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Works published by Jackson, Walford, & Hodder,



In One Volume, crown 8vo., price 7s. cloth, Modern France, its Journalism, Literature,

and Society. By A. V. KirwAN, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and Author of the Article “ France,” in the “ Encyclopædia Britan. nica,” “ Ports, Arsenals, and Dockyards of France," " The Army

and Garrisons of France," &c., &c. This volume is from the pen of an author whose knowledge of France and Frenchmen is such that we doubt if it be equalled by another subject of her Britannic Majesty, The style of the book is free and vigorous.''- British Quarterly Review.

"An important exposition of the history of our neighbours, rivals, and allies, by a painstaking and able writer, who shows in every part of his work an intimate knowledge of his subject. The book is full of interest, while its style and manner are most masterly."-Court Journal. It is as interesting as a romance.”-Patriot.

In crowo 8vo., price 5s. cloth.

The First Week of Time; or, Scripture in

Harmony with Science. By CHARLES Williams, Author of

“ The Seven Ages of England,” &c., &c. .." As to the creation of the world, no philosophy could ever come up to that which Moses taught us."-Owen Feltham.


In One Volume, crown 8vo, price 6s., cloth, The Improvement of Time. An Essay, with

other Literary Remains, by John Foster, Author of " An Essay ou Decision of Character," &c. With a Preface by John Shep. PARD, Author of “ Thoughts on Devotion," &c. Edited by J. E. RYLANI), M.A.

"The reader will find in it all the characteristics of the author's mind, great power of observation, strong originality of thought, with more ease and freedom of style than is always met with in his later writings. The fragments of sermons are many of them deeply interesting, and the same may be said of the letters."-British Quarterly Revier.

In One Volume 8vo., price 10s. 6d , cloth lettered, with Portrait, John Leifchild, D.D., his Public Labours,

Private Usefulness, and Personal Characteristics. Founded upon an Antobiography. By J. R. LEIFCUILD, A.M.

“The memoir is the portrait of a truly devout and working Christian man, original, independent, manly, of no little sagacity and humour, with an earnest and abundant earnesthess, and an unfaltering devotion to his work that would have made him notable anyhow and anywhere." - Christian World.

“This is one of the most interesting and admirably executed pieces of religions and ministerial biography we have for a long time seen.”---Eclectic Review.

In crown 8vo., price 38., cloth antique, red edges, The Divine Mystery of Peace. By J. Baldwin

BROWN, B.A. These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.”—JOAN xvi. 33.

“Mr. Brown always writes with earnestness and strength. No one, therefore, can read his books without feeling this stimulus-the stimulus of a strong man in earnest, whose theology is part of his vital experience and hope. In these characteristics this volume is inferior to neither of Mr. Brown's former books, while, from its theme, it touches the religious in deeper and more spiritual places. Mr. Brown's little book will gratify alike both the thoughtful and the devout." -The Patriot.

“Heartily do we rejoice in the appearance of sermons like these."- Homilist.

"The discourses are characteristic, presenting much beauty, and not a little eloquence. Fervent and forcible, they have claims to general popularity."-British Standard.

BY THE SAME AUTHOR. Second Edition, in crown 8vo., price 78. 6d., cloth, The Divine Life in Man: Fourteen Discourses. By Rev. J. Baldwin Brown, B.A.

In crown 8vo., price 1s. 6d., cloth, The Doctrine of the Divine Fatherhood, in Relation to the Atonement.

In One Volume, crown 8vo., price 78. 6d. cloth, Lectures on Theology, Science, and Revelation,

By the late Rev. GEORGE LEGGE, LL.D., of Leicester. With a
Memoir, by the Rev. Dr. LEGGE, of Hong Kong.

"Full of thought, they are by no means 'dry! The logic, strong and clear, is vitalised by holy feeling; and often, as in the ten discourses on. The Theory of the Gospel' and the Operation of the Gospel,' the style kindles into a nervous and vivid eloquence.”—The Freeman.

