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the Sovereign. A report has been made Louis XVIII. has received the congratu. on the public services of the leaders of lations of the King of Eogland, and several the Revolution, by the Committee of other Sovereigns, on the birth of the young Compensation; and it has been recomDuke of Bourdeaux, who, with his mother, mended that those distinguished mea the Duchess of Berri, continue to do well.- should be rewarded out of the property The anniversary of the death of the un- of the monks, before it could be applied fortunate Marie Antoinette was celebrated to the discharge of the national debt. The at Paris on the 16th ult. with the usual memorable remonstrance of the Ministersolemnity. The Duke and Duchess of General of the Capuchins has been reAngouleme attended the solemn ceremony' ported on by a Committee, who have dein the church of Saint Denis.

clared it to be seditious, irreligious, and Three persons, named Gravier, Bouton, criminal. The Prelate who subscribed it and Legendre, have been found guiltyofex. is likely to be summoned to the bar of ploding a petard under the windows of the the Cortes. Duchess de Berri, during her late preg- The Spanish Cortes are proceeding with nancy, in order to cause her to miscarry- activity in the course of elementary le. Gravier and Bouton have been condemn- gislation, The monopolies of salt and ed to death. The King has signified his tobacco are to cease on the 1st of March intention to remit the capital punish- 1821. The new loan for 200,000,000 ment.

reals (50,000,000 francs), contracted for A Royal Proclamation to the consti by the house of Hubbard and Ardouin, tuent body throughout France recom- has been sanctioned by 126 votes to 27; mends to them such a choice of Deputies a majority unexpected, as we have been at the present election as shall best pre- informed, by the Government. The law serve the monarchy from the assaults of on the liberty of the press bas been adopt. faction, and secure to France the conti. ed with very few amendments. ouance of freedom, peace, and prosperity. Letters from Lisbon of the 16th ult.

From the Moniteur it would appear inform us, that Marshal Beresford arthat the peasants of France are by no rived at Lisbon, from Rio Janeiro, a few means eager for the military service in days previons to that date, in the Venthat country. A royal ordinance is issued

geur, 74, Capt. Maitland. His arrival against such recruils as shall mutilate caused a considerable sensation in the themselves to escape from serving; and Portuguese capital. The Goveroment provides that they shall be incorporated stated, that in the existing circumstances in the company of pioneers.

of the country, they could not possibly SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. permit Marshal Beresford to land. Lord Accounts from Madrid of the 20th Sept. Beresford, together with several English state, that on the 18th the Cortes agreed officers of the army of Portugal, has reto the abolition of the privileges of the turned to England. Phillippine Company. In the Sitting of The intelligence from Portugal describes the 19th, the 69 Ex-Deputies, who, on the public affairs to be going on most corthe King's return to Spain, signed the dially under the new system. manifesto against the Constitution of the

ITALY. Cortes, were decreed to be deprived of On the 1st ult. the Neapolitan Parliaall honours, dignities, pensions, and em- ment was opened by the King iu person; ployments, and were also declared to have and a long discourse was delivered by the lost the confidence of the country.

Vicar General, in his Majesty's name, The King of Spain, as appears by an containing a sketch of the position in article from Madrid of the 23d of Octo. which the kingdom appeared to stand, and ber, has ratified the decree for the sup- of the objects which would require most pression of the monasteries.

It is said to immediate attention. An affectionate adhave cost his Majesty a severe struggle dress of thanks was immediately voted to before he could agree to the annihilation his Majesty. General Pepe then resigned of this branch of the old institution of into the King's hands his commission of despotism ; but good sense and reflection Commander in Chief of the Army ; the at length prevailed, and he sacrificed a occasion for which it had been granted favourite prejudice, with princely magna. having ceased on the meeting of ibe lenimity, to the publick opinion. The gislative body ; after which the Royal event was immediately announced by the Family left the assembly. Ministers to the Cortes, and confirmed A telegraphic dispatch was received in the coufidence which the nation has, from Naples on the 7th ult. announcing the sur recent circumstances, learned to place in render of Palermo. On that day General



Pepe took possession of the forts. A ge. Vienna, it would appear that the Empeneral pardon was published in the name rors of Russia and Austria are at length of the Prince Vicar General, and the af. determined to act hostilely agaiost Naples, fairs of State returned to their ordinary with the view of putting down the new

