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time of admission, their place of abode, by whom recommended, and when discharged, whether cured, relieved, or dead.

4. He shall prepare and compound the medicines prescribed by the Physicians ; but no medicines, wine, or spirits, shall be dispensed to Patients without written directions from the Physician, which directions he will preserve as his vouchers in the settlement of accounts.

5. He shall keep an inventory of all the utensils, chirurgical instruments, and all other

property belonging to the said Dispensary, and shall be accountable for the same.

6. He shall record the medicines purchased, with the quantities of each, and the time of receiving them; and no medicines shall be purchased without a written order of the Apothecary, which order shall be kept by the Druggist, and presented to the Visiting Committee, with his accounts, upon the first Monday of every month.


The Institution for the Inoculation of the Kine Pock, har

ing transferred the duties of their establishment to the Dispensary, the following regulations have been adopted relative to this Department.

1. For the purpose of conducting the practice of the Kine Pock Inoculation with success, and for supporting a constant supply of the genuine infection, a Physician shall be appointed to that particular department.

2. The Kine Pock Physician shall attend at the Dispensary between four and five o'clock on Tuesday and Friday of every week, to inoculate such persons as may be recommended; and to take and preserve infection from such as may have been previously inoculated.

3. If in case of indisposition or any other reasonable cause, the Physician shall be unable to attend at the Dispensary, he shall request some other Physieían of the institution to attend to that service.

4. He shall keep a register at the Dispensary, of all the patients Inoculated-containing their name, number, age, place of residence, by whom recommended, the source of the infection wherewith they are Inoculated, the date of the Inoculation, the progress of the disease and the result of the Inoculation for Small Pox, if that should be performed; with such other remarks as to the physician may appear necessary.

5. That the Apothecary shall keep, under the superintendance of the Physician, another book called the Infection Book, in which shall be entered the names of those Physicians who may obtain infection from this Establishment, the date when they were supplied, and the number of the person from whom the infection was taken ; and also the cash received for the same.

6. That no other of the Physicians shall vaccinate any patient at the Dispensary, unless it be at the request of the Physician to that department; nor shall any inoculation for the Small-Pox be made in any case whatever, with. out his particular assent and concurrence.

7. That every subscriber to the Dispensary be entitled to recommend persons for vaccination, in the same manner as they are privileged in regard to other patients ; and every person formerly a contributor to the Kine Pock Institu. tion, and whose privileges had not yet expired, shall be permitted to recommend persons for innoculation at the Dispensary, as they would have done at the said institution, had that continued in operation,

8. Every Physician being a subscriber to the Dispensary, shall be entitled, besides his privileges of recommending patients, to receive infection from this establishment, but every other Physician receiving infection shall pay for every supply one dollar for the benefit of the Dispensary.


The Treasurer of the Dispensary, for the time being, shall keep a true and just account of all money received and paid by him ; and he shall render such account to the Trus. tees to be audited and adjusted as often as they shall require.


Every person who shall pay to the support of the Dispensary the sum of five dollars annually, shall be entitled to have two patients on the list of the Dispensary at one time for the term of one year; and for every two dollars and half which shall be annually paid by any contributor, over and above five dollars per annum, such contributor shall be entitled to have one other patient on the Dispensary list; and every person who has contributed, or shall contribute fifty dollars to the Dispensary, and thereby become a member for life, shall be entitled also to have two patients on the said list, at one time during his life.


1. No person shall be admitted to the benefits of the New-York Dispensary, without a certificate in writing, signed by one of the contributors to the said Dispensary, that such person is a proper object to be relieved ; and further, that every person having obtained such certificate, shall bring or send the same to the Dispensary within the space of two weeks from the date thereof, otherwise the said certificate shall not be received.

2. All and every of the patients shall conform to the directions and prescriptions of the Physicians of the Dispensary, in regard to medicine, diet, and other matters necessary to their re

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