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PUBLICATIONS OF THE Congregational Union of England and Wales. The New Congregational Hymn Book, and The (Old) Congregational Hymn Book. A

A Series of

complete List of Sizes, Prices, and Types, with terms to Congregations, will be forwarded on application.

Published annually, price 1s. 6d., sewed, or 2s. 6d. cloth, The Congregational Year Book. Containing

the Proceedings of the Congregational Union and General Statistics of the Denomination.

** The large circulation of the above, and its constant use as a work of reference, recommend it as a desirable medium for ADVERTISEMENTS, a scale of charges for which is subjoined :Six Lines and under ............... £0 8 0 A Whole Page ........................ £2 10 0 Every Additional Line ............. 0 1 0 | Bills of Eight Pages and under 2

Bills of Eight Pages and nndar Half a Page ......

.. 1 7 6 | Not exceeding Sixteen Pages ... 2 12 6 Advertisements should be sent to the Publishers by the 12th, and Bills (5000) by the

16th of December. Congregational Church Records.

Papers prepared by the Committee of the Congregational Union, for recording Historical Facts relating to Churches, Minutes of

Proceedings, &c., &c. Folio, bound in green vellum. 1st size, containing 2 quires, price 148. | 2nd size, containing 4 quires, price 20s.

3rd size, containing 6 quires, price 26s. The Contents and Proportions of the smallest sized book are as follows:Title Page, &c. .................... 6 pages. | Roll of Church Members......... 32 pages. Historical Account .

Marriages ....... Church Minutes..

Baptisms ...................... Collections

........ 12

Burials The second size contains twice the above quantities; and the third, three times.

In post 8vo., price 1s., cloth limp, Royal 12mo., price 28. 6d., cloth, The Aberdare Addresses. Jethro. ByJ.Campbell, D.D.

Papers read at the Autumnal Meeting 1 Royal 12mo., price 2s., cloth, of the Congregational Union of Eng

A Guide to the Christian land and Wales, held in Aberdare, Sept., 1859. By Revs. G. LEGGE,


In 3 vols., 8vo., reduced to 158., cloth D.D., and G. SMITH.


Historical Memorials of the Royal 12mo., price 28., cloth,

Independents, or Congregationalists, Our Country.

from their Rise to the Restoration of By James

the Monarchy, A.D. 1660. By BenMATHESON, D.D.



Now ready, Royal 8vo., price 6s. 6d., cloth, New Edition. The Hebrew Grammar of Gesenius. Trans

lated without Abridgment. By Professor T. J. Conant. With a Course of Exercises, and a Hebrew Chrestomathy, by the Translator.


Congregational Church Music. Psalms and

Hymns for Chanting, Practice-Songs for Classes, &c., &c.

(Weigh-House Series.) A complete List of the Editions and Bindings of the various works in this Series will be sent post-free on application to the Publishers.

*** Congregations supplied on the same terms as the “New Congregational Hymn Book.”

“Probably the collection best adapted to present powers is the enlarged edition of Congregational Church Music.'-British Quarterly.

"If any competent precentor or leader of a chapel choir gets hold of it, we are inclined to think he will not rest till he gets it adopted as the tune-book of the congregation."-Patriot.

INSTRUMENTAL SCORE-NOW READY, The Congregational Psalmist: a Companion

to all the New Hymn Books. Edited by the Rev. HENRY ALLON

and H. J. GAUNTLETT, Mus. Doc. FIRST SECTION— Vocal Score, crown 8vo., 5s. cloth lettered, and 5s. 6d.

roan, gilt edges. Instrumental Score, demy 4to., price 12s. 6d.

cloth lettered, and 15s. roan, gilt edges. SECOND SECTION-Chants, Sanctuses, Te Deum, etc. Condensed

Score, Is. Od. stiff covers ; 2s. cloth; 2s, 6d. roan, gilt edges. *** Congregations supplied on the same terms as the “ New Congregational Hymn Book."

The CONGREGATIONAL PSALMIST and CHANTS, in One Volume, Vocal Score, crowd 8vo., price 78. cloth lettered, and 8s. roan, gilt edges.

“It has every quality that will attract and please at the first glance, and we are very glad that an incentive should thus be offered to an examination of its contents, such as we feel they well deserve and will abundantly repay. On the first appearance of this work we expressed our admiration of the extensive research and discriminating judgment which the selection of music evinces, and, above all, for its admirable fitness for the purpose for which it is designed. A further acquaintance with the book has more than confirmed our first impressions, while its adoption by many congregations, and the gratifying results which appear in all cases to attend its use, afford continually multiplying sanctions for our own opinion.”-Evangelical Mag.


Second Thousand, price 1s. sewed, and 28. roan, gilt edges, Sacred Harmonies for the Sabbath School and

Family. By JAMES SAMPSON. Containing-I Want to be an
Angel-Jesus is our Shepherd–Thy Will be Done--Beautiful
Sion-Nearer to Thee-Jesus, high in Glory-Just as I am-
Heaven is my Home, &c., &c.

