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INDEX to the Essays, &c. in Vol. XC. Part II.

Sea Bathing Infirmary, Margate, pro- Thignoville, Wm. de, notice of 504
ceedings of 198. funds of 424

Thomond, Marchioness, death 285, 564
Sedition, trials for 174, 270

Thornhill, Sir J. notice of 140
Seditious Placards, noticed 386

Thunder-storm, terrible effects of 173,176
Selby Estate, notice of 386

Tiberius Gracchus, anecdote of 403
Senlis, visit to 131

Timbuctoo, commerce of 534
Seward, Mrs. poem of, noticed 233 Tinkler, Capt. R. death of 282
Shakspeare, passages in, noticed 321 Tombs, antient 446
Sharp, Granville, memoir of 338

To-morrow," stanzas of, noticed 98
Thomas, notice of 338

Tooke, Rev. W. death and memoir 466
Sharpe, Dr. Leonell, inscription on 16 Tphon, tomb of, discovered 543
Sheffield, Lord, report on wool 516 Trade, Foreign, Parliamentary Report 264
Sicily, revolution in 170

Trafalgar Ship, launch of 172
Siderography, invention of 35)

Trajan, bust of, at Paris 216
Silver, on the alleged prices of 318 Treason, trials for 78, 173. executions
Silver Coin, remarks on 391

for 269
Simpson, John, monument, noticed 303 Treves, visit to 510
Sirocco, description of 107

Tring, manor of, noticed 326, 417
Smith, George, notice of 141

Trinity College, Cambridge, discipline of
Smoke, consumption of 80

405, 502
Snake, enormous one 77

- Oxford, account of 230
Snow, Red, explanation of 158

Troppau, meeting of Sovereigns at 459,
Sobernheim, visit to 593

557, 628. account of 557
Sommers, Will, anecdotes of 409, 410 Trusler, Dr. John, memoir of 89.
Sompting, Sussex, description of 122 dotes of 121
Soul, on the Immortality of 309, 423 Tuffen, J. F. death of 374
Soups, explanatory remarks on 344 Turkey, intelligence from 267, 629
Southern Continent, discovery of 267 T'urlle Soup, remarks on 344
Spain, intelligence from 74, 169, 265, Tutonague Piece, notice of 386

363,458, 556, 628. meeting of the Typographical Antiquities, account of 216
Cortes 169. See Cortes, progress of lite T'ythes, Compositions for 132
rature in 445

University College, Oxford, acc. of 230
Spartan, anecdote of a 34

Urchfont House, co. Wilts, acc. of 301
Spencer, Hon. Capt. death of stated 187. Vaccination, benefits of 559
death contradicted 286

Valerius Maximus, anecdotes from 33,
Statistics of Great Britain 626

303, 402. remark on 482
Statues, antique, found 543

Vandyck, portrait of, noticed 386
Staveley, co. Derby, account of 577,578 Venius, a Dutch painter, notice of 223
Stenay, visit to 316

Versailles, visit to 129
Steevens, G. Poems of, inquired for 386 Vessel, Patent, description of 62
Stevens, Sacheverell, inquired for 2 Vienna, Temple at 63
Stirling, executions for treason at 269 Viper, extraordinary one 78
Stocks, prices 96, 192, 288, 384, 480, 576 Virgil, Gruninger's edition of 218
Stoke Newington, account of 238. Rose Vitellius, bust of, at Paris 133
and Crown Inn at 389

Voltaire, house at Paris closed ? 296
Stony Stratford, notices of 321, 510 Vouziers, visit to 316
Storms, remarkable 612

Wadham College, Oxford, acc. of 230
Strathmore, Earl of, death of 85

Wages, to be paid in money only 82
Stuart, Dr. reward granted to 60

Waits, Antient Society of at Westmin-
Sublimity, remarks on 325

ster 632
Sun, remarkable eclipse of 254

Wassailing, co. Hereford, custom of 418
Surnames, on the origin of 295, 422 Watch, new-invented 62
Surrogates, caution to, on Marriages 488 Water, compressibility of 157
Sweden, language of 60

