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giving the royal afsent to the fol- of March; and on the 30th of this lowing bills, made a most gra- month the publisher, supposed cious speech, and prorogued the printers, and Mr. Wilkes the supparliament :

posed author of that paper, were The bill for preventing smuge taken into custody by the messengling


of state. The reader will find The bill to encourage the mak a summary account of the subfe.. ing indigo in the plantations. quent proceedings relating to Mr.

The bill to amend an act of Hen- Wilkes, in the Appendix to this ry VIII. intituled, filk works. part of our work. The bill to prevent fraudulent At the anniversary meet

27th. votes at county elections.

ing of the governors of the The bill for the importation of small pox hospital, the collection damaged Irish butter into the port amounted to gool. of Liverpool for the use of the At the Asizes at Worcester, one woollen manufactories,

criminal was capitally convicted The bill for lighting, cleanfing, but reprieved; at Winchester three; and paving the streets of Weit at Reading one, but reprieved ;. minster.

at Oxford three ; at Nottingham, The bill for rebuilding the town a girl of fixteen, for the murder of Wareham.

of an infant of two years old, And to several private bills, and whom the strangled for crying. bills to inclose lands and repair She was suspected of the murder roads, &c.

of two more children in the fame Alvise Mocenigo, procurator of manner ; but it is probable there St. Mark, was elected Doge of were some grounds for believing Venice, and next morning crowned her an ideot, for instead of being with the usual ceremonies.

executed next day, as the law dizoth.

His excellency Charles rects, she was respited for three

Nicholas Alexander d'Oul- weeks, but then executed; at Huntremont was elected bishop of tingdon one, for murder, who was Liege. His excellency had 31 executed; at Cambridge one; at votes, and prince Clement of Sax- York one, for murder, who was ony, the other candidate, but 13 ; executed, and two for lefser crimes, notwithftanding which an appeal who were reprieved ; at Chelmswas made to the pope in favour of ford eights, two of them for murthe latter ; but his holiness, on der, who were executed ; at Aylesthe report of a congregation ap- bury one, but reprieved ; at Gloupointed for that purpose-confirm- cester, one for murder, who was ed the election of the former. executed at , Hertford eight,

A rule for an information was among whom was the noted liargranted by the court of King's row, who said he was the famous Bench, against the publishers, and fying highwayman, for burglary; the supposed printers of the papers four of them were executed; at called the North Briton, and the Exeter fives at Chester, a woman Political Controversy, for publish- for poisoning her husband, after ing the North Briton of the 19th twenty years cohabitation, by giv



[F] 4

ing him arsenic; she was sentenced' cil of the city of Exeter were preto be burnt the third day after con sented to the court of common viction, but her sentence was re council at guildhall for the oppospited by the judge till the twenty- fition the city of London had made third, on which day she was exe- against the cyder act; and a peti. cuted at Bury, a woman for the same tion was then unanimously agreed crime, her agent, and another con to, to be presented to parliament yiệt; at Shrewsbury one, but re for a repeal thereof. prieved ; at Stafford three, one of The society for encouraging arts them for murder; at Derby one ; at and manufactures, having confiderKingston two; at Thetford three; ed of how great service it will be at Lancaster two; for Cornwall one, to the kingdom, to acquire the but reprieved; Salisbury and Kent, art of making falt - petre, hare Warwick and Taunton, were maiden renewed their premiuin of 2001. allizes.

to the first works that shall make M. Meslener, an eminent 10,000lb. weight of falt-petre in 29th.

altronomer at Paris, difco- England. vered from the royal observatory of the marine at the Hotel de Clugny, Inscription on the monument of the at 48 min. after two in the morning, late admiral Vernon, lately open. to the east of Paris, at the height ed in Westminster-abbey. of about twelve degrees above the

As a memorial of his own gratitudehorizon, a globe of fire, with a

And of the virtue of his benefactor, long tail like that of a rocket. Its -This monument' was erected by his apparent diameter was about a third

nephew, of that of the moon; and its colour FRANCIS lord ORWELL, in the a bright red. The moon, which

year 1763. was then above the horizon, ef

Sacred to the memory

of faced a great part of the brightness

EDWARD VERNON, of this meteor, which, in a dark

Admiral of the white squadron 'night, would have given a confi

of the British fleet: derable light to the atmosphere. He was the second son of James Vernon, This globe seemed to fall perpen. Who was secretary of state to king dicularly, and in its fall employed

