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aged 23, Mrs. Wm. O'Rourke, formerly Mary.Clara, daughter of Col. Montolieu, Miss Pord, of the Theatre Royal, Crow. by whom he had four children. He is street.

succeeded by his son Alexander, now eighth Sept. 15. At Woodcot (Haddington), Lord Elibank. George Home Falconar, esq. Captain in Sept. 25. Of a cancer in the mouth, in the 2d Dragoons (Scots Greys).

consequence of cutting it with a bone Sept. 16. Of Hydrophobia, 8 days after while eating, about three months since, the attack, Anne North, singlewoman, of Mr. W. Cleveland, apothecary, of DowSaleby, co. Linc. At first her complaint gate-nill, aged 64. was mistaken for typhus ; but it is known Aged 61, Mr. Portal, of Great St. Hethat she was bitten about nine years ago len's, Bishopsga'e-street. by a dog which was supposed to be mad; Sepi. 26. In her 17th year, Francis-Ca. and a melancholy confirmation of that therine, daughter of John-Capel Rose, esq. opinion is afforded in her death.

of Cranesley, Northamptonshire. At Twyford lodge, Sussex, in her 781h Lucy, relict of the late Mr. John Gib. year, the widow of the late Right Hon. Sir bons, and daughter of the lare Rev. Ja“. Thos. Sewell, formerly Master of the Rolls, Mayo, vicar of Avebury, Wills. and one of his Majesty's Most Hon. Privy At Bristol Hot Wells, Francis Wm. Council. Her Ladyship was sister of the Talbot, esq. of Gray's Inn. late, and aunt to the present, Colonel Io Alfred-place, Charlianna, wife of Sibthorp, of Canwick, and aunt also of Sir Bryan West Orr, esq. of the Castle Estate, Montague Chulmeley, bart. M. P. for Portland, Jamaica. Grantham.

Sept. 27. At Horosey, in his 76th year, Sept. 18. At Old Buckenham, Norfolk, William Nanson, esq. of Russell-square; aged 84, Mr. John Boosey.

many years one of the partners in the firin Sept. 22. At Bath, T. Græme, esq. of of North, Hoare, Nanson, and Simpson, Oldbury.court, Stapleton, Gloucestershire. grocers and tea.dealers, of Fleet-street and

At Sandhurst, in her 31st year, Catha- New Bridge-street, rine, eldest daughter of Lieut.-col. James Sept. 28. At Clifton, James M'Taggart, M.Dermott, of the Royal Military Col. esq. late of Calcutta. lege. The truly christian character of in Southampton-row, Edgeware-road, this much-lamented lady was ably deli. aged 49, the wife of Lieut. Teroan, R.N. neated in her funeral sermon by the Rev. Sept. 29. At Simonburn, NorthumberW. Wheeler, chaplain of that establish- land, in her 78th year, Mrs. Mary Kirsop, ment. She had nursed her brother in the widow ; who, since the month of Decemsame disease pot long before. (See vol. ber 18:2, had been tapped for the dropsy LXXXIX. i. 487.)

192 times, having undergone the operatioh At Aladike House, Northumberland, in every fortnight, or thereabouts, from that her 99th year, Jane, wife of Charles For. period till the week previous to her disso. ster Charleron, esq. Paymaster of the lution. The water drawn from her averaged Northumberland Militia.

full 10 quarts at each operation, amount. In Chapel-street, Grosvenor-place, Ca. ing in the whole to 1,920 quarts, or 480 therine, daughter of the late Right Hon.' gallons. Lady Janet and Sir Robert Anstruther, T. Pantio, esq. of West Smithfield, bart. of Balcashire, Fifeshire, N. B.

aged 59. At Wolverhampton, in bis 77th year, Jane, wife of the Rev. Daniel Twining, G, Molineux, esq. hanker. He served the rector of Stilton. office of High Sheriff of the county of Staf. At Southampton, the Hon. Mrs. Wallop, ford in 1793.

sister to Wm. Powlett Powlett, esq. and Sept. 24. Rev. Samuel Smallpage, M.A. Lady Bayning. vicar of Whitkirk, Yorkshire, and formerly Sept. 29. Aged 54, the wife of John Or. of Trinity college ; B. A. 1783, and M. A. ford, gent. of Brook's Hall, St. Matthew's, 1786.

