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jesty's frigate Owen Glendower. This lors, Preston, and Blakemere ; and Senior high-spirited officer nnfortunately fell a Minor Canou of Hereford Cathedral. victim to his own impetuosity of iemper.- July 15. At Bungay, in his 75th year, Having found fault with his First Lieute. Mr. Warmell, Attorney-at-law. nant (M.Donald) he immediately beat to July 17, aged 73, Mr. William Richard. quarters, sent all the people down to the son, farmer, of Wrangle, Lincolnshire, main-deck guos, and drawing his sword, At Chelsea, in his 67th year, Joho Will. ordered the Lieutenant to defend himself, son, R. N. son of the late John Willson, which the latter declined, but said, if Gentleman, of Hackney. Captain Spencer was determined to fight, In Gloucester-street, Queen-square, he would meet him ou shore. Captain S. Bloomsbury, aged 44, Mr. Henry Vokes. then called him coward, and struck him, A. Grueber, esq. Librarian to the Dub. upon which M.Donald drew his sword; lin Society. He was found drowned in the they fought, and Captain Spencer was night in the River Dodder, near Dublin. run through the body, and killed.

July 17. At Halesworth, Suffolk, aged June 25. Off the island of Bermuda, 80, Rev. Isaac Avarne, A. M. 34 years aged 29, Mr. James Andresen, of Port-au- Rector of Halesworth with the vicarage of Prince; who, with his wife and infant, Chediston annexed, and 48 years Rector were returning to England per ship May. of Bassingham in Norfolk. He was a man July 4. At Thrumplow,

near Not.

of strong sense and the strictest integrity; tingham, in his 36th year, Daniel Crockatt, of warm generous feelings and a most jun. esq. formerly of London.

sincere and steady friend.

His memory July 8. At Paris, in his 57th year, will be affectionately cherished, in the much and deservedly regretted, William hearts of those among whom he had so Thomas Sandiford, esq. youngest son of long resided, and to whom he had become the late Rowland Sandiford, M. A. Vicar endeared by a genuine benevoleuce of of Christ Church, Newgate-street, and mind, and a conscientious and uniform forinerly a Major in the Bombay Military observance of all those moral and relia Establishment.

gious duties, on the performance of wbich July 9. At Castle Hedingham, Essex, the pious Christian humbly builds his aged 19, Anna, second daughter of George hopes of a happy eternity. He was of Nottidge, esq. A few months only have Queen's College, Cambridge, B. A. 1764, elapsed since this expanding bud, in full and A. M. 1767. The Living of Halesenjoyment of all those mental and per- worth with Chedistun, in the patronage of sonal graces which female ambition co. William Plumer, esq. M. P. of Gilsson vets, was undermined by a disease which Park, Herts; and that of Basingham in bamed all inedical aid.

the gift of Lord Viscount Ansun. In her 88th year, at her house in Stoke's July 18.

At the Tontine Inn, Sheffield Croft, Bristol, Mary, relict of the late (where she and her parents had ar. ived William Morrish, esq. of that city, and the day before from Wellington, in Shropmother of Mrs. Edward Jones, King- shire, to which place she had been for square,

medical advice), aged 19, Dorothy, daughJuly 11. Aged 12 years, Miss Pochin, ter of the Rev. Dr. Graham, of York. daughter of the Rev. Mr. Pocbin, of Little At Littleton, Middlesex, the wife of T. Cornard, Suffolk.

Wood, esq. daughter of the late Sir Ed. July 12. At Chelsea, aged 74, the Rev. ward Williams, bart, of Gwerneffed, in Thomas Peirson, D. D. formerly sevior the county of Brecon. Minister of the Established English July 19. In her 56th year, Margaret, Church at Amsterdam.

widow of the late Mr. Charles Bertram, of At Marseilles, in his 25th year, Henry New Boud street. Witherby, esq. of Queen's College, Cam. Aged 20 years, James, tbird son of the bridge, son of Mr. Witherby, Birchio-lane. Rev. G. D'Arville, of Winterbourne, after

On board his Majesty's ship Revolu. a protracied illuess, borne with unexamtionaire, near Marseilles, Lieut. Robert pled patience. Savery Harvey, R. N.

