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man is ready for any thing, and he will soon be employed by others in the service of their own selfishness, and to his certain shame and destruction. What! ready for any thing! And shall this be said of any young man who has the least spark of self-respect remaining within him.

Neither do these young men care as to the place where they shall go. "Any where ! It has been found by the wise and the good, that oneof the best safeguards to virtue and character that we can throw around us, is to choose well our places of resort. As in the natural world there are some places so unhealthy that the strongest constitution cannot venture into them without contagion; so in the moral world, there are places to which the purest cannot go without infection and injury. He that is ready to go anywhere, has nothing before him but sure moral wreck. Young man, note that down as an eternal truth!

“Hollo! any thing going on any where to-night?” Young man on the corner of the street, I will answer your inquiry. Yes, there is something going on? What is it?

1. There is something going on above you. Look up! The moon and the stars are moving on in their appointed courses. They are giving light to the earth. They are guiding the mariner through the trackless deep. They are helping to move on the course of the seasons. In short, they are doing what God designed they should do. Are you doing so too? They do not ask, “Any thing going on anywhere ?" but they go on themselves to do their own duty.

This is not all that is going on above you. Above you God is engaged in your behalf! Even now he sustains you, and provides for you. Even now he calls on you to fulfil the design of your creation. The adorable Saviour is above you, engaged for your eternal good. His intercessions for you as a barren fig tree are going on. Lord spare him another year. If he bear fruit, well: if not, then after that thou shall cut him down! The preparation of a house of many mansions is going onmansions for you; which, however, you may never see! The ministry of angels is going on in your behalf; for in heaven the angels do always behold the face of your father in heaven! No doubt the intercessions of sainted friends—perhaps of a sainted father or mother—these are going on above you. Yes, solemn matters are going on. And what are you doing?

2. There are some things going on around you.

Do you see that light streaming forth from yonder window. Now let us go and seek entrance, just to see what is going on there.” In, through the long entry-up stairs—here is the door-tap! tap! tap—Walk in! See! here is a young man at his desk. Before him, and around him, are books. He is an apprenticem a journeyman-he worked all day like yourself ; but he finds it his pleasure, his duty, and his advantage in the evening, to cultivate his mind. He holds communion with the wise and good of all ages through their books. The wise man says, He that walketh with wise men shall be wise. Now let us put this proverb to the test. Speak to the young man! Ah, see how intelligently he talks! He bas learned a thing or two from his books. He comes to this spot every evening; and as he lays his hand upon a book, he asks—but oh, how differently from you—“Any thing going on here to-night?” The book answers him to the joy of his heart; and all this while you are running a fool's errand along the streets—spending your precious time, evening after evening, with companions who, instead of making you wiser and better, make you more foolish and worthless every day.

3. There is something going on beneath you.

Hell moves from beneath ! Evil spirits, and evil influences, are constantly bearing against you. That spirit of all evil which is an enemy to you, and to all that is good, is leading you captive at his own will. He is calling to you, Ho! ye that are simple turn in hither! He is gradually working in beneath you a foundation of sand.

Rest assured you are not standing still. You are making progress in evil. The evil one is leading you on; and while he is doing this, he is laying snares beneath your feet. Rest assured "there is something going on” beneath you. See how you walk. Take care where you tread ; and whenever you seek a place where something “is going on,” be sure that ruin does not lurk in the path.

4. There is something going on within you.

Yes, it is a double process you are growing older, and you are growing worse. Startle not at this, for it is true; or rather startle at it because it is true! your heart is growing harder every day. Your habits are forming and fixing themselves every day. There is a course of preparation "going on” within you for a final, fearful overthrow! How can it be otherwise, when

you do not seek the favor of God, nor care for the favor You may not-you do not see nor believe it now. Neither does the oak sapling see or believe that the small worm which is now boring a hole into it, will a century hereafter be the means of sinking a ship with men and treasures, because the blemished oak will furnish a plank for the vessel ! so those little blemishes which are now as going on” in your heart, will, if not attended to, sooner or later work your ruin.

of men.

“Hollo ! anything going on anywhere.” Here you have our answer. Solemn things are going on. Happy will he be who lays them to heart.

Not so your dying eyes will view
Those objects which you now pursue ;
Not so will heaven and hell appear,
When the decisive bour is Dear!

Translated from the German by Rev. B. Baasman, DEFECTS IN THE EDUCATION OF DAUGHTERS.

