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can make.

receive from them the most ample zeal which your profess, and firmreturns of duty and attachment ly rely upon the exertion of it, which a loyal and grateful people against that licentious and factious

spirit, which is the most dangerConvinced, as we are, that do

Ous enemy to our excellent and inmestic anion is essentially necessary valuable conftitution. for securing the advantages derived to us from the late happy and ho To the king's most excellent majesty. nourable peace, we cannot fuffici

The humble address of the honourable ently express our abhorrence of that feditious spirit which has of late

house of commons to the king. manifested itself in defiance of the Molt gracious sovereign, Jaws, to the'labversion of good or WE your majesty's most dutiful der, and to the disgrace of liberty, and loyal subjects, the comwhole facred name it has so info- mons of Great Britain in parlialently affumed. And we beg leave men assembled, beg leave to return to assure your majefty, that by our your majesty the most humble and zeal and application in bringing all hearty thanks of this house, for offenders of that sort to justice, as your moft gracious speech from the well as by our proceedings in ge- throne. neral,. we will endeavour to give Permit us at the same time, to fuch an example as may induce offer our warmest congratulations to your majesty's subjects to unite in your majesty on the auspicious birth discouraging a licentiousness which of another prince, and on the bapis so repugnant to the true princi- py recovery of your royal confort, ples of this happy conftitution, and now farther endeared to this counin promoting such measures as may try by the increase of thofe pledges equally conduce to the honour and of our liberty and future happiness. dignity of your majesty's crown, We' beg leave to congratulate and to their own happiness and le. your majefty on the completion of curity.

chat great and falutary measure, the

re-establifhment of the public tranHis majesty's most gracious answer. quility upon terms fo 'honourable

to your crown, and so advantageous My lords,

to your people. THESE hearty asurances of your

Allow us, Sir, to assure your ma. loyalty and affection are truly jetty that we feel the highest fatisfacacceptable to me, and I receive, tion in the declaration which with particular fatisfaction, your gracioufly pleased to make of your congratulations upon the birth of resolution faithfully and steadily to

vir ini! Your concurrence with me in which your majesty has concluded: pursuing the essential objects of our and that we cannot but consider national attention, under the present the strong assurances of the fame happy pacification, will be of great good disposition given by the feimportance towards the fuccess of veral powers of Europe who were my endeavours for fecuring the lately engaged against us, as the prosperity of my people.

natural consequence of your maI do both highly approve the jetty's wisdom and firmness, and as


a furs

a further presage that the bleflings we will bestow the strieteit attention of peace will be uninterrupçed and upon that'interesting subject, which permanent.

your majesty has pointed out to our We are truly sensible of that pa- serious consideration, and will diliternal love to your people, of which gently weigh every regulation which your majesty is pleased to assure us may be propofed for the improvein so affecting a manner; and we ment of the public revenue, as the will afsiduously apply ourselves to most effe&ual method to reduce the the accomplishment of those great national debt, to relieve your mapurposes for which your majesty has jesty's fubjects from the búrthens of called us together; the improve the late war, and to confirm and ments of our valuable acquisitions, strengthen the public credit. the extension of our commerce, and We are throughly convinced, by the cultivating of every art of peace, the whole tenor of your majesty's which may either tend to alleviate moft auspicious reign, that the comthe heavy burchens occafioned by mon good and prosperity of your the war, or may otherwise contri- people, are the sole objects of your bute to the general welfare of these care ; and that we shou therefore kingdoms.

be wanting to ourselves, and neWe beg leave to assure your ma. glectful of our own happiness, if we jesty, that your faithful com did not pursue, with unanimity and mons will chearfully grant to your dispatch, such measures as may best majesty such supplies as shall be contribute to these great ends, and found necessary for the service of may most effectually discourage that the

year ; that they will be care- fpirit of disorder and licentiousful to maintain the pavy of Greatness which is no less dangerous to Britain upon the most respectable liberty than deftractive of governfooting; and that they look upon ment. your majesty's earnest recommend Animated with these sentiments, ation of this important object, as a we will endeavour, by our own côntestimony of your royal attention to duct, to set an example to others of the true and essential interests of duty to our fovereign, and of love to

our country, being firmly persuaded, We acknowledge, with the deep- that under a prince adorned with eft sense of gratitude, your majesty's those virtues which distinguish your gracious and tender concern for the majesty, your real interests and those Telief of your people, by directing, of your people are inseparable. that the money arising from the fale of prizes vested in the crown, shall

