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At Brighton, iu his 25th year, Robert 1819. AT Charleston, South Carolina, Wells, esq. of Chester-place, Kennington Oct.

in his 720 year, Francis Ro- July 15, Aged 78, Mr. $. Feary, of bertson, esq. a native of Aberdeenshire. Pood-street, Hampstead. *He practised in the early part of his life as July 16. At Elm Cottage, Upper Clapa writer at Edinburgh ; but mercantile ton, aged 53, Isabella, widow of the late speculations induced him to transfer his T. G. Player, esq. of Maize Hill, Greenresidence to Charleston, of which he was wich. an inhabitant upwards of 30 years. There In Powis.place, aged 69, Jas. Lewis, esq. the legal knowledge he had acquired in July 17. Io Devonshire-street, Portlandearly life rendered him valuable to his place, Elizabeth, widow of the late Tho. friends and neighbours, who often pre- mas Garland Murray, esq. of Upper ferred his award to the more expensive Gower-street. and uncertain decisions of the law,

At Taplow House, Bucks, in her 14th 1820. March 14. At Columbo, Capi. year, Margaret, daughter of Pascoe GrenGeorge Maltby, of his Majesty's 18th fell, esq. M. P. regiment.-His death was occasioned by a July 27. At Bari, in Italy, Charles fall from his horse a few days previous. Clive, esq. late of Hans.place, Brompton.

March 18. At Sierra Leone, Mr. Henry July 30. At Geneva, aged 36, Capt. James Slade, Midshipman of the Tartar. Stephen Gordon, 5th Dragoon Guards.

He fell overboard and was drowned, Aug. 6. In Sackville - street, Emma, May 3. By the upsetting of a boat, daughter of Richard Blagden, esq. when employed on a survey of Algoa Bay, In her 97th year, Mrs. Jane Winkfield, in South Africa, Mr. Robert Reed, of his of King's Langley, Herts. Majesty's ship Menai, son of Geo, Reed, Aug. 7. At Brighton, Elizabeth, widow esq. of Pulteney-street, Bath.

of the late Christopher Spencer, esq. for.
May 31. At Sierra Leone, Mr. H. A. merly of Great Marlborough.street, and
Elliot, Midshipman of the Tartar.–And Hanwell, Middlesex.
August 12, on board the same ship, on her At Frogmore, aged 50, Mr. Serle, up-
passage home, Mr. Howard Douglas, Mid. wards of 24 years foolman to her late

June ... At Portsmouth, the Lady of Al Clifton, the widow of the late John
Major Macdonald, of the Royal Marines. Farbill, esq. of York place.

June 11. At Glasgow, Lady Crawford In the Tower, aged 37, John Urquhart,
Pollock, of Upper Pollock, relict of the esq. of the Ordnance Office.
Jate Sir Hern Crawford, Bart. of Jordin At Castlé Biggs, Tipperary, aged 27,
Hill, daughter of Capt. John Pollock, William O'Meagher, esq. Barrister-at-
second sou of the late Sir Robert Pollock, Law, son of Wm. O'Meagher, esq. of
Bart. of Upper Pollock, by Anne, daugh. Bleakfield, in the Queen's County.
ter of James Lockhart, esq. of Lee.

In Duke.street, Liverpool, the wife of
June 21. At Astrachan, in his 27th year, Sir William Barton.
Edward James Peters, esq. late of the 71b In her 83d year, Aune, relict of the late
Hussars, son of Henry Peters, esq. of William Wilson, esq. of Brunswick-square.
Betchworth Castle, Surrey.

Mary Anne Matilda, wife of James Crow-
July 9. At Norwood Green, Middlesex, dy, jun, esq. of Hanninglon, near High.
Sophia, wife of Thomas Bramall, esq. and worth, .Wilts.
daughter of Mr. John Robins, of Warwick, At Coombe House, Surrey, in his 64th
street, Gulden-square.

year, Beeston Long, esq. one of the DiAt the Parade, Tower, in his 51st year, rectors of the Bank of Eugland. His re. Mr. T. Cooke.

mains were interred in the family-vault at July 11. In Portman-street, Mary Eli- Saxmundbam, in Suffolk. His sound judgzabeth, wife of Henry Plowman, esq. ment and integrity in public life as a man

July 12. Aged 15, Amelia, daughter of of business, bis general benevolence toAllen Young, .esq. of Orlingbury, North- wards all who needed his assistance, and amptonshire.

his many private and domestic virtues, At Penton, Hants, aged 77, A. G. Bour. will cause his memory to be long revered dillon, esq.

and respected by all who knew him. July 14. At Paris, in her 90th year, Aug. 9. At Liverpool, Miss Margaret Mademoiselle Montausier.-This Lady at M'Avoy, whose faculty of distinguishing one time had the direction of all the The colours, &c. by the touch, gave rise to so atres in Paris,

much discussion about three years since. At Clay Hall, near Wiudsor, in her 23d Aug. 10. In her 79th year, the widow year, the wife of Capt. James Lindsay, of of the late J. Groves, esq. of Stafford-row, the Grenadier Guards.