Ipswich. At Stamford, Sarah, relict of the late The widow of the Rev. Wm. Whitchurch, W. Moore, esq. of Wisbeach. Whilst at. lale of Silchester, Hants. tending church she was seized with a fit, Sept. 30. In Golden-square, aged 83, and died in a few hours.

the relict of the late James Macgregor, At Bisliop's Hull, near Taunton, Maj. esq. of Bellimore, N. B. gen. Kersteman, of the Royal Engineers. Aged 29, John Wm. Dorville, esq. of

At Portobello, near Edinburgh, the Rt. Levant Lodge, near Worcester. He had Hon. Alexander 7th Lord Elibank. He but the day before returned from London, was the eldest son of Gideon Murray, D. D. and left Cheltenham in the morning in his prebendory of Durham, hy the Hon. Miss gig, in perfect health. In the evening, Montolieu, daughter of Baron St. Hippo- whilst sleeping in his chair, surrounded by lite ; and sacceeded his uncle George the his family, he was seized with apoplexy, 6th lord, in 1785.-The late Lord married and dropped a lifeless corpse ! GENT. Mag. October, 1820.


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Berks.-At Newbury, on his way to Ipstones, of which place or the neighbourBath, in his 31st year, the Hon. Dudley hood he was a native. Carleton, 8th son of the late Lord Dor. Suffolk. --At Southwold, aged 80, Wm. chester. He was born at the Chateau Smart, esq. of Pewton-street, Pentonville, St. Louis, whilst his father was Governor formerly of Lombard-street, Banker. of Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Bruns. At the advanced age of 93, much re.. wick.

spected, William Kett, esq. of Kelsale, Cheshire. -Rev. T. Crane, Rector of Surrey.--At Christchurch, aged 79, Mrs. Over. He was not unknown to the lite- Elizabeth Neale, eldest sister of Jacob rary world; his knowledge of antiquities Preston, esq. Great Yarmouth. was great ; and ho possessed one of the IRELAND.-At the Horse Shoe, near Dub. finest private collections of Roman, Şaxon, lin, aged 94, Mr. William Cogan-a man and antient British coins in England. who, from a very humble beginning, by

Derbyshire.--In his 1030 year, Samuel rigid and persevering industry, acquired Heapy, a linen weaver of Ireton Wood. landed property to the amount of 40001. He was remarkably fond of hunting ; aud, per apn. His stock, at the time of bis when in his 81st year, followed the hounds death, on his different farms, was estion foot in a famous chace which lasted mated at 10,0001. the whole of the day, when most of the At Sallymont, Dublin, aged 90, Capt. horses were completely knocked up. R. Mayne, R. N. Shropshire. -At Glazeley House, in his

ABROAD. - Madame, the Hereditary 53d year, Dr. J. G. llull.

Princess of Holstein Oldenburgh, who was Somersetshire.-Fletcher Paris, esq. of born February 23, 1800, daughter of Pulteney-street, Bath. He has bequeath. Prince d'Anhaes Bernburgh Schaumburgh. ed to trustees a sum of money, which re

Oct. 1. At Bicton House, aged 85, port says exceeds 40,0001, and a field, the Right Hon. Lady Rolle.

She was for the purpose of erecting thirty cottages Miss Walsand, of Bovey, co. Devon ; and thereon, for the free residence (with en- had no issue. dowments) of the widows or daughters of At Bognor, in her 15h year, Harriet, ten poor Clergymen, and of ten reduced daughter of the late Lord Spencer Chi. professional men, and of ten decayed chester and Lady Harriet Chichester, merchants.