Wayland, Rev. D. S. Address to his Pa-
Swings, danger of 9

rishioners 600
Switzerland, intelligence from 171, 459 Well, ancient, discovered 350
Tallien, J. L. death 477. anecdote of 636 Wellingborough Church, ancient monu-
Tarleton, Richard, account of 590

ment in 488
Taunton, Grammar School at 366 Wellington, Duke of, Letter of 293
Taylor, Bp. notice of 194

Welsh Bards, meetings of 270, 400
T'emple, Circular Church, monuments 503 Welshman, honesty of 270
Temple, Sir Wm. notice of 98

West Indies, intelligence from 76, 557
Terence, Roigny's edition of 219

Westminster, Ancient Waits of 632
Terence's Phormio, representation of 541 Westminster School, notice of 98.
Theatrical Register, 8%, 176, 271, 463, cient custom of 419. Phormio of Te.
561, 633

rence acted at 541. Prologue ib. Epi-




logue 542

Women, illustrious, account of 603
Wharton, Robert, monument to 48 Wood, Anthony à, assumed letter of 601
Wheble, J. death of 286. memoir of 471 Wood, Capt. memoir of 89
Whitaker, Dr. merits of 402

Wool, machine for 62. impolicy of tax
White, Frances, account of 2

on 516
Whitgreaves, Thomas, notice of 608 Worcester College, Oxford, acc. of 231
Wilcockson, G. account of 2

Worcestershire Biography, extracts from
Wilding, Rev. R. death and character 91
Willis, Browne, lines on, author of ? 290 Wronksky's Theory of Longitude 62
Wills, on the executors to 518

Wynn, Sir W. W. generosity of 461
Winchester and Hursley, epitaphs at 231 York, Duchess, death and memoir 181
Windsor, new Church at 270

Yorkshire, Tour in 226, 301
Wine, etymology and history 411. art Young, Mrs. notice of 324
of making 412. various names of 413

Paul, inquired for 2
Wing, manor vf, noticed 326, 417

Professor, deatb of 567
Wolferstan, Samuel Pipe, memoir of 277 Zagori, College at 61
Wolseley, Sir C. erased from the Magis- Zeuris, anecdote of 34

tracy 78. trial of for sedition 173 Zenophanes, anecdote of 34


Abbot, a Novel 433

Clerical Vestments, necessity of order
Adamson, J. Life of Camoens 517

in 439
Aldis, C. on Glandular Diseases 442 Coinage, Annals of the 233, 333, 430
Allen, Rev.M.Lectures on Christianity 536 Collier, J. P. Poetical Decameron 54
America, with other Poems 440

Colton, Rev. C. C. Lacon 248
Annual Register: 144

Consolation, Tour in Search of 531
Appleton, Miss, Early Education 613 Coronations, Claims at 241
Arithmetic, Introduction to 616

Court News 613
Athenian Oracle, abridged 241

Cowper, Wm. Poems by 346
Bailbrook House Association, acc. of 51 Crisis, or Patriotism explained 250
Barlace, J.G. Progress of Knowledge 611 Dallas, R. C. Sir Francis Darrell 529
Bartlett, J. M. Emigrant's Return 615 Darrell, Sir Francis, a Novel 529
Bell, H. N. Huntingdon Peerage 513 Decameron, Poetical 54
Belsham, Rev. T. Sermon by 147

Deist, admonitory Letter to 614
Bennet, R. Moral Poems 615

Delany, Mrs. Leiters from 240
Benson, Rev. C. Lise of Christ 47

Dissenters, Address to 441
Biographia Curiosa 339

Domeier, Mad. description of Paris 53.3
Birds on the Wing, a Tale 250

Drawings and Sketches, notices of 139
Blinkinsop, Dr. V. Tentamen 616 Duddon, River, and other Poems 344
Bonaparte, Louis, Historical Documents

Lugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum 425
on Government of Holland 33), 535' Durham, Visitations of 45, 250
Booker, Dr. L. Sermons by 247

Early Education 613
Bouilly, J. N. Les Jeunes Femmes 442 Easton, W. Instruction of the Young 536
Brazil, Travels in 143