In Montague-street, Russell.square, in At Pentonville, in his 85th year, Mr.
her 29th year, Louisa, wife of Philip Robert Crawford, formerly of Church-
Courtenay, esq. Barrister.al-Law.

court, Lothbury, Gent. Mag. September, 1820.


At Brighton, aged 66, James Clarke, At Plymouth, aged 34, Lieut. Thomas esq. of Battersea Fields, Surrey.

Frederick, of the 84th regiment, son of Aug. 11. At Knightsbridge, the wife of Lieut.-col. Frederick, late of the 54th John Smee, esģ. and daughter of Col. regiment, and grandson of the late Gen. Nugent, of Beaumont-street.

Marisco Frederick. His death was occaIn Gloucester · street, Queen - square, sioned by inflammation of the lungs, arisaged 70, William Tillard, esq.

ing from a chill taken after bathing. His In St. Margaret's, Norwich, aged 46, remains were interred at Stoke church Capt. Robert Tinkler, R. N. who signal- with military honours, being attended by ized himself by his intrepid bravery in the Officers of the Artillery, Royal Maseveral engagements, in which he had rines, Royal Marine Artillery, &c. received 21 wounds.- Capt. Tinkler was In Red Lion-street, Holborn, in her 89th cabin-boy on board his Majesty's ship year, Mrs. Mary Loader, widow of Mr. Bounty, (Capt. Blyth,) at the time the Robert Loader, formerly of Dean-street. crew of that ship mutinied in the South Aug. 15. At Stoke, near Guildford, at Seas, in the year 1789, and was one of a very advanced age, the relict of the the 12 persons who, with the Captain, Jate Nathaniel Hillier, esq. was turned adrift in a boat by the muti- At Dublin, the wife of the Rev. James neers. It will be recollected that Capt. Forward Bond, M. A. Dean of Ross, and Blyih and his companions, after a voyage sister of Mr. Croker, of the Admiralty. of 1200 leagues (during which the only Aug. 16. At Edinburgh, John Living, subsistence they had was one ounce of ton Campbell, Esq. of Achallader. bread and a quarter of a pint of water Aug. 17. At Matlock, Mary, daughter each day), had the good fortune to arrive of John Dalton, esq. of Thurnham Hall, safe at the Dutch settlement of Cupan, Lancashire. in the islavd of Timor. (See vol. LX. p.463.) Aug. 18. At Lude, Col. John Robertson.

In Albany-street, North Leith, T. Ro- In Gloucester-place, in his 60th year, bertson, e q. late Commander of the Royal Mr. William Shaw, near 30 years Steward Charlotte revenue cutter.

to the Right. Hon. Countess Poulett. At Mountnessiog, Essex, Capt. George Eliza, daughter of Cliarles Ellis, esq. Stace, of his Majesty's 1st Ceylon regt. M. P.

Aged 42, Mr. George Wood, late of In her 67th year (40 of which she passed Lower Thaines-street.

in the business of Mr. G. Adams, of the In her 93d year, the relict of Mr. Nicho- Minories), Mrs. Anne Long. las Nickson, of York, printer.

In bis 57th year, the Rev. C. R. Dade, Aug. 12. William Welch, esq. solicitor, Rector of Denver, Norfolk, leaving a of Nicholas.lane, Lombard-street.

widow and seven children to lament their In Coventry-street, Miss Batsford, of irreparable loss. He was formerly fellow Fulham.

of Caius College, B. A. 1784, and M. A. Aug. 13. At Itchen, nèar Southampton, 1787. Charles Ogle, esq. of Christchurch, Ox- Aug. 19. After a short previous illness, ford, son of the Rev. J. S. Ogle, of Kirk- aged 69, Mr. John Addison Newman, for ley, Norlliumberland, and Canon of Sa- many years Keeper of His Majesty's Gaol lisbury.

of Newgate. In every situation of life his At Dover, in his 86th year, T. B. conduct was marked by uniform kindness

and benevolence, and he has left a large In his 12d year, George Surridge, esq. circle of relations and friends who deeply of Walcot-place, Lambeth.

lament his loss. At Palmer's Terrace, Islington, aged 17, At Clapham, in his 83d year, Ms. Mary-Anne, daughter of William Fen- Franks.

