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taking away the butcher's meat on which is 110 miles, and navigable a Sunday. The justices were jufti- the whole way for ships of 6eo tuns fied in seizing the meat, but a ver- burthen. The number of white diêt went against them for break- inhabitants here was about 500, ing open the door in order to make and that of the negroes 6ooo. the seizure. The constable was Paris, June 5. This morning justified, as acting under their the Gens du Roi presented to the warrant, and had a verdict with parliament a declaration, dated costs of fuit.

May 25, permitting a free trade in Arrived the melancholy account grain through all the inland parts of the Elizabeth East Indiaman of the kingdom; and impowering taking fire, on the 8th of January all persons, even nobles and privilast, and afterwards blowing up, leged persons, to carry on this trade, by which the captain, second and without being subject to any forms, fifth mates, and forty-four men and without being obliged to take perished; likewise a confirmation out a licence. The grain is exof the loss of the Walpole India- empted from all tolls, except the men outward bound, being taken ballage and minage (the marketby four French men of war off house and weigh-house dues.) But the island of Ceylon.

nothing herein contained is ta Lord Feversham has bequeath- make any innovation in the regued 500 1. to St. George's hospital tions for supplying Paris with proat Hyde-park corner, and the like ovifions. All former laws relative fum to the Westminster infirmary ; to the inland trade are abrogatalfo 5ool, to the first hofpital or in- ed. firmary that shall be erccted in · By the first edict which was reWiltshire, within five years after gistered on the 31st past, when the his lord ship's decease.

king held his bed of justice, his Amsterdam, July 12th. The majesty makes several alterations negroes, belonging to our very va with respect to the taxes; and in luable colony of Berbicia, in South order to lay taxes more equal for America, rebelled, in the month the future, his majesty has ordered of February last, and in few days an account to be taken immediaterendered themselves masters of all ly of all the freeholds of the king. the plantations in the settlementex dom, not excepting those of the cept three, two of which they even crown, or those of the princes of had in their poffefien for some time, of the blood, ecclefiaftics, nobles, burning and deftroying every thing or other privileged persons, of whas that came in their way, killing such nature soever. And of the negroes as would not join By the second ediêt his majek them, and putting many of the orders, that all the crown debts, whites who fell into their hands to which are payable out of the rethe most cruel deaths. This misfor- venue of the crown, hall be retune is owing, in a great mcaure, deemable, fome at twenty years to the plantations being at a great purchase, without regard to the distance from each other. They original capital, and others in prolie chiefly on the banks of the ri- portion to what the prefent potcelver from the sea up to Fort Naffail, fors paid for them. The declara

tion, which was registered the with all their effects and libraries, same day, lays on a duty of one and all the schools, were reduced per cent. on all alienations of im. to alhes, and but few small habi. moveables.

tations left itanding. The inhaParis, June 9. The officers bitants saved little or nothing of of the Chatelet came to the parlia- their effects, most of them having ment in the great chamber, to in- enough to do to save their lives; and treat the court to interpose their their difticis is very great, having authority to put some stop to the neither cloaths, money, nor bread. bad consequences, occafioned by Some persons were unfortunately inoculating persons for the small burnt, and many greatly hurt, pox, without preparing them pro Wetzlar, June 10. On the 28th perly, and taking proper precauti- ultimo, two regular regiments of ons to prevent the communication foot, four battalions of militia, and of it to others ; and by the advice 500 dragoons and huffars of Helieof the king's council, the court Darmstadt troops, with 30 pieces passed an arret, forbidding all per- of cannon, arrived here, leized fons, of what rank or condition on the gates, and posted themfoever, to inoculate in the towns felves throughout the city. They or villages within the jurisdiction forced open the houses.of the burof the parliament; permitting, ne- gomaster and sixteen aldermen, and vertheless, all perfons, who shall re some other substantial citizens, put tire to "houses separated from even the magistrates under arrest, and ry other house, to be inoculated suffered no person whatever to pafs there, provided they have no com in or out of the gates. The conmunication, but with neceffary at- {ternation of the inhabitants cantendants, for fix weeks from the not be expreffed. The reason aftime of the infertion of the variol- signed for this

outrage is an affront ous matter.

given to the Darmstadt troops in General Luckner, who, in the in their pairage through that city estimation of many officers, is fe- during the war. The troops, howcond to none in the military art, ever have fince evacuated the place, is taken into our (the French) fer- but carried with them as hostages, vice, with the rank of a lieutenant- the burgomaster, and fixteen aldergeneral, and an appointment of men, whom the landgrave is de35,000 livres a year.

