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uneasiness, and occafion to you the .Prior Park, June 9. trouble of sending a meffenger to My dearest fir, Hayes. I desire you to be assured WITH the greateft anxiety and that few things can give me more concern, I have, in obedience real concern, than to find that my to your positive and repeated comnotions of the public good differ mands, executed the most painful fo widely from those of the man commission that I ever received. whose goodness of heart and pri Upon this disagreeable occasion vate virtues I fhall ever respect and give me leave just to say, that, love. I am not in sensible to your however different our abilities kind motives for wishing to inter- may be, it is the duty of every hopofe time for second thoughts; neit man, after he has made the but knowing how much you ap- ftri&teit enquiry, to act pursuant to prove an open and ingenuous pro- the light which the Supreme Being ceeding, i trust that you will fee has been pleased to dispense ta the unfitness of my concealing from him; and this being the rule my conftituents the insurmount- that I am persuaded we both goable reasons which prevented my vern ovrselves by, I shall take the obeying their commands, in pre- liberty now only to add, that it is senting an address containing a dif- impossible for any person to retain avowal of my opinion delivered in higher sentiments of your late gloparliament relating to the peace. rious administration than I do, nor As their servant, I owe to these can be with truer fidelity, zeal, gentlemen an explanation of my affection and respect, than I have conduct on this occasion ; and as a been, ftill am, and always shall be, man not forgetful of the diftin my dearest fir, your moft humble, guished honour of having been in- and most obedient fervant, vited to represent them, I owe it in Signed R. ALLEN. gratitude to them, not to think of The best wishes of this family embarrassing and encumbering for wait upon lady Chatham. the future, fricnds to whom I have such obligations, and who' now By the KIN G. view with approbation measures of A PROCLAMATION. an administration founded on the

GEORGE, R. subversion of that system which

Héreas we have taken into once procured me the countenance W Here and favour of the city of Bath. On extensive and valuable acquifitions

our royal confideration the these plain grounds, very coolly in 'America, secured to our crown weighed, I will venture to beg by the late definitive treaty of peace again, that my equitable good concluded at Paris the 10th day of friend will be fo good to convey to February laft; and being defirous Mr. Mayor and the gentlemen of that all our loving subjects, 25 the corporation, my sentiments, as

well of our kingdoms as of our cocontained in my letter of the fe- lories in America, may avail themcond instant.

felves,' with all convenient speed, I am ever, with uschanging of the great benefits and advantages sentiments of respect and aliection, which must accrue therefrom to eber my dear fir, most faithfully yours.

commerce, manufactures, and sav. W. PITT.



gation; we have thought fit, with Eaft and South by the Atlantic the advice of our privy council, to Ocean, and the Gulph of Florida, iffue this our royal proclamation, including all islands within fix hereby to publish and declare to leagues of thc fea coaft. all our loving subjects, that we Thirdly, The government of have, with the advice of our said Weft Florida, bounded to the South.. privy council, granted our letters ward by the Gulph of Mexico, inpatent under our great seal of cluding all islands within fix Great Britain, to erect within the leagues of the coat from the river countries and islands, ceded and Apalachicola to lake Pontchartrain; confirmed to us by the said treaty,

to the Westward by the said lake, four distinct and separate govern- the lake Maurepas, and the river ments, ftiled and called by the Millisippi ; to the Northward, by names of Quebec, East Florida, a line drawn drawn due East from West Florida, and Grenada, and that part of the river Misisippi limited and bounded as follows, viz. which lies in thirty-one degrees

First, the government of Que- North latitude, to the river Apabec, bounded on the Labrador lachicola, or Catahouchee; and to coast by the river St. John, and the Eastward by the faid river. from thence by a line drawn from Fourthly, The government of the head of thát river, through the Grenada, comprehending the island. lake St. John, to the South end of of that name, together with the the lake Nipislim ; from whence Grenadines, and the islands of Dothe said line, croffing the river St. minico, St. Vincent, and Tobago. Lawrence and the lake Champlain

*And to the end that the open in 45 degrees of North latitude, and free fishery of our subjects may passes along the High Lands, which be extended to, and carried on updivide the rivers that empty them

on the coast of Labrador and the felves into the faid river St. Law- adjacent islands, we have thought rence, from those which fall into fit, with the advice of our faid prithe sea ; and also along the North vy council, to put all that coast, coaf of the Baye des Chaleurs, and from the river St. John's to Hud: the coast of the Gulph of St. Law- fon's Streights, together with the rence to Cape Rosieres, and from islands of Anticofti and Madelaine, thence crofling the mouth of the and all other smaller islands lying river St. Lawrence by the Welt upon the faid coaft, under the end of the island of Anticofti, ter care and inspection of our gominates at the aforesaid river St. vernor of Newfoundland. John,