His majefti's mof gracious answer. be applied to the public service; Gentlemen, 210461 and for that additional mark of I Return you my hearty thanks for your royal beneficence, in fignify. this very dutiful and affectionate ing your intention to reserve for address and for your congratulations the fame use whatever fums Thall be on the happy event of the birth produced by the sale of any of the of my second fon. The fatisfaction lands belonging to the crown, in which you express at the re-establiththe islands of the Weft-Indies ceded ment of the public tranquility, is by the late treaty.

highly acceptable to me; and your Your majefy may be assured, that refolution to pursue such measures;

(O) a

this country.

as are most conducive to the honour of the inestimable public blessings and happinefs of my kingdoms, will which you have enjoyed, under his always meet with my warmest ap- illustrious house ; you will receive probation and concurrence, with pleasure, the information of

the auspicious birth of the prince

of Wales, and the further increase of The speech of his excellency Hugh earl the royal family by the birth of a

of Northumberland, lord lieutenant second prince : events, which proof Ireland, to both boules of par- mise such an addition to his majefliament, O27. 11, 1763.

ty's domestic felicity, and such a last

ing security to our happy constituMy lords and gentlemen,

tion. IT is with

the utmost satisfaction, Gentlemen of the houfe of comthat, in obedience to his majesty's

mons, commands, I am now to meet a

I have ordered the

proper officers parliament which has already given to prepare the several accounts and so many and such very distinguish- estimates, that they may be laid, ed proofs of its zeal and unani- in due time, before you: you will mity in the support and service of observe that, although, from the the crown.

exigences of several extraordinary I have it expressly in command services, the expences of the two from his majesty to declare to you preceding years have confiderably his intire approbation of your past exceeded what was usual in times of conduct, and to assure you, that peace, yet they are fallen far short the whole course of your late pro- of the sums which were so liberally ceedings has filled his royal mind voted in the last fefsion; a great with every sentiment of regard part of which ftill remains unborwhich can flow from a just and rowed ; his majefty having determgracious sovereign towards a dutiful ned to make ufe of the credit given and loyal people.

to his government in' no other It is with particular satisfaction I proportion chan as the necessity of communicate to you, at the opening his service exactly required. I conof this session of parliament, thole sider it as extremely fortunate that great and important events which I enter upon the government of have occurred since our last meet this kingdom, at a time, when the ing.

situation of public affairs will perBy the conclusion of a general mit so very confiderable a dimino. peace, the tranquility of every part tion of the public expence; and of Europe is perfectly re-established; when I am commanded by his mahis majetty's dominions are en- jesty to thank you only for your paft larged; the commerce of his fub- efforts, without again having rejects is extended ; and you are at course to the experienced liberality length relieved from those burthens of parliament. I have 'nothing to which are unayoidable in the pro ask but the continuance of the supgress even of the most successful plies for the support of the ordi


establishments, which, it is Interested as you are, in the hap- hoped, will no: exceed the produce piness of so excellent a sovereign, of the ordinary revenue ; and } and sensible, as you have ever bean,



recommend to you a proper atten

under mine : be assured you cantion to the reduction of the public debt.

not take any measures which will My lords and gentlemen,

be more grateful to his majesty, or Not only my duty, but my ear

which I shall be more follicitious neft good wishes for the prosperity to forward, than those which may, of Ireland, oblige me to take this in any respect, advance the growopportunity of mentioning to you ing prosperity of this very improvethe only unpleasing circumstance able country: If therefore, any of which has occured since my en your manufactures may be further trance upon this government; the extended; if anything can be tumultuous risings of the lower peo- done towards exciting the spirit, or ple, in contempt of laws, and of providing the means of induftry; magistracy, and of every constitu- if any improvements in agriculture tional subordination, muít, if not can be introduced, upon wise and duly attended to, be productive of practicable principles; and in every the most fatal consequences : they thing that tends to the encourageare a disgrace to a country of liber ment of virtue, or the promoting ty; they are ruinous to a country of true religion, you will have to: of commerce; and inult be par- wards the attainment of those ends, ticularly fatal here, where the least not only my zealous co-operation, check to the rising spirit of indultry bat his majesty's steady and willing is so very sensibly felt, and so very protection. I come to this govern difficult to be retrieved: no means