At Dunkirk, aged 47, a week after his At Clifton, near Bristol, aged 97, Elie landing in France, of an inflammation of zabeth, widow of the late Thomas Dela- the bowels, Charles William, second son main, esg. barrister-at-law, sister to the of the late Sir William Jerningham, bart. late Juhn Smith, esq. of the Caves, near of Costessey, Norfolk, and brother of the Dover, and aunt of Admiral Sir William present Baronet of that name.- Mr. Jern. Sydney Smith,

ingham had served eight campaigns in the Staffordshire, At Pulford, Thomas Austrian Army with distinguished valour, Brookes, a woodman, 105 years old. He being engaged in the great battles of Jeenjoyed all his faculties (except that of mappe and Fleurus, and was several times hearing) to the last. He lived the greater wounded. He was twice married, and has part of his time in a small cottage by the left a family of six children. side of a wood, near Moral Heaih, in the

Oct. 2. at Gateshead, near Newcastle. neighbourhood of Fulford. He would eat upon-Tyne, the Hon. Mrs. Smith, sister and drink voraciously at another's ex- to the Right Hon. the Earl of Donough. pense; but was never known to regale more and Lord Hutchinson. himself with a pint of ale, nor purchase

At Walton, Suffolk, in his 69th year, animal food, except a pound of bacon

William Cuthbert, gent. once or twice in the course of the year, as In Merion square, Dublin, in her 24th a luxury; and frequently observed, if he year, Mary-Anne, daughter of the late could get plenty of supping he should live Sir John, and sister of the present Sir for ever! When working for the neigh- William Hort, bart. bouring farmers, he has been known to Oct. 3. At Lowestoft, Mr.William Simptake as much as twelve pints of broth, son, aged 68 years, Deputy Register to with a proportion of bread, to his dinner; the Admiralty Court. bul, when in the woods, was satisfied wiih Oct. 4. let the 70th year of his age, a handful of oatmeal, mixed with water, after an illness of only one day, Joel Fos. which on these occasions, with the addi. ter, esq. of Hull, ship-owner, and one of tion of a few potatoes, was his daily fare. the Wardens of the Trinity Corporation of By a long course of indus ry and parsi- that Port. mony, be had acquired a property of the At Weston super-mare, Robert Harvey value of about 6001, the interest of which Mallory, esq. of Woodcote, Warwickshire. he has left to his widow, who is 79 years Oct. 5. At Stoke Newington, aged 62, old, for her life ; at her decease, the prin , the Rev. John Farrer, M. A. formerly of cipal to go to the poor of the parish of Queen's College, Oxford, Rector of the ,


united parisbes of St. Clement, East. liams, esq. of Chepstow. Amicted with cheap, and St. Martin Orgers, London ; deafness early in life, she determined, on to which benefice he was presented by the her marriage, to decline general society; · Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, in testi- and becoming the mother of a numerous mony of their sense of his merits as au. family, she wholly devoted herself to their thor of the Bampton Lectures in 1803, instruction. During the last 15 months, and a volume of Sermons on the Parables the life of this excellent woman has been of our Saviour.

a stale of severe suffering. Sensible of Harriett, wife of Lieut. Col. Hogs, of her situation, she applied with the more Emers Down Cottage, Lyndhurst, Hamp- earnestness to the duties of Religion. Beshire.

sides her Bible, her daily resource, she At Exeter, aged 64, George Gifford, esq. studied the works of several pious authors, elder brother of his Majesty's Attorney. particularly of Mrs. Hannah More, her General.

Governess in early life, and whom she Within a month after his arrival in ever highly esteemed. As her malady England, Charles William Montague, esq. gained strength, so did her resignation to of the Island of Jamaica.

the will of God; her faith became more Jo Manchester-street, in his 77th year, stedfast, and her Christian hopes more Henry Lidgbird, esq.

full of immortality. She took an affecting In Rutland-square, Dublin, in his 33d leave of every member of her family, adyear, James Clarke, M.D.

dressing each with composed ardour, disIn his 37th year, Mr. Richard Chapman, interestness, and discrimination, in terms of the Grove, Spring-garden.

of affection, gratirude, and admonition. Julia Louisa, wife of Charles Johnson, Oct. 10. At South Warnborough Lodge, esq. of Hunter-street, Brunswick-square. Hants, the wife of Richardson Har.