Al Market Harborough, in bis 70th July 14. At Bath, the relict of the late year, Thomas Iokersole, esq. Banker. Francis Wilson, esq. of Clapham Common. At ber brother's, in Herefordshire, Mary,

At Leominster, George Nuttal, esq. late wife of Mr. John Miller, bookseller, late of Hampton Court, to whom the publick of Burlington Arcade, but now of Lisleat large are much indebted for very im- street. portant improvements in the roads, which After a long and severe affliction in her have been effected in that neighbourhood 50th year, the wife of the Rev. N. Tudd, under his direction, and particularly in the of Tuddenham, St. Mary, Suffolk. line over Diomore-hill.

July 20. At Chilton Hall, near Clare, July 15.

At Byford, in his 75th year, Suffolk, in his 73d year, Wells Ortoo, esq, the Rev. Lewis Maxey, A. M. many years of Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-ing fields. Rector of the parish, Vicar of Bridge Solo and of Thrussioglon, Leicestershire

July 21. July 21. Aged 60, Frances, the wife nalized himself as Sheriff for the county of Henry Haggard, esq. of Bradenham of Surrey in the year 1780, and mother of Hall, Norfolk.

Mrs. Robert Thoroton, late of Grafton. In the Hampstead road, Mr. John street, and George Eyre, esq. of WarDeering, lale of Aldersgate.street, Apo

ren, Wilts. thecary, aged 52.--As a man, he was a The daughter of John Green, esq. of sincere and steady friend; and as a me. Dell Lodge, Blackheath. dical practitioner, few have been more lo bis 79th year, Mr. John Ruiter, of emioently successful.

Mount.street, Grosvenor-square. At Abridge, Essex, in bis 66th year, In his 80th year, Richard Heatley, esq. Charles Foster, esq. late of the Contract of Miocing-lane, and of Shenfield-place, Office, Navy Office.

Essex. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. William Pritch., July 27.

In bis 74th year, Thomas ard, of North Brixton, Surrey.

Kett, esq. of Seeining, in Norfolk. At Bermondsey, Mr. David Hollands. Ai Wanstead, aged 47, Anne, wife of

In Caroline-place, Chelsea, Susannah, W. Heritage, esq. of Mount.row, City relict of W. Evatt, esq. late of Marsham. Road. street, Westminster.

At Ipswich, after a lingering illness, July 22. On his passage from New- Louisa, fourth laughter of the late Co. foundland, Ensigo Thomas Coombe, lonel Siisted, of that town. Vyvyan, of the 741h regiment.

In his 70th year, Palfrey George BurJuly 23. In his 82d year, John Wyche, reli, esq. of Alnwick. Northumberlaud. esq. Town Clerk of Stamford, which office At Hillswood, in her 44th year, the wife be held 50 years.-Richard Wyche, esq. of Hyacinth E. Donelan, esq. of Hillswood grandfather of the deceased, was chosen (Galway). Town Clerk of Stamford in the year 1701; July 28. Al. Tolvan (Landrake), CorpJohn Wyche, his son, succeeded him in wall, Elizabeth, daughier of the late Col. the year 1730; and John Wyche, now O'Dogherty, of that place. Her death is deceased, succeeded his father in the


supposed to be occasioned by the sudden 1770; so that the grandfather, father, and shock she received about three weeks beson, had been in uninterrupted succession fore on hearing of her cattle being innTown Clerks of Stamford for 119 years. pounded. July 24.