ment with the king's express comcan serve more effectual to prevent mands, and my own very warm these disorders for the future, than inclination to recommend and to the encouragement of fach inflitu- support such measures: his majesty tions as tend to impress on the has the firmest reliance on your exminds of the lower order of people perienced duty and loyalty, on your early habits of industry, and true

unbiaffed regard to the public: and principles of religion : for this pur- he doubts not that this session of pose your proteftant charter-schools parliament will be carried on in a were establisfied ; to which I there manner suitable to your own digfore recommend the concinuance of nity, and io the unanimity of your your care, encouragement and fup: pall proceefigs. port: your linen manufactory, de, If the molt inviolable atłachmands and will reward every in ment to his mujeily, and zeal for Itance of public attention ; there is his service; if a siim adherence to nothing which can more properly these principles, by which the proexcite

your future endeavours, and teftancs of Ireland have ever been nothing has more fully answered diftinguished, were qualifications your former expectations, this suficient for the discharge of the manufacture has been, at all times, high and arduous trust committed the favourite object of parliamen- to my bands, I might cofure myself sary encouragement; and I thall an administration not unacceptable be concerned that any national ad to parliament: and I ftill flatter santage which has been cultivated mylelf that as the only ends I under the adminiltration of my have' in pursuit, are," the king's predecesors thould be neglected service, and the pub.ic welfare, I

(O] 3



may obtain the only rewards I have will not be unacceptable, to your in view, his majesty's favourable majesty, that we also exprefs oar acceptance of my services, and utter deteftation and abhorrence of your intire approbation of my con- such infolent and : wicked pracduct.


And we beg leave, at the same

time, humbly to affure your majetty, To the king's most excellent majesty.

that these fentiments proceed, not The bumble address of tbe tords fpiri- only from those principles of duty, tual and temporal

, and the knights, but from the most cordial affe&tion citizens, and burgesjes, of Ireland,

and in parliament allembled.

reverence for those respectable

and amiable virtues, which are the Moft gracious sovereign,

objects of the love and admiration WE your majefty's most dutiful of all your people

. and loyal subjects, the lords We therefore intreat your maspiritual and temporal, and the jesty, graciously to receive these de commons of Ireland, in parliament clarations from us ; that we are afřembled, beg leave to renew our fully sensible of the many and great unfeigned professions of the most bleffings we enjoy under your mazealous and affectionate attachment jesty's mild and aufpicious reign ; to your majesty's royal person and that we are truly thankful to your government, which we have been, majesty for the honourable and adupon all occasions, forward to ex- vantageous peace which your m2: press; and, we trust, have mani- jefty, through your great wisdom fested by our conduct.

and paternal concern for your subWe now think ourselves, in a jects, hath happily concluded for very particular manner, called upon the benefit of yoor kingdoms; that to make the most folemn and public it is our firm and unalterable resodeclarations of our inviolable duty lution, to support the dignity and and attachment to your majesty, authority of your majesty's governwhen the most infamous and flagi- ment, wheresoever our influence tious libels have been published and can extend, againft all who shall circulated through your kingdoms, presume to difturb it; and that it filled with the groffest insults to is our most sincere and ardent with, your majesty's facred person aud that your majesty may reign through royal authority ; violating every a long course of years, blessed with rule of decency, order, and

governs the increase of every public and ment; and tending to stir up, domestic felicity, and supported by through all'sanks of your majesty's the unanimous voice of all your subjects, a spirit of discontent subjects...! and of disobedience to their prince, To us who, by our fituation, the laws, and the constitution. must be deprived of your majetty's

As thefe audacious and outrage- immediate influence, it is of the pus attempts have been deemed lit- utmost consequence, that your ma. ting objects for the just and exem- jesty's royal power should be deleplary cenfure of the legislature of gated to persons sensible of the Great Britain ; ; we think it cannot importance of that high truft

, and be unreasonable, and we hope it by their capacity, probity, and


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