termined to detain till the magiSult{bach, June 9. A fire broke ftrates, by a formal deputation, out in the market place of Vo-thall express their disavowal of the heuftraus, a village in our neigh- insult complained of; and it is bourhood, which, by the violence of said they have, in the mean time, the wind, in less than half an hour, been obliged, in disdain of the imfet fire to the whole market, where- perial decrees, to work on the forby 152 dwelling houfes, 101 out tifications. The imperial chamber houses, the church, steeple, and of justice has fent a detail of this bells, the town-house with the re affair to the emperor, the result of cords, the Protestant and Romith which is expected with impatience. places of public worship, together

Geneva, May 21., It may very [G] 3


well be remembered, that when May it abound in better citizens, M. Rousseau published his Emilius, and may they especially be more or treatise on education, the coun- happy than myself! I beg you will cil of Geneva issued a decree, hy. accept of the affurances of my most which they condemned that work, profound respect, &c.” and ordered that the author of it The council having assembled Mould be arrested, if he was ever upon this occasion, some of the found within the territories of the members were of opinion to act republic. This has produced the vigorously with regard to this letfollowing letter from mon?. Rous- ter, as containing expressions reseau to the syndic of Geneva. flecting upon the republic ; but it

" Sir, being recovered from the was resolved by the majority to long astonishment which I was accept of mons. Rousseau's rethrown into by the preceedings of signation simply, without taking the magnificent council, which I further notice of it; and to insert could not in the leait have expect- his letter in the registers of the reed, I have at last taken the part public. which honour and reason dictate, All the principal officers of the however reluctant it may be to me. British troops, sent to the relief of

I declare to you then, fir, and Portugal, on taking leave of his beg of you to declare to the mag-moit faithful majelty, were honificent council, that I for ever re- noured with presents, according lign my right to the burgher!hip to their rank, expreflive of that of the city and republic of Geneva. monarch's sense of their services; Having fulfilled to the utmost of Prince Charles of Mecklenburgh my power the duties of that station, with his majesty's picture, very without reaping any, advantage richly set with diamonds; general from it, I don't think myself in Townshend, with a diamond ring, -arrears to the state at the tiine of a pair of diamond buckles, and 2 my quitting it. I endeavouredi to gold suf box, the whole worth honour the Genevan name, I ten- 30001. and those, who embarked derly loved my countrymen, and for Minorca, with swords of difçınitted nothing to render myself ferent values, with the arms of Beloved by them; no body could Portugal, and a motto in the Porhave succeeded worse in his en- tuguele language, fignifying, Exgdeavours. I will even gratify their lis true faith and bravery, the åthatred. The last facrifice that re- fenders and security of Portugal. mains for me to make;, is that of A gentleman in France having z name which was, fo. dear to me. last year lost his hair by a fit of fickBut, fir, though my country be- nels, recovered it lately in a furcoine strange, it cannot become in- prising manner; and it being a very differentio me., I shall renuin at- curious case, we have given ita tached to it-hy a szender remem- place in our article, of Natural brance, and fall forget nothing Hiltory. but the oatrages I have receiv The wife of the parish clerk of ed from it. May it continue 10 Clunn, in Shropshire, was lately prosper, and its glory increase' ! delivered of two children at the


age of áfty; the husband fixty-two, The new church of West

The wife of a labouring man, at Weycomb, in Buckingham- 3d. Hadlow in Kent, of three boys. fire, was opened. This church,

A weaver's wife in Spittlefields, erected, furnished and endowed of two boys and a girl.

at the fole expence of lord Le Died lately, Mr.King, in King- Despenser, is built of stone, on ftreet, Westminster, aged 100. a very high eminence, where the

Margaret Krafiowna, in Poland, old church stood. The pavement aged 108. (See our article of Na- is Mosaic, and the roof stucco, tural History.)

ornamented with emblematical fi. Rachael Wetherby, near Stock- gures.

There are no pews, but ton, Durham, aged 110.

feats covered with green cloth,

and hafsocks to kneel on. The JULY,

men fit on one side, and the wo.

men on the other.' The pulpit Francis Caswell, William stands by itself, and is adornift.

