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futation of Atheists and EpicuMr. Dodd having lately favoured reans, but also of Pagan Theists the public with the following piece, and Jews, and proves, undeniably, we thought it worthy a place in our that Jesus is the Christ, or Messiah collcetion.

promised. Since, according to this

prediction, Mefiah the prince was The truth of Christianity, deduced to appear, juft at the very time,

from Daniel's prophecy of the when Jesus, being thirty years old*, Seventy weeks. By Mr. Locke. was baptifed by John. And there

was, at that time, no other preOfephus, in the tenth book of tender to the Messiahship besides

his Antiquities, cap. ult. con- him. fates Atheists and Epicureans, such Moveover, it is undeniably evias denied either God or Providence, dent, from this prophecy of Dafrom the prophecies of Daniel. niel, together with that of Jacob's “ All these prophecies, says he, about Shilo, that the notion which being revealed by God to Daniel, the present and modern Jews have were left in writing by him, fo of the Meffiah is absolutely false; that men, by seeing the events, and that chiefly in these four parmight be sufficiently convinced ticulars following: thereby that the Epicuréans are in First, They denying the Meliah a great error, who cast Providence to be already come, muft, of neout of human life, and will not ceflity, hold, that he is to come allow God to have any thing to do in the time of the dispersion and with the regimen of our affairs, captivity of the Jews, that he may for the universe to be governed by bring them into their own land & blessed and immortal effence, but again, and build a third temple. all things to flow promiscuously But the contrary hereunto is unwithout a guide, or governor, as questionably evident, namely, that fhips that are tossed in the sea by the Meffiah was to come whilft the waves and storms." And again, Jewish common-wealth was stando " When I confider. Daniel's pro- ing, and under the second temple, phecy, I cannot but condemn the before the destruction by Tituz. folly of those men who deny God For the seventy, weeks determined to have any care of the affairs of to bring in the everlasting righte, mortals, For how should things ousness, to seal vision and prophe. come to pass so exactly, as they cy, and to anoint the moit holy, have done, according to Daniel's are unquestionably determined for predi&tions, if all things happen the bringing in of the Messiah, ed by chance?" en

Now they are said to be determin, But this one prophecy of Seventy ed upon Daniel's people and city; weeks is not only a fufficient con that is, that the Jewish polity and

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This Mr. Locke has proved in the course of a long and learned differtation on the Seventy weeks of Daniel, of which this piece is but the conclusion, and which, with lome other manuscripts by the same great man, have been lately put into Mr. Dodd's hands by lord Malham, at whole house at Cates Mr. Locke (pent a great part of the latter end of his life.

56 That which did chiefty excite

city of Jerusalem Should continue the Mef'ah (who shall be readily all that while, and therefore till embraceu by the gentiles) coming the coming of the Mefliah. The to it. Wherefore, it is not here beginning

of these weeks must be material to dispute, whether the from the going forth of the decree second temple, as repaired and of some Perfian king to restore and beautified by Herod, did exceed build Jerusalem, and the latest of that of Solomon's, in beauty or these decrees was either in the fe- pomp, or no,-that glory of it, venth or twentieth of Artaxerxes; which the prophet speaks of, beand therefore the Mefliah was un- ing not in reference to filver and doubtedly to come within four hun- gold, but the coming of the Mefdred and ninety years after the lah into it. For otherwise, the twentieth of Artaxerxes at farthest. Talmudifts themselves have ob. However no man can extend these served, that the second temple was feventy weeks farther than the de- inferior to the first, in respect of ftruction of the city and temple by five things that were wanting in Titus, therefore the Meffiah was it. And, Matt. iii. ver. I, “Be. unquestionably to come before that hold, I will send my messenger, time. So also from Jacob's pro- and he shall prepare the


before phecy, Shilo was to come before me; and the Lord whom ye feek, the scepter was departed from Ju- shall suddenly come to his temple, dah: therefore, either before the even the messenger of the covenant, destruction by Nebuchadnezzar, whom ye delight in. Behold, he or else by Titus. Not the former, hall come, faith the Lord of hosts.” because these four prophets, Da- This can be no other than the niel, Haggai, Zachariah, and Ma- Melliah. And if he were to come lachi, prophesied of the Messiah's to his temple, then must the temcoming as future, after the de- ple be standing at his coming. fruction by Nebuchadnezzar. This But, whatever the Jews, who fame truth is farther attested by have refused the true Meffiah, now other of the prophets. Haggai, think, it is certain, that before chap. ii, ver. 6, 7, 8, 9. “ Yet the destruction of the second tem. once, it is a little while and I will ple, they generally expected the fhake the heavens, and the earth, coming of the Mefliah, and such and the sea, and the dry land, and an one, that should set up a Jewih I will shake all nations, and the monarchy over the whole world, desire of all nations shall come, which was the chief thing that aniand I will fill this house with mated them to the war against the glory. The filver is mine, and Romans. Thus Josephus testifies, the gold is mine,--the glory of this book vii. chap. 12. p. 961:

: latter house shall be


than of the former, and in this place them to the war, was an obscure will I give peace.” Where it is oracle found in the holy writings, plain, that the glory of this latter that about that time, one coming house exceeding that of the former, out of that land should rule over is not meant in respect of silver the whole world, which they inand gold, because that is excluded, terpreted of one of their own nabut from the desire of all nations, tion, and many of the wise men


were deceived therein. But this fervitutem redegit, natus fuit eorun, oracle fignified the empire of Vef- dem redemptor, venturus nempe Mefpafian." Suetonius also and Ta. fias, ut ita compararetur medicamencitus affirm this to be a general tum ante plagam. Whence we may fame in the world at that time, gather, that this ridiculous figthat one coming out of Judæa ment (which indeed is mentioned fhould rule over the whole world ; in the Talmud) of the Meffiah which must needs spring from the being born before the destruction Jews.

by Titus, but absconded all this And that the Meffiah was not to while at Rome, as Moses was born come long after the dispersion and and bred up in Pharaoh's house, captivity of the Jews, as is now before he came to redeem the peobelieved by them, may be evi- ple of Israel, was first excogitated, dently proved from hence; because in all probability, for this purthis being given as one diagnostic,, pose; because the Jews are suffior character of the true Meffiah ; ciently fenfible of the difficulty, that he should come, not only out that if the Meffiah was now to be of the tribe of Juda, but also from born, his genealogy could not pofthe feed of David; he must needs fibly be known. Therefore they come, before the genealogies were would pretend that he was born loft, or, otherwise, it could not before the genealogies were loft be known, whether he was of the among the Jews, and under the feed of David, or not.

Our mo

second temple. dern Jews are at a non-plus here, But, because, this is monstrous, and know not what to say. For foolish, and absurd, for the Jews this is so obvious, that they could to 'expect a Messiah to come, who not but take notice of it, and Ja- was born 1600 years ago, and has cob Aben Amram, N. 722, thus lived all this while no-body knows propounded it' as an objection of where ; and therefore has, doubtthe Christians against the Jews: lefs, been kept in the clouds, and Suppofito adhuc non venise Mesiam, must drop down from thence: nunquam jam poteft innotefcere de ullo therefore, Aben Amram further venturo Meffia, eum de semine David addeth: Quando Meffias venerit, per Solomonem ortum fuisse cum hoc non humanis teftibus probare se debet penitus ignotum fit, oblongissimum ex femine David per Solomonem deri

Judæorum exilium & difperfionem, vatum, ut principatum orbis obtiac inde natam familiarium mixtionem neat, qui Mefiæ computet, fed divi. & incertitudinem. Proinde faten- nitus propalata evidentia. And dum eft jam venisse Mefiam. To again, Prophetæ folummodo dicunt, which he first replies, That there ex radice Jele furre&turam virgam, fore, according to the opinion of & de David germen in novifimo fome Jews, A tempore excidii Jeru- dierum. Quomodo autem id notum Falem Messias natus füit, & repo- fiet, Deus ipse manifeftabit, & figna tus, ubi Deus novit, quoufque, &c. reri Meliæ tunc impleta. That is, "Et ita exponunt Ifaiam, c. ult. ver. there will either be a divine reve7. Antequam parturiret, peperit, lation, that such a perion did pro&c. Quafi dicat, Priusquam natus ceed from the leins of David, or fuillet ille Titus, qui Judæos in hanc elfe, it shall be proved by the ini


the city and sanctuary fhall be destroyed. We might add, that, A rezular plan of muft. according to that most probable punctuation, which the ancient PSALMODY, called cania Greek interpreters followed Dr planus, confifts of five tones, Dy, that the Mesiah himself, cut and two half tones, which are the oft, Mall destroy the city and sanc- foundation of all sorts of mufic: tuary, with the prince that shall but by a more regular division it come. As Matt. xxii. ver. 7. jould be faid there are fix notes, " He fent forth his armies, and of which not only one, but all destroyed those murtherers.” From may be divided into half notes, these four particulars it plainly ap- quarter notes, demi-quarters, and pears, that the modern Jews who so on, further than any mortal ear expect a Mefliah still to come, are can apprehend.' Sound being digrossly mistaken in the notion of visible ad infinitan in the fame the Messiah, as were also their manner as space. fore-fathers, who caused Jesus to

