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circumstance was as follows:-Mr. Grum. 1820. IN Montagu-square, Nicholas El- mitt, late one night, met a commercial Lately. liott, esq.

traveller, who had mistaken his road, and In the Minories, aged 108, a woman enquired the way, to the nearest inn or named Mumford. She retained all her public-house. Mr. G. replied, that, as he faculties to tbe last. She was a remark- was a stranger, he would shew him the ably intelligent woman, and was much way to a quiet respectable house of pubesteemed in the neighbourhood.

lic entertainment for man and horse, and Mr. Holmes, the Musician. He was took him to his own residence. The trathe first performer of his day on the bas- veller, by the perfect ease and confidence soon, and, if he was ever equalled, can of his manner, showed the success of his never be excelled for science, skill, taste, host's stratagem ; and every thing that and expression on that instrument.

he called for was instantly provided for In his 87th year, Mr. George Simpkin, bimself and his horse. In the morning he of Finedon, who, for more than fifty years, called, in an authoritative tone, for his was a regular contributor to several pe- bill; and the hospitable landlord had all riodical publications, and particularly to the recompence he desired in the surprise the Gentleman's Diary.

and altered manners of his guest. Many Derbyshire.-At his native place, Bel. other whimsical acts of kindness are re. per, aged 68, James Harrison, esq. of lated of him. Hanover-square, London. - He was Shropshire. At Shrewsbury, Mr. J. elder brother of the late Mr. Samuel Har- Chambers, said to be the oldest provinrison, the celebrated tenor singer.

cial Comedian in the kingdom. He had Devonshire. In one of Dovey's alms. appeared on the Shrewsbury Stage during houses, Exeter, aged 100, Mary Heath ; the last 30 years. His merits as an actor six months after the death of her sister, were inconsiderable ; but in private life Elizabeth Heath, in the same house, aged he was much respected. 103.

Somersetshire. - At Westbury, at an Essex. Mr. Joseph Greenwood, one advanced age, Mrs. Franklin, the lineal of the Society of Quakers, who lately died descendant of the celebrated Dr. Hooper, at Coggeshall. He bequeathed five pounds Bishop of Gloucester, who suffered marto each of the Friendly Societies in that tyrdom in the reign of Queen Mary. place, of which there are seven in num- Aged 37, James York, of Compton ber. This is certainly an act of great Martin. He had heen Clerk of the above liberality, and, we have no doubt, will parish between 60 and 70 years, and had be productive of much benefit to the indi. been married to his wife (who survives viduals by whom it is to be shared ; but bim) 63 years, and had by her 21 children. there is still another trait in the character In Green Park Place, Bath, aged 44, of Mr. Greenwood, for which he was so Lady Christiana-Elizabeth Keith, daughjustly respected while living, and which ter of the late Earl of Kintore. so well deserves to be recorded after his James Parker, esq. Solicitor, of Axdeath. At a certain part of Mr. Green- bridge. Whilst attending the funeral of wood's life, he met with difficulties, and a friend at Stock, near Wrington, he was had occasion to rely upon the liberality of seized with apoplexy, and although me. bis creditors, who accepted a composition dical assistance was immediately procured, iu discharge of their several demands. expired in about an hour and an half. Some years afterwards, when, by indus- He has left a widow and two sons. try, Mr. Greenwood had recovered from Warwickshire. - Aged 107, John Cran. his state of adversity, and the sunshine of mer, of Much Park-street, Coventry. prosperity beamed down upon his hum. SCOTLAND.--At Crookedholm, in the pable endeavours, actuated by that principle rish of Kilmarnock, in his 100th year, which the honest man will ever promote, Duncan Wright. During the greater part he called his creditors again together, and of that long period he mostly gained a paid them not only the deficiency of the livelihood by carrying salt from the Wes. first sum, but also the interest upon the tern salt-works, which he sold in Kilmardebt.

nock, and the country around. Hants. — Major T.J. Harrison, of the IRELAND.At Bishopscourt, while sitting Royal 'Artillery. He was interred in in his chair, W. Ponsonby, esq. the only son Portsmouth Garrison Chapel with the mi. of the late distinguished W. P. esq. M. P. litary honours due to his rank.