At Tannington, Suffolk, in her 27th At Kingsbury, aged 58, M. Pinero, year, aster a long illness, and to the inex. esq. of Charles-street, Cavendish-square. pressible grief of her friends, Jane, wise

lo 'Euston-place, Charlotte, daughter of of the Rev. S. Barker, M. A. This trulyWilliam Bedford, e:q.

interesting woman was exemplary in every Aug. 14. At Brighton, Jane, wife of duty. Purity of mind, elegance of perGeorge Lumley, ese;. of Soho-square. son, suavity of temper, and affability of

George Kosier, esq. forinerly of Lisbon. manners, rendered her the delight and

At Clapham Lodge, Yorkshire, James ornament of the circle in which she moved. Farrer, esq. an eminent solicitor in Lin- Aug. 20. At Bath, Major-general Sir coln's Ion Fields.

Granby Thomas Calcraft, Knight of the In Brownlow-street, Bedford-row, Jas. Order of Maria Theresa, Tower and Sword, Lockett, esq.

&c. Gout in the stomach was the imme. At Baden, in Germany, in his 28th diate cause of his sudden death. year, John, eldest son of the Hon. John At Thorley, Isle of Wight, Mrs. Mary Spencer, and grandson of the late Duke Barton, after a virtuous and unblameable of Marlborough.

life of 78 years.


Lane, esq.

wick, esq.

Aug. 21. At. Paddington, Mr. Samuel 97th year, Anna Guusby, relict of Win. Card, who for 40 years had filled the Cooper Keating, esq. formerly of Ser. office of Chief Clerk in the Rule Office of jeant's-inn, Fleet-street, his Majesty's Court of King's Bench.

Aug. 25. In Grosvenor - place, in his In Grafton - street East, Tottenham - G4th year, Henry Stawell Bilson Legge, court-road, aged 60, Mary, wife of Wm. second Lord Stawell. His Lordship was Bond, esq.

the only soo of the Right llon. Henry Bil. Aged '84, Mary, wife of Christ. Terry, sou Legge, Chancellor of the Exchequer. esq. of Maple Farın, Kingston, Surrey. In the year 1779 married Mary, se

In Leicester-square, Charles Elms, esq. cond daughter of Viscount Curzon; and

At Brussels, aged 77, Sir Ewen Baillie, by ber, who died in 1804, had a son who bart, of Portman-s

Middlesex ; cre-

died in his infancy; and one daughter, ated a baronet Dec. 11, 181%.

married to the present Lord Sherborne, of Aug. 22 At Hendon, in 75th year, Wil- Sherborne, in Gloucestershire. His Lord. liam Godwin, esq.

ship was Patent Surveyor of the Customs At Elmstead Vicarage, aged 5, Frances, in the Port of London. only child of the Rev. John Brooke.

At Woolwich, Halford Sarah, daughter Aged 39, Mr. Jonathan Sterling, Pro- of Major Payne, R. A. prietor of George's Coffee-house, Strand. At Worthing, the widow of the late Here

At Dover, Edward Atherton, esq. of man Katencamp, esq. of Bath. Pexhill, near Prescot, Lancashire.

In Baldwin-street, Bristol, aged 107, Aug. 23. At (): naburgh, the Hanove- Mrs. Cantey, a native of Ireland : she rerian General Victor Von Alten, who dis- tained her faculties to the last. tinguished bimself under the Duke of Wel. Hug. 26. At Park Hill, near Croydon, lington in Spain and Portugal.

Surrey, in bis 68th year, Paul Philip BarAt Hampstead, Mrs. Stewart, formerly raud, esq. of Corphill, an eminent watch of the Island of St. Vincent, in the West and clock maker; and one of the ComTodies.

mon Councilmen for the Ward of CornHarriet, wife of Nathaniel Wells, esq. bill. of Piercefield, Monmouthshire.