Emigrant's Return, a Ballad 615
Bristol, address to the Inhabitants 442

England, Progress of Knowledge in 611
Brougham, Mr. Letter to 441

Everett's Letters, strictures on 536
Brown, J. Legitimacy, a Poem 440 Eynesbury and St. Neot's, Hist. of 329
Bull, John, History of 151

Fancy's Wreath 346
Burrows, Dr. on Insanity 519

Faulkner, T. History of Kensington 43
Butler, Dr. Letter to Mr. Brougham 441 Favell, S. speech of 151
Camoens, 'uis de, Life of 517

Femmes, les Jeunes 442
Canning, Right Hon. G. Letter to 150 Flax and Hemp, on Employment from
Carrington, Sir E. C. on Public Assem 245
blies 242

Flower, W. Visitation of Durham 45
Chambers, J. Worcestershire Biography France, Stories from the History 153
607, 609

French Literature, Chefs d'Euvres of 56
Chambers, R. Arithmetic 616

George III. bis Court and Family 246
Cheltenham Mail Bag 440

Germany, &c. View of 239
Chemistry, Catechism of 539

Giffard, Rev. el. Account of Thornton
Christ, Inquiry into the Life of 47

Abbey 439
Christian Religion, Lectures on 536 Gorham's Hist. of St. Neot's, &c. 329
Christianity, Divine Origin of 433 Gothic Architecture, Heraldic Origin 141


INDEX to Books Reviewed, Vol. XC. Pt. II.


Graham, M. Three Months passed in the Roads, English, Improvement of 530
Mountains East of Rome 609

Robinson's History of Stoke Newing.
Harwood's Hist. of Staffordshire 236

ton 238
Heraud, J. A. Legend of St. Loy 60,

Rochester Divcese, Dr. Law's Charge 335
443, 530

Rome, Infant King of, Education for 253
Hett, Rev. W. Sermons by 47. Sermoni Three Months passed in the Moun-
Propriora 145

tains East of 609
Hoare's Memoirs of Granville Sharp 337 Royal Family, Anecdotes of 240
Hodgson, Rev. F. Sacred Leisure 614 Ruding, Rev. Rogers, Annals of Coinage
Hogg, J. Winter Evening Tales 611

233, 333, 430
Holland, on the Government of 339, 535 Sacred Leisure, Poems 614
Hombergh, H. History of John Bull 151 St. Loy, Legend of 60, 443, 530
Hone's Political Tracts 340

Sermoni Propriora 145
Horace, specimen of a Version of 250 Sermons 55. by Hett 47. Skurray 146,
Horne, Rev. T. H. Trinity defended 145

Belsham 147. Booker 247. Siedman
Hughes, Rev. G. Sermon by 336

336. Hughes 336.

Plumtree 337.
Huntingdon Peerage 513

Snowden 432
Insanity, inquiry respecting 519

Σητηματα Διανοητικα 50
Irving, Dr. Catechisms of Chemistry 539 Sharp, Granville, Memoirs of 337
Jacob, W. View of Germany, &c. 239 Sheppard, J. Duty of Christians 49
Jackson, J.G. Acr. of Timbuctoo, &c. 534 Skurray, F. Sermon by 146
Johnson, J. on the Poor Rates 442 Snape, Rev. W. Sorrows of Moestus 49
Julia Alpinula, a Poem 437

Snowden, Rev. W. Sermons by 432
Kensington, History of 43

Sæculomastix, a Poem 52
Lacon : or many things in few words 248 Sponsors, on Parents acting as 614
Ladies' Association, account of 51 Staffordshire, Erdeswick's Survey of
Lascelles, R. on Gothic Architecture 141 236
Law, Dr. Charge to the Clergy 335 Stedman, J. Sermon by 336
Lees, Sir Harcourt, The Crisis 250 Stevens, J. L. Fancy's Wreath 346
Legitimacy, a Poem 440

Stoke Newington, History of 238
Lucian of Samosata, translation of 41 Sun, a Poem 616
11' Diarmid, J. Cowper's Poems 346 Syntax, Dr. in Search of Consolation 531
Malden, Dr. on the Cow Pox 616