-He had for many months been in a deLincolnshire. At a very advanced age, clining state of health. Among the many Mr. Lewis Grummitt, formerly an eminent instances of untimely death daily mengrazier. It was from au hospitable joke tioned in our obituary, there is none, we of this worthy man's, that Dr. Goldsmith are convinced, that will be more sincerely took the hint of Marlow mistaking the

lamented than the one it is now become house of Mr. Hardcastle for an inn, in the our painful duty to record. comedy of She Stoops to Conquer. The At Springmount, near Mallow, Mrs.

Newman, Newman, relict of the late John Newman, dow of the Rev. Marmaduke Lewis, Recesq. of Dromore House (Cork), and dau. tor of Lullingstove, Kent. of Sir Richard Cox, bapt. of Denmanway.

Dec. 14. Ia her 32d year, Mary, wife of ABROAD.--At Algoa Bay, Mr. Thomas Mr. John Gilbert, of High-street, Borough. Calton, surgeon, formerly of Nottingham. Aged 59, Mr. Robert Cooke, of St. He went out as a settler.-He has left a Bride's-passage, Fleet-street, widow and five children, who are come In Surrey-street, Strand, aged 55, Chas. home passengers in the Kinnersley Castle Simpson, esq. late of Litchfield. transport.

Mary-Susanna-Penelope, wife of Wm. At Guntoor, in the East Indies, William Dodd, esg. of Judd-place East. Adamson, esq. of the Civil Service, Ma- At Morpeth, in his 69th year, John Wil. dras, son of the late Alexander Adamson, son, esq. of Hepscot, near that place. esq. of Bombay.

At Sidmouth, aged 22, Jas. Buchanan, At Java, aged 27, James Crawfurd, esq. of Brasenose College, Oxford, and esq. youngest son of Samuel Crawfurd, student of Lincolo's-inn. esq. of Isla, North Britain.

Dec. 15. In Buchanan-street, Glasgow, June 25. At Braybrooke, Northamp- in his 79th year, Rob. Thompson, esq.tonshire, near Market Harborough, aged As a manufacturer, he was among the first, 65, Mr. Jobn Norman, clerk of that pa- if not the very first, who introduced the rish. He was a man of strong natural cotton manufacture into Glasgow. abilities, which had he also possessed pru- Aged 62, John Holt, esq. of Wordsley, dence, would, doubtless, have advanced near Stourbridge, Worcester. him to a much superior station in life, At Dublin, Colonel Nesbitt. He chiefly followed the occupation of a At Epsum, aged 21, Charles Parish, land-surveyor; but was also an able as- esq. of Emanuel College, Cambridge. tronomer and mathematician ; and last Dec. 16. Dinah, wife of Mr. James year published an Almanack, in imita.

Cull, of the Strand, tion of the celebrated Francis Moore. In In her 51st year, Mary, the wife of a communication to the Northampton Mer- Mr. Thomas Hasted, of Threadneedlecury, ia Aug. 1806, he predicted that “the street. Summer of 1821 would be a very dry At Clifton Wood, Bristol, at an adone, from the planets Saturn and Jupiter vanced age, Levi Ames, esq. meeting in conjunction in June next in the In his 30th year, George - Mitchell fiery sign Aries, being the same sign they Sawyers, M. A. late of Kilmarnock. were in, in the year 1762, which was a re- At Torquay, Devonshire, Elizabeth, markably dry summer, such a one as has daughter of Wm. Leaf, esq. of East Dulnot happened in England since. The next wich, Peckham Rye, Surrey. time of their meeting was in 1782, in the Io Queen-square, Westminster, J. Hopsign Sagittarius, and that was a very wet kins, M. D. In the course of his practice

The last time of their meeting he attended, as accoucheur, nearly 16,000 was in July 1802, in the sign Virgo, and females. the latter end of that year was so very Dec. 17. In her 77th year, the widow dry, that there was a great scarcity of of Thomas King, esq. late of Maze-hill, water until the snow fell in winter. Thus Greenwich. it appears how different the seasons are At Hamble House, near Southampton, when these two planets meet in different Eliza, widow of Edward Taylor, esq. parts of the heavens."

