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Address of the soul to the body

Domestic and Foreign Miss. Soc. of the

366 Prot.Epis.Church proceedings of page 319
Affecting case


Donation, a liberal one
All Saints' church, New-York 342, 346 Drawings, East-Indian

Armorican language, Scriptures translated 217 Duffie, Rev. C. R., lines on his death 289
Asia, seven churches of

313, 521

proceedings in conse-
Auxiliary N. Y. Bible and Com. Prayer

quence of his death 289
Book Society, eleventh report 10

memoir of him

twelfth report


dirge to his memóry 359
(Female) Missionary Society of

his sermons announced 376
Christ church, fifth report 14 Dunn, Rev. John, notice of him
Ava, deputation to


Ecclesiastical meetings 32, 96, 128, 160, 256, 296
Bass, bishop, memoirs of him

193 Egypt, discoveries in
Bayley's, archdeacon, charge,extracts from 148 Egyptian mummy

Bille, popish hostility to the

Egyptian year

Biblical Reader, the
127 Ellerby's will

Biblical theology as a science
367 Empie, Rev. Adam, elected president

Births in Paris
96 Ephemera

Bishop, the oldest

172 Episcopal acts 27, 63, 96, 124, 157, 190, 223,
Bones, enormous onės


253, 286, 317, 349, 380
Book of Common Prayer, oversight in 172 Episcopal association of Monroe county

Book sales
275 Episcopal church, a new one

Bowen, bishop, his address
129 Episcopal church in France

Bridge, the new one at London

26 Epis. Fém. Bíble, &c. Soc. of Charleston 253
suspension one in India

26 Episcopal Sunday School Magazine 319
at Northampton
61 Episcopal Watchman

32, 128
British museum
59 Fact, a singular one

Bronson, Rev. Tillotson, memoirs of him Fairly's trials from a country house 75
Brooke's lecture on comparative anatomy 277

Farewell of summer

Brownell, bishop, his address

229 Fine arts, Joshua commands the sun 276
Bruce's manuscripts
157 France, comparative view of

Burmese empire, products of

124 Fredericksburgh Common Prayer Book
Burning cliff near Weymouth

and Tract Society, ninth report

Crdle, Řev. R. F., his address

284 Fresco paintings, process for tranferring 59
Calcutta, new bishop of
318 Funeral, a Greek one

Calendar 32, 64, 16, 128, 160, 192, 228, 256, General convention of the Prot. Epis. Ch. 85

296, 320, 352, 380 Geneva college, second commencement 282
Canning, G. C., inscription on his tomb 320 Glue, its adhesiveness

Cannon, an old one
157 Gospel Messenger, the

Central Bible and P. Book Soc. 7th report 334 Greek manuscript

Chain bridge in North-Wales
26 Griswold, bishop, his address

Chancel, reading desk, and pulpit, plan of 134 Heber, bishop, memoir of him



his letter to the missionaries 111
China, statistics of

278 Hobart, bp. bis add. at St. Paul'sch. Detroit 284
Chinese literature

his visitations arranged

Christ church, Boston


his address to convention 336
Christ church, Meadville
190 Horne on the study of the Bible

Christ church, Philadelphia
377 Human life, illustration of

Christian Knowledge Society

58, 121 Hymn at the dedication of a Unitarian ch. 30
Christian Sentinel, the

128 Ingraham, J. W., his reports reviewed 235
Christian in the world
329 Intoleranee, Romish

Christian retirement
381 Islands, newly discovered ones

Church, state of in Delaware

115 Ives, Rev.Levi S., instituted into Christ ch. 348
in the United States 117, 136 Jericho, plain of

Church in Pennsylvania

187 Jerram's sermon, extracts from a review of 165
Church edifices, on erecting them

135, 189

Kemp, bishop, sketch, &c. 351, 370, 377
Church, the Anglo-Canadian
245 Kent East-Indisman

