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"Mr.Wilkes presents his compli- tunity of fhewing the just regard ments to Dr. Heberded, and is duly he will ever pay to so distinguished fenfible of the kind care and con a character. Monday, Dec. 19”. cern of the house of commons,

In justification, however, of the not only for his health, but for his characters of Dr. Brocklesby and speedy recovery

He is attended Mr. Graves, Mr. Wilkes fent for by Dr. Brocklesby, of whose in: Dr. Duocan, one of his majesty's tegrity and ability he has had the surgeons in ordinary, and Mr. Midexperience of many years, and on dleton, one of his majesty's serjeant whose skill he has the most perfect surgeons, who attended him acreliance. Mr. Wilkes cannot but cordingly. The reason he humorfill be of opinion, that there is a ously gave to these two gentlemen, peculiar propriery in the choice he it is said, for sending for them was, at first made of Dr. Brocklesby, for That as he found the house thought the cure of what is called a gun it proper that he should be watched, hot wound, from the circumstance he himself thought trio Sco:chmen of the doctor's having been several most proper for his spies. years physician to the army; but at This attention, however, of the the same time entertains a real house of commons to Mr. Wilkes's elteem for Dr. Heberden's great

health seems, alone, to have had a merit; and though he cancot fay happy influence upon it, for on the that he wishes to see the doctor at 24th he suddenly set out for France, present, he hopes in a few weeks to visit his daughter, as he himhe hall be well enough to beg that self gave out, then dangerously honour to eat a bit of mutton in ill at Paris, and arrived there on Great George-street.”

the 26th. And that to Mr. Hawkins: "Mr.Wilkes presents his complimenes to Mr. Hawkins. He fome Heads of an Act for granting to his time ago, from motives of huma

Majesty several additional Duties nity, readily consented, at the re

upon Wines imported into this kingquift of Mr. Martin, to receive the

dom, and certain Duties upon all tilots of Dr. Heberden and Mr,

Cyder and Perry. Hawkins. He is now acquainted

day of March 1763, the foltends him, of a visit to-day, is not lowing additional duties shall take at the desire of Mr. Martin; and place, viz. therefore he begs that it may be de On French wine and vinegar imferred till he is more capable of ene , ported $1. per ton; and all other joying company. He has every wines and visegar inported, 4!. reason to continue perfectly fatis per ton ; to be collected, leried, fed with the conduct of Mr. Graves, and paid, as expreffed in the act of a military surgeon of eminence, who Jacobus II. or in any other act by extracted the ball. He hopes, in a which the duties thereby granted few weeks, to be so well recovered, are made perpetual. as to be able to receive Mr. Hawa

Damaged and unmerchantable kins in Great George-itreet; and wines thall be exempted from these hall be im patient for an oppose auditional duties,

[L) 2


that the honour Mr. Hawkins in. THAT from and after the 311

The said duties shall be under the according thereto, within fix weeks management of the commillioners

from making such charge ; and the of the customs; and shall be paid usual allowances shall be made in over weekly by the receiver gene respect thereof. ral into the Excheques, apart from Persons, intending to fell or reall other monies, and shall be en. move any cyder or perry in their tered accordingly in proper books to posseffion, made before July 5, 1763, be provided there for that purpose. hall send a figned particular there

No allowance shall be made for of to the next office of excise, ten leakage, but upon wines imported days before the said 5th of July, directly from the country or place that the officer may attend, and take of their growth, &c. Madeira wines an account thereof, and grant cerfrom the British plantations in A- tificates occasionally for the removal merica excepted.

of a like quantity, without charge From and after July 5, 1763, an ing the duty, &c. additional duty shall be laid on all No cyder and perry exceeding cyder and perry, viz. on all cyder fix gallons shall be removed, &c. and perry imported 40s. per ton; without a certificate, on forfeiture and upon all cyder and perry made thereof, with the package. Of. within Great Britain, 4s. per hhd. ficers of excise may seize the same. to be paid by the maker.

A time shall be limited, for which The duties upon cyder and perry the certificate shall be in force. made in England, to be under the Persons making cyder or perry to receipt and management of the com- " be consumed in their own private missioners and officers of excise families only, shall be admitted to there, and those in Scotland under compound for the duties, they give like officers there. The commis ing in a list of the number in fami. fioners shall appoint a fufficiently, and paying at the rate of 55 per number of officers, and the duties

head jer anin.

