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to confound the Arts, and conquer th' Oppofitions of the Heathen world, and maugre all the Devices of fatan, to fet up the Kingdom of the Lord Chrift: And fhall not we praise Thee for the Miraculous difpenfations by which the Gospel was made known even to us in thefe utmost corners, and in the laft times? yes, Holy Jefus, we will alfo meet with one accord at thy Table, not doubting but Thou wouldst give us the fame measures of thy Spirit there, if our Duty or our neceffity did require it. It is enough to me that Thou knoweft my needs; more than will fupply'em I dare not ask, lefs Thou wilt not give: Thou haft given me thy felf, wherefore I believe Thou wilt not deny me thy Spirit, without which I can have no Intereft in Thee. I go not, gracions Lord, with the carnal Jews to devour thy flesh, but to partake of thy Spirit which only giveth Life, the flesh profiteth nothing: Behold thy fpirit has converted Millions, let me therefore together with thy precions Body, receive there fuch proportions of thy Holy fpirit as may fupprefs my evil affections, revive my dead heart, comfort my dejected mind, and turn my Ignorance into Knowledge, my Knowledge into Practice, and make that Practice fo fweet and eafy, that this may be a Day of Joy to me alfo, folemniz'd in the white garments of fanctification and rejoycing: And finally, let not this Heavenly Infpiration be only exprefs'd in Extafies and holy Fervors this Day, but let thy fpirit reft upon me, and dwell in me for ever; fo fhall I alwaies have caufe to blefs Thee for fo incomparable a Gift. Methinks I feel already the force thereof bearing down my Curruptions, and its bright beams driving away the mifts of fin and Error. I find its Flames warming my heart with Zealand Charity, and irs quickening power opening my fealed lips to fhow forth thy Praife. Therefore with Angels &c. as §. 2.

Nota, To this I add the next for Trinity Sunday, if I shall not then Communicate.

S. 6. A Meditation before the Communion on Trinity-Sunday. Which I add to that for Whit funday, if I do not Partake of the Lord's Supper on this Day.


OAdmirableMy ftery to be adored in the profoundest filence; by the contemplation whereof, when I am ftruck with amazement, I can learn Humility, and discover my own Ignorance: And I have th' opportunity of exercising a nobler Faith than if I could comprehend it with my fhallow reafoning sand

Part I. imperfect demonftrations. The Trinity in Unity, and the Unity in Trinity has been derided by the Heathens and indeav ored to be perplext by the wits of all kinds of hereticks; but it fuffices me, Blessed Jefus, that Thou haft reveal'd it, and thy holy Church (divided in too many other things) has univerf ally agreed in this great Truth: And I'm the more confirm'd in it, becaufe Ilearn by it to Worship with a regular Devotion; from hence I'm taught to pray to the Father, in the Name of the Son, through th'affiftance of the Holy Ghoft; and as long as Ilive will I praife Thee particularly at this Holy Feaft for fo excellent a Revelation, for this Ordinance it felf contains many things above my Understanding, and is all Mystery. The Trinity is the Article, and this Sacrament the Rite which do diftinguish thy true Religion from all the fects in the World: where fore by obferving this Rite I do imbrace this Faith, and upon the reprefentation of thy Death, I do profefs to live in it, and dy for it, refolving never to have other Lord: and when I find the Father giving, the fon given, and the Hely Ghoft difpenfing that Gift unto my foul in this facred Communion, it shall be a greater confirmation to my Faith in this Divine Mystery than can be acquir'd by the most curious fearch into it: However I'm refolved my Reafon fhall veil to thy Word, and I will be content to stay for a full apprehenfion of this fublime Truth, till I'm advanced to a ftate of Angelick perfection, and come, to behold the Glories of the Trin-une God: till then I will blefs Thee for what I know, and believe more than I can conceive and I will worship the fame Majes ty, which the heavenly Quire doth, in thefe addreftes. Therefore with Angels and Archangels and with all &c.asin §. 2.


§. 7. SOME affirm that Bishop Fabian, of Rome Martyr, (about 236 years after Christ) did order thofe Seafons efpecially for all the faithful to Receive. And truly a folemn time of Joy feems the most proper for the Celebration of this Heavenly Feaft.

S. 8. OUR Church has fet apart other Feaft.daies, as all Sundaies in the year, (whereof l'ue largely treated) the Circum cifion, Epiphany, Purification and Annunciation of the bleed Virgin, Monday and Tuesday in Eafter and Whit fun-week,and the holy Innocents; for the Remembrance of fome fpecial Mercies of God, And furely whoever is truly thankful for thofe rich Mercies, can't think it too much to fet apart fome daies in a year for that purpose.

§. 9. A general Morning Prayer to be faid on all the forementioned Holy-days.