In fcap. 8vo, price 3s. Bd. cloth, red edges, Messiah the Hope of Israel, and the Desire of

all Nations. By Rev. P. E. GOTTHEIL, Cannstatt. Translated by Rev. John GILL, Translator of Olshausen's Commentary on St.


Third Edit on, in 8vo., price 28. 6d., sewed. Considerations on the Pentateuch, addressed

to the Laity By Ispao Taylor.

“Minds repelled by the uithmetical argument, and mpatient alike of its proofs and their refutations, will find in tke brief effective pages of the Considerations' an argument for the historic verity of the Pentateuch, that rising above, yet answers the formidable arithmetic of the Bishop, and gives to the reader an insight into the character of the Jewish people, that casts a new, a bright light upon many a page of their wonderful history.The Witness.

In One Volume, 8vo., price 10s. 6d., cloth. Annals of Evangelical Nonconformity in the

County of Essex, from the time of Wycliffe to the Restoration; with Memorials of the Essex Ministers who were ejected or silenced in 1660-1662, and brief Notices of the Essex Churches which originated with their labours. By T. W. Davids, Pastor of the Congregational Church, Lion Walk, Colchester.

“Mr. Davids has performed his task with singular zeal and ability, and the Dissenting community is greatly indebted to him for having performed it with judgment and success."-Patriot.

“It is written in so candid and truthful a spirit and with such competent knowledge of the subject that it may be safely used as an authority.”-Baptist Magazine, DR. VAUGHAN'S MEMORIAL VOLUME.

Second Thousand, in 8vo., price 7s. 6d., cloth,

English Nonconformity. By R. Vaughan, D.D.

"- A volume which merits place in the foremost rank of works lustrating the religious history of the country."-Atheneum.

Dr. Vaughan has told his story well, and with a calm, philosophic moderation becoming his historical reputation."-Daily News.

“Dr. Vaughan's volume on English Nonconformity is every way worthy of the occasion. He has brought to his task the elaborate preparation of a lifetime.... This is no party book, but the strong production of a Christian and au Englishman, who will not stoop to defend the indefensible either In Roundhead or Conformist."Christian Spectator.

Second Thousand, in crown 8vo., price 7s. 6d., cloth, Church and State Two Hundred Years Ago:

Being a History of Ecclesiastical Affairs from 1660 to 1663. By
JOHN STOUGHTON, Author of " Ages of Christendorn before the
Reformation,” &c.

A volume that, regarded from every point of view, we can approve-contains proof of independent research and cautious industry. The temper of the book is generous and impartial throughout."-Atheneum.

“Mr. Stoughton's is the best history of the ejection of the Puritans that has yet been written.”--North British Revieso.

t only of the Nonconforming community, but of all who are interested in the religious history of our country, are due to Mr. Stoughton for the ability, the impartiality, the fidelity, and the Christian spirit with which he has pictured Church and State two hundred years ago.”—Patriot.

Second Edition, Enlarged, in foolscap 8vo., price 9d., cloth, Our Principles; or, a Church Guide for those

holding or seeking Fellowship in Congregational Churches. By the Rev. G. B. Johnson.

A New Edition, price od., or 40s. per 100, Palmer's Protestant Dissenters' Catechism.

With Preface by the late Rev. Dr. PyE SMITH.


In crown 8vo., price 1s., cloth limp, red edges, Instrumental Strength; Thoughts for Stu

dents and Pastors.

" ... Worthy of a very attentive reading by all interested in the work of the ministry. It is indeed a very beautiful paper." - Eclectic Review.

“John Foster could not have produced anything more sage-like in thought, or more beautiful in expression."--Homilist. “Full of wise counsel from beginning to end."-Weekly Review.

Cheap Edition, in small crown 8vo., price 3s. 6d., cloth, Central Truths.

“We have rarely read a volume of sermons with such unmixed pleasure. Gracef 1 in style, orthodox in doctrinal sentiment, pure and elevated in thought, rich in illustration and imagery, yet free from excessive ornament, and pervaded by a deep-toned spirituality and a profound appreciation of scriptural truth, we are quite sure that they will be read with delight and edification."-Baptist Magazine.

