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and thewing their thankfulness for cessary, but expensive and destradive fuch inestimable bleffings, by a war; and your first care hath been chearful and uniform obedience to to ease your fubjects from this burGod and your majesty.

then, and restore them the bleffings Whatever we can do for the pro- of peace. Your majesty's prudent motion of the public felicity, we and vigorous measures have comThall always diligently endeavour, pelled the enemy to accept of reason-animated to it in the strongest able terms of accommodation, and manner, both by conscience and happily put an end to a glorious inclination.

and successful war, by a molt advanHis majesiy's molt gracious answer. . tageous and honourable


We have likewise the further My lords, and the rest of the clergy, fatisfaction, through your majesty's THIS fresh testimony of your wise counsels and negotiations, to

duty and affection to my per- see this blessing become general ; Son and government, is very highly and all Christendom, which had agreeable to me. It will ever be long groaned under the calamities my fincere endeavour to extend our of war, enjoying the benefiçs, of most holy religion throughout the quiet and repose. vast dominions added to my crown Such an event, however exten by the late honourable and advan- fively beneficial and universally inzageous peace : In this pious work, teresting, is in a more particular I am persuaded, I Mall have the manner favourable to nurseries of hearty aud zealous asistance of my religion and learning: that relifaithful clergy; and they may be gion, whose peculiar characteristic assured of my constant protection is peace and benevolence, those arts and fupport.

and sciences, which chiefly de

light in peace, and always fourish To the king's moft excellent majesty. most in times of public tranquility: Address of the university of Oxford ful occafion, to give the strongest

Permit us, dread fir, on this joyon the peace;

assurances of our inviolable attachMoft gracious fovereign, ment to your majesty's person and WE your majofty's most faithful government: and we promise out

and loyal subjects, the chan- selves all happiness and prosperity cellor, 'masters, and scholars, of under your majesty's mild and imyour university of Oxford, humbly partial administration, by being in beg leave i to approach your royal peace with the neighbouring kingpresence with our most fincere and doms, and a unity among our. cordial congratulations on this hap-' selves. That your majesty may enpy occafion. Under your majesty's joy a long and happy reign, that most suspicious adminifttation each the blessings of peace may attend pear' teems with new blefings, and it, and the arts of peace adorn is. each year calls upon 'us to present is the ardent wish and earnest prayer unto your majesty, our just tribute of your ever grateful and loyal of dutiful acknowledgments. *** pniversity...

Your majetty on your accession Given at our house of conveto the throne of these kingdoms, cation, this 31st day of March, round the nation involved in

in the year of our Lord !767.


mities of war, and to complete your His majesty's most gracious answer

amiable character, the friend of IT T is highly acceptable to me to mankind, and the father of your

receive these your warm con- people. gratulations on the re-eitablishment It is with a peculiar fatisfaction of the public tranquility: an event that your univerfity of Cambridge so interesting to humanity, lo pe- embraces every opportunity of preculiarly connected with the advance- fenting themselves before your mament of rcligion, and the improve, jesty, the heir and descendent of ment of letters. Your zealous and princes, who stand enrolled with unwearied attention to these great our most munificent patrons and and important objects of your care benefactors. And we shall always and duty, justly inzitle you to my gratefully acknowledge that our incountenance and constant proiec- variable attachment to your mation.

jesty's illustrious house has been di

kinguithed by many - eminent and To the king's mojt excellent majesty, repeated marks of royal favour. We Addrejs, of ihe university of Cam- thall humbly hope, that our perbridge on the peace.

severance in the same good princi

ples and practices will always re, May it pleale your majesty, commend us to the same gracious WE your majesty's most dutiful favour and protection.