ALMIGHTY God, who haft eft: blifhed in thy Church Paltors, and Teachers, and Governors, for the perfecting of the faints, for the work of the miniftry, for th'edifying of the Body fChrift; make me careful to obferve all thofe Inftitutions which are Injoyn'd for thete admirable Ends; and always to efteem Days fet apart for thy Worship, and dedicated to thy Service,as a great Relief to the infirmity of my nature,which is not capable of an uninterrupted Contemplation of Thee. Let not th Affairs of this Life, nor my eagernefs in obtaining the good Things of it, fo far ingrofs my Thoughts, as to make me neglect thofe happy opportunities of working out my own Salvation. Let not the love of Pleasure prevail upon me to confume them in fenfual Injoyments; but grant that my rejoicing may be accompanied with Temperance and Moderation; and difpofe my mind, by all the Refreshments of my Body, to ferve Thee with greater diligence and Chearfulness all my Days. Make me conftant at thofe holy Seafons in attending thy publick Worfhip, and let me enter thy Houfe with recollected Thoughts compofed Behavior, and with a thankful and devout Temper of Mind. Let me hear thy word [preach'd, or read, with ferions Attention, and with a particular Application of it to the ftate of my own foul. [*Let me approach thy Altar with fervent and heavenly Affections,and Refolutions of better Obedience. Let me commemorate the Mysteries of my Redemption, with profound Humility, with exalted Thoughts of thy wonderful Goodness, and with thankful Acknowledgments of thy great Love demonftrated to the fons of Men, That thus obferving thefe Days of Rest here below, I may celebrate an Eternal Reft with Thee hereaf ter in thy heavenly Kingdom, thro' Jefus Christ our Lord,


To leave this out, if it be no Sacrament day.

§. 10. OTHER daies Our Church appoints, as in our Com mon-Prayer-Book under Tables and Rules, in memory of th Apostles and other New-Teftament Saints, wherein we are to give hearty thanks to God that they were made Inftruments of revealing to us Chrift Jefus, and the way of Salvation and to Meditate on thofe Examples of holy Life they have given us, and ftir up our Selves to the Imitation thereof and whoever does uprightly fet himself to make



Part I. thefe Ufes of thefe feveral Holy daies, will have cause, by the Benefit he fhall find from them, to thank, and not to blame the Church for ordering them.

§. 11. A General Prayer to be used on all the
Saints days.

O Lord God, in whofe fight the death of thy Saints is precious, and tho' their Departure is taken for Mifery, yet is their Hope full of Immortality; and having been a little chaftifed they are now geatly rewarded. Let the mortified Lives of

thy Saints raife me above the Pleasures of Sense; and let the Pattern of their Piety and Devotion, their Humility and Charity, their Meeknefs and Patient fufferings, be alwaies fo lively imprinted upon my Mind that I may tranfcribe their Example in my Life and Converfation. Let the Memory of what they indured fupport thy Servants who are ingaged in Combats and Trials here below; Abate the Power and Malice of their Enemies; Let all those who hate and perfecute thy Church be brought to Repentance, or miscarry in their cruel Designs against it; that thy Name may be celebrated to all Generations; that thy Kingdom and thy Coming may be haftened; that thy Saints may obtain the Confummation of their Blifs, by the Resurrection of their Bodies, and receiving the Crown of Righteoufness, which Thou haft prepared for all that put their Truft in Thee, and that I, with them, may Praife thy Name for ever and ever. Amen.

S. 12. AND one Day yearly our Church celebrates the Festival of S. Michael and all Angels, to exprefs our Thank fulsefs to God for thofe many eminent Advantages that the Chriftian Church has obtain'd by the Miniftry of the Holy Angels, over the Power and Malice of the devil, and thofe mifchievous Inftruments he has imployed to deftroy it., §. 13. A Prayer for the 2d. branch of Charity, Speaking Good.

SET a Guard, O Lord, upon my Lips; that I offend not with my tongue. Let Prudence and Circumfpection alwaies attend to shut out fuch Difcourfes as border the leaft upon evil Speaking. That I may be tender of the Reputation of my Neighbor, and never diminish his good Name by spread ing any evil Reports concerning him. That the Deformity


of his Body, or the Weakness of his Mind may never be the fubject of my light Mirth. That I may never incourage Backbiters, by liftening to their Suggeftions, or by giving Credit to their Slanders. Thou haft given me a Tongue that I might praife Thee, and that I might influence others to blefs thy Holy Name. O! let this be the main Imployment. of that noble Gift, that my Words may chiefly aim at promoting thy Glory, either to Soften the Pains of th'af ficted; to Vindicate the Reputation of my Neighbor, whenever I hear it injured; to Unite the Minds of those that are at Variance; or to Inftruct those that know Thee not enough. And to Entertain all the World, O God, with thy Greatnefs, and thy Goodness, to Inflame all hearts with thy Love, to Provoke them to Praife Thee, to Glorify Thee, that I may one day mingle my Praifes with thofe of thy Elect in Glory, thro' Jefus Chrift. Amen.

The Vigils and Fafts of our Church.

S. 14. OTHER Days fhe enjoyns for Fafting and Humiliation for our own and the Nations Sins, as in th' aforesaid Table, which we are to obferve in fuch a Manner as She directs, that is, not only in a bare abftaining from Meat, which is the Body's punishment alone, but in afflicting our Souls, humbling them deeply before God, carneftly praying for his Pardon and Forgiveness, and for turning away of thofe Judgments which thofe Sins have call'd for; but above all in turning our felves from our Sins, and exercifing our felves in works of Mercy. fa. 58.3-12. Wherefore have we fafted, fay they, and Thou feeft not? wherefore have we afflited our Soul. and Thou takeft no knowledge? Behold in the day of your Faft vou find pleasure, and exact all your labours. Behold ye faft for ftrife and debate, and to fmite with the fist of wickedness; ye fhall not fuft as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high. Is it fuch a faft that I have chofen ? a day for a man to afflict his foul? is it to bow down his head as a bulrush, and to spread fackeloth and ashes under him? wilt thou call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the LORD? Is not this the faft that I have chofen? to loose the bands of wickednefs, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppreffed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor, that are caft out, to thy house? when thou feeft the naked, that thou cover him,

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