In the Crescent, Cheltenham, Happah, At his lodgings in London, in his 730 widow of the late John Jones, esq. of year, Francis Pender, esq. Vice-admiral Brunswick - square, and Dery Ormond, of the Red in bis Majesty's service, to Cardiganshire. 'which he belonged nearly 60 years, above In her 25th year, Anne, wife of William 40 of which were spent in actual service at Hopkins, esq. of Eldo House, near Bury 'sea. He was one of the last remaining of St. Edmund. those who circumoavigated the globe with In Park-place, Camberwell-grove, CaCapt. Wallace,

'therine, wife of Robert Douglas, esq. At Teddington, in her 441h year, Wil- At Bocking, Essex, in her 741h year, helmina Augusta, wife of C. Lyne, esq. of Elizabeth, relict of the late Joseph Savill, Devousbire-place.

esq. The only son of Thomas Abbott, esq. of At Charlton, near Cheltenham, in his Ely-place.

86th year, Charles Broughtou), esq. Ai Castle Semple House, aged 67, John In Scotch-street, Carlisle, aged 65, Mr. Harvey, esq. of Castle Semple, formerly Francis Jollie, sen. late proprietor of “The President of the Council of the Island of Carlisle Journal," Grenada and its Dependencies.

Aug. 28. Of apoplexy, at the Cross Aug. 24. At Brant-Boughton, Lincolo- Keys, Wood-street, London, Mr. William shire, the Rev. Richard Sutton, Rector of Brown, of Stoke. Golding, Leicestershire. that place, and of Great Coates, in the He was the eldest son of the late Kev. W. same county, and Prebendary of the Cole Brown, inaster of the free grammar-school legiate Church of Southwell, Nottingham- at Stoke Golding, and Curate of that pashire.-He was son of the late, and uncle rish and Dadliogton He was in town on to the present, Sir Richard Sutton, bari. business, and was found dead in bed. of Norwood Park, Notts.

At Woodford, Essex, iu her 79th year, Iu bis 75th year, John Scott, esq. of Catherine, relict of the late William RoGuildford-street, Russell-square, solicitor. biuson, esq.

At No. 4, Gerrard-street, Soho, the Kev. Anne, wife of William Rabbeth, esq. of S. Lyon, for many years Hebrew Teacher Bedford-street, Bedford-row. to the Universities of Oxford and Cam. Aug. 29. at Teddington, Middlesex, bridge, and Eton College. He published Lieut.-col. Pbilip Vaumorel, of the 301h “A compendious Hebrew Grammar, 1789,” regiment of foot. 8vo; and “ Observations on an antique On West Hill, Wandsworth, Anne, widow Medal, 1810," 8vo.

of T. Owen, esq. late of Couduit-street, In Cadogan-place, in bis 25th year, Hanover-square. George Stainforih, esq. of Trinity College, Aug. 30. At Lambeth Terrace, in his Cambridge, son of Rich. Stainforth, esq. 49th year, the Rev. G. L. C. Young, M.A. lo Greek street, Soho-square, in her At Old, Northamptonshire, the wife of


Robert Barclay Allardice, esq. of Ury, At Church House, Leatherhead, the Kincardipshire.

Hon. Charlotte Beauclerk, daughter of Aged 35, Mary-Anne, wife of Mr. John the late Lord Henry Beauclerk. Keir, and daughter of William Burgess, Sussex.--At Shiprods, near Henfield, iu esq. of Green-street, Enfield. At the a fit of apoplexy, in his 73d year, Joseph same wme, their infant son, John William Holden, esq. of Brighton. Keir, aged four months and ten days. Yorkshire.- At Dent, aged 111, Mrs.

Aged 77, Mr. John Goodman, of the King. Feathers Tavern, Hand.court, Holborn. WALES.-At Wrexham, Denbighshire,

Aug. 31. At Clifton, Thomas Baynton, the wife of Mr. Jenkins, mercer, daughter esq. surgeon. His “Essay on the Treat- of Mr. Griffiths, builder, of Oswestry. ment of Ulcers" will perpeluate his me. One of the deceased's brothers met with mory as one of the greatest alleviators of a melancholy accident about a mile from as painful a disease as any to which the Oswestry, as he was driving a gig from human frame is incident.

thence to her funeral : the horse started, At Killin, whilst on a tour between Edin- ' and he jumped out, by which he broke burgh and Stirling, aged 60, the Rev. Dr. his leg in such a dreadful manper that the Wm. Beaumont Busby, Dean of Rochester. bone pierced the flesh.