Oct. 6. After a long and painful ill rison, esq. Remembrancer of the First ness, borne with Christian resignation, the Fruits and Teuths of the Clergy, and result of proper religious principles in- daughter of Richard Moore, esq. of Hel. stilled into the mind by one of the best sion in Cornwall, to the inexpressible loss of men and of fathers, Charlotte, wife of of a large family. Mr. Moore and Mr. George Mant, esq. of Stormington, Sussex, Harrison were formerly of Bombay, in the and third daughter of the late Rer. Ri- East Indies. chard Mant, D. D. Rector of All Saints, In Bedford-row, Brighton, in his 76th Southampton, and Fonthill Bishop's, Wilts, year, Joho Coleman, esq. upwards of 30

In Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square. years fishmonger to his Majesty. aged 27, Margaret, wife of the Rev. Jobu At Uplon.place, Essex, aged 73, Mr. Empson.

T. Gibb, formerly of Ratcliffe-highway. At Torquay, Devonshire, aged 62, At Rock House, Derbyshire, aged 45, John Brooke, esq. of Austhorpe Lodge, the reiict of the late John Peel, esq. of Yorksbire.

Pasture House, in the same county. At Ramsay Vicarage, aged 22, Horatio At Litchfield, John Chappel WoodB. B. Whinningfield, esq. R. N.

house, son of the late Chappel WoodIn Broad-street, Golden-square, aged house, esq 22, Clara Flora, daughter of the late Mr. Oct. 11. Aged 75, Mrs. Warren, of Martin Van Butchell, surgeon, &c. Tavistock-street, Bedford-square.

Oct. 7. At Craven place, Kentish- At Fakenham, Norfolk, in his 74th year, town, in his 83d year, John Balley, esq. Daniel Jones, esq.

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Hugbes, esq. At Stoke Damerell, Devonshire, in her of Green-street, Grosvenor-square.

23d year, Anne, daughter of the late F. Aged 45, Anne, wife of Mr. Urting, At- Barrow, esq. of Stroud, Kent. torney-at-law, of Thurton, Norfolk.

Aged 14, Anne, only child of Mrs. SteAt Chelsea, aged 15, Sarah, danghler venson, of Kentish-town. of J. Dugdale Astley, esq. of Everley Oct. 12. In her 18th year, to the great House, M, P, for Wiltshire.

grief of her parents, Alicia, the only daughOci. 8. At Marden Ash, Ongar, John ter of the Rev. and venerable Henry Deony Hughes, esq. Colonel of the 5th Essex Berners, B.E. L. archdeacou of Suffolk, Local Militia.

and rector of Wolverstone and of HarkIn Queen Anne-street, in her 15th year, stead in that county. She died at Ver. Catherine Jemina, daughter of A. W. sailles, where the archdeacon has for these Durnford, esq. late Captain and Lieut.-col. last two years constantly resided. in 1st regiment of Guards.

Oct. 13. lo Gloucester-place, Sarah, At Great Marlow, Bucks, in his 70th wife of the Rev. Richard Glover, of Ilfonil, year, Mr. John Rolls, coal and timber

Essex. merchant of that town.

Oct. 15. Mary. Sophia, dau. of Lieut.Oct. 9. At Heytesbury, in her 571h col. Stephenson, of Hertford-str. May Fair. year, Catherine, wife of the Rev. D. Wil. Mary, relict of the late Charles Walkins, liams, and eldest daughter of James Wil- esq. of Daventry, Northamptonshire.


Oct, 16. At an advanced age, Henry Essex. He was a descendant of Dr. Edineads, esq. of Newsted Court, Kent, Henry Downes, Bishop of Derry, who

Oct. 17. At Cowley Parsonage, Middle- died in 1735. sex, Sophia Henrietta, daughter of the Oct. 20. In Acre-lane, Clapham, aged late Edward Hilliard, esq.