Clark, Rev. William A., his address 243 Kenyon college, faculty and studies in 220
Clergy, ante-revolutionary
62 Lamp, improved one

Cloud, to a
30 Law, archdeacon

Columbia college, commencement 281 Library of the king of India

Commencements, remarks on

of the seraglio

Common schools in New York state 62

of useful knowledge

Convention of New York

335 Liturgy, on the proposed alterations in it 244
Croes, bishop, his address
261 Liturgy and articles in Spanish

Croes's sermon, extracts from
173 Livy's Roman history, lost books of

Cuming, Rev. F.H., his letter reviewed 266 Longevity

61, 189
Dancing, opinions of Dr. Watts on 24 Luscombe, bishop, his visitations, &c. 95
Deals, rural

270 Marriage, a mother to her daughter on 248
Deaths in New York in 1826
63 Magnetism

Behon's sermons, receipts of two Lond. edi. 255 Man created in the image of God

Demonjacs of Scripture
36 Manufacturers, degraded state of

Derby, archdeaconry of
248 Meteoric stones

Desires to be governed by reason
22 Meteors

283 Millennium, on the


page 105

sixth report



Milton's errors

Polyglotts, account of four editions page 257
Milton's treatise on Christian doctrine 46, 65 Prayer, answers to

Ministerial duty, careless performance of 271 Prayer for the first day of the year 2S
Missionaries at Ava, their sufferings 77 Prot. Epis. Miss. Soc. in Charleston, 8th rep. 265
Missionary association of Christ church, Public schools in New-York, 22d report 220

42 Ravenscroft, bishop, vindicated from the
of Trinity church,

misrepresentations of Dr. Rice 1
Utica,fifth report 243

his address to the convention 310
Moore, bistrop, his address

200 Red Sea, cause of the colour of the 279
remarks on: 208 Reformation in England

Moravian love feast

252 Religious services, on criticising them 212
Mortality, exemption from
62 Rogers, John, posterity of

National gallery

155 Rose, Rev. Hugh James, his sermon 97
New Testament first Greek printed editions 303 Rumour, an unfounded one corrected
New-York Prot. Epis. Miss. Soe, 10th report 41 Russian literature

donations to the 123, 160, 320 Russian voyages of discovery

New-York Bib. &C. P. Book Soc. 17th rep. 114 Salamander engine and hose

New-York Prot. Epis. Tract Soc. 17 th rep. 141 Sandwich Islands, incident of a female chief 218

Sunday School Society 158, 176 Scholarship Society of St. Thomas's church,
Ninevek, ancient

first report

Nova-Scotia, diocese of


of Connecticut, constitution of 232
Obituary of Alexander H. Codwise
27 Schulz's New Testament

Rebecca Benham
29 Scriptural illustrations

John B. Bowen
29 Searle, Rev. Roger

Rev. Thomas A. Osborne 30 Sellon's lectures

Gertrude Rumney
30 Shower, the

Mary Morris

Simeon's detention devoutly improved

Anthony Bleecker
125 Society lands in Vermont

William Brown

Society for the Adv.of Christ. in Pennsylv. 62
the Duke of York


in South-Carolina 74
Right Rev. Bishop Legge 126

in Mississippi

Septimus Collinson, D. I). 126

Promoting ChristianKnowledge 121
Right Rev. Bishop Plaukett 127 Standing committee of New York 320
Rev. R. Q. Sport
127 Stanford, Rev. John, bis reports