In Highbury-place, in her 68th year, At Wrexham, aged 60, Mr. E. Rapthe widow of the late Roger Hog, esq. of dles, organist. He was one of the first that place and London.

performers on the harp in the kingdom. At Coker-court, Somersetshire, William Mr. R. was the Lyrist mentioned by Miss Helyar, esq.

Seward, in her poem called “Llangollen lo Bernard - street, Brunswick - square, Vale.” He was pupil of the celebrated aged 22, James Wight, esq. of Largnean. Parry, harper to the late Sir W. W. Wynn,

At Kentish Town, Major Edward Wat who, with his son, used to perform Hankins, of his Majesty's 65th regiment.- del's Choruses in a most masterly style, His death was occasioned by the late se- on two Welch harps, to our late lamented were and harassing campaign against the Sovereign. Mahrattas.

ABROAD.-At Trieste, Madame BaccioLately.--Aged 17, Thomas, son of Ro chi, ci-devant Princess of Piombino, eldest bert Sutton, esq. 'of Highgate ; having sister of Buonaparte, been unfortunately drowned while bathing. At Poona, in the East Indies, Capt.

In Henrietta-street, Cavendish-square, John Sheriff, of the 11tb regiment N. I. Johu Skottowe, esq. late of Chesham, commanding a Risallah of the Poona Bucks, and Notton Lodge, Wiltshire. Auxili Horse,

In Berkeley-square, Thos. Palmer, esq. On bis passage from Penang (where he

Bucks.-Nr. George Bradford, Town had been for the recovery of his health) to Clerk of the Borough of Buckinghamı. He Bombay, the Rev. Richard Jackson, one was returning home from the Isle of Wight, of 'the Chaplains of that Establishment, with his wife and some of his children, in and son of the late Vicar of Christchurch, a postchaise, when the melancholy event Hants. took place between Marlow and Amersham. Sept. 1. lo a fit of apoplexy, Thomas

Devon.--At Cholwich Town, Parish of Stratton Coles, esq. of Basinghall-street, Corowood, aged 84, Elizabeth, widow of merchant. Mr. S. Northmore, of that place. She was At Castle Carey, Somersetshire, in bis followed to the grave by six children, and 59th year, Johu Peyto Verney, Lord 60 grand-children.

Willoughby de Broke. His Lordship is Gloucestershire.-At an advanced age, succeeded in his title and' estate by his jo consequence of having run a thorn into brother, the Hon. Henry Verney, born his hand, which occasioned a locked jaw, 1773. Mr. John Prout, farmer, of Horton.

Sepl. 2. In her 5th year, Margaret, Kent.At Woolwich, aged 55, the re. relict of the late Mr. James Thompsoil, of lict of the late 'Col. John Harding, of the Osnaburgh-street, Regent's Park. Roval Artillery:

At Plymouth, Vice-adm. Linzee (who Somersetshire.-Fletcher Paris, esq. of fell off his horse a few days previous in a Pulteney.street, Bath. He has bequeathed fit of apoplexy). This gentleman was the to trustees a sum of noney, which report nephew of the late Lady Hood, and cou. says exceeds 40,0001. and a field, for the sin to the present Lord Hood. Vice-adm. purpose of erecting 30 cottages thereon, Linzee had been actively employed in the for the free residence (with endowment) of Royal Navy. from his youth until the late the widows or daughters of 10 poor clergy. Peace. men, and of 10 reduced professional men, Sept. 3. At Westergale Cottage, Sussex, and of 10 decayed merchants.

Frances, wife of the Rev. James Tripp. Surrey.--At Cheam, at an advanced At Hastings, in his 720 year, Joseph age, Susannah, relict of the late Benjamin Delafield, esq. of Camden Hill, KeoBeniley, esq. of Sutton.




Of a mortification in his leg, occasioned Sept. In his 39th year, Mr. Rae, late by the throw of a stone from some idle of Drury-lane Theatre. He was a man of .boys in the street, aged 70, Edward very gentlemanlike manners, and of con-Woodward, esq. of Thomas-street, Horse. siderable attainments and high repute in leydown.

his profession. On the 26th ult. he unThe Rev. John Hebden, Vicar of Nor- derwent a painful operation, which was ton, near Daventry.

most skilfully and successfully performed At Fulham Palace, George Gordon by Mr. Surgeon Bell; but from previous Howley, youngest son of the Bishop of long suffering, and consequent debility, London.

be sank under it, and expired almost withSept. 4. At Peckham Lodge, suddenly, out a groan. The remains of this gentle. Timothy Brown, esq. late banker in Lom- man were deposited in Covent - garden bard-street, and formerly a partner in Mr. churchyard ; and, although it was a pri. -Whitbread's Brewery in Chiswell.street. vate funeral, many of his colleagues at.