38, W. T. Barnes, esq. late of Kingston, Io his 70th year, Wm. Wheeler, esq. of Jamaica. Burton Crescent; for many years an apo

Oct, 22. At Home Lacy, Herefordshire, thecary in Ludgate-street,

in her 71st year, Francess duchess dowager At Cherington, Warwickshire, Louisa, of Norfolk. She was the only child of daughter of the late Rev. Wm. Dickins. Charles Fitz-Roy Scudamore, of Home

Ai Hastings, aged 45, Jane, wife of Jo- Lacy, co Hereford, esq. and was the seseph Ly'nn, esq. of the Royal Hospital at cond wife of Charles the late Duke of NorChelsea.

folk; to whom she was married April 2, Oct. 18. In Sloane-street, suddenly, Ma- 1771, at St. George's church, Hanoverjor Seymour, late of the 56th regiment. square ; but had no issue,

At Camberwell, Sarah, relict of the late At Rainham, the wife of Lieut..col. Sir Nicholas Wanostrocht, LL.D.

Sir James Malcolm, of the Royal Ma. In Caroline-street, Bedford-sq. Henry rines. Ogilvie, esq. late of the island of Madeira. Oct. 21. At Kennington-green, Mr.

Mr. Christopher Robinson, of Watling. Grimley, of Covent-garden. street.

Oct. 23. At the Hon. Mrs. Sloane's, in At Sudbury, Suffolk, after a long afflic. Upper Seymour-street, Miss Gibbs, tion, borne with Christian resignation, At the Swan Ion, Mansfield, Notls, on John Sparks, gent, of the War Office, his way to town, John Waite, esq. of Old aged 35.

Burliogton-street, Oct. 19. At Paris, aged 81, the Mar- Oct. 24. At Windmill Hill, Sussex, chioness of Baudeville, She fell into the Jane, daughter of E. J. Curteis, esq. M.P. fire, in the absence of her attendants, and for that county. was burnt to death. She was the daugh- Oct. 26. After transacting his business, ter of M. Niquet, President of the Parlia- in a fit of apoplexy, Mr. James Wainman, ment of Toulouse, who died in 1793, in of St. Mary-at-Hill, fish-factor. the 99th year of his age.

In her 21st year, Elizabeth, daughter of At Chipping-hill, in his 791h year, the Mr. George Graham, of Prospect Place, Rev. Andrew Downes, vicar of Witham, Southwark, Attorney-at-Law,



Part i. p. 94. The Hon. Mrs. Crewe, berland has been registered in Doctors' who died at her house in Cavendish- Commons; the Probate having been square on the 14th of January last, was granted 10 her daughters, the Right Hon. much regretted in the neighbourhood of Agnes Percy, and Lady Emily Mura Calne, in which she had passed so many ray (wife of Lord James Murray), the of the earliest years of her life,

executrices constituted by the tenour of

the will. The effects are sworn under P. 286. It is gratifying to humanity to 12,000l. Her property is given generally record such acts of charity and genera! to her daughters, the above-mentioned benevolence as characterize the Will of executrices, who are the residuary lethe late Nathaniel Gould, esq. of Man. gatees, chester. He has left to the Society for Promoting Christian Koowledge, the Lon,

P. 574. The Rev. Robert Malyn was don Bible Society, the Auxiliary Bible

the oldest freeman of the Corporation of Society of Manchester, National School Society, Auxiliary National Schools at

Eye, and was Chaplain on board the

Prince Frederick at the taking of Louis. Manchester, Sunday Schools at Manches, ter, and House of Recovery for Fever Fa.

burgh in 1758, and one of the few remain. tients, Manchester, legacies of 5001. each;

ing persons present at the death of Gen.

Wolfe, at the taking of Quebec, 1759. Public Infirmary, Lying-in Hospital, and Jubilee Charity, all of Manchester, 2001, each ; Poor Pious Clergy, and Lancas- P. 637. Lord Gwydir had ceased to reterian Schools, Manchester, 1001. eacb, side at Langley for some years; he lived

at Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire, since the P. 475. The Will of the late most death of the last Duke of Ancaster ; who Noble the Duchess Dowager of Northuin. was succeeded in his estate by Lord Gwy.

dir's wife, the Lady Willoughby, of means of access thereto for himself and Eresby.