This composition shall be paid into the Exchequer hail te renewed annually, and the apart from all other monies.

money paid down at the same time. The makers of cyder and perry The houses, &c. of persons, who (not being compounders) shall enter shall thus compound, shall be extheir names, and the mills, presses, empted from survey or search. But or other utenfils, store-houses, and upon increase of the family, a new other places to be made use of, list shall be given in, and 5d. per at the next office of excise, ten days month per head shall be paid for the before they begin to work, under additional number, during the subthe penalty of 251. for using any fisting unexpired term of the year. unentered place.

Compounders neglecting to deliver The officers of excise, upon re in such lists, and to pay their comquest made, thall have free access in position money, thall be charged the day-time, to all places entered with the duty, and become liable to or made use of for making or keep. à survey.' Persons delivering false ing perry of cyder, and shall gauge, or defective lists, &c. fhall forfeit and report the contents to the com 201. missioners, leaving a copy for the Children under eight years of age maker. The duties Ihall be paid Thall not be inserted in the lifts.


ties as

Compounders may sell, dispose of, thereof into low wines and spirits ; or remove any cyder or perry more


the same being made into than sufficient for their own use, vinegar, and charged with the du. giving two days notice to the


fuch, per officer, who fall attend, and The penalty of opposing an of. take an account thereof, and charge ficer in the execution of his office, the duties and report the same to or of rescuing or staving any cyder the excise-office, leaving a copy with or perry after any seizure thereof, the compounder. Such cyder or shall be gol. for every such offence. perry shall not be afterwards re- Informations, for offences against moved without a certificate. Com- this act, by the makers of cyder or pounders being guilty of any fraud, perry, shall be laid within three or in selling, exchanging, or de. months after being committed ; and livering out cyder or perry, shall notice thereof shall be given them. forfeit 201.

Persons aggrieved by the judgNo compounder shall let out or ment of any juftice of the peace, lend his mill, or other utensils for touching the duties or penalties, making cyder or perry, without giv- may appeal to the quarter fellions; ing three days previous notice to and the determination of the said the

proper officer to attend, and court shall be final. charge the duties; unless the cyder Appellants shall give notice to the or perry be the


of another other parties, and the court shall compounder, or of some person not award coits as they see fit, to be liable to the duty; and no part of levied by distraint. it shall be removed without a cer For want of suficient time intertificate, under a penalty of iol. vening, an appeal may be made to

Persons using their own inills, &c. the second quarter sessions. or procuring cyder or perry to be A re-hearing Mall be had of the made at the mill, &c. of any other merits of the case upon appeals ; person, shall be deemed makers. and defects of form in the original

Compounders_formalt shall not proceedings may be rectified by be liable to compound, or pay du

the court. ties, for cyder or perry to be made All powers, rules, methods, peand consumed ia their own, families, nalties, and claules in act 12 Car. IT. unless they thall fell, or otherways or in any other act relating to the dispose of any part thereof; in which revenue of excise, where not altered case they shall comply with the di- by this act, shall be put into exerections given with respect to com cution with respect to the duties pounders in like circumftances. on cyder and perry.

Occupiers of tenements not rated The penalties and forfeitures reabove 40s. per ann, to the land tax, lating thereto, shall be recovered or and not making more that four mitigated, as by the laws of excise, hogsheads of cyder and perry in the or in the courts at Westminster, or whole in a year, Mail be exempted the court of Exchequer in Scotland, from duties, or compounding. and shall be employed, half to the

These new duties on cyder and use of the king, and half to him perry shall be drawn back on ex that shall fue. portation; and upon distillation The duty on cyder and perry

[L] 3


going As.

brought from Jersey, Guernsey, months; after the expiration of Sark or Alderney, shall be paid by which they shall be recovered and the importer before landing, on levied, as hereby directed, penalty of being leised and forfeited. In lieu of the former composition,

The monies arising by the re- / officers of excise are authorised to spective duties granted by this act, compound with private families, at shall be entered in proper books in the rate of 2s. per head, per and, the auditor's office separately from for cach person of eight years old each other, and from all other mo and upwards, in the lifts delivernies; and Mall be a fund for the ed in to them, which composirion payment of the annuities chargeable shall be renewed annually; and in on the principal fum of 5.000,00ol. case of an increase in the family borrowed on the credit of this act. during the year, an additional list

