The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, المجلد 3

الغلاف الأمامي
A. and C. Black, 1827

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الصفحة 69 - Therefore came I forth to meet thee, Diligently to seek thy face, and I have found thee. I have decked my bed with coverings of tapestry, With carved works, with fine linen of Egypt.
الصفحة 119 - Act, for the mutual Relief and Maintenance of all and every the Members thereof, their Wives, Children, Relations, or Nominees, in Sickness, Infancy, advanced Age, Widowhood, or any other natural State or Contingency whereof the Occurrence is susceptible of Calculation by way of Average...
الصفحة 394 - Engineer, for improvements in certain processes, utensils, apparatus, machinery, and operationi applicable to the preparing, extracting, and preserving, various articles of food, the component parts of which utensils, apparatus, and machinery, are of different dimensions, proportionate to the different uses in which they are employed, and may be separately applied in preparing, extracting, and preserving food, and in other useful purposes.
الصفحة 23 - The number of deer belonging to a herd is from three hundred to five hundred ; with these a Laplander can do well, and live in tolerable comfort. He can make in summer a sufficient quantity of cheese for the year's consumption ; and, during the winter season, can afford to kill deer enough to supply him and his family pretty constantly with venison. With two hundred deer, a man, if his family be but small, can manage to get on. If he have but one hundred, his subsistence is very precarious, and he...
الصفحة 118 - Societies in this kingdom, for securing, by voluntary subscription of the " members thereof, separate funds for the mutual relief and maintenance " of the said members, in sickness, old age and infirmity, is likely to be " attended with very beneficial effects, by promoting the happiness of " individuals, and at the same time diminishing the public burthens...
الصفحة 46 - ... mouth. The whole formed so singularly terrific an object, that, in order to secure a hasty sketch of it, I permitted the other gentlemen to go a few yards nearer than I did, while I occupied myself with my pencil. Lord Byron and his servant ascended the cone several feet, but found the heat too great to remain longer than to detach, with their sticks, a piece or two of recent lava, burning hot. So highly was our admiration excited by the scene, that we forgot the danger to which we might be exposed,...
الصفحة 43 - Two or three of the small craters, nearest to the north side, where we lodged, were in full action, every moment casting out stones, ashes and lava, with heavy detonations, while the irritated flames accompanying them glared widely over the surrounding obscurity, against the sides of the ledge and upper cliffs, richly illuminating the volumes of smoke at the south end, and occasionally casting a bright reflection on the bosomof a passing cloud.
الصفحة 43 - The gulf below contains probably not less than sixty — fifty-six have been counted — smaller conical craters, many of which are in constant action. The tops and sides of two or three of these are covered with sulphur, of mingled shades of yellow and green. With this exception, the ledge, and every thing below it, are of a dismal black.
الصفحة 45 - ... feet, seemed only like a bird's nest on the opposite cliff. These emotions, however, soon passed off, and we began, with great spirit and activity, the enterprise before us. I can compare the general aspect of the bottom of the crater, to nothing that will give a livelier image of it to your mind, than to the appearance the...
الصفحة 68 - They possess, likewise, a kind of plant, which, instead of fruit, produces wool of a finer and better quality than that of sheep. Of this the Indians make their clothes.

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