Aged 72, Mr. Willis Hardham, yeo Dec. 12. In Charlotte-street, Portland. man.- What is remarkable, he was grandplace, the Rev. E. B. Johnson, late of father, uncle, and great-uncle to upwards Dulwich College.

of 200 persons, who are all living. In his 77th year, Henry Parry, esq. of In Upper Cadogan-place, Eliza, daughNorthampton-square.

ter of the late Harry Verelst, esg. of AstonAt Hastings, Elizabeth, daughter of hall, Yorkshire. Thos. Dickason, esq. of Montagu-street, In Albermarle-street, aged 84, Marga. Russell-square.

ret, daughter of the late Wm. Adam, esq. In Berkeley-square, aged 53, Theodore of Blair Adam, in Kinross-shire. Heo. Broadhead, esq. M. P. for the Bo- At Southampton, Hants, Henry, son of rough of Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

the late Major Cole, of Twickenham. At No. 1, Carmarthen-street, Mr. Wm. In Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square, Toulmin, attorney.

in her 25th year, Eliza, wife of Mr. James In Leicester-place, Leicester - square.

Rorauer. aged 24, in a fit of apoplexy, Mr. Wm, At Brixton Hill, in his 681h year, Wm. Clifton, surgeon.

Pugh, esq. At Worcester, aged upwards of 60, Pat. In Lower Grosvenor-street, George IrDe Courcy, esq. solicitor, a descendant of ving, esq. of Broad-street Buildings. a branch of the Kinsale family.

The wife of Mr. J. Hughes, of Drury At Farningham, aged 85, Bridget, wi- Lane Theatre, and sister to Mrs. Orger.

Dec. 18.


Dec. 18. At Peckham, Maria, daughter At Bishopsgate, near Egham, in her of the late Rev. Martin Ready.

17th year, Barbara - Matilda, sister to At Acton, Margaret, daughter of Thos. Thos. Coventry, esq. of North Cray, Kent, Gainsborough, esq. R. A.

and niece to the Earl of Coventry. Sophia, wife of Mr. Wm. Bristow, of In Marlborough-buildings, Emily-Julie Brompton.

ana, daughter of the Hon. J. Browne. At Fawley Parsonage, near Southamp- Dec. 21. In bis 15th year, John, son ton, Louisa, daughter of the late Hon. and George Frederick Lockley, esq. of Half Right Rev. Brownlow North, Bishop of Moon-street. Winchester.

At Reading, aged 52, Widows Golding, At Berry, near Gosport, George, son esq. surgeon. of Captain M‘Kinley, R. N.

In her 61st year, the widow of the late At Gubbios Park, Herts, the wife of W. Hulme, esq. of Gillingham, Kent. Thomas Kemble, esq.

At Bath, Chas. Bacon, esq. of Moor Dec. 19. Aged 42, Mr. John Pirie, of Park, Surrey, and of Grosvenor-place, in Gray's Inn-lane.

that city. At Twickenham, in his 80th year, Mr. Dec. 22. In his 21st year, Joseph HibHoward, formerly of Phipp's Bridge, bert Newman, son of Mr. James Newman, Mitcham.

of Capworth-street, Leyton, Essex. Aged 63, John Clarke, esq. of Belle In Conduit-street, aged 66, the relict of Vue House, Ramsgate, late of Enfield, Wright Thomas Squire, esq. of Peterbo. Middlesex.

rough. At No. 19, Upper Berkeley-street, Port- At Bishopstrow, Wilts, in his 24th year, man-square, Mrs. Anne Rous Dottin, wi- the Rev. Edward Montague, youngest son dow of the late Sam. Rous. Dottin, a Cap- of Admiral Sir George Montague, G.C.B. tain in the 3d Dragoon Guards.

