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Died 153:

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Barcelona, Births 2608. Deaths, Died under 2 years of age 8200 1976. Between 2 and 5 2963 Hague, Buried 1674. Increaf5 and 10 1346

ed in burials 319. jo and 20% 996 Vienna, Christened 5741. Bu30 2144

ried, 6196. 30 and 40, 2404 Konigsberg in Pruffia, Married 40 and 50 2736 603. Born 1685. Died 2792. 50 and 60

1894 Altena, Christened 436. Buried 60 and 70 1689 636. 70 and 80 1314

Stockholm, Christened 2237. so and 90.

564 Died

3092. go and 100

91 Gottenburgh, Christened 256, 1 со

I Copenhagen, Married 825.

Births 2289. Died 4512. , 26143

NORWAY. At Manchester, Christened males 338 ; Females 391. In all 667. Dioceses. Christenings. Deaths, Marriages 363 :,

Wybourgh. 1805 1419 At Newcastle on Tyne, Christen- Rypen, 8470

2973 ed 711. Buried 747.

Aggerhus, 10691 7190 At Amsterdam, Buried. 7204.

Drontheim, 5400 3703 At the Hague, Buried 1267, Cbrifliansand, 3711

2978 At Leipfic in Saxony, 886 chil. [In the diocese of Aggerhus, it dren born ; 1614 persons died ; appears, that two women were each 348 couple married,

delivered of three children at a At Hall in Saxony, 521 born; birth; and another woman of

five children in one year only. In the Dominions of the king Among other fingularities, they of Denmark, Born 47,393. Died reckon 150 married couples, who 59,228. Increase in deaths 11,835. have lived together 80 years, and

upwards ; 70 others who have livSupplement to the bills of mortality, ed together go years and upwards; &c. at the end of our last year's twelve marriages from 100 to 105 Chronicle,

years, standing, and another of no

less than 110 years. They have Glasgow, Buried 173 men, 189 also recorded the following case of women, 697 children, total 1059. a woman, remarkable for her piety Increased in the burials 159. and her misfortunes, who died last

Bofton in New England, from year aged seventy-eight. Her hufJan. 4, 1762, to Jan. 3, 1763, bu band drowned himself; her second

Blacks, 66. son loit himself in the mountains ; Baptized, 418.

heronly remaining fon kindled a pile Paris, Christened 17809. Buri. of wood in a forest, and leapt into ed: 9977. Married 4113. Found the fames ; and her daughter, who lings 5289,


905 died,

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ried whites, 390.

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was married, Aung herself into a Sep. 1. Lady Petre, of a fon and riyer.


4. lady of col. Fitzroy, of a BIRTHS for the year 1763.


5. lady Betty Chaplain, of a Jan. 1. Countess of Fingal of a

daughter. daughter.

O&. 7. Ctss. of Hopetoun, of a 20. lately countess of Elgin, of a

daughter. fon and heir.

countess of Balcarras, of a lady Packington, of a da.

lady Dick of a fon and heir. 9. lad y Gofling of a son.
lady Bagot of a daughter.

lady of fir John Tyrrel, bart, Feb. 16. Lady Torpichen of a son.

of a daughter. viscountess Folkeston of a 22. marchfs ot Kildare, a son. Pon.

27. duchess Marlborough, a da. Mar. 1. Lady Burdett, of a da. Nov. ks. Duchess of Manchefter, 4. lady of the hon. Everard A.

of a fon and hcir. rundel of a fon and heir.

lady Munro of Foules, of a 15. lady St. John'of a daughter.

fon and heir. 20. lady Lefter, of a son and heir. lady Carberry, of a fon. lady Beauchamp Proctor, of Dec. 12. Lady of fit John Webb, a daughter.

of a daughter." 23' countess of Selkirk, of a lon 14. vifetfs. Weymouth, of a da. and heir

lady of the bp. of St. Da Ap. 6. Curs. of Egremont, of a fon.

vid's, of a fon. May t. Lady Bruce, of a daughter. 20. visctfs. Boling broke, a fon 106 countess of Athburnham, of

and heir a daughter.

28. countess of Egmont, Of & 13. lady Harpur, of a fon and

daughter. heir.

lady of lord G. Lenox, of a June 1. lately countess of Morning

fon. ton, of a fon and heir.

lady Dixon Dyke, of a fon. 25. lady Willoughby de Broke, lady of fir John Tho. Stanair of a fan.

ley, bart. of a daughter, July 6. Lady of lord Charles lately lady Brabazon, of a da.

Spencer, of a fon. Tady Char: Murray, of a da. MARRIAGE S. 2c, countess of Hertford, of a

***Somos fon.

Feb. 3. Sir J. Blois of Cockfield23. lady Ludlow, of a daughter! -30. hall, Suffolk to miss Thorn. lately lady of the hon and rev. 2436 hill of Didington, Hunting

Mr. Cholmondeley, of a eft fhire. F20 1919 14 daagħter.ast viuqsb;019 3:16. Gen. Montague, to the dow10. lady of the homí capti Col. 3394 ager lady. Grandison. . !

ville, of a fon and heir... 20. The hon John Fitzmaurice, 0.1", lady of fir Rich. Temple, em to the hon. miss Lyttelton.

a bio of a daaghrerbre 291V Ap. 19. Hon. Wilmot Vaughan, 1. 196. Her majesty of a princemob Boefqe ta miss Shafto, fifter to

R. Shafto,


R.Shafto, memb.for Durham. mouth, to mifs Fellows, of
-Butler of Kilcash, esq; heir Hampstead.
to the late E. of Arran, to miss Sept.4.-Ld.Digby, to miss Field .