Mall be given in, and 2d. per mooth

paid for every person added during Heads of the Aet passed this Session for the subsisting unexpired term of explaining and amending the fore fuch year. The compofitions thall

be applied as the duties. Other

parts of the former act relating WHEREAS by an act made in to compositions, shall continue in

the last session of parliament, force. a duty of four shillings per hogshead Makers of cyder at other presses was granted upon all cyder and than their own, not being comperry made in Great Britain, over pounders, shall enter their names and above all other duties : and it at the next office of excise, ten days was thereby directed, that the faid previous to such making ; together duty should be paid within fix with the mills, and owners thereof, weeks, from the time of making and the cellars or storehouses for the charge by the officers of excise ; keeping such cyder, under a penalty and all makers of cyder and perry for their using any unentered mill, were thereby authorised to com- storehouse, &c. of 251. Officers of pound for this duty, in respect of excise shall have free access to the the cyder and perry to be consumed said mills, ftorehouses, &c. in the in their own private families. And day time, to gauge the cyder, &c. whereas it would be a great relief and to make and report the charge, to the persons subject to the said leaving a copy with the maker; duty, or to the composition in lieu who fall pay the duty according to atereof, many of whom are in such charge. duftrious persons, with large fa Proprietors of cyder mills, &c. so milies, if the time for payment of lentout, thall not be obliged to give the faid duty were enlarged, and notice thereof. the composition of five Thillings, . Where the compounder intends authorised to be made by the faid to sell or dispose of cyder, &c. imact, were lowered.

mediately from the mill, the officer From and after the 5th day of shall deliver to him blank certificates July 1764; the time limited by and counter-parts for the purpoie, the former act for payment of the to be filled up occasionally; which duties, fall be extended to fix hall protect the removal of fuch


demands your

YEAR 1763. [151 cvder. The counter-part shall be in relation to the original bill for filled up and signed, at the same laying an excise on cyder, &c. time with the certificates, and Mall be returned to the officer, and a

THIS court cannot forbear expref

finng to you their surprise at the receipt shall be given him for the precipitate progress which has been certificates. The certificates and

made in a new attempt towards a counter-parts not used. Thall be

general excise. produced when called for. The

The extension of excife laws into quantities fold, and certified for, private houses, whereby the subject fhall be verified on oath. Returns is made liable to a frequent and arof the quantities disposed of, as bitrary visitation of officers, and the aforesaid, shall be made by the

judicial determination of commissio. officers of excise to the commiffioners of excise, and the duties confiitent with those principles of

ners removeable at pleasure, is incharged from the counter.parts; a liberty, which have hitherto distincopy of which returns Thall be left

guished this nation from arbitrary with the maker, who shall


governments. doty accordingly within fix months

An attack upon the liberty of the from thence. A maker of cyder or subject, made so immediately after perry not comýlying with these re

a glorious and successful war, and gulations, or being guilty of any fraud, shall forseit 25!. Certificates expect to enjoy the bleslings of peace,

at a time when we had just reason to for the removal of cyder from the

serious aitention. mill, shall be in force, but between

And this court doch remark, 1 Sept. and 13 Dec. yearly. Blank

that whatever may be the ne flity of certificates and courter-parts shall the times, the smallness of the lum

be delivered up within ten days af indicates that cannot be the only ter, on penalty of 251.

motive to so extraordinary a measure. The penalty of obstructing an

For these reasons, this court doth officer in his duty, shall be 501. If moft earnelliy recommend your conany officer of excise shall refuse or

ftant attendance in parliament, and wilfully neglect to leave a true copy utmoit endeavours to oppose every of his report in writing, or to grant

enlargement and extension of the a certificate for the removal of any powers of excite, and that you

do cyder or perry, upon reasonable ré.

not conceal tiom the public any such queft made for that purpose, or if any attempt, nor fuffer yourselves to be maker of cyder or perry, authorized to compound, shall offer to make such in the bill, subječting the makers of

amused by any plausible alteration composition, and if

fuch of-
cyder and

perry to excise laws.
ficer shall refule or wilfully neglect
to accept such composition, he shall

, Petitions of the lord mayor, aldermen, for each refusal or neglect, forfeit and pay the sum of forty

and commons of the city of Londong to the different branches of the legiflature against jaid bill.

To the house of commons. Tbe representation of the lord mayor, T Hat your pe:itioners have observaldermen, and commons of the city ed hy the votes of this honourable of London, to their representatives, [L] 4



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