Dec. 23. In his 71st year, the Rev. At Knaresborough, aged 83, Mr.Wheel- John Thos. Jordan, B. D. Rector of Hickhouse, On the same day, at Knaresbo- ling, Nottinghamshire, and of Bircholt, rough, aged 83, Mr. Bensor. It is rather Kent, and many years Senior Tutor of remarkable, that the two deaths here re- Queen's College, Cambridge. corded were those of two Gentlemen who Dec. 24. At Brighton, in her 71st year, were born in the same year, lived in the the widow of the late John Beale, esq. of same town, and who died on the same day. Kingston, Surrey.

In his 59th year, N. Ashhurst, esq. At New House, near Coventry, John Town Major of Portsmouth Garrison. Hopkins, esq. late of Friday-street. His funeral obsequies at the Garrison Dec. 26. In her 14th year, Augusta. Chapel, on Friday, presented a scene ho- Maria, daughter of Jos. Terry Hone, esq. pourable to his memory: the numerous Barrister-at-Law, of the Middle Temple, body of Officers of both Army and Navy and of Gloucester. (including General Sir George Cooke, In Baker-street, Portman-square, EliK. C. B. and Admiral Sir George Camp- zabeth - Mary, daughter of the late B. bell, G. C. B.) was followed by a long train Booth, esq. and sister to Lady Ford. of private friends.

Mary, daughter of the late Mr. Pitt, of Dec. 20. At Totteridge, Herts, in his Somers-place, New-road, near Euston-sq. 62d year, Rob. Davies, esq. of Southwark. Dec, 28. At Belvoir Castle, the Rev.

At his residence in Pentonville, after a Sir John Thoroton, Resident Chaplain to long and painful illness, borne with ex- the Duke of Rutland, and Rector of Boi. emplary fortitude and resiguation, in his tesford, Leicestershire. 39th year, John Twemlow, esq. of Dec. 29. Mr. John Bennett, Sub-TreaChecquer-yard.

surer of Christ Church, Oxford.


VOL. XC. PART I. P. 182. The late Henry Andrews, of the fire side, with a table spread full of Royston, the celebrated calculator, was books, making astronomical calculations. born at Frieston, near Grantharn, of poor At a suitable age he was sent from home parents. At the age of six years he would to earn his living, and the first situation frequently stand in his shirt, looking at he filled was at Sleaford, as servant to a the moon out of the chamber window, at shopkeeper ; after this he went to Linmidnight; and when about ten years of coln, to wait upon a Lady, and during age, he used to fix a table on Frieston this servitude used, at every opportunity, Green, in clear frosty nights, and set a te. to make weather-glasses and weatherlescope thereon to view the stars. Soon houses. His last situation of this kind after, he would sit for weeks together by was in the service of J. Verinum, esq. ;


and his master, finding him so intent on side at Royston, where he opened a school
study, allowed him two or three hours at the age of 23 years, and at this place
every day for that purpose. On the 1st continued, as schoolmaster and bookseller,
of April, 1764, he went to Aswarby Hall, until the day of his death, which happened
the seat of Sir Christopher Whichcote, to after a short illness, on the 26th of Janu-
view the great eclipse of the sun, which ary, 1820, at the age of 76 years, having
was visible on that day, where a number enjoyed an uninterrupted state of good
of Ladies and Gentlemen had assembled health till his last illness,