At Gresford, Denbighshire, Of apoplexy, John Heaviside, esq. of in her 781h year, the widow of the R-v. Stoke-ley, Yorkshire. John Briggs, M. A., late Chancellor of the In his 75th year, Mr. William Green, Diocese of Chesier.

of Sutton ball, near Bury St. Edmund's. At Bath, the Hon. Matilda, wife of Vil. July 29. At the Deanery House, in liers William Villiers, esq. daughter of Hertford, in the 67th year of his age, the John, 11th Lord, and sister of the lale Rev. George Gretton, Vicar of Upton BiHeory Beauchamp, and H. Andrew, suc- shop, near Ross, a Canon Residentiary, 'cessively Lords St. Joho, of Blestve. and Dean of Hereford, Dr. Gretton was

In his 90th year, Mr. John Keeley, educated at Cambridge, where, in the year who, from his youth, had been in the 1776, he graduated in the Mathema:ical Rushbrook family.-When in bis infancy, Class of Wranglers, and was elected a Felbe sowed the acorns which produced the low of Trinity College, B. A. 1776, M-A. fine-growing, and now very valuable, oak 1779, D. D. 1791. His classical knowtimber upon the extensive spot called ledge was displayed in contest with the North-hill, near Bury.

learned Gilbert Wakefield, for the UniAt Tunbridge Wells, in her 941h year, sity Prize in that department of science, Mrs. Margaret Dennison.

when the first honours were awarded to In Merrion-square, Dublin, in her 78th Mr. Gretion. He was advanced to the year, the relict of the late Sir Neal O'Do. Deanery of Hereford on the interest of the -nel, bart.

Earl of Lonsdale, and has uniformly been July 25. At Chelsea College, aged 16, distinguished in private life by amenity of Charlotte, daughter of the Rev. Richard mauners and kindness of heart, by affec. Smith, of Sutton, Sussex.

tion towards his family, and a strict irreIn his 41st year, Mr. T. Dockwray, of proachable conduct. Prince's-street, Soho.

Aged 27, Mr. Thomas Choat, librarian, In St. Peter's-street, St. Alban's, Tho- of Brighton. mas Rogers, esq. Surgeon.

Hadley, Mary, wife of John New. James, youngest son of Joseph Bush- bery, esq. late Lieut. Colonel of the Sus. nan, esqof Guildhall.

sex Militia. In George-square, Edinburgh, Col. Ro- In Park-street, Islington, in her 53d bert Baillie, late of the Hon. East India year, Mrs. Witherby, relict of Mr.G. H. Company's service,

Wii herby, of Birchin-lane, who died in July 26.

At Bath, the relict of the late 1805 (see vol. LXXV. p. 1170). She Charles Eyre, esq. of Claxton, who sig. was the excellent mother of oiue childreu.



At Streatham, Surrey, in his 71st year, At Norwich, aged 88, the Rev. Edward the Rev. Reynold Davies, M. A.

Beaumont, lineally descended from the At Reading, after a short illness, aged very antient' and noble Leicestershire fa72, Mary, wife of Pbilip George, esq. of mily of that name ; whose many amiable Belmont, late Towo-clerk of Bath, and mo. qualities greatly endeared him to all who ther of Philip George, esq. junr. the pre- · bad the pleasure of his acquaintaoce. In sent Town-clerk. All who had the hap- bim were eminently united the polite niness of knowing the inestimable qualities gentleman, the sincere friend, and the of this excellent woman, will long remem- pious Christian. ber her with the deepest regret.

At Witnesham, near Ipswich, at an adAt Paris, aged 41, Charlotie, wife of vanced age, Mrs. Gibbs, the relict of the T. Otis, esq.

Rev. John Gibbs, A. M. rector of Occold, In Bishopsgate-street, aged 40, Chris. Suffolk. tian, wife of R. Skinner, esq.

At Enfield, the wife of the Rev. Thomas July 30.

In Tavistock-street, Covent- Thomas, of Wareham, Dorsetshire. garden, aged 40, Sarah, wife of Mr. Ro- At Kew Green, after a long illness, aged bert Hare,

48, George Hicks, esq. Barrister-at-law, At Plaistow, Essex, in his 78th year, and one of the Magistrates of the Police Mr. Thomas King, salesman in Newgate- at Bow-street. market. The deceased was distinguished In Lincoln's-inn-fields, in his 89th year, for his great judgment in cattle.

John Barnes, esq. July 31. In bis 69th year, Benjamin

Aug. 2.