"It comes much nearer to our own idea of what music for children ought to be than anything we have met with before."-Christian Spectator

“We can heartily recommend this little book to public notice. It is well that some attempt should be made to introduce a higher order of musio in our Sunday schools and amongst our children; and Mr. Sampson's is no ordinary collection, his ‘Harmonies' are simple, sweet, often pathetic, and never commonplace.”The Eclectic Review. A NEW SUNDAY BOOK FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.

In one volume, foolscap 8vo., price 3s. 6d., Familiar Colloquies between a Father and his

Children. By John MIDDLETON HARE. “In every view it is admirable, in sentiment sound, in expression elegant, and pervaded by a charming vivacity which never for a moment flags."-Christian Witness. The Bible Story-Book.

DRAPER. Thirteenth Edition, with Wood Engravings, price

2s. 6d., cloth gilt. “ Children of four and five read it with avidity, and never tire till the last story is reached, and then they begin again. These ‘Bible Stories' are worth a cart-load of the Sunday-school novels of the day.”Evangelical Magazine. Mary and her Mother; Scriptural Stories for

Young Children. Fifth Edition, 18mo., with Engravings and a
Frontispiece, 28. 6d. cloth.

In foolscap 8ro., price 1s. 6d. cloth, gilt edges,
A Chat with the Boys on New Year's Eve.

By Old MERRY. “A more sensible and cheery bit of fault-finding than this *Chat with the Boys' was never inflicted on a party of young gentlemen."-Atheneum.

“Parents may give it to their boys, persuaded that they will con every sentence of it with pleasure and profit. We give it our hearty commendation, and hope its cir. culation will correspond with its positive worth.”-Patriot.

Twelfth Edition, with Vignette Title, in fcap. 8vo., price 5s. cloth,

By the Rev. B. H.

The Contributions of Q. Q.

By Jane Taylor.

Le Petit Precepteur; or, First Steps to

French Conversation. By F. GRANDINEAU, formerly French
Master to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Twenty-ninth Edition,

square 16mo., with Fifty Woodcuts, 38. cloth. Il Piccolo Precettore; or, First Steps to

Italian Conversation. With Woodcuts, price 3s. cloth. Der Kleine Lehrer ; or, First Steps to German

Conversation. Uniform with “ Le Petit Precepteur.” 3s. cloth. Select English Poetry. Designed for the use

of Schools and Young Persons in general. Edited by the late

Dr. ALLEN. New Edition. Royal 18mo., price 49. cloth. Hymns for Infant Minds. By Ann and Jane TAYLOR. 46th Edition. Price Is. 6d. cloth.

By the same Authors, Original Hymns for Sunday Schools. New

Edition. Price 20. sewed. First Lessons in Geography, in Question and

Answer. 217th Thousand. Price 1s. Ward's Illustrated Geography, in Question and

Answer. A Sequel to “ First Lessons in Geography, by a Lady."

Fourth Thousand. 18mo., 1s. cloth. First Lessons in Astronomy, in Question and

Answer. Sixth Edition. 18mo., sewed, !s. First Lessons in the History of England, in

Question and Answer. On the plan of “ First Lessons in

Geography." New Edition. 18mo , sewed, Is.
First Lessons on the Evidences of Christianity.

By B. B. WOODWARD, B.A., F.S.A., Librarian to the Queen.
Price 1s. cloth limp.

By the same Author,
First Lessons on the English Reformation,

Second Edition. Price 1s. cloth limp.

PERIODICALS. The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary

Chronicle. Published Monthly, price 6d. The British Quarterly Review. Published on

the 1st of January, April, July, and October, price 6s. The Eclectic Review. Published Monthly,

price One Shilling.

*** Advertisements received until the 25th of the Month. A Scale of Charges for each of the above will be forwarded on application.

Price One Penny, Monthly, A New and Enlarged Series of the Teacher's

Offering *** A Specimen Number sent post free for two stamps. All the Back Numbers can be had.

Published Monthly, price One Penny, The Mothers' Friend. Edited by Ann Jane.

FOR GENERAL CIRCULATION. Fifth Thousand, price 3d. In 18mo., price 4d., or 3s. 6d. per dozen, Secret Prayer. By Rev. A Catechism of Christian C. STANFORD, Author of “ Central

Evidences, Truths, and Duties. By Truths.”

the Rev. W. WALFORD, Author of By the same Author, Fifth Edition, “Curæ Romanæ,” &c., &c. price 3d.

Price 20.,
Friendship with God.
Thirtieth Thousand, price 2s. per dozen. /

| A Few Counsels to a Mem

ber of a Christian Church. By the Where shall I be 100 Years


By the same Author, Fifteenth Thousand, “To all distributors of good books we say, get this little pamphlet, and sow it | A Few Counsels to a Young broadcast. We have met with nothing of its size and kind so likely to make an

Believer. impression and give true ideas of salva

Second Edition, Price 2d. tion, for a long time." - Patriot.

** A Gentleman in Scotland ordered 4,000 copies. Cheap Edition, price 1s. 6d. per dozen,

commencing a Religious Life. Imputed Righteousness.

Price 2d., By the Rev. EDWARD STEANE, D.D.

Words to the Wise. “They By the same Author, Cheap Edition,

that be wise shall shine as the brightprice 1s. 6d. per dozen,

ness of the firmament, and they that

turn many to righteousness as the The Great Transaction.

stars for ever and ever.”

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