He had a very
for the purpose; and as he had previously extraordinary genius for astronomy, which
calculated a type of this eclipse, he pre- he cultivated through life ; for more than
sented the same to the company, shewing 40 years he was a computer of the Nauti.
them the manner of its appearance in a cal Ephemeris. He was greatly esteemed
dark room upon a board, and after it was for his iutegrity, and modesty, by every
over, they unanimously declared that his scientific man who was persoually ac-
calculations came nearer the truth than quainted with him, or with whom he had
any given in the Almanacks. A short been connected, particularly by the late
time after this period he opened a school Astronomer Royal (Dr. Maskelyne), who
at Basingthorpe, near Grantham, and af. valued him much, and who, in relation to
terwards engaged as an usher in a cler- the Nautical Ephemeris, was in constant
gyman's boarding-school, at Stilton. He correspondence with him for nearly half
then settled in Cambridge, where he pro- a century; and also by Dr. Charles Hut.
posed to reside, in the expectation that he ton, by whom he was for many years em-
might derive some advantage in prosecut- ployed as an assistant in making the cus-
ing his studies, from the meu of science tomary calculations for Moore's and the
in the University ; but the noise and other Almanacks published by the Com-
bustle of the town not being agreeable to pany of Stationers.
him, he left Cambridge, and came to re-








FROM DECEMBER 14, 1819, TO DECEMBER 12, 1820.

Males... 11993 ? In all

In all

Males... 9794 ?
Females 11165 23,158

Females 9554 19,348
Whereof have died, 5 and 10 887 40 and 50 2069 | 80 and 90 662
under 2 years 4758 10 and 20 667 50 and 60

1878 90 and 100 119
Between 2 and
20 and 30 1484 60 and 70 1632 100 2 102

5 years

1975 30 and 40 2006 70 and 80 1208 101 103 0

Increased in the Burials this Year 120.
.25, Venereal

.90 Hooping Cough .794 Worms.....

Apoplexy and Suddenly 235 Inflammation ... .1247

.702 Inflammation of the Li- Total of Diseases...19098

.69 Insanity..

.77 Burnt

3959 Jaw locked..

...1 Choked
.3066Measles ....
.720 Drowned

104 Miscarriage

...3 Excessive Drinking .........2
..1 Mortification ....... ..., 220 Executed*

.9 Old Age and Debility...2220 Found Dead

.......791 Palsy

.176 Fractured

Dropsy in the Brain ... ...332 Rheumatism .........10 Frightened.....

Dropsy in the Chest ......90 Rupture

..32 Frozen

Dysentery ....................... 6 Scrophula

.... 7 Killed by Falls and seve.
..9 Small Pox.

792) ral other Accidents......78
Eruptive Diseases .........12 Sore Throat and Quinsey..15 Murdered

Erysipelas, or St. Antho. Spasm

.46 Scalded

....13 Stillborn.....

.725 Strangled

Fever. ......
.1109 Stone...

..18 Suffocated

Fever, (Typhus) .......47 Stoppage in the Stomach...8 Suicides

..3 Suddenly

.6 Teething

409 Total of Casualties...250

* There have been Executed in London and the County of Surrey 38; of which
number 10 only have been reported to be Buried within the Bills of Mortality.


ny's Fire



To Essays, DISSERTATIONS, and Historical Passages.

ABU BEER, anecdote of 397.

Ball, John, token of 510
Accidents, by the wheel of a machine 77. Ballads, sold at immense price 155

by drowning 81. by boats upsetting 94. Bank Notes, circulation of 81
174. an affray 173. thunder storms 173, Bank Notes, New, description of 81. on
175. falling of walls 176, 461. an ava- the completion of 559
lanche 265. Margate steam-packet Bank of England, meeting of Proprie-
268. a vault falling in 461. falling

tors, 270
into a well 558. explosion of a self- Banks, Sir Joseph, memoir of 86. origi.
acting boiler 573

bal letter of 99. will of 381
Ackworth, account of 302

Baptism, on adıninistering of 307
Ackworth Church, tablets in 386

Baptismal Names, remarks on 112
Adam, Robert, talents of 38

Barkham, Sir Edward, notice of 390
Adultery, divorce for 461

Barritt, T. death of 470
Africa, intelligence from 76, 172, 365, Barter, remarks on 495
630. state of religion in 292