and loyal subjects, the chan It shall be our particular attention, cellor,masters, and scholars, of your as it is our most bounden duty, to university of Cambridge, beg leave instil into those, who are committo approach your majesty's chrone, ted to our care, the highest regard and to express the warmest senti- for our holy religion, every sentiments of our duty and gratitude to ment of loyalty and affection to your majesty for your tender regard their king, and every principle of to the true happiness of your peo- obedience to the laws and conftituple, in concluding an expensive, tion of their country. though successful war, by a safe and May your majesty, who are honourable, peace. An event which, formed to be the delight and hapwe truit, will be attended with the piness of any people; be ever pofgreatest blessings and advantages to lessed of the hearts of all your subus, and our latest pofterity,

jects ! May that purity of manners, We have had frequent occasions, that undiffembled piety, of which in the cortiouance of the late juft your majeky is sfo illuftrioús an and nece Tary war, to admire the example, effectually promote and fortitude and greatness of mind, recommend the cause of virtue and with which your majelly pursued true religion! May. it check the every measure that could contribute progress of all open vice and proeither to the glory, or the security of faneness! And may that God, whom your kingdoms. permit us to de- you fa faithfully ferve, long, very clare our most affectionate fense of long, preserve your majesty the that goodness of heart, which has most beloved fovereign of an disposed your majoliy, even in the united, a dutiful, and an affecmidit of yoar triumphs, to put a tionate people !! Þappy period to the manifold calą. 'I

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going addresi.

His majeffy's most gracious answer.

own I cannot approve, and whics

I thould have objected to, if I had express, in this dutiful address, attendance, upon this occafion, of the peace, which the Providence will not be consistent with the part, of God has enabled me to conclude, which I, and other lords, thought give me particular satisfaction. By ourselves obliged to take, when the continuing to educate the youth confideration of the preliminaries committed to you, in the princi- was before the parliament. I thereples, of loyalty, virtue, and piety, fore hope, that it will not be you will perform a most acceptable thought want of duty to the king, service to me : And as it is my or of respect to the univerậty (in earnest desire to contribute to the neither of which will I ever be advancement of true religion, and guilty of the least failure) if I deuseful learning, the univerfity of fire you, Sir, (as has been very Cambridge cannot doubt of my frequently done in our late chanconftant favour and protection.

cellor's time) to acquaint the fecretary of state, that the university

had agreed upon an address to his Copy af a letter written by a noble majesty; and that you defire to

duke to the vice-chancellor of Cam- know from his Jordship, when you, bridge, on occasion of the fore- and the university, may attend his

majefty with it. This, I believe, Ct, April 6, 1763. has been the method most freRev. Sir,

quently followed by the university I Received here, yefterday the fac of Oxford,

and in feveral inftances

, tranfmitting to me the address, of Somerset's time. which the university have thought If you write to the fecretary of proper to make to his majesty, on ftate, as soon as you receive this, occasion of the peace.

you may have his lord ship's anI am extremely sorry, that any swer, time enough for you to come thing should prevent my attending to town on the Monday, if his mathe university with their address to jefty should think proper to ap. the king. Nobody can be more point (as you suppose) Wednesday, ready, and desirous, to thew his this day fe'nnight, for receiving duty, and loyalty, to his majesty, the university. upon all occasions, than myself;

I am, &c. or, as far as in me lies, to promote and encourage, in the university, those principles of steadiness and Address of the court of lord mayor affe&ion to the proteftant succession, Sir Charles Algill, bart. locum happily established in his majesty, tenens) and aldermen of tbe city of and his royal family, which now, London, on the peace. for many years, I have had the pleasure to see so aniformly pur SIR, sued, and so warmly exerted there. YOUR majesty's faithful and

I apprehend, from feveral ex loyal subjects, the lord mayor pressions in the address, which I and aldermen of the city of Lon


don, defire to be permitted to pay to the continuance of your matheir bumble duty to your majetty, jesty's protection and favour. and to express their grateful fense of your majesty's gracious and be. His majesty's most gracious answer. nevolent attention to the welfare of from the increasing burchens of a satisfaction you express in the face your people, in relieving them I Return you my fincere thanks

for this address, and for the long and expenfive, though glo- cess of my endeavours to restore, rious and successful war.

the public peace. They enter not into a particular consideration of the national ad- assurances you give me, of your

I receive with great pleasure the vantages resulting from the treaty abhorrence and detetation of those of peace, which your majesty has fačtious and licentious practices, been pleafed to conclude ;--- these which, alone, can endanger our have been submitted to a confi- present happy settlement, after the tutional examination ; but they conclusion of peace with all our; beg leave thas publicly to declare

foreign enemies. to your majesty their entire ac.