Taylor, A. Glory of Regality 57
Margate, Picture of 47

Thackwell, P. Poems by 147
Maximilian's Travels in Brazil 143 Thornton Abbey, Account of 439
Means of doing Good 613

Timbuctoo and Houssa, Account of 534
Medals, National, acc. of 59, 514

Time's Telescope for 1821 347, 538
Methodism indefensible 536

Tooke, Rev. W. Lucian of Samosata 41
Mæstus, Sorrows of 49

Trinity, Doctrine of, defended 145
Monasticon Anglicanum 425

Valdimar, a tale 250
Mudie, J. National Medals 59, 514 Vaudracour and Julia 344
Nlystery of Forty Years 537

Verulam and St. Alban's, History 331, 127
Napoleon's System of Education 152 Victoria, a Poem 148
Oulton, W. C. Picture of Margate 47 War, duty of Christians in 49
Paris, Appendix to Descriptions of 533 Webb, Cornelius, Sonnets by 148
Parker, Miss, Birds on the Wing 250 Wiffen, J. H. Julia Alpinula 437
Parnell, W. Letter from 137

Windsor, Visit to, a Poem 148
Philipson, N. J. Visitation of Durbam 45 Winter Evening Tales 611
Platt's Rev. J. Letters to a Deist 614 Wir, Rev. S. Address to Dissenters 441
Plumtre, Rev. J. Sermon by 337

Woburn, History of 45
Poems, original and Moral 615

Woman, Varieties in 149
Poor Rates, Address on 442

Worcestershire, Biography of 609
Public Assemblies, on the Law of 242 Wordsworth, W. River Duddon, &c. 344
Rashleigh, J. C. Letter to Mr. Can. Wrangham, F. Version of Horace 250.

abridged Tracts of Dr. John Leland
Rector's Memorandum Book 154, 613 Leslie, Dr. Doddridge, Bp. Watson,
Regality, Glory of 57

Bp. Butler, Dr. Paley, Soame Jenyns,
Religion, a Poem 148

and Dr. Watts 441
Retreat, a Tale 436

Youth, on the Religious Instruction of
Reveley, H. notices of Drawings 139 536
River Duddon, and other Poenis 344 Zayda, a Spanish Tale 150

ning 150


GENT. Mac. Suppl. XC. Part II.



gay 59

Adbol, H. Views of Ruins of Rome 155 Glassford, J. on Principles of Evidence
Alfieri, Life and Writings of 443

Allen, M. Lectures on Christianity 251 Godwin, on Population 251
Anti-scepticism 154

Gordon, Dr. Medical Jurisprudence 60
Apocryphal Gospels and Epistles 60 Gourley, R. Acc. of Upper Canada 251
Arminius, Theological Works of 443 Gregory, Dr. Duties of a Physician 154
Augustus, or the Ambitious Student 347 Guelph, History of the House of 539
Auston Park 444

Hafley Church, History of 346
Automatical Camera Obscura 443

Halbert, J. F. on Vaccination 154
Bagster's Complete Angler 347

Haliton, G. Account of memorable Bat-
Baker, G. History of Northampton 59 tles 251
Belzoni's Antiquities of Egypt 251 Hardiman, J. History of Galway 347
Bird, J. Machin, a Poem 540

Harral, T. Hen. VIII. and Geo. IV. 154
Bonney, Rev. H. K. notices of Fotherin- Hart, on Insolvent Debtors' Court 346

Hartz, Dr. on Contagious Fever 59
Booth, D. Dictionary of the English Lan- Hays's Memoirs of celebrated Queens 443

guage 540. Morality of Human Na- Heaven, First Day in 60
ture ib.