At Crofton-place, Kent, Anne, Hooper, of Croydon, one of the Society of wife of James Burgh, exq. Friends.

At Bradenham Rectory, Bucks, Jane, Lately. In the Fleet, S. David, a Chan- widow of the late Charles Fox, esq. of cery prisoner, after 11 years confinement; Spanish-place, Manchester-square, and making the tenth who has died there, un. of Chalcombe Priory, Northamptonshire. der similar circumstances, since the case At Nottingham, Mr. David Louis Leech, of poor Williams's death, after 33 years of the East Iudia Company's Service, of imprisonment.

St. Helena, Cornwall. -- At Fowey, Miss Walcot, the At Hamlet House, Hammersmith, Elilast of the family of the celebrated Peter zabeth, widow of the late Richard Hill, esq. Pindar.

Mary, daughter of Joshua Knowles, esq. Kent.----At the South Barracks, Wal- of Wanstead, Essex. mer, aged 26, Mr. James Nichol, Assist- At Swinburne Castle, Hexham, Lieut.ant Surgeon of the Severn.-His death gen. Leonard Shasto Orde, Magistrate and was occasioned by slightly pricking his Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Norfinger in sewing up the dead body of a thumberland. man a few days previous.

At Livermere Parsonage, near Bury St. Suffolk. William, son of William Edmunds, in his 60th year, the Rev. PeHammond, esq. Solicitor, Ipswich.-He ter Lathbury, F. L. S. Rector of the united was in a boat with some others, on the parishes of Great and Little Livermere, coast of Jamaica, when a storm came on, and in the commission of the peace for and, being asleep, with a heavy great coat the county of Suffolk. In a faithful and on, he sank, upon the upsetting of the boat, conscientious discharge of his pastoral and never to rise! Every parent will sympa- magisterial duties he was zealous and inthise with the father and mother, now be. defatigable. Beloved by his parishioners reft of three sons within a few months. and highly respected by his acquaintance ;

Sussex.–At Arundel, in her 82d year, he has left a wife and five young children Catherine, widow of the late Rev. John to lament his loss. Griffiths, of Kingston-on-Thames, and Aug. 3.

At Furville (Tipperary) Lieur. mother of Capt. A. J. Griffiths, K.N. William Firman, R. N.

Yorkshire.--At the Hill, in Marthwaite, At Margate, Gilbert Hamilton, esq. late in the West Riding, in his 74th year, of Queen-street, Cheapside. Richard Willan, esq. brother of the late At Ramsgate, in consequence of being Dr. Willan, Physician, of London. He thrown from his chaise the preceding was educated in the principles of the So- evening (occasioned by his horse taking ciety of Friends, filled the situation of fright), in bis 39th year, Joho Childe, esq. Naval Officer during his earliest years, of Nine Elms, second son of William and died a bacheior.

Childe, esq. of Clapham Common. TRELAND.-At Ballyharty (Wexford), in At the Parsonage house, Semer, in his his 82d year, Ebenezer Raciford Rowe, e q. 21st year, Charles Brand Cooke, eldest August 1.

In Bouverie-street, of apo- son of the Rev. Charles Cooke, and stuplexy, in his 80th year, James Dobie, dent of St. John's College, Cambridge. esq. Solicitor. He was an elder of the Aug. 4. In Berkeley-square, in his 78ih Scots Church, London Wall, and 34 years year, Thomas Palmer, esq. Secretary to the Scottish Corporation. At Ambleside, near Kendal, Lieut.-col.

J. Bladen

Aug. 5.

J. Bladen Taylor, one of the Directors of after 50 years conscientious discharge of the Hon. East India Company.

his ministerial duties, the Rev. Thomas In Gilgate, Durbam, in bis Paddon, M. A. rector of St. Nicholas, 90th year, George Haswell, one of the with All Saints annexed. He was of St. Society of Friends.

John's College, Cambridge; B. A. 1765, Aug. 6. At Carmel, Lancashire, aged M. A. 1768. 97, Mr. I. Higgin, father of Mrs. Higgio, Aug. 14. At Cheltenham, Mrs. Frances of Hackney.

