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1820.] Mr. John Dawson.- Mr. Samuel Rousseau. 569 was all strength, elasticity, and erect- by whom he was occasionally employed ness-which pity could dissolve to very in colleeting epitaphs and other remains woman's weakness. Deeply, deeply of antiquity. He was a singular instance mournful, is the sentiment of deprivation of patient perseverance in the acquirein the bosoms of the many but affection- ment of the antient languages. Whilst ate friends, with whom he passed the working as an apprentice and journeymorning of bis days. When the bond man he taught himself Latin, Greek, of companionship in the pursuit of Hebrew, Syriac, Persian, and Arabic. To youthful studies, and the, perhaps, still these acquirements he added a knowmore endearing bond of companionship ledge of the French, and some of the in pursuit of the phantom of "youthful modern tongues. He was, for a short pleasure, with such a spirit, is cut asun- time, master of Joy's charity-school in der, the heart, unstrung, sinks upon it. Blackfriars. self, with a despondent sense of the A few years after the expiration of his evanescence of the springs of human apprenticeship, he commenced Printing happiness, and even of the sources of on his own account, in Leather-lane, life itself.

Holborn, and afterwards removed to MR. JOHN DAWSON.

Wood-street, Clerkenwell, where he Sept. 20. At his house at Sedbergh, carried on business for some time, but in Yorkshire, in his 86th year, Mr. John with little advantage to himself and Dawson, formerly surgeon and apothe- family; having, from unforeseen circary ; but for more than the last 50

cumstances and losses in trade, been years, an eminent teacher of the mathe- obliged to relinquish business. matics at that place. He was thought to During the time he was a Printer, he be one of the first men of the age in that taught the Persian language ; and combranch of learning, as bis numerous piled and published several Oriental scholars, dispersed over the globe, many Works :-).“ Flowers of Persian Liteof whom have been Senior Wranglers in rature," 1801, 4to. 2. “ Dictionary of the University of Cambridge, can well Mobammedan Law, Bengal Revenue testify; and what is still more remarka- Terms, Shanscrit, Hinduo, and other ble, he was self taught. He published Words used in the East Indies," 1802, but little, though he wrote, and it is 12mo. 3. “ Persian and English Vocahoped, bas left behind him, several va.

bulary,” 1802, 8vo. 4. “ Richardson's luable Manuscripts on Mathematical Specimen of Persian Poetry; or, Odes Subjects; some, in particular, illustrative of Hafez ; with an English Translation of difficult parts of Sir I. Newton's Prin. and Paraphrase," 1804, 4to. 5. “ Bal. cipia ; which, the writer of this knows, four's Forms of Herkern, corrected from would well bear to see the light. In a variety of Manuscripts, translated the early part of his life, he engaged in into English ; with an index of Arabic controversy with the celebrated William words explained, and arranged under Emerson, on the subject of the Newto- their proper Roots," 1804, 8vo. 6. "The nian Analysis, or Method of Fluxions ; Book of Knowledge ; or, A Grammar with the no less celebrated Matthew of the Persian Language,” 1805, 4to. Stewart, Professor of Mathematics in the Also, a Persian Copy Book, containing a University of Edinburgh, respecting the great Variety of Copies, in imitation of sun's distance; and with the not less the Nustaleek Hand. able, though perhaps, less known, Mr. Since he relinquished the Printing buCharles Wildbore, many years editor of siness, he edited a variety of Works for the Gentleman's Diary, on the subject the Booksellers ; but as a creditable of fluids issuing from vessels in motion ; support for himself and his family was and, it is well known, that, in every in- his aim, and not literary reputation, stance, he had the advantage. He was most of his works have appeared under a tender parent, a kind and good neigh- fictitious names :-"An Essay on Puncbour, a real Christian, and a steady tuation," 1815, 12mo.

Annals of friend. In him the world has lost one Health and Long Lise,” 1818. " Prinof its brightest ornaments; and he will ciples of Punctuation ; or, The Art of be long and universally lamented, by his Pointing familiarized,” 1818.