It afforded me much pleasure to notice in your last reply, the admission that the education and destination of the young lady, as I have recently attempted to describe it, will also have an important practical use in her education for maternal duties. In all our plans and projects a great deal depends upon our stand point, or, which is pretty much the same, upon the disposition with which we carry them into execution. If a lady educated her daughter with the view of making her a pious wife or mother, her efforts and aims must be radically misdirected, however pure and sincere her motives. We can easily detect a low and incorrect view underling even the grammatical form of that expression. Pious, is the adjective, added simply to qualify and explain. Wife or Mother is the main-part or substantive. In this precisely consists the want and general defect of our works on education. They speak beautifully and learnedly about the piety and christian virtues of young maidens and matrons; but they never make the one thing needful the essential substance of character, so as to make piety the vital principle instead of a mere qualifying appendage. Many of their views are so very vague and general, that they equally apply to heathens and christians, and therefore are fundamentally at variance with the doctrines of our holy religion.

This is the rock of offence of the present age. Men who decidedly bear, and deserve to bear, the name of pious christians, are befogged with Pagan notions, and entangled in the mazes of philosophy, falsely so called. For this reason it is so extremely difficult to effect the regeneration of our people to a thouroughly christian life. This is chiefly owing to the fact, that for a long time all piety and christianity were made to consist in learning and knowing, and not in doing and living: In other words the kingdom of God was made to consist simply in word and not in power, as the church and the word of God have always taught. Learned professors, who are very little concerned about the spiritual interests of the church, have committed to their charge the training and educating of future pastors. They live and breathe in a purely scientific atmosphere, and educate for a scientific end. However learned, they can never satisfy the crying wants of spiritually famishing congregations. This doubtless is owing to the difficulty of adhering to, and explaining intelligibly, the scientific stand-point of christianity, without chilling in some degree its practical fervor and vigor in the heart. The vitality of christianity can neither be fathomed nor explained. It cannot be seen, but felt. It is an object of faith and not of sight. Let men only rest firmly upon the immovable foundation of our undoubted christian faith, and there will be less danger of defection and of fallfalling away the perversions and infidelity of paganism.

Thus, my dear friend, according to your own acknowledgment, it holds with regard to the above named destitution of the female sex.

If a mother has once really reached this exalted point of view; if, from the infancy of her daughter, she sees nothing in her but the future bride of heaven; if she is able to retain and cherish this thought to the last moment of her life, a thought that will soon be changed into a fond wish, a sweet desire, a fervent, ardent prayer of her pious, maternal heart; if she does this, she will not fail to guard against every thing which might defeat the attainment of this glorious end, and moreover will do all in her power to reach it.

I might herewith conclude my. letters by briefly replying to the few objections and questions which you have proposed to me, and then leave you to perceive and avoid those defects in female education as they generally prevail. But, as I have already remarked, we find many, even among the male sex, who are not always able to apply the standard of christianity with equal rigor. In the science of education no one as yet has done this in a fundamental sense. It is too incoherent. The present form of this science may fitly be compared to the variegated motly-colored dress of a lady, who has received one of her colors from Greece, another from Rome, a third from the Chinese, a fourth from the Jews, a fifth from the Barbarians, and finally also one from the Christians. If the male sex, or many among it, find it difficult to understand this “coat of


many colors," how much more difficult will it be for woman to discriminate between the true and false amid such a variety of

While her pious heart instinctively shrinks from overy unchristian sentiment, she may not be able clearly to apprehend truth, when it is buried beneath the falsely glittering gems of speculation; and even when truth is known, the promptings of her heart may be checked by discouragements from her husband, or the censure and ridicule of her female friends. For this reason I will comply with your request, to give you my views about the most important points of female education, so that we may jointly apply the above-named standard of the destination of woman to the most important social phenomena of the present day. I say jointly, for I trust you will continue to assist me with your affectionate replies, and thus properly guide and restrain my vision, which of course will be taken from a masculine point of view. By so doing you may preserve me from error.

We will commence with the education of the child during its first year. I take it for granted that during this period the sexual distinction still remains dormant. Nor will you expect me here to discuss the treatment of the child, as to its medicine and diet. Although I cannot but agree with many parents, in complaining that physicians know and do by far too little in this respect, and that the best safeguard against the hazardous experiments and theoretical nonsense of many physicians, is to be found in the observance of good family traditions, in the wise, practical coursel of more aged matrons, and in the good common sense of the parents themselves. I will refer to this incidentally with a view to the common christian principle, which must underlie all true education.

But you will ask, how can the christian disposition of the mother express itself effectually towards the child in its first year? As yet you cannot speak with the child, nor teach it. Christianity is something spiritual, working upon the conscience and the will. But these faculties remain still undeveloped in so young a child. Well, we will see that by and by. I heartily discard all those sentimental, ideal notions, which many parents hold, as if these little ones were incarnate angels ; neither can I believe, as some do, that their smiles and tears are but the signs of their soulless, worm-like character. Yes, even such revolting sentiments has a certain writer uttered! No, let us firmly adhere to the plain teachings of the word of God, the doctrines of christianity. Here we are taught that we are born in sin and shapen in iniquity, and are natural

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