At Dupleary, near Dublin, Mrs. Good- tended, who were anxious to testify their lad, of Wimpole-street, London, and of regard, without parade or ostentation. Richmond, Surrey.

They were no actors here their silent Sept. 5. After a short illness, aged 83, sympathy, in the deprivation of an asso. Mrs. Jesser, relict of the late William ciate, cut off in the very prime of life, Jesser, esq. of Hackney.

spoke most eloquently their estimation of At Kingsland, Harriet, wife of. Robert his worth, their regret for his loss, and Browne, esq. of Crawford-street, Port- their respect for his memory. He has left man-square.

his family (consisting of a wise, one son, At Brighton, Harriet, only daughter of and two daughters) totally without provi. C. J. Mills, esq. of Suxham Hall, Suffolk. sion. Mr. Elliston has most liberally of

At Watford, Herts, in her 5416 year, fered the use of his theatre, and his breAnne, wife of M. K. Masters, surgeon, of thren are most anxious to come forward to that town.

further his benevolent intentions. la Church-row, Pancras, aged 71, Su. At Woodlands, near Canterbury, the sanna Catharine, widow of the late Charles residence of her uncle, Jobu Dilnott, esq. Kiddington, gent, of Park-street, Grosve. in the 25th year of her age, Mary, the nor-square.

second daughier of Henry Wise Harvey, Sept. 6. In Hamilton - place, London, esq. of Harnden, in Kent. in 'her. 41 st. year, the Right Hon. Sarab Sept. 9. In his 720 year, John Holmes, Countess of Shannon. Her Ladyship was esq.of LipperQueen’s-buildings. Brompton. fourth daughter of John Hyde, esq. of Sept. 10. Al church, in a fit of apoCastle Hyde, co. Cork, Knight of the Shire plexy, Wm. Goodall, esq. of Tottenham. for thầl County ; married June 9, 1798, Sept. 11. At Hampstead, Helen, infant Henry Boyle, third Earl of Shannon, daughter of John Spoutiswoode, esq. of Knight of St. Patrick, and Baron Carleton, Spottiswoode. (See p. 272.) in England, by whom she bas left issue Sept. 12. In Grosvenor-square, Richard eleven children.

Thompson, esq. of Escrick, Yorkshire. At Baylis, co. Bucks, in her 70th year, Sept. 13. At Southampton, Sir Francis the Most Noble Mary Marchioness of Holburne, barl. of Kirshie, North Bri'Thomond. Her Ladyship was daughter tain. He was the son of Francis Hole of John Palmer, esq. of Torrington, co. burne, esq. Admiral of the White, RearDevon, and niece of the celebrated Sir admiral of Great Britain, and Governor of Joshua Reynolds; married, July 25, 1792, Greenwich Hospital, by Frances, widow of Mursough, fifth Earl of Inchiquin, created Edward Lascelles, father of the late Earl in 1800 Marquess of Thomond, and in of Harewood. Sir F. Holburne was uncle 1801 Baron Thomond, in the Peerage of to the present Earl of Harewood. England ; but has no issue by the Mar. At Paris, aged 86, the celebrated Mar. quess, who died by a fall from his horse shal Kellerman, Duke of Valmy, and Peer in Grosvenor-square, Peb. 10, 1808. of France; and two days after, Marshal

At Esher, Elizabeth Catherine, daugh. Lefebvre, Duke of Dantzic. The former ter of the late Henry Wadham Diggle, has been interred with much ceremony; esq. Judge and Magistrate in the East and the same distinction, it is said, will be India Compano's Bombay Establishment. paid to the latter. The following inscrip.

Sept. 7. AL Wickham, in her 19th year, tion is intended to perpetuate the memory Georgiava Jane, eldest daughter of Dr. of Marshal Kellerman :-" Here died gloM.Donald, R. N. and grand-daughter of riously the brave who saved France on the Adm. Sir. J. Knight, K. C. B.

2012 September, 1792. A soldier, who At Brighton, suddenly, James Redit, had the honour of commanding on that esq. of the King's-road, Bedford-row. memorable day, Marshal Kellerman, Duke

At Thame, Oxfordshire, from an apo. of Valmy, dictating his last will 28 years plectic attack, Joho Hollier, esq. soli- after, wished that his heart should be citori

placed in the midst of them."


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