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money due to him, received sen- other person three-pence. This tence of death ; of which number resolution (to which the house diffive were soon after executed. agreed upon, the report) was opForty-two were fentenced to tranf- posed in the committee by the portation, for seven years, one courtiers, who gave for a reason, was branded, and one whipped. That the players were the king's Among those tried for felony, “ servants, and a part of his pleaand acquitted, was one Lee, tried “ fure.” To this Sir John Coven. on the Black Act, for maim- try, by way of reply, asked, ing his wife. It appeared he Wbether the king's pleajure lay among had cut her throat whilft she was the men, or among the women players. Neeping, with a razor, about three This being reported at court, was inches in length; but this maim- highly relented, and a resolution ing did not come within the de was taken to set a mark on Sir John Jcriptions of the act on which he to prevent others from taking the was tried. The reason of his ac like liberties. December 20, the quittal was, That in all penal laws night that the house adjourned for the letter of the law is to be ad- the Christmas holydays, twentyhered to ; and in the act 22 & 23 five of the duke of Monmouth's C. II. c... on which the pri- troop of life-guards, and some few foner was tried, the maiming made foot, lay in wait from ten at night capital is thus described : · If any till two in the morning by Suffolk

person, on purpose, and by ma- ftreet, and as Sir John returned : lice forethought, and by lying from the tavern, where he supped, • in wait, fall unlawfully cut or to his own house, they threw him

disable the tongue, put out an eye, down, and with a knife cut the • fit the nose, cut of a nose or lip, end of his nose almoft off; but

or cut off or disable any limb or company coming, made them fearmember of any subject, with in- ' ful to finish it. The debates which • tention in so doing to maim or - this affair occafioned in the house

disfigure him ; the person fo of commons, may be seen in An

offending, his counsellors, aiders, chitel Grey's debates lately pub' and abertors, (knowing of, and lished. One of the members em* privy to the offence) Thall be phatically called the attack on

guilty of felony without benefit Coventry, "a horrid un-English of clergy.

" acti'y During the debate, Dr. This act is called the Coventry- Arras made an extravagant motion azt, because it was made on Sir for a bill to punish any, man that John Coventry's being alfaulted in Thould speak reflective on the king. the street, and having his nose slit, By fome he was called to the bar, on the following occafionc but his explanation and excuse

In the committee of ways and were admitted of. He said, He means it had been resolved, That was the only physician of the towards the supply, every one that house, and, humanum eft errare; resorts to any of the play-houses,, 4 he hoped he hould be pardoned.' who fits in the box, shall pay one

At Aix, in France, they

izh. thilling ; every one who fits in the had a hock of an earthpit, hall pay and every quake, attended with an extraor

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dinary noise, which was felt at the course of the evidence it appeared, same time in different parts of the that the defendant, Wylde, had province, particularly at Tarascon, caned and imprisoned the plaintiff where, it's assured, that several without jutt cause, and that the clocks ftruck, and bells rang, from plaintiff received 300 lashes with a the violence of it.

cat o’nine tails at the halberts, unThere happened a great der colour of the sentence of a 13th. form of thander at Barle- court

martial, of the proceedings duc, Ligney, and the neighbour- of which no evidence was given ing villages. The ground was by the defendants; and, after a covered with hail to the height of long hearing, the jury found a eleven inches, the trees, &c. torn verdict for the plaintiff with 300l. down, part of the land, the vines, damages, viz, againit Mr. Wylde and their supports carried away ; 2001. and againit Mr. Mackenzie the fields, meadows, and gardens, and Mr. Gough gol.each. all covered with the trees, &c. that Mr. Thomas Brown, a gentlewere torn up ; in a word, in seve man farmer of Minety in Glouces. ral places there remain no hopes tershire, being, with fix of his ferof any harveft of any fort: all the vants, in a ground about a mile houses of Ligney were laid onder from his house, a violent storm of water. The hail-ftones were fo thunder arose, which drove Mr. large, and came with such force, Brown and his servants to a hawthat the walls are marked by them,

thorn-tree for thelter ; but, unas if bored by musquet balls. The happily for them, a terrible clap damage is computed at 600,000 broke over their heads, which kill livres.

ed Mr. Brown and one of the 14th.

Came on, at Chelmsford, servants on the spot. Theother five

before lord chief justice Pratt, were dangerously wounded. It is two trials, in which Mr. Bamber thought the open air is, on these Gascoyne was plaintiff, and some occafions, the fafest place, as the freemen of Malden defendants, for wet received by the cloaths has a bribery, at the latt election, when great tendency to divert the lightverdicts were given for the plain- ening another way. tiff, with costs of fuit.