Talbot. She was the second daughter of At Fareham, aged 63, Edward-D'Au- the late Hon. Charles Talbot, by Mary, vergoe, esq. pephew of the late General daughter of Sir Pierce Mostyp, of Talacre, D'Auvergne. He was ap active Magistrate in Fliotsbire, bart. and sister to the Earl of the county of Southampton.

of Shrewsbury. Aug. 7. 1o Duke-street, Westminster, At Islington, in his 81st year, Mr. Wil. jn ber 86th year, Mrs. Hution, dau. of Dr. liam Pettitt, formerly of Hosier-lane. Hulton, Abp. of Canterbury, who died as At Cheltenham, in his 38th year, Thos. long ago as 1758 (see vol. XXVIII. 146.) Burton Fitzgerald, esq. Commissioner of Her remains were interred in a vault at his Majesty's Stamps in Ireland, and son Lambeth, with those of her father.

of the late Edw. Fitzgerald, esq. of CarAt Newark-house, Gloucester, the Rev ragoran, (Clare.) Lewis Clutterbuck, A. M. Rector of Ozle- Aug. 15. Frances, wife of William Clay, worth, in that county.

of Guildford-street, Russell-square. Aug. 8. At Bradford Lodge, the Rev. At Brompton, Edward.Bate, second son Richard Birch, A. M, Rector of Bradwell of Charles Beloe, esq. juxta Mare, add also of Widdington, an

Aug. 16.

In her 81st year, Mrs. Franactive Magistrate for the county of Essex, ces Horne, of Clapham Common. and brother-in-law to Sir Henry Bate At Woolwich, in bis 70th year, the Rev. Dudley, bart.

Joseph Wilcox Percy, many years MinisAug. 9. Lo consequence of a fall from ter of Salem Chapel, in that town. bis horse, in the Kept, road, Mr. G. Raby, At Hertford, Mr. R. T. Archer, Solicitor, saddler, of Brook-street, Bond-street. of Birchin-lane.

Aug. 10. In her 14th year, Elizabeth, Miss Harriet Stow, of Croom's Hill, daughter of Jaimes Fisher, esq. of Dulwich- Greenwich. hill.

Aug.17. At Wandsworth Common, aged Aug. 11.

lo Grosvernor-place, Auna 59, Elizabeth, relict of the late Samuel Maria Powys, Baroness Lilford. Her Goodbehere, esq, Alderman of London ; Ladyship was the eldest daughter and and on Aug. 22, aged 24, Horatio, their beiress of ibe late Robert Vernon Ather- son and heir. ton, esq. of Atherton-ball, in Lancashire,

Aug. 18.

At Southwold, Suffolk, aged and was married to Lord Lilford in 1797. 80, William Smart, esq. of Pentonville,

Aug. 13. At Bungay, in his 7810 year, formerly of Lombard-street, banker.

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METEOROLOGICAL Table for Aug. 1820. By W. CARY, Strand, Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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BILL OF MORTALITY, fronı July 25, to August 22, 1820.

2 and 5 132 50 and 60 138 Males 991 ? Males 664

5 and 10 50 60 and 70 114 1877

1309 Females 886 Females 645

10 aud 20 34 70 and 80 87 Whereof have died under 2 years old


20 and 30 90 80 and 90 52

30 and 40 130 90 and 100 7 Salt £1. per bushel ; 4£d. per pound.

40 and 50 144



d. s.

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AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending August 19, 1820.