« Prinnumerous friends and acquaintances. ciples of Elocution,” 1819. And many

others, as Dictionaries, Biography, GeoMR. SAMUEL ROUSSEAU.

graphy, &c. &c. They have, however, Dec. 4. In Ray-street, Clerkenwell, generally proved successful to the Pubaged 57, Mr. Samuel Rousseau, a learned lishers; as their objects were useful ; Printer. He served his apprenticeship and nothing ever appeared in them conin the Printing Office of Mr. Nichols, trary to good morals, or the Established the venerable Editor of this Magazine, Religion and Government. Gent. Mag. December, 1820.


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About three years ago be was seized The body of Mr. Johnson was found, with a paralytic stroke, which conti- and was decently interred at Margate on nued to increase, and, joined to a can- the 13th. cerous affection in his face, rendered Nov. 12. At Nice, Eliza Catherine, wife him incapable of holding a pen, or in- of William Turnbull, esq. late of Boudeed of feeding himself. In this accu- logne-sur-Mer, and third daughter of the mulated distress, with two daughters late Rev. Dr. Percy, formerly of Queenwholly dependent on him for support, a square, Westminster. gleam of comfort was afforded him in the Nov. 13. At Drumshallon, in the county last moments of his existence, by a libe- of Louth, in his 94th year, Peter Kelly, ral benefaction from that excellent Insti- a famous huntsman. He was employed tution, “ The Literary Fund;" wbich also by the Old Boyne Hunt for several years; enabled bis daughters to consign bis re

and, after they dissolved, by the Gentlemains to a decent grave in the church- men of the county of Louth. He hunted yard of St. James's, Clerkenwell. 70 successive seasons, and was a man of

extraordinary talent in his profession : he

was never coufined by illness until a few DEATHS.

days before his death. June AT, Jaulna, in the East Indies, Nov. 15. At Irvine, aged 102, Mr. 12. Lieut. Lucas Lawrence, of the James Neil, late a ship-master from that Hon. East India Company's Bengal Es- port. This extraordinary man enjoyed tablishment, and commanding his High- good health, with the entire use of his faness the Nizam's Artillery at Auruvgahad. culties, to the last; and he died without

June 16. At Arcot, Major Mark West, pain, a pious and exemplary Christian. of the 3d regiment Native Cavalry. His conversation was most interesting and

Sept. 3. At Paxo, one of the Ionian facetious, full of anecdotes of the principal Islands, in his 37th year, John Fred. Wil- events of his long life, 65 years of which kioson, First Lieutenant of the 28th regi- he had spent as a seaman, and many of ment of Foot. He was severely wounded

them in the service of his country, along at the battle of Barrosa ; but his death with Boscawen and Hawke. He was the was occasioned by a shot he received last of eight old sailors who were living at through the lungs at the battle of Wa- Irvine in 1816, whose united ages amount. terloo.

ed to 693 years. Sept. 14. At his Pen, Mount Plenty, in Nov. 16. Miss Essex, daughter of ThoSt. Ann's, Jamaica, aged 98, the Hon. mas Essex, esq. of Oldfields, Acton, MidJohn Hiatt, Custos Rotulorum, and Chief dlesex. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Nov. 17. At Cambridge, aged upwards that parish, and one of the Assistant Judges of 60, Mary wife of Mr. Nattell, chemist, in the Supreme Court of Judicature. of that town, one of the Society of Friends,

Oct. 7. At Freenland House, N. B. the who had travelled much in the United Right Hon. Dowager Lady Ruthven. Kingdom, as also upon the continent of

Oct. 11. On his passage home from St. America, to promulgate in that Gospel John's, New Brunswick, on board the which she so religiously lived and died in. Isaac Todd, Thomas Harvey, esq. of the In Prith-street, Soho, the wife of Mr. R. Commissariat Department.

Dobie, house-agent, &c. of Kenton-street, Oct. 22. At Chester, Peter Dutton, esq. Brunswick-square.

Oct. 25. Near Whitehall, New York, Nov. 18. At his seat at Bally brack, in aged 134, after an illness of 45 days, the county of Kerry, in bis 930 year, brought on by an attack of the fever and Geoffrey O'Connell, esq. eldest brother to ague, Henry Francisco. He was a native Maurice Baron O'Connell, Grand Chamof England, and emigrated to that coun. berlain to the Emperor of Austria, and try about 80 or 90 years ago.