Such a violent storm of hail fell 15th.

Came on at the aflizes of at Besançon in France, and in up

Winchester, before a special wards of two hundred communijury, a cause,wherein George Daw- ties of the province, that it laid on, late a foldier in the 85th regi- waste the whole country, which ment of foot, was plaintiff, and Ron before gave hopes of a very plentibert Wylde, Richard Lucas, Charles ful harvest. The wind was so high Williams, Richard Gough, Robert at the same time, that several very Temple, James Johns, and Collin large trees, and likewise several Mackenzie, Eförs, lieutenants, and houses, were blown down; many Thomas Prowse, Thomas Frazeer, persons that were out in the fields and John Higgins, drummers, de were dangeroufly wounded, and fendants. The action was brought some killed by the hail-ftones, for trespafs, affault, and false im- most of which were larger than a prisonment of the soldier. In the hen's egg.

During the time of divine the fact being clearly proved by the 23d. fervice a fire-ball fell upon gunner of the fort, the jury, after the church of Hertford, penetrated staying out fome time, found him the same, and greatly terrified the guilty: congregation. It burit in the blue At Maidstone asfizes eight pricoat boys gallery, with a terrible soners were capitally convicted, all noise, that was heard in every" for the highway. house in the town, båt did no At Croydon eight persons were other damage than fingeing a boy's capitally convicted; fix, (one a boy hair.-The like accident has hap- of seventeen, who at the place of pened to several other churches, execution' is said to have owned particularly that at Mangotsfield the murder of a man and a woman) in Glouceftershire, and Wilbraham for the high way ; one for a rape, church near Cambridge.

and theother,a woman,for burglary. A house, in Queen-street, Lin At the affizes at Buckingham, coln's-inn-fields, which had been one for robbery, and one for horse lately repaired, and two in Grace- stealing, received fentence of death. church-ftreet, which thewed 10 At the aflizes for the county of signs of craziness, suddenly tum- Devon, fifteen persons received: bled to the ground; those in fentence of death for various Gracechurch-itreet, without any crimes ; fome for highway, fome other notice than a loud crack, for private robbery, some for murwhich, however, was sufficient to der, fome for burglary, fome for alarm the inhabitants," so that no cattle stealing, and one, a lad of lives were loft.

eleven years old, for: setting fire One Richard Watson, tolman to his master's house. of Marybone turnpike, was found At the assizes, for the city and barbarously murdered in his toll county of Bristol, three men were house ; upon which, and some at capitally convicted. tempts made on other toll-houses, At the aflizes at Wells for for the truftees of turnpikes have come county of Somerset, three persons to a resolution to increase the núm- received sentence of death, all of ber of toll-gatherers, and to fur- whom were reprived. nith them with arms, ftri&ly en At Gloucester aflizes four receivjoining them, at the fame time, ed sentence of death, among whom not to keep any money at the toll was the highwayman, who cut his houfes after 8 o'clock at night. throat on being apprehended.

Came on, at Bury St Edmund's, -i At the aflizes at Durham, a girl the trial of Philip Thicknefl:, Esq; received fentence of death for the lieutenant-governor of Land-guard murder of her bastard child, and fort, for á libel, refleéting on the was executed accordingly." military conduct and perfonal con At the aflizes at Coventry, three rage of the right 'honourable lord received sentence of death. They Orwell, colonel of the eastern bat- belonged to a large and dangeroas talion of the Suffolk militia, when gang, confifting of men and woit appearing that a wooden gun men, who used to travel from place had been sent, to provoke his lord to place, in fearch of opportunities ship to a breach of the peace, and to plunder the weak and the un

wary ;

wary; and from being discovered ready money, which, on delivefý at Coventry, were called the Co- was seized in execution before ventry Gang

the money was paid. The jury At Leicester asizes five persons gave a verdict in favour of the received sentence of death, among merchant." whom was one for returning from By virtue of a search warrant, transportation, one for forgery, and fome valuable MSS that had been one for the highway.

stolen from a public office by a At Lancaster one only was capi- woman who used to sweep the tally convicted ;-his crime-re- room, were lately recovered at a turning from transportation. grocer's shop, where she had fold

At Ely afflizes a girl of fixteen them for waste paper at two-pence pas capitally convičted of robbing a pound. On her examination it her master's house and setting it appeared, that she had practised on fire, by which it was entirely this fraud at the fame office a year consumed.