Beavers, colony of, account of 364
Agriculture, Board of 424. depressed Beaulieu Abbey, Resectory described 489
state of 558

Beauty, remarks on 395
Alcibiades, anecdote of 34. bust of at Bees, management of 228. profit of 229
Paris 216

Benefices, right of presentation to 35
Aldermen of London, loyal address of 560 Bennet, Bp. Letter to Mr. Polwbele 104.
Alexander the Great, anecdotes of 34, 303 death and memoir 184. character 185
All Souls' College, Oxford, account of 203 Bergami, Bartolomeo, acc. of 74
Amen, remark on 482

Berrow, Rev. C. inquiry respecting 386
America, intelligence from 76, 172, 267, Bible, on received translation 111,219

365,460, 557. President's Message 557 Bible Society, Report of 291
Ancient Anecdotes, from Valerius Maxi Bingen, visit to 594

mus 33, 303, 402. remark on 482 Birmingham, commercial distress of 268
Andrews, Henry, memoir of 639 Bishops, hints to 388
Anecdotal Literature,progress406,503,589 Blamire, Miss, poetry of, noticed 16
Anecdotes, miscellaneous 397

Blanc, Mont, expedition to 265
Anim, the Arabian, anecdote of 398 Blenheim House, account of 584
Anne, Queen, anecdote of 399

Boats, new invented 352, 447
Antigenidas, anecdote of 34

Boethius, Gruninger's edition of 218
Antiochus the Great, anecdote of 304 Boleyn, Anne, creation of to a Marchio.
Arabic Language, utility of 535

ness 32. letter to Henry VIII. ib.
Architecture, Metropolitan, progress of 38 Bonaparte, Louis, marriage of 535
Archytas, of Tarentum, anecdote of 304 Bonaparte, Napoleon, policy of 153. fa-
Arms, can illegitimate children bear? % mily of 339. anecdotes of 340
Artist, self-taught 304

Borde, Andrew, notice of 409
Ascension, Isle of, colossal statues in 158 Boscobel House, noticed 608
Ashbridge, Rev. John, memoir of 635 Botanical Importations 44
Ashington, co. Somerset, account of 17, Bouflers, Stanislas, memoir of 56
113, 209

Bourbon Prize Money, distribution 290
Asia, intelligence from 172, 365, 459,557 Bowles, John, marble tablet to 305
Asiatic Languages, study of 348

Bowles's edition of Pope 488
Asperne, James, death of 473

Braddock, General, anecdote of 399
Astronomical Society, proceedings of 544 Braganza, family of, account of their
Atheneum of Paris, state of 622

accession to the Portuguese throne 195
Augustus Cæsar, anecdotes of 398 Brazen Nose College, account of 204
Aulus Gellius, curious extract from 210 Brazils, description of 195. intelligence
Austria, Emperor of, letter of 629

from 630
Avenel family, inquiry about 482

Brighton, encroachments of the sea at 558
Bacchante, bust of, at Paris 133

Britain, Great, statistical view of 626
Bacchus, statue of, at Paris 134

British Institution, inquiry by a member
Bacchus, Indian, statue of, at Paris 215 alter engraving of West's Picture 194
Bacon, Sir E. death and character 276 Brooke, George, epitaph on 608
Bagnara, in Italy, notice of 105

Brookes, T. singular character of 378
Baker, Hannah, assumed penury of 631 Browne, Hawkins, genius of 308, 311
Baliol College, Oxford, account of 204 Brydges, family of, noticed 2, 231, 324
GENT. Mag. Suppl. XC. PART II.


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