his friends. And he declares that the On the 12th of July, the remains of the aforesaid bequests, in favour of the said late Lord Gwydir passed through Bourn Robert Brown, are upon condition that he from Brighton, on their way to Grims. continue to use his library as his chief thorpe. After having laid in state, in the place of study in the manner he now does, Chapel, until the afternoon of the 13th, and that he assists the Superintendant of the procession proceeded on foot to the the Royal Botanic-gardens at Kew, and parish church of Edenham, for interment, continue to reside in London, and does attended by Lord Gwydir, the Hon, Lind- not undertake any new charge that may sey Burrell, the Earl of Rocksayage, Lord employ his time. His leasehold house in Henry Cholmondeley, and Dorset Fel- Soho-square, with the appurteuances, to lowes, esq. followed by upwards of 150 of his wife during her life; and after her dehis Lordship’s tenantry, who voluntarily cease, or giving up possession thereof, requested to join in paying this last and then to the said Robert Brown, subject to sad token of respect to their noble and the aforesaid conditioos. much-lamented Lord,

To Mr. Frederick Bauer, of Kew-green,

who has been employed by Sir Joseph as PART II.

a draughtsman for 30 years, an annuity P. 88. Sir Joseph Banks, by his will of 3001. upon condition that he continues expressly desires that his body be interred to reside at Kew-green, and employs himin the most private manner in the Church self in making drawings of plants that or Churchyard of the parish in which he flower in the collection at Kew, in the shall happen to die, and entreats his dear samė manner as he has bitherto done ; relatives to spare themselves the afflic. and the drawings which he shall so make tion of attending the ceremony, and ear.

be added to the collection now in his nestly requests that they will not erect hands, and which revert to Sir Joseph or any monument to his memory. His house his representatives at the time of his at Spring-grove, Heston, Middlesex, he death, as appears by an agreement engives to his wife, Dame Dorothea Banks, tered into between them; and it is his with the furniture, plate, &c. &c. His wish that if any doubts should arise as to real estates to his wife for life, or widow- his meaning in the conditions imposed on hood : after her death or marriage, those the said Robert Brown and Frederick that are situate in the county of Lincoln Bauer, the same should be construed in to the Hon. James Hamilton Stanhope, a manner so as to be most favourable to and Sir Henry Hawley, bart, subject to them. provisoes and conditions; the remainder By ihe ad codici) (dated 7th of March, of his estates to Sir Edward Knatchbull, 1820), he declares that with every feeling bari. his heirs and assigns, subject to con- of that dutiful homage and humble atditions and provisoes. The leasehold es- tration justly due from a loyal subject to tates (except his house in Sobo-square) to a most gracious Sovereigo, he gives to his Joha Parkinson, esq. The residue of his Majesty, for the use of the establishment personal estate to his wife, for her own of the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, absolute use and benefit. He appoints all the drawings and sketches of plants his wife, the said James Hamilton Stan- that have grown in the said Gardens, and hope, Sir Henry Hawley, and Sir Edward have been made at his expence by Mr. Knatchbull, executors. Will dated Jan. Bauer, and which are now deposited in 7, 1820.

his custody, deeply impressed with an By the 1st codicil, dated the 21st of opinion, which he still continues to hold, January, 1820, he gives to his indefati. and believes to be founded in truth, that gable and intelligent Librarian, Robert the establishment of a Botanic-garden Brown, esq. an annuity of 2001., and also cannot be complete, unless a resident the use and enjoyment during life of the draughtsman be constantly employed in library, herbarium, manuscripts, dray. making sketches and finished drawings of ings, copper-plates engraved, and every all new plants that perfect their flowers or thing else that is contained in his collec- fruits in it: and declares that he long ago tions, usually kept in the back building determined to fix such a persou at Ker, · of his house in Soho-square; and after

and maintaju him at his own expence, and the decease of the said Robert Brown, he accordingly engaged Mr. Bauer, whose then he gives the same to the Trustees, collection of drawings and sketches he for the time being, of the British Mu- trusts will prove a valuable addition to seum ; or if it be the desire of the said the important science of Natural History; Trustees, and the said Robert Brown shall that he did this under a hope that the consent to have the same removed to the truth of his opinion would in due time beBritish Museum in his life-time, he shall come manifest, and that the charge of be at liberty to do so; and the said Ro- maintaining Mr. Bauer would then be bert Brown to be provided with the proper transferred from him, and placed on the


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