Heber, Rev. R. Dr. Taylor's Works 540
Bosset's History of the Parguinotes 539 Hedgeland, T. Lithographic Designs 154
Bowring, J.Translations from Russian 540 Hibbert, Dr. on Shetland Islands 346
Bridgens, R. Costumes of Italy, &c. 155 Hoare, Sir R. C. Ancient Wiltshire 443
Britton's Architecture of Britain 59 Horne, Rev.T.H. Study of Scriptures 251

Hist. of Lichfield Cathedral 59 Hughes, Rev. J. Welsh Triads 540
Oxford Cathedral 59

Hurwitz, H. Vindiciæ Hebraicæ 443
Brodie, G. History of Britain 540 Jamieson, A. Universal Science 540
Brooke, Rev. R, on Religious Liberty 251 Jennings, J. Family Cyclopædia 347
Brooke, H. Guide to the Stars 154 Johnstone's Grammar of Literature 155
Brookshaw, Horticultural Repository 154 Kennilworth, a Romance 444
Brown, Dr. Pbilosophy of the Mind 251 Kerrigan's Navigator's Guide 444

J. House of Brunswick 443 King's and Queen's College of Physicians,

T. Conchology of Britain 346 in Ireland, Transactions of 347
Bucke's Beauties of Nature 540

Laurent, P. E. Classical Tour 347
Burckhardt, J. L. Travels in Syria 154 Lees, Sir Harcourt, Works of 444
Burnside, R. Tea-table Chat 443 Leslie's Geometrical Analysis 251
Byron, Lord, Doge of Venice 444 Lindley, J. Digitalyem Monographiæ 540
Caillaud's Antiquities of Egypt 251 Lingard's History of England 251
Calvert, Rev. 7. Sermons 154

Liverpool, Earl, Letter to 154
Canning, Mr. Epistle of 154

Lloyd, C. Thoughts in London 347
Chalmers's Works of Sir R. Blackmore 347 Lonsdale Magazine, new Series 540
Christian Parents, obligations of 347 Luccock, J. Notes on Rio de Janeiro 347
Clare, J. Poems by 444

Luchessini,Marg. RhenishConfederacy 59
Clark, Rev. T. Visits of Harearch 251 Mackenzie, Sir G. S. on Pbrenology 346
Clarke's History of Intolerance 540 Macnally, Mrs. Eccentricity, a novel 259
Clutterbuck's History of Herts 59 Mason, W. M. History of St. Patrick's
Cook, Dr. Life of Principal Hill 346 Collegiate Church, Dublin 251
Coronations, Claims at 59

Maturin's Universe, a Poem 347
Coxe, Rev. W. private Correspondence of Missions, Schools, &c. Epistle on 154

CharlesTalbot, Duke of Shrewsbury347 Morrell's History of England 154
Crucifix, exchanged for the Cross 347 Mozart, Handel, &c. Beauties of 347
Davis, W. Bibliomaniac's Library 443 Nature, Book of, laid open 251
Defferrari's Selections of Italian Poetry Nature, Favourite of 541

Naval and Military Exploits, Acc. of 155
Delany, Mrs. Letters from 59

Nichols, J. Q. Eliz. Progresses 443
Divorce Transactions, temp.Hen. VIII.154

g. Eliz. Entertainment at
Dunbar's Collectanea Minora 443

Harefield 443
Edinburgh, new Picture of 346

Nicholson, P. Involution and Evolution 59
Edmeston, J. Sacred Lyrics 540

Noble, J. Arabic Vocabulary 60
Egan, P. Lise in London 154

Orme, Rev. W. Life of Dr. Owen 59
Encyclopædia Londinensis, Vol.XVII. 251

Overton, J. on Books of Genesis, &c. 347
Fubles, Select, with cuts 251

Owen's Plan vindicated 59
Faulkner, Dr. on the Plague 154

Osclee, Rev. J. Sermon by 347
Germany and Holland, Letters from 59 Parr, W. Philosophy of Painting 540

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INDEX to Books Announced, & Poetry, Vol. XC. Pt. II. 651
Physiognomical Portraits 444

Smith, Dr. Forensic Medicine 540
Pontey, on Country Residences 443 Smith's Practice of the Customs 540
Porter, Sir R. K. Travels in Asia 251 Snowden, Rev. W. Sermons 154
Pugin's Gothic Architecture 59