The troops who had been taken Government established there. A confe. prisoners in Palermo on the first revolt, deration of States in Italy is also said to to the number of 450 men, rejoined the be resolved on, with the Emperor of Ausroyal standard. Jo the course of the ne- tria at its head; and a Maritime Confegociations between the Neapolitans and deration under the guidance of Russia.Palermitans, it came out that the follow. Lord Stewart, the English Minister at ing are among the secret provisions enact- Troppau, is said to have addressed a Note ed by the Congress of Vienna; viz. that of great importance to the different Mithe union of the Two Sicilies is guaranteed nisters, which may be supposed adverse to his Neapolitan Majesty--that he is to to the proposition of the two Imperial Po. continue to exercise his antient sovereignty, tentates. France is further stated to have and that no Representative Government presented a Note to the Congress in facan be established in Italy.

vour of Naples, and the King of Spain to We bave more recent news from Naples have offered to his relative, the King of of some importance. — General Pepe's Naples, an auxiliary force of 30,000 men. treaty with the inhabitants of Palermo has of the disposition of the King of Prussia been rejected by the Neapolitan Parlia- nothing is known; his Ministers at Tropment, as degrading to the nation, and de- pau declined sanctioning the measures of clared void— Pepe has been recalled, and

Austria and Russia without the presence Coletta, with 6000 men, ordered to reduce and approbation of their Sovereign. the Palermitans to uuqualified obedience.


The intelligence from Warsaw is so far Apprehensions are entertained, that important, as it shows, that there is the spirit of revolution is making rapid political spirit in Poland alive to the rights progress in Switzerland.

All its ma- and interests of the country, and bold chinery is represented as in full motion at enough to resist, without dismay, the proZurich, Basle, and other principal cities positions of the Imperial Government, of that interesting country.

when they appear to be at variance with GREECE.

the public welfare. The Diet assembled By advices from Corfu, dated October at Warsaw debated with much warmtb, 12, we receive the interesting information, for three days successively, the subject of that the emigrants from Parga, whose the criminal code recommended by the treatment, notwithstanding the small and Russian Ministers, and finished by reobscure spot they occupied, has excited jecting it alınost unanimously; 120 being the sympathy of the whole civilized world, against the law, and only three in its fahave received from Ismael Pasha, of

The objections principally turned Janina, a formal invitation to return to on the want of security to the general freetheir native country. They are offered, dom of the subject, which was visible in the name of the Sultan, full security throughout the whole code, and more and protection, and, on certain conditions, especially the absence of any provision for the restoration of all their property. a trial by Jury. The Emperor, according They are understood to be waiting the to some accounts, was anxious to conciresult of the deputation they have sent to liate the Poles on this occasion, by listenConstantinople, before taking their final ing to the arguments against his owo midetermination. Ali Pasha, their old ape- nisterial projet. my, it appears, still bolds out against the The Emperor closed the Diet op the Turkish power, in the fortress which is 13th of October, with a speech, in which situated in the Lake of Janina. His fall, his Majesty evinces a feeling of displeahowever, is considered as inevitable,

sure at the general conduct of the Mem. GERMANY.

bers during their Session. The Marshal The Paris journals, mention, on the of the Diet addressed the Emperor in an authority of intelligence from Vienna, exculpatory oration; wherein be ascribed that the Emperor Alexander arrived at the reluctance of the deputies to accept at Troppau in the evening of the 20th ult. once the new penal code on the ground and was received with great military that more time would be essentially nepomp. The Austrian Emperor was there cessary for coming to a just decision on before him; and a formidable train of that subject, than was allotted for their secretaries, ambassadors, &c. was in al- deliberations by the royal pleasure. tendance. The conferences about to be

ASIA. held would relate, it was generally ima. Two persons professipg to be Christians, gined, to the affairs of Spain, Portugal, and natives of Persia, bave been lately and Naples.

travelling in India to collect charitable By recent advices froin Troppau and contributions. The Rev. Messrs. Kel