We have also, with the advice of Secondly, The government of our privy council

, thought fit to Eaft Florida, bounded to the West annex the iflands of St. John and ward by the Gulph of Mexico and Cape Breton, or Ille Royale, with the Apalachicola river ;' to the the lefser islands adjacent thereto, Northward, by a line drawn from to our government of Nova Scotia. that part of the faid river where the We have also, with the advice Catahouchee and Flint rivers meet, of our privy council aforesaid, anto the source of St. Mary's river, nexed to our province of Georgia, and by the course of the said river all the lands lying between the ri. to the Atlantic Ocean; and to the vers Attamaha and St. Mary's. Vol. VI.



And whereas it will greatly con- our great seal to the governors of tribute to the speedy Tetiling our gur faid colonies respectively, to said new governments, 'that our erect and constitute, with the adloving fubjects should be informed vice of our faid councils respective, of our paternal care for the fecu- ly, courts of judicature and public rity of he liberties and properties justice within our faid colonies, for of tho.e who are, and fhall become the hearing and determining all inhabitants thereof;. we have causes, as well criminal as civil, thoughi ft ta publish and declare, according to law and equity, and, by this our proclamation, that we as near as may be, agreeable to the have, in the letters patent under laws of England, with liberty to our great seal of Great Britain, by all persons who may think themwhich the faid governments are con

felves aggrieved by the sentence of Aitutau, given express power and such courts, in all civil cases, to apdirection to our governors of our peal, under the usual limitations faid colonies respectively, that lo and reftri£tions, to us, in our privy

soon as the state and circumitances, council. I of the said colonies will admit We have also thought fit, with

thereuf, they shall, with the advice the advice of our privy council as and consent of the members of our aforesaid, to give unto the gocouncil, summon and cail general vernors and councils of our faid affeinblies within the said govern- three new colonies upon the contiments respectively, in such manner nent, full power and authority to and form as is used and directed settle and agree with the inhabi. in those colonies and provinces in tants of our said new colonies, or to America, which are under our im- any other person who fhall resort mediate govvernment; and we have thereto, for such lands, tenements, also given power to the said go- and hereditaments, as are now, or yernors, with the consent of our hereafter shall be, in our power to faid councils, and the representa. dispose of, and them to grant to tives of the people, so to be fum- any such person or persons, upon moned as aforesaid, to make, con such terms, and under such mode. ftitute, and ordain laws, ftatutes, rate quit-rents, services and acard ordinances for the public peace, knowledgments, as have been apwelfare, and good government of pointed and settled in other coloour faid colonies, and of the pco: nies, and under such other condi. ple and inhabitants thereof, as near

tions shall

appear to us to be ne. as may be, agreeable to the laws of ceffary and expedient for the adEngland, and under such regula: vantage of the grantees, and the țions and restrictions as are used in improvement and settlement of our other colonies; and in the mean faid colonies. time, and until fuch assemblies can And whereas we are desirous, be called as aforesaid, all persons upon all occasions, to testify our inhabiting in, or reforting to, our royal sense and approbation of the faid colonies, may confide in our condu&t and bravery of the officers royal protection for the enjoymenr and földiers of our armies, and to of the benefit of the laws of our reward the fame, we do hereby sealm of England'; for which pur- command and impower our gopole we have given power under vernors of our faid three new colo



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200 acres.

nies; and'other oor governors of served to them, or any of them, -as ouk several provinces on the conti- their hanting grounds; we do nent of North America, to grant, therefore, with the advice of our; without fee or reward, to such re privy council, declare it to be our duced officers as have ferved in royal will and pleasure, that no: North America during the late governor, or commander in chief, war, and are actually residing there, in any of our colonies of Quebec, and Mall personally apply for the Eaft Florida, or Weft Florida, do fame, the following quantities of prefume, upon any pretence whatland, fubject, at the expiration of ever, to grant warrants of survey, ten years, to the same quit-rents as or pass any patents for lands bea, other lands are subject to in the yond the bounds of their respective province within which they are governments, as described in their granted, as also subject to the same commisions ; as also that no go-. conditions of cultivation and im vernor or commander in chief of provement, viz.

