Friendship in Death: in Twenty Letters from the Dead to the Living: To which are Added, Letters Moral and Entertaining, in Prose and Verse. In Three Parts

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W. Nicholson, 1808 - 296 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 136 - These are thy glorious works, Parent of good, Almighty, thine this universal frame, Thus wondrous fair; thyself how wondrous then ! Unspeakable, who sitt'st above these heavens, To us invisible, or dimly seen In these thy lowest works; yet these declare Thy goodness beyond thought, and power divine.
الصفحة 92 - God hath showed me the path of life: in his presence is fulness of joy, and at his right hand, are pleasures for evermore.
الصفحة 286 - Here will I hold. If there's a power above us (And that there is, all Nature cries aloud Through all her works), he must delight in virtue ; And that which he delights in must be happy.
الصفحة 89 - Hesperides, that seem'd Fairer then feign'd of old, or fabl'd since Of Fairy Damsels met in Forest wide By Knights of Logres, or of Lyones...
الصفحة 81 - But, oh ! which of these will answer my summons at the high Tribunal? Which of them will bail me from the arrest of death? Who will descend into the dark prison of the grave for me ? Here they all leave me, after having paid a few idle ceremonies to the breathless clay, which perhaps may lie reposed in state, while my soul, my only conscious part, may stand trembling before my JUDGE.
الصفحة 80 - I have rushed into the battle, laughed at the glittering spear, and rejoiced at the sound of the trumpet, nor had a thought of any state beyond the grave, nor the great tribunal to which I must have been summoned; " Where all my secret guilt had been reveal'd, Nor the minutest circumstance conceal'd.
الصفحة 116 - In hymns of love not ill essay 'd below ? Or dost thou warn poor mortals left behind ? A task well suited to thy gentle mind. Oh ! if sometimes thy spotless form descend, To me thy aid, thou guardian genius ! lend. When rage...
الصفحة 80 - I had a wrongapprehension of every thing in nature. I have pursued shadows, and entertained myself with dreams. I have been treasuring up dust, and sporting myself with the wind. I look back on...
الصفحة xiii - And earlier far than thine the destin'd hour of fate! Whene'er it comes, may'st thou be by, Support my sinking frame, and teach me how to die, Banish desponding nature's gloom, Make me to hope a gentle doom, And fix me all on joys to come ! With...
الصفحة 204 - ... your conduct banished my prejudices against the Christian name, and made way for the entrance of those heavenly truths to which I now assent. But this is a secret even to my own domestics ; and whether such a caution is criminal, I am not yet able to determine." With what rapture, what attention, did I listen to this language ! I blessed the accents that told me my friend, my Orramel, had embraced the Christian faith. An angel's song would have been less melodious. I looked upward, and, with...

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