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holf and Sperschnelder, the Missionaries fire at Yarmouth, in Nova Scotia, has at Tanjore, from the Society for Promote ravaged a tract of country 100 miles in ing Christian Knowledge, were so well length and 17 in breadth. satisfied, after examjpation, of the truth of Notwithstanding the silence of the Ma-> their representations, that they gave them drid Papers, it appears almost certain, a testimonial to that effect. Their names that the Florida treaty (made, it will be are, Lucas John, aged 40, and Joseph remembered, by Mr. Onis, and to which, John, aged 23. Their native town is last year, King Ferdinand withheld his Chosrabad, in the province of Hedeshe- sanction,) has now been ratified. By this gan, in Mesopotamia. It contains about treaty the United States obtain legal pos

00 inhabitants, who are all of the same session of the whole of East and West community. They are the offspring of Florida. antient Jewish Christians, and are now Accounts from Buenos Ayres furnish sufferiog greatly under the government particulars of a dreadful storm experiof Persia. The number of these Christians enced there on the 24th of August; by amounts to about 10,000. They have which many vessels had been lost, besides an archbishop and three bishops. The coasting craft, sloops, - &c. engaged in former resides at Mosul; one of the bi. the river trade, and their crews drowned. shops at Chosrabad ; another at Mere- At a village on the coast, 50 people were deen ; and the third at Diorbekir. By also drowned in their houses by the overthe Mohammedans they are called Naza. flowing of the river. The private letters renes, and Syrians by the Arabs; but state, that, up to the 8th of August, tranamong themselves, Ebrians, or Beni Is. quillity reigned at Buenos Ayres; and raels which name denotes their relation that Alvear and Carrera, the soi-disant to the antient Jewish Christian Church, as leaders of the federal party, had sustained does also their present language, being so complete a defeat from the citizens, very like the Hebrew. They have no that they had been deserted by all their connexion whatever with either Greek or followers. Both these chiefs contrived to Roman

Churches. They hold the doctrine effect their escape. of the Trinity in Unity, and the Gospels Advices from Spanish America state, and Psalms are caught in their schools. that the envoys of Morillo had remained These two men seem honest and simple, only ten days at Angostura, and that the and well acquainted with the truths of truce was only for a month; and a letter Christianity, though quite deficient in from La Guayra of the 6th August states, reading and writing.

that hostilities had been renewed on the Letters from Madras state, that a dread. 41h ; the cry and motto of the inhabitants ful storm was experienced on that coast being, “War or Independence.” on the 8th of May. All the small vessels Madrid accounts of the 26th ult, state, in the port and vicinity, without excep. that General Morillo was, at his own retion, were wrecked; and it is supposed quest, to be allowed to return to Europe ; 1000 men were drowned.

and that he was to be succeeded by Gene. AMERICA.

ral Lalorre, American Papers state, that a dreadful

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INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS friend of his Lordship's, and it is said a PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. considerable sufferer op the occasion, was

the first to give the alarm, by calling upon Oct. 16. This evening, a most dreadful

all to save themselves. At this moment fire broke out in the premises of Mr. Wil

the fire was making rapid strides ; and liam Spooner, av honest and industrious

Lord and Lady Temple, aod their infant farmer, at Lynn, Norfolk, which in a very

daughter, with difficulty escaped to the short time consumed all the hay, corn

house of the venerable minister. The (nearly the whole crop), and all the imple

floors soon after began to fall in, and but ments of husbandry, a sow and six pigs,

a few minutes bad elapsed before the main with a variety of other articles. The in- part of the house presented one stupendjary amounts to the sum of 6661. 13s.

ous body of flame. The roof sunk about Oct. 29. At Woolton House, near Ayles

day-break with a tremendous crash. No. bury, the seat of Farl Temple, a most de- thing remaius but the two wings, which structive fire broke out about midnight, oc

were detached. The house was built at casioned by the over-heating of an iron

the beginning of the last century, and part pipe in the nursery, which, coming in con- of the interior was superbly painted by Sir lact with some wainscoting, communicated

James Thornhill, in the same style as to the other rooms.--Captain Jervis, a

Hampton Court. At a moderate calculation, the loss is rated at 40,0001, and no

the scullery. Presently afterwards she was part of it insured.