our other colonies or plantations To every person having the rank in America, do presume for the of a field officer, 500 acres.

present, and until our further pleaTo

every captain, 3000 acres. Ture be known, to grant warrant To every

fubaltern or staff of- of survey, or pass patents for any ficer, 2.00 acres.

lands beyond the heads or sources: To every non-commission officer, of any of the rivers which fall into:

the Atlantic Ocean from the welt or To every private man 50 acres. north west ; or upon any lands We do likewise authorise and re- whatever, which not having been quire the governors and comman- ceded to, or purchase i by us, as ders in chief of all our faid colonies aforesaid, are reserved to the faid: upon

the continent of North Ame- Indians, or any of them. rica to grant the like quantities of And we do further declare it to: land, and upon the same conditie be our royal will and picature, for ons, to fuch reduced officers of our the present, as aforesaid, to reserva navy of like rank, as served on under our fovereignty, protection: board our ships of war in North and dominion, for the use of the America at the times of the reduc. said Indians, all the land and terri. tion of Louisbourg and Quebec in tories not included within the li the late war, and who shall person- mits of our faid three new govern ally apply to our respective gover- ments, or within the limits of the nors for such grants.

territory granted to the Hudson's And whereas it is just and reaa' Bay company; as also all the sonable, and effential to our inte. land and territories lying to the reft

, and the security of our colom westward of the sources of the rinies, that the feveral nations..or vers which fall into the sea from tribes of Indians, with whom we the west and north-west as afore are connected, and who live under faid; and we do hereby strictly our protection, should not be mom forbid, on pain of our displeasure, lefted or disturbed in the possession all our loving fabjects from maka of fuch parts of our dominions and ing any purchates or settlements, territories 'as, not having been ce- whatever, or taking poffeffion of ded to, or purchased by us, are rea any.of the lands above reservede

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without our efpeciat leave and pofe: and we do, by the advice of ficence for that purpose firft ob- our privy council, declare and entained.

jain, that the trade with the said 5. And we do farther Arictly en- Indians shall be free and open to join and require all persons what. all our fabjects whatever, providever, who have either wilfully or ed that every person who may ininadvertently feated themselves up- cline to trade with the said Índion any lands within the countries ans, do take out a licence for carabove described, or upon any rying on--fach trade, from the other lands; which not having been governor or commander in chief of ceded to, or purchased by us, are any of our colonies respectively, ftill reserved to the said Indians as where such person hall reside, and aforelaid, forthwith to remove also give security to observe such themselves from such fettlements. regulations as we shall at any time

And whereas great frauds and think fit, by ourselves or commifabuses have been committed in the faries, to be appointed for this purchasing lands of the Indians, purpose, to dire&t and appoint for to the great prejudice of our inte- the benefit of the said trade : rests, and to the great dissatisfac- and we do hereby authorise, ention of the faid Indians ; in order join, and require the governors therefore to prevent such iregula- and commanders in chief of all our rities for the future, and to the colonies respectively, as well those end that the Indians may be con- underourimmediate government, as vinced of our justice and determin- those under the government and died resolution to remove all reason. rection of proprietaries, to grant able cause of discontent, we do, such licences without fee or reward, with the advice of our privy coun- taking especial care to insert therecil, strictly enjoin and require, in a condition that such licence that no private person do presume fhall be void, and the security forto make any purchase from the said feited, in case the person to whom Indians of any lands referved to the fame is granted, fhall rcfuse or the faid Indians within those parts neglect to observe such regulations of our colonies where we have as we shall think proper to prethought proper to allow fettle. fcribe as aforesaid. ment; but that if at any time any And we do further exprefty enof the said Indians hould be in join and require all: officers whatclined to dispofe of the faid lands, ever, as well military as those the same thall be purchased only employed in the management and for in our name, at some pub- direction of Indian affairs within lic meeting or afsembly of the said the territories referved, as aforeIndians to be held for that pur- faids for the afe of the said Indi

pose by the governor or comman- ans, to feize and apprehend all der in chief of our colony refpec. persons whatever, who standing

tively within which they hall lie : charged with treasons, misprifions and in case they shall lie within of treason, murders, or other fethe limits of any proprietaries, lonies or mifdemeanours, shall fly conformable to such directions and from justice and take refuge in the

instructions as we or they fall said territory, and to send them undink proper to gite for that por- der a proper guard to the colony




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