... Å brief and sound view of evangelical truth, in attractive language. The style possesses the uncommon charın of being at once rich and clear.”-Record.

Second Thousand, in crown 8vo., price 78. 6d., cloth,

Joseph Alleine : his Companions and Times.

“Mr. Stanford has accomplished his task in a scholarly and Christian fashion. His Memorial shows widely varied and extensive reading."-British Quarterly Review.

“It is beautifully written. There breathes throughout it the spirit of a Christian and a gentleman, the sanctity and the calmness of a man who has no party objects to serve, and the good taste of a writer who has learned wisdom at the everlasting fountain.”—Christian Spectator. Second and Cheaper Edition, in foolscap 8vo., price 2s., cloth limp,

Power in Weakness : Memorials of the Rev.


“It is refreshing to meet with a book like this--the brief, modest, and withal lively and graceful record of a man who, to the great m lived and died unknown. In marked contrast with the gold-leaf style of life-making, in which whatever is really good is beaten out into invisible thinness and tenuity, this memoir is a solid ingot, small in bulk, but with valid mint-mark, and precious in every grain of it.”-Family Treasury.

“Mr. Rhodes' life was one of singular trial and affliction, and the remarkable development of mental power which he exhibited in the midst of great physical weakness forms the leading idea of the book."-Record.

Fifth Thousand, 18mo., price 3d. sewed, or 2s. 6d. per dozen, Secret Prayer

“An exceedingly beautiful discourse ; displaying at once a cultivated mind, a devout heart, and an original genius.”-Congregational Pulpit.

Fifth Edition, 18m0., price 3d. sewed, or 2s. 6d. per dozen,

Friendship with God.


"... Rich with consoling and ennobling sentiments."-English Presbyterian "This exquisitely beautiful discourse."--The Freeman.

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In post 8vo., price 78. 6d., cloth, a new Edition, revised and enlarged, The History of the Transmission of Ancient

Books to Modern Tiines; together with the Process of Historical

Proof. By Isaac Taylor. “The book is throughout ingenious and interesting.”Saturday Review.

By the same Author, in post 8vo., price 7s. 6d., cloth, The World of Mind. An Elementary Book.

It is nowise inferior to his former works, either in vigour speculation, or in its terse translucent style."--Eclectic Review.

In small crown 8vo., price 3s. 6d., a Second and Cheaper Edition, Memories of New Zealand Life. By Edwin

HODDER. “A very graphic description of colonial society."--Daily News.

A very interesting addition to our colonial literature, and in furnishing an insight into the daily customs, habits, and amusements of colonial society, supplies a deficiency which has long been admitted." -Australian and New Zealand Gazette.

Animated and vivacious – frank, simple, religious, and sensible.- British Quarterly Review.

“The best account we have met with of the various social phenomena of a new colony."-Westminster Revier.

By the same Author, in small crown 8vo., price 3s. 6d., cloth, The Junior Clerk; a Tale of City Life. With

Preface by W. EDWYN SHIPTON, Secretary of the Young Men's
Christian Association.

" It is well told, the moral is obvious, and the religious principles are correct. It is just the book for presenting to a young man entering on City life.'"-Record.

"A very well-told story. It is so vivaciously and easily written, that it is certain to be read with pleasure."-Patriot.

This is emphatically a book for young men. Would that a copy of it were in the hands of every junior clerk in the metropolis. It is replete with wisdom and warning, love and truth."-Christian Witness.

Cheap Edition, price Half-a-Crown,

olour colonial militera tout colonial society and elect

John Howard. By Hepworth Dixon.

“John Howard has never been done justice to before. Our author has made his life a poem and a romance."-Evangelical Magazine.

“Written with much ability, and in a graphic style.”—Christian Observer.

“By far the best and most accurate biography of Howard that has yet been published.”—Daily News.

In crown 8vo, price 4s. 6d., red edges,

Windsor Castle and Town. Historical and Descriptive. By John Stoughton.

By the same Author, in post 8vo., price 2s., cloth, The Pen, the Palm, and the Pulpit; or, Tyn

dale, Hooper, and Whitefield.

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