Stracey, piece to E. Powis. ing, niece to E. Winchelsea. 20. Sir John Thomas of Alderley, 20. Col. James Stuart, to lady

Cheshire, bt. to miss Owen of Margaret Hume Campbell,

daughter to the E. of March May 2. James Townshend, esq; to

the hon.mifs Hare, only daugh Major Geo. Lambton, te

ter to the late lord Coleraine. lady Lucy Lyon, sister to the 4. Hon. Aubrey Beauclerck, fon earl of Strathmore.

to lord Vere, to lady Catha- O&. 1.-Hon. capt. Hamilton, to rine Ponsonby,daughter to the miss Chamberlayne, niece to E. of Belborough.

the duke of Chandois. 20. Vifc. Downe, member for Ci 12. Sir Edw. Clive, one of the rencefter, to miss Burton.

judges of the Common Pleas, 21. Sir Booth Williams, bart. to to miss Judith Clive. miss Fonnereau.

27. fir Henry Paulet St. John of lately lord Will. Campbell, Dogmersfield, Hants, bart. to fon of the duke of Argyl, to

mifs Tucker of Brackworthmiss Sarah Izard of Charles castles Surrey.

town, South Carolina. Nov. 3. -Sir T. Salusbury, judge 28. Lord Grey, eldeft fon to the of the court of admiralty, to

E. of Stamford, to łady Har the hon. Mrs. King:
riet Bentinck, fifter to the duke iz. firDavid Dalrymple of Hailes,
of Portland.

bart, to miss Brown, daughter 31. Lord Arundel of Wardour, of lord Coalfoun.

to mifs Conqueft, of Great 23. hon. col. Somerville, at LyGeorge {treet.

deard, Somersethire, to miss June 20. Sir Wm. Lee of Hart Eliz. Lothbridge.

nell, Bucks, bart. to lady Eliz. 28. fir George Paçock, admiral Harcourt.

of the blue, to the widow of 21. William Aygultus Pitt, efqz commodore Dent. you

memb. for Wareham, to mils Dec. 14.-Visc. Boyle, eldest for

Howe, fifter to lord Howe. to the earl of Shannon, to mifs 27. Sir Billingham Graham of Ponfonby, daughter to the

Norton Conyers, bart. tb miss $ {peaker of the house of com-
Hudson of Bridlington, York a to mons of Irelandostosos
thire. 117217de

.80 July 2.-Earl of Rothes, in Scot- PROMOTIONS fari the YEAR

land, to mifs Lloyd, daughter 1763, from the London Gazette.
to the countess of Haddington. * Jan, Christophers D'Oyley,
2.Tho. Cheape, efq; conful at esq; deputy secretany, at avar,
the Madeiras, to miss Stewart, Jan 4. HenryOlbarne, efq; vice-

niece to the E. of Moray. admiral of. Gs.Britain, lieut. of the 7: Sir John Davie, bart. co mifs admiralty thereof, and lieut, of the

Stokes of Lincoln's inn fields. Ravies and feas of the said kingAug. 27. Rehon Tearl of Portf dom, void by the death of G. lord


Anfon.-Sir Edward Hawke, kt. and keeper of the park called SE of the bath, rear admiral of Great James's park. Britain, and of the admiralty there Feb. 8. Charles lord Maynard, of, and rear admiral of the navies lieutenant of, and in the county of and feas of the said kingdom, in Suffolk.--Earl of Pomfret, ranger the room of fir William Rowley, or keeper of the little park at knight of the bath, appointed ad- Windfor.--- John Barnard and Romiral and commander in chief of bert Thompson, esgrs; together his majesty's fleet.-James Rivers, with fir James Caldwell, bart. Ed. efq; one of the clerks of his may ward Tucker, and Marmaduke jesty's fignet, in the room of Cha. Gwynne, elars, commissioners for Delafaye, efq; deceased. Tad managing the duties on ftampt

Jan. 10: The right hon. Hum- vellam, parchment and paper.phry Morrice, esq; comptroller of Frederic Frankland, esq; comphis majesty's houthold, and fir John troller of the duties of excise. Philipps, bart. privy counsellors. John Paul Yvounet, Edward Mon

Jan. 10 His grace Evelyn duke tague, Robert Coney, and John of Kingfton, lord lieutenant of the Cowflade, efqrs; together with Marcounty of Nottingham, and of the maduke Sowle, efq; commifsioners town of Nottingham, and county for appeals, and regulating the duof the same.