Jacob Nurser
127 Stone, a singular one

Joe Webb
127 Strang, Jesse, sentence of death on him

Samuel Sitgreaves
158 St. Andrew's church, Hopkinton

Rev. John Dunn
158 St. Bride's church, London

Abram Robertson
159 St. David's college

William Gifford

159 St. George's church, Hallet's-Cove 254
Rev. George Pelbam
160 St. James's church, New York

Rufus King
191 St. John's church, New-York

George D. Brewerton

224 St. John's church, Franklin, Penn. 286
Major Laing
224 St. Luke's church, Ludlow ville

Ann Mary Clarkson
255 St. Paul's church, Albany

Rev. William H. Wilmer 256 St. Paul's church, Boston

Rebecca Frisby Wilmer 256 St. Paul's church, Detroit

96, 283
Mrs. Booth

St. Paul's church, Troy

Rev. Leigh Richmond
256 St. Peter's church, Plymouth

Rev. Thomas K. Peck

287 Sunday School Union of the P. Epis. Ch. 89, 219
Rev. Cornelius R. Duffie 288

circular of its committee 333
Archdeacon Daubeny


report of its committee 361
Mr. Canning


address of said committee 364
Right Rev. Bishop Kemp
351 Sunday schools in France

Maria Carter
378 Sunday school instruction

Rev. Abiel Carter

378 Sunday School Society of Charleston 241
Rev. James Pilmore
378 Tantalus, tomb of

Rev. Philip Matthews

378 Texts of Scripture, improper application of 211
Edward Seabury

378 Theological Seminary, donations to 64,
Thomas Addis Emmett 378

96, 192, 256, 320, 380
Henry Bicker


report of its faculty 71
Omission supplied


andualiommencement 218
Onderdonk, Rev. H. U., assist. bishop 188,318 Toad, its venemous qualities

consecration of him
347 Tree, the old

Orang outang

273 Trinity church, New-York, history of 249
Osborne, Thomas A., memoirs of him 225 Trinity church, Utica
Otaheitean grammar
60 Tunnel under the Thames

Paley's sermons
224 Turkey and Greece, map of

Papal superstitions
351 Unitarian church, dedication of

Papists at Cavan, recantation of
169 Universities, German

Parker, bishop, biography of him

161 University of London 96, 155, 215, 216
Parties in the church

151 Upfold, Rev. George, his sermon 297
Platinum, a mine of, s'iscovered
60 Uzunkum, Greek church at

Plea of tradition, view of the
154 Vanes, the rival ones

Poetry, Arabic, utility of studying 25. Van Zandt, E., lines on his death


page 250

Veil, ceremony of taking the page 45 Washington college, first commencement 279
Waldensian confessions
205 White, bishop, his addresses

182, 30%
Washington, general, his works proposed 318 Wyatt's prayers

INDEX to Biographies, Ordinations, Institutions, Removals, Deaths, &c. of Clergymeri

recorded in this volume,

Page Freeman, George W. 253,311 Moore, Benjamin
Adams, Hiram 223, 336, 338 Fuller, jun., Samuel 223, 336 Morris,

Adams, Jasper 130, 282, 338 Gadsden, Philip

131 Mott, Thomas S. W. 355
Aisquith, Henry 201, 287 Garfield, John M. 280 Muhlenberg, William A. 183
Andrews, Edward 337 Gear, Ezekiel G.

282 Neufville, Edward 223
Auchmuty, Samuel 250 Gilbert, John D. 96, 336 Nichols, James

Aydelott, Benjamin P. 346 Gilbert,

355 Ogilvie, John

Baldwin, Amos G. 338 Glover, Bennet

231 Onderdonk,H.U. 187,282, 347
Barclay, Henry
250 Grammer, John

201 Osborne, T. A. 30,129,130, 225
Barlow, William 150, 358 Greaton, James

327 Page, David C.

Bass, Edward

194 Griffin, Edmund D. 337 Parker, Benj.C.C. 286, 355
Bayard, Lewis P. 337 Gunter, Stephen S. 200 Parker, Ira

Beach, Abraham 250 Harris, Matthias

253 Parker, Samuel

Beardsley, Seth W. 338 Haskell, Samuel

328 Peck, Thomas K.

231, 287
Benham, Benjamin 231
Hathaway, George W. 131 Peck, Richard

Biltop, l'homas 253 Hickox, Burton H. 338 Peers, Benjamin

Bingham, Moore 380 Hicks, John A.