William the Illd. about

seconds. The sky was at

And whofe abilities and integrity this time almost entirely overcast, were equally.conspicuous. the wind at fouth-east , and the ba- . In his youth he served under the admirals

Shovel and Rooke : rometer at the height of

By their example he learned to conquer; 6 lines.

by his own merit he rose to command. Yesterday the crew of the Africa, In the war with Spain of MDCCXXXIX after being paid their prize money he took the fort of Porto Bello at Portsmouth, carried the boat

with fix thips ; fwain, who had behaved to them A force which was thought unequal to with great humanity, through the

the attempt :

For this he received principal streets in proceflion, and then made him a present of a gold He fubdued Chagre; and át Carthagena;

The thanks of both houses of parliament. chain, The thanks of the mayor,

conquered as far as naval force

could carry victory. 3.f. aldermen, and common coun After these services he retired,


27 inches



Total 703

without place or title,

Bridewell hospital. Froin the exercise of public, to the en. Vagrants, &c. relieved and joyment of private virtue.

discharged The testimony of a good conscience

Maintained in several trades, was his reward ;

&c. The love and esteem of all good men

his glory. In battle, though calm, he was active, and though intrepid, prudent :

Bethlem hospital. Successful, yet not oftentatious, Admitted into this hospital 207 Ascribing the glory Cured

150 to God. Buried

-78 In the senate he was disinterested, vigi- Remaining under cure

231 On the Xxxth day of Otober,

Total 666 MDCCLVII. he died as he had lived,

About the latter end of March, The friend of man, the lover of his country,

there fell a greater quantity of The father of the poor, {now in the neighbourhood of FloAged LXXIII.

rence than ever had been known.

The ordinary poft had been stopt Report of the state of the city two days till förty men cleared the hospitals for the last year. roads for them. St. Bartholomew's.

Berlin, April 2. The king of Cured and discharged from this Prussia arrived the 30th ultimo, hospital

6178 at nine in the evening, at his paTruffes given by a private lace in this city, after an absence hand to

20 from us fince the 4th of Jan. 1757.. Trussės given by the hospital to 28 He was received by the princes

390 of the blood, foreign Ministers, Remaining under cure 536 and principal nobility assembled

for that purpose. The rejoicings

In all 7152 and illuminations on this occasion St. Thomas's hofpital. continued for three days after his Cured and discharged from arrival; and on the 4th instant, he, this hospital

6309 at eight o'clock at night, went Buried this year

369 through most of the streets in an Remaining under cure - 480 open chariot, accompanied by Out-patients

220 prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, to

view the illuminations, and could Total 7468 not help admiring many of the de: Christ's hospital.

vices invented to celebrate his virChildren put forth appren

tues and his

is victories. On this octices, and discharged out cafion, as well as at his arrival, he of this hospital last year,

was every where saluted with loud ten whereof were instruct and general acclamations of, Long ed in the mathematics.

124 i live our king and father!" To Buried the last year

which his majesty most affectionateRemaining in this hospital 972 ly vouchsafed to answer, “ Long

live my dear subjects, my belovTotal 1106

Buried this year



ed children!' And indeed he de. A man and a woman, at Rippen ferved this reception ; for not. in Jutland, each aged 112. withstanding the heavy war he John Dwyer, at Ballinderry, in has been engaged in, and the glo- Ireland, aged 115. rious end he has put to it, he has A physician near Trento, in Ita. not loaded his subjects with any ly, aged 117 ; he had practised as new tax, nor contracted any new a phyfician 96 years ; his usual debt.' His majesty on this occa dict was vegetables, and he never fion made several magnificent pre- stirred out in the month of March. sents to the queen and the rest of the royal family.