ties of excise. Henry Talbot efq

; Jan. 18. Herbert Lloyd, of Peter- inspector of the out-ports colle&tors well, in the county of Cardigan, accounts.-- David Mallet,esq;keep. esq; and his 'heirs male, a baronet er of the book, or books, wherein of the kingdom of Great Britain. entries are, or should be made, of Jan. 21. The honble: Wilmot all ships coming into the port

of Vaughan, efq; lieutenant of the London, and of all warrants of the county of Cardigan.

customs in the said Jan. 22. Jarrit Smith of the ci- Price, and Henry Lyte, efærs; auty of Bristol, esq; and his heirs ditors of revenues within the counmale, a baronet of the kingdom of ties of Lincoln, Nottingham, DerGreat Britain.

by, and Chester; and also auditors Jan. 29;


the duke of of the accounts of money arising Kingston, steward and keeper of the by writs of covenant, &c. in the forest of Sherwood and park of alienation office. Folewood, in Nottinghamshire-nard Kennett, efq; ferjeant at arms Henry, earl of Darlington, master in ordinary to attend upon his maof his majesty's jewels.---Lord jesty's royal perfon. Charles Spencer, fuperintendant of Feb. 15. William Burton, John the king's gardens in England, and Orlebar, John Wyndham Bowyer

, out ranger of Windsor forest.org David Papillon, William Cayley, **Feb. 1. Edward Younge, John George Lewis Scot, and Thomas

Trenchard, and Thomas Wynd Bowlhy;esqrs; together with Henry ham, together with William Blair, Vernon, and John Bindley, cfars: Daniel Bull, George Blount, and his majesty's commissioners of exThomas Bradshaw, efars; to be his cise. majesty's commissioners for taxes. Feb. 19. John, earl of Sand-George, earl of Orford, 'ranger wich; ambassador extraordinary



George Bar


paper, &c.

and plenipotentiary to the catholic -Henry Pujolas, efq; bluemantle king, and Richard Phelps, esq; fe- pursuivant at arms, Richmond he. cretary to the embafly.

rald at arms. Feb. 21. William Levinz, esq;

March 22. Philip Stanhope, efq; receiver general and cashier of his late his majesty's resident with the majesty's customs. Christopher Hans towns, his majesty's envoy Rigby, and John Kenrick, esgrs; extraordinary to the diet of the receivers general of the duties on empire, assembled at Ratisbon.kamped vellum, parchment and Ralph Woodford, esq; late his ma

jesty's secretary of embaffy to the Feb. 26. Stanier Porten, esq; court of Spain, his majetty's reficonsul general at Madrid.-James dent with the Hans towns, in the Tilson, esq; at Cadiz and Port St, room of Philip Stanhope, elq; Mary.-- James Banks, efq; at Ga April 16. The right hon. Geo. licia and the Asturias. --Francis Grenville, lord North, fir John Aikkell, esq; at Malaga.. Thomas Turner, bart. Thomas Orby HunCoxon, çfq; at Alicant. Thomas ter, and James Harris, esqrs; comCheap, esq; consul at the islands of missioners of the treasury.-- Right Madeiras, in the room of Matthew hon. George Grenville, chancellor Hiccox, efq; deceased.

and under treasurer of the exches March 1. The right hon. Cha quer.-The right hon. Henry Fox, Townshend, Soame Jenyns, Edw. and his heirs male, a baron of the Elliot, Edward Bacon, and the hon. kingdom of Great Britain, by the John Yorke, efors; fir Edmund name, file and title of lord HolThomas, bart. George Rice, efq; land, baron of Foxley, in the and the right hon. Francis baron county of Wilts. Orwell, his majesty's commissioners April 15. Sir Matt. Blackiston, for trade and plantations.--Rich. knt. and his heirs male, a baronet Pottenger, esq; one of the clerks of of Great Britain. - John Flemhis majesty's privy seal, and regi. ing, of Brumpton-park, in the ster of the court of requests, in the county of Middlesex, and his heirs room of Thomas Ratcliff, esq; de- male, a baronet of Great Britain.ceased.

William Mayne, of Marston Mor: March 8. Jofeph Miller, gent. lain, in the county of Bedford, conful at Barcelona ; and Albert esq; and his heirs male, a baroner Nisbett, gent, his conful in the of Great Britain. Canary islands.

April 16. The right hon, James Mar. 15. Samuel Mead, Edw. Stuart Mackenzie, esq; keeper of Hooper, Claudius Amyand, Hen- his majesty's privy seal of Scotland, ry Pelham, John Frederick, Hen- in the room of James duke of A ry Bankes, esqrs; Sir Will. Muf- thol, tappointed keeper of his magrave, hart. Joseph Pennington and jesty's feal in Scotland, in the room Corbyn Morris, esars; commission- of Charles duke of Queensberry ers of the customs,

appointed his majesty's juitice-get · March 16. Hen. Hill, efq; gent. neral in Scotland, in the room of usher of the scarlet rod of the order John marquis of Tweeddale, deof the bath, an herald at arms, ceased.--Henry Home, efq; one of with the great master of the said the commiskoners of his majesty's order, by the name of Bruntwick,


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