338 Peet, Edward W. 317
Blakesley, Solomon 355 Hinton, George L. 223, 336 Pierson, Joseph 138, 312
Bowden, John
250 Holmes, Benjamin 261 Pilmore, Joseph

Brainerd, CarolusC. 29,158,312 Hopkins, Caleb

119 Pilmore, James

Bristed, John
190, 355 Howell, Orson V.

230 Pinney, Norman

Bronson, Tillotson 33, 119, 230 Hoyt, Albert 223, 336 Potter, Horatio 253, 336
Brooke, John T. 200 Huntington, Enoch 183 Potter, William T. 230
Brownell, Thomas C. 250 Hutchins, Benjamin 182, 183 Prindle, Chauncey

365, 366
Bruce, Nathaniel F. 231, 338 Inglis, Charles

250 Proroost, Samuel 250
Bryant, William 157, 182, 263 Irving, William S. 119 Pyne, Smith 191, 262, 263, 282
Byles, Mather
327 Ives, Levi S. 183, 338, 348 Ray, James H.

Carter, Lawson
337 Jarvis, William
231 Rayner, Menzies

Carter, Abiel
378 Jelliff, Hiram 96, 336 Rees, William H.

Chaderton, William 183 Johns, Henry V.D. 182 Rutledge, Edward

Chase, jun., Philander 140 Johns, Leonard H.

201 Rutledge, Francis H. 131
Chesley, William F. 317 Johnson, Samuel R. 287, 337 Salmon, Richard 337
Chevers, Mark L. 200 Jones, Cave

250 Sanford, Alva

Clark, John A. 337, 349 Jones, Clement F. 223, 355 Scovill, James

Clark, Joseph T. 230 Jones, John M.

140 Seabury, Samuel

Clark, Orin
283 Keith, Paul T.

191 Searle, Roger 14, 140, 366
Clark, William A. 346 Keith, Reuel

283 Shelton, Geo. A. 230, 231, 338
Clemson, John B.

287 Kemp, James 351, 370, 377 Shepard, Geo.C. 230, 231, 286
Coit, Thomas W.

250 Kingsbury, Nathan 317 Stone, John S. 230, 231, 338
Connelly, Pierce 27, 183 Kirke, George 158, 183, 202 Tappan, James M. 355
Converse, Augustus L. 338 Knight, Henry C. 190, 355 Taylor, Thomas H. 130
Cooke, John

201 Levington, William 137 Thomas, Edward 130
Crocker, Nathan B.
282 Lewis, Stephen

327 Thorn, John V. E. 183
Croes, jun., John
261 Lewis, Wm.H. 124,230,231,338 Vesey, William

Croes, Robert B. 200 Low, Ísaac

119 Wainwright, Jonathan M. 250
Crosby, Alexander H. 337 Lyon, James

365 Walter, William

Curtis, John W.

223, 336 M'Carty, John 337, 338, 349 Weber, William M. 337, 349
Curtis, William A. 223, 336 M'Donald, Louis 380 Wells, Éleaz.M.P. 230,286,355
Cutler, Timothy 326 M'Guire, John

200 West, George M. 254
Davis, Edward
338 Mackenheimer, George L. 223 Wheat, John T.

De Pui, James M. 183 Mansfield, Richard 365 Whitehouse, H.J. 183,287,338
Drane, Robert B. 190, 355 Matthews, Philip 378 Whittingham, William R. 124,
Duffie, Cornelius R. 288, 336 May, James


282, 336
Dunn, John 158, 202, 228 Mead, William C. 183 Williams, Charles

Eaton, Asa

328 Meade, William 283 Wilmer, William H. 256
Elliott, Charles P.
131 Mintzer, George 63 Wing, T.C.

Fenner, John P.