He was

cousin-german to Dauiel Count O'Conpresent at the Coronation of Queen Anne, nell, Lieut.-gen. in the service of his Maand was one of the drummers on that oc- jesty Louis XVIII. and Colonel in the casion. In America he served throughout British service, Grand Cross of the Order the old French and Revolutionary Wars. of the Holy Ghost. He died of a short

Nov. 6. In bis 64th year, and after a illness; and, until that attack, retained long affliction, the Rev. J. H. Wright, up- his faculties almost completely unimpairwards of 30 years Curate of Tillingham, ed.

He was very food of angling ; and Essex.

has been seen in his 90th year, in the Nov. 8. Aged 45, John Johnson, esq. of coldest weather in November, nearly up the island of St. Vincent's. He was a to his middle in water, playing a salmon. passenger in the ship Oaks, bound for the This was his constant amusement, and he above islaun, which vessel was unfortu. never experienced any inconvenience from nately wrecked off Margate, on the night remaining in bis wet clothes : he was reof Nov. 8, when all on board perished. markably active, and has frequently, io

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53 years.

1820.) Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. 571 his 92d year, walked four, five, and six Nov. 24. At French Park (Roscommiles before breakfast.

mon), after a severe indisposition of a Nov. 19. At Stratford-upon-Avon, in few bours, Arthur French, esq. M. P.consequence of a paralytic seizure on the He had been out hunting on the Wednes. preceding Sunday, when in perfect health, day preceding. It is supposed he overtbe wife of Mr. Thomas Keeve Hobbins, exercised himself, which terminated his and one of the daughters of the late Mr. existence. Wells, of Old Stratford, leaving a discon- Nov. 25. At the Priory, Burford, Oxsolate husband and a family of seven fordshire, aged 70, John Lenthal, esq. children, to lament the irreparable loss of At Loam Pitt Hall, Kent, the widow of one of the best of wives, and of mothers. the late Robert Nicholson, esq.

la Upper Eaton-street, in her 82d year, Lieuto-col. Rob, Sacheverell Newton, of Mrs. Ann Gieusti.

Bulwell House, Notts. He had visited Nov. 20. In Miles's Buildings, Bath, that part of the country in perfect health, the relict of Dr. Baker, Lecturer of St. to pay the last tribute of respect to his George's, Hanover-square, and daughter father, the late John Newton, esq. whose of the late Sam. Hough, esq. of Fetcham death took place a fortnight before. Park, Surrey.

Nov. 26. In Kennington lane, Edwin At Watton, Norfolk, aged 71, Robert Turner, esq. formerly of Aylesford, Kent. Hervey, esq.

At Exeter, Sarah, widow of John RashNov. 21. Aged 34, Elizabeth, wife of leigh, esq. late Secretary at Gibraltar to Jas, Paine, musician, of High-street, St. four successive Governors, for a period of Mary-le-Bone.

At Caon, in Normandy, Wm. Bernard W. Jones, better known by the name Morland, esq. eldest sou of Sir S, B. Mor- of Will Peny-y-bout, in the parish of land, bart. M. P. He served as Sheriff of Llanrug.--He was foand dead in the road Bucks in 1811.

near Llandegai, Carnarvonshire, and a At his apartments in Chelsea College, pistol lying by his side. It is supposed in his 62d year, Sir John Peshall, bart. he was out for the purpose of poaching,

At Orleans, in Franee, aged 85, Rich. and the pistol went off by accident. Tyson, esq. who for many years held the Nov. 27. At Hall Grove, near Bagsituation of Master of the Ceremonies at shot, aged One Hundred, Mrs. Sarah Birt, the Upper, and previously at the Lower, late of Sunbury, Middlesex. Rooms of Bath.

At Clifton, near Bristol, the widow of In the Oswestry House of Industry, a the Rev. Timothy Blenman, late of the well-known character, “ Moll-o'-th’Oak :" island of Barbadoes. she was received into that asylum from At Liverpool, the wife of Benjamin Bather apparent distress. In her pocket were

ley, esq. found one Oswestry guinea bill, some old Nóv. 27. At Sibton, Suffolk, in his 53d gold and silver coin, &c, amounting to year, Henry Jermyn, esq. Barrister at about 51.

