Chelsea in the Olden & Present Times

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The author, 1869 - 224 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 32 - A man so various that he seemed to be Not one, but all mankind's epitome : Stiff in opinions, always in the wrong, Was everything by starts and nothing long ; But in the course of one revolving moon Was chymist, fiddler, statesman, and buffoon ; Then all for women, painting, rhyming, drinking, Besides ten thousand freaks that died in thinking.
الصفحة 44 - For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's.
الصفحة 105 - Or, if he did 40 proceed in his anatomy, why might he not hope in time to cut off legs, as well as draw teeth ? The particularity of this man put me into a deep thought, whence it should proceed, that of all the lower order, barbers should go further in hitting the ridiculous than any other set of men.
الصفحة 105 - I had not time to salute the company, before my eye was diverted by ten thousand gimcracks round the room, and on the ceiling. When my first astonishment was over, comes to me a sage of a thin and meagre countenance; which aspect made me doubt, whether reading or fretting had made it so philosophic: but I very soon perceived him to be of that sect which the ancients call ' gingivistae;' in our language tooth-drawers.
الصفحة 27 - There is not any man living so loving to his children as he ; and he loveth his old wife as well as if she were a young maid...
الصفحة 105 - ... rational hypothesis, not to cure, but take away the part affected. My love of mankind made me very benevolent to Mr. Salter *; for such is the name of this eminent barber and antiquary. Men are usually, but unjustly, distinguished rather by their fortunes than their talents, otherwise this personage would make a great figure in that class of men which I distinguish under the title of Odd Fellows.
الصفحة 174 - keeper of the Apothecaries' garden of simples at Chelsea, where ther'e • is a collection of innumerable rarities of that sort particularly, besides many rare 'annuals, the tree bearing Jesuits' bark, which had done such wonders in quartan agues.
الصفحة 83 - He had also free access to the oven, and superintended the whole of the process ; but completely failed, both as to composition and baking, for his materials always yielded to the intensity of the heat, while those of the Company came out of the furnace perfect and complete.
الصفحة 105 - Overdo (whose history is written by Ben Jonson), met with more enormities by walking incognito than he was capable of correcting ; and found great mortifications in observing also persons of eminence, whom he before knew nothing of. Thus it fared with me, even in a place so near the town as this.
الصفحة 117 - To speak of him as an actor, he was the most original and the strictest observer of nature, of all his contemporaries. He borrowed from none of them; his manner was his own ; he was a pattern to others, whose greatest merit was that they had sometimes tolerably imitated him.

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