alarmed by a noise, which seemed to

come from the scullery ; and, on looking The benevolent and philanthropic Mrs. into the room, she missed the little girl, Fry has lately paid a visit to the Derby and observed that a part of the flooring County Gaol. The attention which this

had given way, discovering a vast subterlady has long bestowed on the arrange- raneous recess of very great depth. She ments of prisons, and the discipline of could not then disceru the girl, but she their wretcbed inmates," and, above all,

gave an immediate alarm, and ladders the distinguished success which has at

were procured to descend, for the purpose tended her judicious and unwearied exer- of exploring the vault, which, however, tions in the Metropolis, particularly in was for some time found impossible, owing Newgate, are well known. She was at.

to the strong fætid effluvia that issued tended by several ladies and gentlemen, from the place. This having in some deand made the most minute inquiries re- gree abated, a person ventured dowu the specting the arrangement of the gaol, re

opening, and found the body of the girl gretting exceedingly the want of accom- at the bottom, a distance of 30 or 40 feet, modation for the purpose of classification quite dead, apparently from suffocation. and discipline ; which is now under the

The account this person gave of the place serious contemplation of the magistracy. was, that it resembled a cess-pool, or well She addressed the prisoners in a most kind

(for which it probably had been used); and affectionate manner.

but, what is very singular, the existence Sir Watkin Williams Wyon, taking into of this dangerous hole was altogether unconsideration the depressed state of agri- known to the present family, and a more culture, has generously applied the sponge than ordinary number of persons had to the great arrears upon his rental; and

passed and re-passed that spot during the has thus fairly claimed for himself the old

morning. The rafters under the pavetitle of the head of his family, A Prince

ment were found much decayed. of Wales."

Nov. 5. A benefaction, as singular as The 22 men, charged with high treason, it was noble, was made at Dr. Hanna's arising out of the late disturbances in the

ineeting-house in Belfast, after a sermon West Riding of Yorkshire, and who

preached there for the Charitable Society pleaded guilty, have been sentenced to

of that city. On examining the collectransportation.

tion made at the door, two Bank post The Marquis of Tavistock lately took

bills for five hundred pounds each wer: the chair at a meeting at Wisbeach, of found in one of the plates. landholders, &c. ; when a plan was put in Nov. 8. A great number of people astraju to effect an improved drainage of seubled to wiiness the cruel diversion of the fens.

baiting a bull, in a shallow of the river Leaminglon never was so full of fashion

near the bridge at Rochdule, Lancashire; able company as it has been all this sea

when the pressure upon the wall became so New buildings on a most extensive

great that it gave way, and fell into the scale are going on with great rapidity; and river. Six men under the wall were inmany houses are engaged by families of stantly crushed to death, and a great num. distinction for their winter quarters. ber of men, women, and children, preci

pitated into the water, many of whom were Nov. 2. In York Consistory Court, a seriously hurt. suit for divorce was decider), which had been instituted by Mrs. Milicent Killingley against her husband, both residing at

OCCURRENCES IN LONDON Nottingham; the plea of the wife was adul

AND ITS VICINITY. tery ; and the fact being admitted by Mr. Oct. 22. The sugar-house of Messrs., Nicoil, the defendant's advocate, the Court Nesbitt, in Old Gravel-lane, Ratcliffe, was pronounced for the divorce.

burnt to the ground in the night the loss Nov. 3. The following extraordinary is very great. circumstance took place at the house of Oct. 23. In the Court of King's Bench, William Turner, esq. at Reigate, Surrey : Guildhall, Thomas Davison was found

Mr. Turner was in the benevolent prac- guilty of publishing two blasphemous litice of giving away milk to the poor inha. bels. Davison defended himself; and, bitants of the place, and among the rest indulging in gross invective against the to the family of a man named Yeomans. Scriptures and Clergy, was fined three On the morning in question, this man's several times by the Judge (Best): the daughter, a girl aboui 12 years old, went fines (in all 1001.) were afterwards remitto the house as usual to fetch her milk; ted. In the above Court, the same day, the maid servant took the vessel, with Jane, the wife of Richard Carlile, (who which she proceeded to the dairy, leaving during her husband's imprisonment conthe girl standing on the stone pareinent in tinues tu kcep a shop in Fleet-street for the



sale of political and deistical pamphlets), service with patience and good temper. was also found guilty of publishing two On the arrival of the military at Templeblasphemous libels: she was not com- bar, they were about to enter the City; initted.