Law. This Gentleman had, in conjuncAt High Wycombe, aged 75, Richard tion with D. E. Davy, of Yoxford, made Bowyer Atkins, esq. fifth son of Sir Wm. large collections illustrative of the TopoBowyer, bart. of Denham Court, Bucks, graphy and Antiquities of Suffolk. brother of Sir William and Sir George, At Halesworth, Suffolk, Mr. Robert fourth and fifth Baronets, and uncle of Sir Hinsby, an eminent architect and builder, George, who now inherits, the Baronetcy At Little Cadogan-place, Chelsea, in of 1660, as well as that granted in 1794, her 37d year, Eleanor, wife of Mr. Wm. to bis father, the gallant Admiral.

Whitehead. Nov. 22. At Magdalen College, Ox- Aged 66, Mrs. Sarah Tatuell, late of ford, aged 68, the Rev. Benjamin Tate, Highgate. D. D. He proceeded M, A. 1776, and In Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square, B. D. 1782.

Mr. Wm. Henshall, many years statuary lu his 79th year, Richard Thornton, and mason to the Admiralty. esq. of Broad-street, Southwark, a Ma. Nov. 28. At Wanstead, Essex, Mr. gistrate for Southwark and the county of Henry Vardon, of Gracechurch-street. Surrey.

In the Great Hospital, BishopsgateAt Rickmansworth, J. Woodbridge Pin- street, in his 82 year, Mr. Robert Davy,

who personated Orpheus, in the grand, Suddeuly, in her 59th year, the Princess procession which took place at Norwich, in Mary-Anne, sister of the King of Saxony. honour of Bishop Blaze, on the 24th of

Nov. 23. In Bloomsbury-square, aged March 1783. 77, J. Roberts, esq.

Aged 29, the Rev. George Hayter At Dorking, Surrey, in her 77th year, Hames, Rector of Chagford, Devonshire. Mary, wife of Dedrick Smith, esq.

At Pentonville, Mr. Seabrooke, of the At Stradbally (Waterford), in her 29th Bank of England, late of Aldermanbury. year, Frances, wife of Capt. 1. M. Foley. Aged 58, the Rev. John Hunt, A. M.


dar, esq.

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Rector of Welford, Gloucestershire, and Elizabeth, wife of Mr. James Sant, of Chaplain to the Rt. Hon. Lord Whitworth. King-street, Covent-garden.

Nov. 29. At Chester, deservedly re- At Charing Cross, aged 26, Mr. Hep: spected, the wife of Thomas Bradford, esq. Sparrow, of the House of Fred. Sparrow one of the Aldermen of that City.

and Co. tea-dealers, Ludgate-bill, OxfordAged 60, Thomas Collinridge, esq. of street, and Charing Cross. Edgeware.

Aged 77, Mrs. Drax, of Knowle Cottage, At Hieres, in the South of France, Wm. Dorsetsbire, Shipley, esq. eldest son to the Very Re- The wife of Mr. J. F. Street, of Budgeverend the Dean of St. Asaph. Mr. Ship- row. ley was shooting, attended by a peasant Dec. 4. At Bury St. Edmund, aged of the place, who also carried a gun. Mr. 19, Jobn, only son of Mr. John Dingle, Shipley had killed a bird, and was getting bookseller of that place. over a bank to pick it up. The man fol. Aged 99, Charles Aonesley, esq. late lowing with his gun cocked, it unfortu- of Ballysax (Kildare). He was nearly pately went off within two or three yards connected with all the several branches of of Mr. Shipley, and lodged its contents in the Noble family of Avnesley. the back of his head, which literally shat- At Clapham, Surrey, aged 60, the wife tered it to pieces. He was in the 43d year

of Hen. Pigeon, esq. of his age, and has left a widow and two At Rose Cottage, Herne Hill, near Dul. children to lament bis loss.

wich, Surrey, Francis Roper, esq. At Bourdeaux, in his 33d year, Col. At Romford, aged 55, Mr. George Ramsden, of the Guards,

Hambletop. Nov. 30. In Great Ormond-street, the Dec. 5. At Gore Court, Kent, aged 65, Rev. Dan. Duff, A. M. late of Salvadore. A. H. Bradley, esq. house, Tooting

Dec. 6. At Pencraig, Herefordshire, in In New Bond-street, in her 94th year, his 85th year, John Eyles, esq. Warden the relict of Haydock Hill, ésq.

of the Fleet Prison. This Gentleman was Mr. Robert Webster, of Great East- the oldest Officer of all his Majesty's cheap.