253 Mitchell, William H. 131 Young, Thomas J. 158
Fox, James A.

230 Montgomery, James 282 Yvonnett, James L.



INDEX to Conventions, the proceedings of which are recorded in this volume.
Page Massachusetts, 1827 page

Connecticut, 1827 229 Mississippi, 1827 310 Pennsylvania, 1827 188, 308
Delaware, 1827

251 New-Hampshire, 1827 354 South Carolina, 1827 129
Eastern Dioeese, 1827 353 New-Jersey, 1827 260 Vermont, 1827.

General, 1826
85 North-Carolina, 1827 310 Virginia, 1827

INDEX to Canons published in this volume.

General Convention, 1826 page 89.

[blocks in formation]


To the Editors of the Christian Journal. because it is so glaringly remarkable Messrs. EDITORS,

that no account of the work would be HAVING read with pleasure and pro- faithful in which this circumstance fit a review of Bishop Ravenscroft's Ser- should be omitted. The occasion of mon before the Bible Society of North-' the pamphlet-a controversy adulteCarolina, in your ninth volume, p. 129 rated with a share of personal attack -143, and a review of the attacks on greater even than that which is proBishop Ravenscroft, and of the Bible verbially prevalent among theologians Society controversy at the south, in the cessarily renders much of its matsame volume, p. 371–379, I have ter of only secondary importance to waited with much impatience for some

churchmen in our section of country. notice of Bishop Ravenscroft's last pub- A reader of the pamphlet, indeed, will lication on this subject, which has now find no single page of merely local rebeen some months before the public. ference, or on which he can lay his Believing the practice of noticing such finger and say, “ This concerns not publications in a regular periodical to me, or the subject in general;"-50 be of use, and to contribute much to well has Bishop Ravenscroft contrived the dissemination of a knowledge of to blend instruction with self-defence, their contents, and somewhat to the and subjects of general importance circulation of the works themselves, I with personal disputes ;--but in my am induced to offer you the following hasty sketch I must of necessity omit brief sketch for your Journal, since all that part of the work (p. 6—21) others better qualified for the task have which is expressly devoted to the nochosen to be silent. Bishop Ravens- tice and refutation of Dr. Rice's percroft's title, “ The Doctrines of the versions of Bishop Ravenscroft's lanChurch vindicated from the Misrepre- guage and meaning. The remainder sentations of Dr. John Rice; and the comprizes three great divisions : 1st. Integrity of Revealed Religion defend. An answer to Dr. Rice's objections to ed against the No Comment Principle' Bishop Ravenscroft's Farewell and of promiscuous Bible Societies,” is a Convention Sermons; this.part takes fair statement of the subjects of his up the doctrine of the origin, nature, work, (for so a book of 166 pages de- and constitution of the church: 2d. An serves to be styled,) and in some mea- answer to Dr. Rice's objections to Bisure a specimen of his plainness and shop Ravenscroft's sermon before the boldness of manner. The first impres- Bible Society, and that on the study sion produced by Bishop Ravenscrofts and interpretation of Scripture; this introduction (which is characteristi- embraces the subjects of private judgcally short and pithy) is that of delightment on matters of faith, the excluin the honest open-heartedness of his sive sufficiency of the Scriptures for style and the manly firmness of his their own interpretation, and the use conduct. As we proceed in the work of ecclesiastical tradition: 3d. A nothis strengthens, and at the end the tice of Dr. Rice's attempt to fasten reader is left with the conviction, that upon the Episcopal Church the impuif ever man spake from the sincerity of tation of foreign influence, and a dehis heart and in the fulness of persua- sign to obtain exclusive power. sion, Bishop Ravenscroft has done so. 1st. On the origin, nature, and conThus much I premise concerning the stitution of the church, Dr. Rice, agreemanner in which the book is written, ing fully with Bishop Ravenscroft as VOL. XI.