Your resolution to fupport, in quiefcence in a measure which your opposition thereto, the true con majetty's councils, and the great ftitutional liberty of these kingcouncil of the nation, have seen doms, is highly acceptable to me. reason to approve. And this they The city of London may depend have thought it their duty to do at this time when they have with upon my constant favour and pro

tection. concern observed a fpirit of faction unhappily arising, and are apprehensive their filence might be in terpreted as an encouragement of Address of the protestant diffenting practices which their dutiful at

ministers in and about the cities of tachment to your majesty's person

London and Westminfter, on the

peace, and government leads them to de. teft and abhor.

Moft gracious fovereign, They further beg leave to aflure Your majefty's ever loyal and your majefty, that as magiftrates to faithful subjects, the protestant whom the executive power of the dissenting ministers in and about government of the city of London the cities of London and Weit: is intrusted, it shall be their coni minster, humbly beg leave to conftant endeavour to maintain and gratulate your majefty on the represerve their domestic tranquility, itoration of peace to your own doorder, and good government, and minions, and to the world in

gethat true and perfect liberty which heral: an event truly interesting to has its foundation in obedience to all who are influenced by fenti. the laws, and of which licentiouf. ments of humanity, and peculiarly ness, though it often assumes the pleafing to the minifters of the name, is, in this country, the only gospel of peace. enemy.

The unparalleled success and By a conduct fo conformable to glory, which crowned your mas your royal example, they presume jefty's arms, whilft they excited lo hope they shali entitle themselves our gratitude to the Almighty,


could not suppress our concern for We have only to add, our ferthe numberlels calamities and difa' vent supplications to the Most High, orders infeparable from war. As that your majesty may reign long, these are happily brought to a pen the father of a free, and the de. riod, we can now indulge the de- light of an happy people; and lightful expectation, that the ad- that the imperial crown of these vancement of piery and virtue, of realms may descend, in your ilcivil and religious liberty, and of lustrious line, to the latest genethose 'arts which improve and em. rations. bullish human life, will be the result of public tranquility, and the His majesty's most gracious answer. just praise of your majesty's reign. * The large acceßions made to I Thank you for this affectionate your majesty's empire in America, and dutiful address. You judge not only promise an increase of rightly of my defire and intention commerce," with its attendants, to improve the blessing of the wealth, and power, but likewise peace, which God has granted us, opens a way for diffusing freedom to the universal benefit of niy suband science, political order and jeets, and to the advancement of christian knowledge, through those religion and virtue. Your refoextenfive' regions, which are now lution to inculcate the principles funk in superstition and barbarism, of piety and loyalty, is very agreeand for imparting even to the most able to me; and you may rely on uncultivated of. our species, the my, protection, and my care to happinefs of Britons.

maintain the toleration. Great Sir, The protestant dissenters have

The humble address of the merchants been ever strongly attached to those excellent princes your royal pro

and traders of the city of London, genitors s having always confidered the revolution as the glorious Most gracious sovereign, æra of liberty in these kingdoms, WE your majesty's faithful suband the succession in your august jects, the merchants and house, as, under God, its firmeit traders of the city of London, inestablíthment and the goodnefs violably attached by every tie of of your majesty's heart, your high duty and gratitude to your masense of domeftic virtue, and your jesty's person and government, beg avowed regard to religion, concur leave to return your majesty our to heighten our zeal for the dig, humble thanks For the constant and pity of your crown, and the prof effe&tual support and proteclion we perity of your government, It enjoyed during the late war ; and, Thall be our constant care, to at the same time, mof sincerely prove our loyalty and fidelity to to congratulate your majesty on the yeur majesty, by promoting con, success of your truly paternal and cord, and by recommending to humanę endeavours to restore to those with whom we are connected, your people, and to Europe in such principles, as are calculated general, the blessings of peace. to render them, at once, good fub Through the care and attention jects, and good men,

of government, the national com


on the peace.


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