but they were prevented from so doing by, Oct. 28. New half-crowns, having the the gates being shut against them. Among likeness of his present Majesty, were the crowd near Charing Cross, a person issued from the Bank this day.

armed with a dirk rushed forth from a Nov. 7. The Southampton, the finest house, which was particularly assailed, and largest frigate ever built in England, and wounded several individuals; he diswas launched from his Majesty's dock. played the utmost violence until he was yard, at Deptford, amidst the cheers of a

disarmed; after which he escaped with difJarge assemblage of spectators.

ficulty. Nov. 9. This evening, about five o'clock, Nov. 11. This night the illuminations a fire broke out in the back premises of were more general than on Friday. The Mr. Glazier, timber inerchant, Drury. Lord Mayor had, in the forenoon, caused lane, which burnt so rapidly that it threat- a large placard to be posted up in front of ened destruction to the wiiole neighbour. the Mansion-house, announcing his intenhood. There being a great quantity of tion of illuminating both on Saturday and wood and shavings on the premises, it Monday nights. In consequence of the communicated with the dwelling house, shameful conduct of the mob on Friday, which in an instant was in a blaze. The in breaking the windows of such persons premises in question were totally con- as did not choose to illuminate, the Police sumed, and several other houses damaged. Magistrates on Saturday adopted proper The theatres were in the greatest danger; measures to prevent as much as possible the doors were kept closed beyond the a recurrence of such proceedings. Thess usual hour of opening.

New Times office, in Fleet-street, however, Nov. 10. This evening the houses in was assailed by a mob, aud the whole most of the principal streets of the Metro- front, doors, and window-frames, demopolis were illuminated; and the bells of lished. several parish churches were rung in conse- Her Majesty having addressed a letter quence of the Bill of Pains and Penalties to Earl Liverpool, demanding a suitable being given up. But the most interesting palace and establishment, his Lordship and novel sight was, the illumination of the replied, that he had communicated her ships in the Pool, visible from London Bridge. demands to his Majesty, but had not reThe effect was, indeed, extremely beauti- ceived an answer.

On the 17th inst. an ful. Every ship, as far as the eye could answer was returned by Earl Liverpool to reach, was lighted, not only at the mast. the request of her Majesty : it is in sub. bead, but at the bows, and in various other stance as follows: parts of the vessel. Io the Metropolis, the “ That he has received his Majesty's police were on the alert, in consequence of commands to inform the Queen, that it is orders received by the persons connected wot possible for his Majesty, under all the with the police establishments. They were circumstances, to assign any of the Royal no where so necessary as in that part of Palaces for the Queen's residence. Lord the Strand which is the principal seat of Liverpool has been further commanded to the daily newspapers. The Courier office inform the Queen, that, intil Parliament refusing compliance to the demand for shall meet for the dispatch of business, lights, the populace became incensed, the allowance which has hitherto been enand from hooting and hissing, proceeded joyed by the Queen will be continued to to break the windows. There was a large her; and that it will then be for Parliaforce of constables in front of the house, ment to determine the amount of he fubut they were not sufficient to restrain the

ture provision to be granted 10 her Maoutrage. A little after eight o’elock a de- jesty.” tachment of horse guards, and of the horse lo an annexed Paper, Lord Liverpool patrol, made their appearance, and conti. adds : pued to traverse that part of the Strand “ That he thinks it material to observe, until about half past ten o'clock, when that this answer must not be understood tranquillity was perfectly restored. Dur- as withdrawing the facilities which had jng this interval large parties of the popu- been previously offered for procuring a lace followed the military, huzzaing and residence in London for the Queen.” shouting, “the Queeu ! the Queen !" At Nov. 15. His Majesty held a Court, at one time a placard was exhibited in the his Palace in Pall-Mall, at which the Rev. Courier office window, announcing that Dr. Carey, (the Bishop of Exeter.) was the Riot Act had been read. Fortunately, introduced to kiss hands upon his appojot, however, the populace shewed no disposi- ment to that Bishoprick. The Rev. Prelate rion to further violence, and the military did homage before his Majesty upon the bore this very harassing and annoying occasion.


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