This divifion of musical sounds, be crucified, and, by that ineans, has an analogy or relation witi that ignorantly fulfilled what the pro- of colours, of which there are fix phets had foretold concerning him, forts; white, red, yellow, green, & that he should suffer, and so blue, and black. Some indeed enter into his glory.”

divide the colours into seven; The notion which the modern the seventh they call purple; Jews have is this : first, that he but I can't perceive it is otherwise hall be a pure man, descending than a mixture more splendid than from the feed of David. Socondly, brown, grez, and the other mixed that he is promised to the Jews colours. Black is said to be a only, and not to the gentiles. mere negation of calour, but as it That he shall come in the time of makes an impreffion on the imagithe captivity, after the Roman nation, I overlook the fubtilty in empire is expired. That he fhail this comparison, and suppose it a fet up a terrestrial monarchy over colour, the whole world, and the benefits By dividing the musical notes which he shall bring to the Jews

into fix, as nature directs, the uni. shall be only corporal. That Mej- sound will fall on the seventh note, fras Davidicus non occidetur. That and should, for this reason, be Messias, who comes of the line of called a septime, and not an octave, David, shall not be flain: but shall a name occafioned by the two half conquer and subdue all nations, notes. Music is generally fup. and make them subject to him, and posed to consist of three parts; then he shall suffer them to live in treble, tenor, and bass. But that peace and quiet, who embrace the the twenty-four letters of the alJewish religion, and continue in phabet may find employment in the vallalage and subjection to the scheme of music I am propofing, I Jews under him.

thall divide it into four parts, which are the double treble, the treble, the tenor, and the bass, fix 11otes to each part. The double


“That when Shilo came, the gent with them that are not a people, tiles Mould be gathered to him." and provoke them to anger with a Wherein is implied, that the body foolish nation." Before which it of the Jewilh nation should not ad was alfo revealed to Abraham, here to him, but, that the gen Gen. xxii. ver. 18.

« In thy feed tiles should embrace him. And shall all the nations of the earth be therefore, when a church should bleffed."--Hof. ii., " That, after be gathered to him out of the long captivity, the Jews shall seek gentiles, the Jewish polity should the Lord, and David their king.” be destroyed. The same is also Whence it follows, that David intimated in Daniel's prophecy, their king was come before, but where it is said, that the Messiah not owned by them. Though this shall confirm the covenant with was plainly foretold in the writings many, (that is, of the Jews) one of the prophets, yet was it not week'; because, though the body. then underttood by the Jews, when of the Jewish nation rejected him, Chrift came. Ephef. iii. “ The and caused him to be cut off, yet mystery, which in other ages was many of the Jews believed in him, not made known unto men, that with whom the gospel covenant is the gentiles should be fellow-heirs, said to be confirmed by Christ one and of the same body, and parweek: because during that week takers of his promise in Chrilt by it should be preached to Jews only, the gospel.” Acts xxii. ver. 21. but at the end thereof the gentiles « And he said, Depart, for I will were baptised, and received the send thee far hende, to the gens Holy Ghoft; which is plainly fore- tiles. And they gaye audienee told in other prophetic writings : unto this word, and then lifted as when he is called in Zech. up their voices and faid, Away "The defire of all nations.” If. with such a fellow from the earth, xlii. ver. 1. “ Behold my servant, for it is not fit that he should live.” whom I uphold, my elect, in whom Fourthly, Whereas, both the my foul delighteth. I have put ancient and modern Jews took it my Spirit upon him, and he shall for granted, that the Meffiah should bring forth judgment to the gen- set up a Jewish monarchy over the tiles.” And, ver. 4. “ The illes whole world, and advance the cethall wait for his law." And, remonial worship of God in the ver. 6. "I will give thee for a co- temple; and the Jews at this day venant of the people, for a light generally believe, that when the of the gentiles: To open the Melliah' cometh he shall rebuild blind eyes, to bring out the pri- Jerusalem, and also a third temple, foners from the prison, and them after the form of that in Ezekiel. that fit in darkness out of the pri- On the contrary, it is most certain, fon-house." Psalm ii. “ Ak of first, from Jacob's prophecy, that me, and I will give the heathen after the coming of Shilo, and the for thine inheritance, and the ut- gathering of the gentiles to him, termoft parts of the earth for thy the scepter shall depart from Judah, poffeffion." This was also fore- and the magiftrate, or governor, told by Moses, Deut. xxü. ver. 1. descending from him. And from "I will move them to jealousy Daniel expressly, that then both

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