Courts at Westminster ; having been apAt Brompton, the widow of the late pointed by King George the Second, Michael Novosielski, esq. late of the Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Thomas Dutton, Grange, Brompton.

of Queenhithe. Dec. 1. At Abergavenny, in his 19th After a lingering illness, aged 65, Mary, year (awfully sudden), Mr. Whistance relict of Samuel Fiske, gent, late of ClopPowell, son of the Rev. Charles Powell, ton Hall, Suffolk. Rector of Llapfoist, and one of his Ma- At Llanvihangel Court, near Abergajesty's Justices of the Peace for the county venny, Miss Powell, only sister of Hugh of Monmouth.

Powell, esq. Treasurer of St. BartholoDec. 2. In Upper Seymour-street, aged mew's Hospital. 79, Edward Corbet, esq. of Ynysymaen- At Langholm, Mr. Rob. Ker, lineal degwn, North Wales.

scendant of Geo. Ker, of Faddowside, a In Chigwell row, Essex, aged 75, Anne, near relation of Robert, first Earl of Roxrelict of David Windsor, esq.

burgh, and one of the heirs entail of that Dec.3. Atthe Rhydd, Worcestershire, in noble Dukedom. her 60th year, the Lady of SirAnthony Lech- Dec. 7. At Newbury, Sarah-Caroline, mere, bart. She has left an amiable fa. daughter of the Rev. John Bushnell, Vicar mily to lament her premature loss, and of Beenham, Berks. her benevolence to the poor and distressed, At Brockwell Hall, near Dulwich, Surnot only round their seat of the Rhydd in rey, aged 62, Martba, sister of Wm. Worcestershire, but wherever the family Hobson, esq. of Markfield-bouse, Stamresided, will long endear her memory to ford-hill. the objects of her bounty.

At Highuam Court, near Gloucester, Dec. 3. At Windsor, aged 82, the Rev. Francis Colman, esq. late of HillersdenWm. Clarke, M. A. upwards of 54 years house, Gloucestershire. one of the Minor Canons of St. Paul's Ca- Dec. 8. At bis residence in Bury St. thedral : he was also Rector of Orping. Edmund, in his 46th year, William Beales, ton, in Kent, and Vicar of Willesdon, in M. D. Alderman of that Borough. He was Middlesex.

at the time of his decease a Fellow of that At Colerne, aged 19, of a second attack Society, on tbe foundation of Dr. Perse. of the small-pox, Samuel Hillier. He was At Bathford, in her 671h year, Mary, inoculated for the disease 16 years ago,

relict of the Rev. Thomas Abdy Abdy, and was slightly pitted.

M. A. Rector of Theydon Geruon, alias At Forest-bill, near Peckham, in his Coopersale, Essex. . 70th year, Robert Wissett, esq. F. R. and At Plymouth, Apne, relict of the late A. S. and one of his Majesty's Justices of Thos. Lockyer, esq. of Wembury-house, the Peace for the county of Surrey.


1820.) Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. 573

In Merrion-square, Dublin, Wm. Henn, At Petersham, aged 58, Catherine-Eli. esq. late Master in Chancery.

zabeth, wife of James Bradshaw, esq. In Greenwich Park, in her 20th year, At Hackney, in her 34th year, Anne Maria, dau. of Sir Thos. Lavie, K.C.B.&c. daughter of Cochrane M Clure, esq. late

Charles-Edward Newbery, esq. late sur- of Charleston, South Carolina. geon to the Hon. East Iodia Company's At Aslockion, near Biogham, aged 70, ship Marquis Camden.