and a half, in which time she had At Winchester aflizes, fourteen, disposed of an incredible number (one of them for the murder of his of papers, many of which are never wife) were capitally convicted, to be retrieved. ten of them were reprieved; atWor Arrived in the port of Livercefter three, two of whom were red pool from June 1762, to June 1763, prieved ; at Chelmsford five, two 752 vessels, exclusive of those which of whom were reprieved; at Aylef- arrived in ballaft. bury two, one of whom was re The Venetians, in consideration prieved şi at Dorchester two; at of an immediate payment of 50,000 Shrewsbury one ; at Stafford one, ducats, and an annual payment of but reprieved; for Yorkshire three, 5,000, have obtained leave from two of them were reprieved ; at the Algerines for 15 of their ships Derby two; at Monmouth one, to trade freely in the Mediterranean. but reprieved ; at Warwick three, By the Georgia gazette it aptwo of them were reprieved ; Nor- pears, that from the 5th of Janúfolk, Norwich, Huntingdon, Hor- ary, 1762, to the 5th of January, sham, Northampton, Oxford, and 1763, the exports of that province Abingdon, proved maiden affizes.

amounted to 7440 whole, and 119 The judges have been pleased to half barrels of rice ; 9633 lb. of order, that prosecutors who come indico ; 96 hhds. 832' bundles of to prosecute felons at a distance, deer-skins; 13 bundles of beavershall be allowed moderate travell- fkins ; 417,449 feet of pine-timing charges, which is to be paid ber ';

of pork; by the treasurer of the county, on 688,045 shingles ; 359,002 ftaves producing a certificate from the and heading 38 barrels of beef; clerk of the aflizel 1.9.

1250 bushels of Indian corn ; 796 A caufe was lately tried in the bushels of rough rice ; 246 barrels fheriffs court in Ireland, in which of tar; 1602 sides of tanned leaa merchant was plaintiff, and the ther; 10,5c0 hoops ; 1050 handcreditors of one Maybary defen- spikes; and 2033 bars. dants. The merchant had fold Paris, July 15. The following Maybury two bales of filk for ordonnance was this day published


292 barrels

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here. When young fellows of fa- foldiers are, and shall be furnished mily shall be guilty of irregulari. grátis with inftruments for tilling cies, capable of wounding the ho- the earth, and feed to low it, and noor, or disturbing the quiet, of the produce shall be for their own their families, or which are repre. bencfit. They shall be new clothed hensible by the police, without be- every year; and in case of fickness ing crimes punishable by law, it received into the hospital as foldiers, fhall be lawful for their parents to They shall be distributed into claffes as the secretaries of state in the as foon as they discover any figns department of war and of the ma- of amendment; and the comrine, to transport them to the island mandant shall give an account to of Desirade. If the proofs, which the minister at war and of the ma. they shall be obliged to deliver for rine, that he may inform the pas that effect, are found just, an or rents. In case it should be dif. der shall be delivered to them from covered that their families, nota the king, by virtue of which they withstanding their reformation, may conduct, at their own ex want to keep them abroad, that pence, those young fellows to the they may enjoy their eftates ; the port of Rochefort, where they shall young fellows shall be allifted to be detained in prison, and main recover them, if they chuse to retained at the king's expence, till main in the colonies, or they shall they be put on board a packet- even be allowed to return to boat, the commander of which France, to take care of their affairs thall be answerable to his majesty in perfon. for their safe custody. During the The wife of Mr. Priestly of voyage they fall mess with the Rosemary-lane, was lately brought common failors, and at their ar to bed of two boys and a girl. rival at Martinico, the captain shall Died lately. WilliamPickworth, consign them to the governor-ge- near Lynn, Norfolk, aged 102. neral of the island, and take a re John Baxant, of Laxfield, Suf. ceipt for them, which, at his re- folk, aged 102. turn to France, he fhall deliver to John Bates, near Wem, Salop, the secretary of state. The young aged 103. fellows shall be sent to prison by the governor-general, and dieted AUGUST. as the common foldiers, till they be sent to Defirade. On their ar The collection of the anni.

2d. riyal there, the commandant, to versary feaft of St. Luke's whom they shall be delivered, shall hospital, amounted to three hun. ftation them in a fruitful, healthy dred and fixty pounds. part of the island. They thall be 1 About fix in the evening there lodged in cabins built on purpose arose, at Anderlicht, about a for them. He shall forbid them league from Bruffels, a conflict of the use of any sort of arms, and several winds, borne upon a thick take all necessary precautions to fog. This conflict lasted four of prevent their making their escape. five minutes, and was attended They fall be fed as the common with afrightful hifling noise, wbich


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