Fitzgerald, and John Sullivan, ed with a large spread eagle on a were discharged from Newgate, ball, both made of brass, and finely where they had long lain under gilt. The reading desk, and the sentence of death for a rape, his desk for the clerk, both stand sepamajesty having been pleased to rate from each other. In the cengrant them his free pardon.

ter of the church stands a font of Came on at the mansion-house inimitable workmanship four a hearing relating to the seizure of carved doves seem to be drinking fome Trilh butter, lately imported out of it, one dove appears going contrary to act of parliament, when up by the fide, and a serpent folit appearing to be good and whole- lowing it; and the bason where some batter, 190 'firkins of it the water is kept, with the cover were condemned; one half of which to it, is of solid gold. Near the were given to the informer, and altar is a fine picture reprefenting the other half to the parish where our blessed Saviour at his last fupthe faid seizure was made.

per, To compleat the whole there A patent is granted to Alexander

is a finé new organ. Cockburn, of Berwick upon Tweed, Baron Breidbach of Burrififhmonger, for his new method of them, great dean of the chap

5th. curing lalmon with spices. ter, was unaniinously chosen by 2d.

A tender arrived in the them, archbishop and elector of

Maese from the Dutch her Mentz. ring fishery off Shetland, with 143 Was tried by a special jury, bebarrels of the first caught herrings fore lord chief-justice Mansfield, this season, two of which were fold an action brought against a cultomfor 570 guilders, and the others house officer for falle impriton460 guilders the barrel, which is ment, and

ment, and a verdit given for the about 100 guilders more than they plaintif, with 30 l. damages. were sold for last year. $70 guil- The plaintiff had been committed ders is 52 l. and 460 is about $21. to Newgate, and tried at the old ferling.

Eailev for stealing fugar out of a

hip, on the information of the de- made in the court of Commor fendant.

Pleas, in behalf of the king's merCame on at Guildhall, be- fengers, that these verdicts obtain6th.

fore lord chief justice Pratt, a ed against them might be set afide, cause, wherein William Huckell, on account of excess of damages, one of the journeymen printers, the court granted rules for the apprehended on account of the plaintiff to thew cause why new 45th No. of the North Briton, trials should not be entered. But was plaintiff, and the king's mef- when the matter came to be argued, sengers defendants, when, after a the motion was set aside, and the hearing of near twelve hours, in former verdiêts confirmed. which many learned arguments A final dividend of the Herwere used on both sides, the jury, mione prize money, was made at after withdrawing a few minutes, the ship tavern, behind the Exbrought in a verdia for the plain- change. This being so rich a tìff, in 300 l. damages and full prize, we have, for the entertaincofts of suit. The plaintiff's coun ment of our readers, inserted the cil were, Mr. ferjeant Glynn, mefl. account sales of it in the AppenStow, Dunning, Wallace and Gar- dix to this part of our work. diner: his attorney, Mr. James One of the Gloucestershire miPhilips, of Cecil street. The de- litia, for a wager of 300 l. having fendants council, the attorney and undertaken to walk from London folicitor general, serjeants Whitker, to Bristol in twenty hours, set out Naires, Davy, and Mr. Yates; at 12 at night, and arrived at Bristol their attornies, Philip Carteret the next evening about 35 minutes Webb, efq; and Mr. secondary after seven, having performed it with Barnes.

ease in 19
hours and 35

minutes. And next day came on, in the About one o'clock in the

Toth. fame court, a cause, wherein James morning, a moft dreadful Lindsay, another of the journey- fire broke out, near New Crane men printers, was plaintiff, &c. ftairs, Shadwell, which, in a few when he had 200l. damages given hours, consumed 114 houtes, behim, with full costs of fùit. By sides warehouses, &c. a dock, and agreement of the council on both a fhip just finished therein. Sevesides, this verdict determined all the ral lives were loft on this occasion. other actions depending against the But no less than than fix hundred messengers, for the fame offence, pounds was soon after collected which were twelve. The names of for the relief of the sufferers. the special jury on the two trials are, Ended the seffions at Peter Cazalett, foreman, Richard Old Bailey, at which ninety King, William Bond, Thomas Dic- prisoners were tried, and four, one kins, Thomas Selwin, John Daniel a boy of 15,for footpad robberies; Cotin, John Welkett, Joseph Mico, three, for privately tealing in feJames Randall, Frederic Teush, veral dweiling-houses; one for Peter Deschamps, Benjamin Wat- house-breaking, and one for pertinfon.

fonating a failor, in order frauAnd a motion having been fince dulently to receive fome prize



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