Mr. Marriott, a respectable freeholder of At Hartham House, Wilts, the Right that village, and who for several years Hon. Archibald Colquhoun, Lord Register kept the Black Horse Inn, at Bingbam. of Scotland, and M. P. for the county of Mr. Marriott's estate was formerly part of Dumbarton.

the demesne of the celebrated martyr, In Guildford-street, aged 53, Robert Archbishop Cranmer, which Prelate was a Bewicke, esq.

native of Aslockton, Died, after thirty-two hours' extreme At Portsea, Southampton, aged 47, suffering with hydrophobia, a young man George-Simpson Young,esq.of Pentonville. in the service of R. Sheriffe, esq. of Diss, Dec. 12. At Camden Town, in his 25th Norfolk. This melancholy catastrophe is year, Mr. Daniel Atkins, of the firm of supposed to have arisen from his assisting Murzetti, Atkins, and Co. in washing and cleansing the wound of a Dec. 13. At Brighton, Sophia Mary, spaniel of his master's, which had been wife of the Rev. Thos. Puller, of Upper bitlen by a terrier, and which terrier had Baker-street. been bitten by a mad dog in August last, At Wichbury House, Wilts, Elizabeth, and died about a month since with symp- wife of Pet. Templeman, esq. toms of that disorder. It is conjectured, At Dinton Vicarage, near Aylesbury, : that the virus found its way into his cir- the Rev. R. W. Williams. culation through some scratch or puoc- Mary, the wife of John Barfield, esq. of ture; for the man was certainly not bitten Thatcham, Berkshire. by the dog. The distressing picture which At Islington, James Phillips, esq. of the last stages of the above case exhibited Konigsberg. no language can describe ; the spectators Dec. 14. At Weymouth, Elizabeth, wife stood with borror appalled, and the scene of the Rev. J. H. Bradgey. will be long impressed on the minds of Dec. 15. At Paris, M. Naldi, buffothose who witnessed it.

performer at the Opera. He met an unDec. 9. In his 74th year, the Most timely death by the bursting of a self-actRev. Dr. Bray, Roman Catholic Archbi. ing cooking apparatus. The following shop of Cashel and Emly, over which he account of this lamentable catastrophe is had presided 28 years.

extracted from the Moniteur :-" A terAt Bridgend, Glamorganshire, Mary, rible accident, which happened on Thursrelict of Samuel Moody, esq. of Queen- day evening, at half-past six o'clock, at square, Bloomsbury.

the residence of M. Garcia, has plunged Suddenly, Matilda, the wife of Mr. into despair ibe family of M. Naldi, of the Charles Layton, of Idol-lane, Tower-street. Italian Theatre Royal. This celebrated

At Hampstead, Mr. Sam. Ewbank, of buffo-performer, having been invited to Queen Anne-street, Cavendish-square, dine with M. Garcia, immediately on his

la Lower Grosvenor-street, Wm. Tier- arrival with his wife and daughter, proney Robarts, esq. M. P. for St. Albau's. ceeded to examine the accelerated process

At Hackney Terrace, aged 25, Sarah, of cooking by the self-acting boiler (la the wife of Wm. Scales, esq.

marmite autoclave). By an imprudent At Field Dalling, Norfolk, Mary-Anne, and fatal inadvertency, Naldi, with the wife of the Rev. Wm. Upjhon, A. M. the tongs, stopped the valve, and the comVicar of that parish.

pression increased the heat to such a deDec. 10. At Hethel, in his 68th year, gree, thau an explosion ensued; the lid of Sir Thomas Beevor, bart. Deputy Lieute. the boiler came in contact with his forenant, Justice of the Peace, and one of head, completely severed the skull and the Chairmen of the Quarter Sessions for stretched him dead at the feet of his the county of Norfolk.

daughter. M. Garcia, who was near his At Newbold Comya, Warwickshire, in hapless friend, was not seriously wounded; his 74th year, the Rev. Edward Willes. the steam scorched all the upper part of

Near Portsmouth, Major Thos.-James his face, and injured the eyes, but not in Harrison, of the Royal Artillery, late of any dangerous degree. Surgical aid, ar. Weare House, Cornwall.

rived immediately after the explosion ; Dec. 11. Aged 76, Mary, the wife of but to M. Naldi all efforts were unavaila Thomas Fosbrooke, esq. of Kennington. ing; he was no more. It would be a vain Common.

effort to describe the heart-rending effect In Upper Grosvenor-street, Anne, widow of this tragical scene upon the two famiof Thomas Graham, esq. of Kinross, and Jies. M. Naldi justly claims our deep reBurleigh, late M. P. for the county of gret. His demeanour bespoke an estiKinross,

mable man, and in fact such he was. He


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