to the divine origin, unity, and perpe- as a defender of the sacrament of baptuity of the church, the divine institu- tism, had maintained the same doction of its ministry, and the necessity trine almost in so many words, as is of a lawful call to that ministry, objects shown by Bishop Ravenscroft, by quoto the bishop's views, 1st. of the use or tations from Rice on Baptism, pp. 14, pu nose of the church as a visible body 15, 16, 17, 18. Forgetting these his or society; 2d. of the nature and kind maintained and recorded opinions, the of the unity which is its inseparable doctor, in his review of Bishop Racharacteristic; and, 3d. of the divine venscroft, thought it best to avoid any right of the ministry, and the manner contest as to the relative claims of in which it is communicated.

Presbyterial and Episcopal ordination Of the use or purpose of the church, to be considered as the divinely instiBishop Ravenscroft's doctrine, as stated tuted succession by which the unity of by himself, is as follows:-

the church is maintained and its pur“In my Convention Sermon, p. 5, 1 lay poses are effected, by striking at the down this position, that the church, as a

root of the matter in a denial that the divine institution is not an abstract idea church is the sole depositary of the to be entertained in the mind; but an ac promises of God, the only authorized tual, visible body or society for practical

The authority directly from God. As such, it bishop had asserted the unehangeable use, deriving its constitution, laws, and agent between God and man.

nature of the church. is placed beyond the reach of any human

Dr. Rice, foreappointment, addition, or alteration; and seeing the bearing of this position this so strictly, that all the wisdom, piety, against his latitudinarian scheme, deand authority in the world, congregated nies it, because, forsooth, some of the together, is just as incompetent to origin- rites and ceremonies of the Protestant ate a church, as to call another universe into existence. In the next page I pro- Episcopal Church happen not to suit ceed to show, that the purpose of this di. his taste. As if the rites used by a vine appointment was to give á cove particular branch of the church cathonanted character to the religious condi- fic, because, under her circumstances, tion of man-to confer upon men,

by out she judges them the most conducive to to God, henceforth confined and limited edification, had any necessary conwithin this institution ;-that this, and nexion with the essential, and, consethis only, marks its separation from the quently, unchangeable, characteristics world-as the church, the peculium, the of the church! elect of God; and that, because of this, its distinctive character, it was made the

Bishop Ravenscroft had declared the visible and only depositary of his revealed church “ the authorized source of agenwill and precious promises. Hence I draw cy between heaven and earth.” Dr. the conclusion, as well of the New as of Rice, in order to 'excite the alarm of the Old Testament church, p. 8 and 9- his readers at this position, chooses to • That it was competent to no man, not

connect it with the acknowledged aueven to Lot or to Melchisedeck, to obtain its privileges without its seal. Whatever thority of the church to ordain rites of mercy might be in store for them, and and ceremonies, and thence to draw the rest of mankind, observing the law the conclusion, that whoever may obwritten in the heart, it was not the pledged ject to any rite that the church think's and promised mercy made over to the cliurch. Whatever the truth or reason the bishop, be cut off from the cove

proper to impose, must, according to ableness of any religious duty night be, however well founded the hope of God's nanted mercies of God. Bishop Rafavour, from conformity to the dictates of venscroft, after exposing this trick of natural conscience; it was not the truth argument, defends his original position confirmed by express revelation- it was in the following masterly

paragraph: not the hope which springs from the promise of God certified by outward, visible,

" What is the Gospel, bút à message and appointed ordinances, as helps to

of grace to rebels and enemies to Almighty faith, means of grace, and assurances of à God, offering them pardon and reconciliarelationship to God, in which none other

tion on certain prescribed conditions ? stoodtransacted through an authorized

What is the church, but the heaven-ap. and accredited agent.”-P. 22, 23.

pointed visible and accessible depositary

and dispenser of this grace, through her Dr. Rice, when it suited his purpose commissioned officers? Now, where must

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