M A Y. They write from Ruslia, that general Horwarth, governor of St. At a sermon preached at

zd. Elizabeth, having been employed Lambeth church, on occafion by the empress to carry into exe of the laying the first stone of a cution the schemes we mentioned chapel for the use of the Asylum, the month before last, for bring- one hundred and seventeen pounds ing foreigners into her extensive, fourteen shillings and fix-pence and, as yet, almost defart domini was collected towards erecting the ons, being more intent upon his faid chapel, to which her maown interest, than that of his roy: jefty was graciously pleased to add al mistress, has converted the sums a bounty of a hundred pounds. remitted to enable him to proceed Upwards of five hundred with zeal in the establishment of a pounds was collected at the new colony, to his own private anniversary sermon and feast of the use, by which the poor settlers Middlesex hospital. have been miserably distressed, and The East India company her imperial majesty's gracious in- waited. on his majesty with tentions frustrated. But his con their address on on the

peace. . duct having been properly tepre Being the day for a pubfented, there is no doubt but he lic thanksgiving on account will be called to a severe account. of the peace, the following an.

Died lately. The reverend Mr. them, composed by Dr. Boyce, Higgs, vicar of Quatford, near was performed before his majesty Bridgnorth; who, tho' his living • The Lord is King, be the was no more than 15l. per annum, people never so impatient : he by his parfimony, heaped together fitteth between the cherubins, be fome thousand pounds.

the earth never fo unquiet. Right hon, lord Afton, formerly O thou sword of the Lord, put cook to Sir Mordaunt, Bart. ap thyself into the scabbard, reit, He is fucceeded in title by Mr. and be still. Afon a watchmaker.

Some put their trust in chariots

, Mr. Teasdale of Healey in Nor. and fome in horses, but we will thumberland, aged 103.

remember the name of the Lord James Martin, of Ballynahinch our God. in Ireland, Esq; aged 1:2.

He maketh peace in our borders






and causeth wars to cease in all herself from a two pair of stairs winthe world.

dow into the garden, and was terO that men would therefore ribly bruised; the doctor hung by praise the Lord for his goodness, his hands till a ladder was brought and declare the wonders that he him. Lord Molefworth, a youth doth for the childen of men,


13, and only son of the famiThat they would exalt him also ly, was saved by being sent back in the congregation of the people; to school over-night, to make room and praise him in the seat of the for the doctor and his lady. An elelders. Hallelujah."

derly gentlewoman, governess to 6th.

Early this morning, a great the children, threw herself out of

smoke was discovered issuing a window in the nursery, and was out of the house of lady Moler- killed on the spot; one of the footworth, in Upper Brook-street, men jumped out of a two pair of Grosvenor-square, by a man go- ftairs window, and fell upon the ing by, who alarmed the family, iron spikes, where he hung till a and in less than a quarter of an chairman took him off at the hour the whole house was in a hazard of his life; he was carried blaze, and in a short time entirely to St. George's hospital, but died consumed, with all the furniture. in two or three days. Many conjecHer ladyship, her brother captain tures have been formed concerning Uher, her second and third daugh- the cause of this fire; some attributters, and four or five servants pe- ing it to a candle being carelesly left rished in the flames. As soon as burning near a music book, and so her ladyship discovered the dan- setting fire to a harpsichord, on ger, she threw out a feather bed, which it ftood; and others to a forced her eldest daughter, of flambeau being thrown into a dark eighteen, to take the advantage place under the stairs, without being of it, by throwing herself out first thoroughly extinguished. But of the window, and calmly affift- all agree, that its not being timely ed her in so doing; notwithstanding discovered was entirely owing to which the young lady broke her the watchmen being permitted to leg. Her ladyħip had not time leave their stands much earlier than to follow, but was observed, by a is proper, in a part of the town lady in an opposite window, after where the streets being no great a short recommendation of herself, thoroughfares, and being, belides. to link down at once in the room, inhabited almost wholly by persons as if suffocated by the fmoke of fashion, are a mere delart till Her fourth and fifth daughters between fix and seven ; or at least, jumped out of a garret window; to the watchmen leaving their the first broke her thigh and stands much earlier than permitthe latter was miserably bruised. ed. It is said, however, that many Dr. Coote Molesworth, with his more might have escaped, but lady, being on a visit to her that her ladyMip's room was in a ladyship, became a part of this blaze before the bulk of the famiunfortunate family. The doctor's ly discovered their danger, so that lady, being much scorched, threw there was no coming at the key of


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