-belmorning, when all was quiet. lied thark, peculiar to the coast of

An extraordinary luminous ap- Africa, was lately killed by fome pearance was observed in Scotland fishermen on the coast of Ireland. about seven at night. It proceed. Its length was five feet; its breadth ed with great velocity from N. to four. It had three rows of teeth, S. and with such splendor, as to paps under its fins; and its maw illuminate the whole country equal. could be seen diftinctly into three ly as in broad day. Such another feet deep, and big enough to hold phenomenon was observed in a man. France,

A curions halo appeared A man was robbed and barba. round the moon, its semirously murdered by ruffians, who diame ter, from the lower limb of attacked him in the road to Rat- the planet, to the opposite arch of cliff - Cross. Finding but two- the phenomenon, was very near pence half-penny in his pocket, twenty-one degrees and a half. they first broke one of his arms, The halo was exceedingly bright then tied a great stone about his and lafted from half past ten, till neck, and threw him into a ditch, within one minute of eleven, when having first tot at, and mangled it was entirely diffipated. his face in a most horrid manner. Ended the sessions at the Old The enhappy man had, notwith- Bailey, when one for murder, festanding, scrambled out of the ven for divers burglaries and robditch into the road, but expired beries, two for perfonating seasoon after he was found. And men in order to receive their waten days after another man was ges, and one for forgery, received found murdered in the Mile-end- ientence of death, which the murroad.

derer, three of the robbers, the At St. Neot's in Hunting- forgerer, and one of those cast for 1gth.

donshire, at 45 minutes pait personating seamen, accordingly seven, was obierved an uncom- fuffered. One was fentenced for mon meteor to the fouth of Ca- transportation for 14 years, 24 for pella, (a star of the first magnitude, 1 years, two to be branded, and in the left shoulder of Auriga, in one to be whipped. 45 deg. 44 min. and 6 seconds of Lisbon, O&. 5. I have the fanorth declination) from whence tisfaction to acquaint your lordsued a fire - hall, which seemed ship, that his royal highness the about nine inches diameter, direct- duke of York arrived here in per


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