Wheat| Rye Barly, Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beans,
d. s.

s. d. s. d. s. d.is. d.is. d. Middlesex 79 300 0 36 5 29 942 1 Essex 72 10 40 0/36 226 4 39 10 Surrey 76 740 036 028 8 45 6 Kent 75 800 038 8 26 8 42 2 Hertford 71 900 0136 0 26 8 42 3|Sussex 76 000 000 027 6 44 0 Bedford 70 34 0 36 11 27 11 42 8||Suffolk 75 838 037 228 4 42 0 Huntingdon 70 241 0 32 0 25 143 2 Cambridge67 100 030 0 20 241 Northampt. 72 1044 041 027 047 0 Norfolk 72 741 6 34 10 30 737 0 Rutland 77 900 0141 0 26 046 0 Lincoln 73 0 40 041 11 24 11 49 0 Leicester 74 1000 000 025 10.50 0 York 73 242 839 0 25 4/46 Nottingham 72 2 45 639 027 247 4 Durham 76 8100 000 033 4100 Derby 77 900 0100 028 4.54 0 Northum. 76 249

6.37 431 1037 Stafford 75 400 0 48 630 1 528 Cumberl. 72 753 6135 332 1100 Salop 773 351 600 030 551 6 Westmor. 80 038 0133 900 0 Hereford 69 948 032 030 0 48 0 Lancaster 74 200 029 429 0 00 () Worcester 66 800 037 828 10/48 8 |Chester 71

000 027 900

() Warwick 71

2 00 0 39 1030 950 9|Flint 66 200 0 42 927 800 () Wilts 63 700


728 148 10 Denbigh 72 6.00 0 45 433 200 0 Berks 73 8100 0 37 1028 6 46 9|Anglesea 68 000 0 36

020 400 0 Oxford 70 400 37 027 4 45 6 Carnarvon 75 500 041 10 25 1000 Bucks 70 2100

0/37 627 0420Merioneth 79 1100 050 431 400 Brecon

73 500 0 34 2 22 800 0 Cardigan 69 500 040 821 400 0 Montgomery 71 5 00 035 552 300 0 Pembroke 60 300 037 000 000 0 Radnor 68 900 136 930 400 0Carmarth. 66 1000 036 8/19 600 0

Glainorgan 72 600 034 024 8000

Gloucester 70 300 0136 6 28 348 4 Average of England and Wales, per quarter.Somerset 69 900 036 223 1 50 12 4144 2137 5127 4145 8Monm. 72 300 036 1000 000 0

Devon 75 000 035 3 25 1000 0 Average of Scotland, per quarter:

Cornwall 75 800 037 11 28 9.00 0 70 5141 2734 17127 1139 Dorset 71 600 033 0122 5 00 0

Hants 70 7100 035 0.21 045 7

PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, August 23, 65s. to 70s.
VATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, August 25, 26s. 9d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, August 23, 35s. 8d4. per cwt.

31. Ss. to 31. 12s. Kent Bags...........

Kent Pockets

31. 8s. to 31. 18s. Sussex Ditto ........... 21, 16s. to 31. 55. Sussex Ditto


3s. to 31. 10s. Essex Ditto....... 01. Os. to 01. Os. | Essex Diico

31. Os. to 31. 10s. AVERAGE PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, August 25 : St. James's, Hay 41. Os. Straw 1l. 12s. 3d. Clover 07. Os. · Whitechapel, Hay 31. 16s. 6d. Straw 11.12s.Od. Clover4l.10s.--. Smithfield, Hay 41.3s. Od. Straw 11. 13s. Od. Clover 71.0s. Od,

SMITHFIELD, Angust 25. To sink the Offal-per stone of 8lbs. Beef.......

...58. 4d. to 6s. 8d. ...................4s. 4d. to 5s. 4d. | Lamb........ Mutton........

...45. 4d. to 5s. 6d. Head of Cattle at Market August 25 : Veal .............. .4s. 8d. to 6s. Od

Beasts .......

593 Calves 300. Pork........................ 45. 0d. to 5s.

8d. Sheep and Lambs 7,8010 Pigs 150. COALS, August 25: Newcastle 32s. 9il. to 39s. 6d. -Sunderland, 34s. Od. to 40s. 6d.

TALLOW, per Stone, 81b. Town Tallow 60s. Od. Yellow Russia 57s. SOAP, Yellow 90s. Mottled 1:02s. Curd 100s.-CANDLES, 11s. 6d. per Doz. Moulds 13s. Od.

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