Spain, Letters from 251
Purton, T. Midland Flora 251

Spiker, Dr. Travels in Gr. Britain 251
Pye's Account of Birmingham Hospital Stevenson's Letters to a young Clergy-

man 539
Rector's Memorandum Book 154

Stewart's Sketches of the Highlands 443
Religious Education 443

Sumner, Rev. J. B. Sermons by 539
Richards, Rev. G. P. Sermons 59

Surtees's History of Durham 59
Robinson's Revolution of Mexico 540 Swan, J. Anatomical Preparations 347
Rogers, Capt. Account of New South Swan, J. Morbid Affections of Nerves 60
Shetland 540

Syntax, Dr. in Search of a Wife 252
Rogers, W. G. Ornamental Sketches 347 Testament, New, Geography of 443
Rome in the 19th Century 346

Time's Telescope for 1821 347
Ryan's Biographical Dictionary 540 Towne, L. Farmer's Guide 540
Sacred Hours 540

Traits and Trials, a novel 252
Sale, G. Koran translated 540

Viellevieille, on Fellenberg's Establish-
Sancroft, Abp. Life of 155

ment 154
Sandham, Miss, the Boy's School 443 Wages, Low, National Evils of 540
Savage, J. History of Taunton 155 Wallace, Capt. W. memoirs of 540
Say, J. B. Lettres à M. Malthus 155 Watts's Margate Steam-yacht Guide 59
Scheming, a novel 347

Wilks, Persecution of French Protestants
School Prayer. Book 59

Scraggs, on True and False Religion 347 Wilks's Christian Biographical Dictionary
Second Advent 540

Seine, Picturesque Tour of 252

Woodley, Rev. G. Devonia 155
Sepulchral Mottoes 443

World in Miniature 443
Sibbes, Dr. Divine Meditations 346 Zodians, History of the 251

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Ballymahon, a poem 623
Barton, B. Lines to Dr. Drake 65
Blamire, Miss, song by 16
Bonaparte, song on 257
Bow Church, lines on 257
Bruno and Carlo, a Tale 353
Camoens, Sonnet by 527
Charades 64, 448. Answer 64
Choice, The 554
Conquest, Discovery better than 448
Cottager, Happiness of 449
Country Schoolmaster, a Tale 147
Discovery, better than Conquest 448
Drake, Dr. Nathan, address to 65
Eclipse of the Sun, Soliloquy on 256
Edgeworth, Miss, Acrostic on 64
Edmonton, Merry Devil of 160
Eldon, Lord, eulogy on 554
Enigma 354
Epigram, by Sir T. Parkyns 555
Farewell, a Duet 615
Friendship, Lines on 625
Gisborne, Rev. Francis, eulogy on 625
Goldsmith, 0. Anniversary of 448
Gothurst, Lines written at 554
Graham, Rev. J. Epistle to Lieut. Ma-

hon 66. anniversary of Oliver Gold-

smith 448. Poem on Ballymahon 623
Grief, Lines on 150
Happiness, Choice of 554
Harvest, Lines on 352

Her I love, Stanzas to 555
Heraud, J. A. Spirit's Song 64. Merry

Devil of Edmonton 160
Hope, Force of 448
Horace,Translations of, BookII. OdeXVI.

450. Book III. Ode XIII. 256. Ode

XXX. ib.
Hubert, Philip, Elegy on 162
Humane Society, Hymn for 65
Humber, lines written on the banks 354
Idly Busy 448
King Coal's Levee 613
Libertine, Warning of the 615
Local Attachment, lines on 123
Lothbroch, the Danish Robber 531
Love's the lightest, lines on 352
Mahon, Lieut. A. Epistle to 66
Malachi, chap. iv. versified 450
Milman, Mr. Poetry of 53
Misfortune, lines written in 65
Montgomery, Mr. Hymn by 65
Morning, lines on 532
Ox ford, lines on 202. University of 64
Parkyns, Sir T. Epigram by 555
Poets, Modern, lines on 53
Polwhele's Local Attachment, extracts

from 123
Psalm CI. translation of 65
Rome, description of 43
Rose, The, lines on 66
Rose and the Lily 64


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