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About Foreign Missions, 293

A Chapter on Pigments, Patehes, Masks, ete.,

by Mrs. White, 317

A Day at the Bookhinder; of Lippineott,

Grambo, A Co., by 0. T. Hinekleg,

A Pay's Ramble through the Meehanieal De-

partment of the "Lady's Book," by C. T.



A Farewell to Summer, by Eltie Greg,
Alahama—a Sonnet, by Alexander Pantoleon,
A Legend of the " Forget-Me-Not," by Mrt. A.
A. Bamen,

A Legend of the Seeond Crusade in the Holy

Land, by Mrt. S. II. Waddell, 129, 229, 348

An Alpino Evening, by Earle J. Goodrieh, 284

An Appeal to Time, by G. N. Harbour, 151

Aneedote of Mrs. Radeliffo, 225

Anglo-Japanese Work, 92

Anna's Cottage, by Lelia Mortimer, 285

Arehery, 253

Aristoeraey, 25

A Sabhath Morning in Oetober, by Heurg Seg-
mour Chase, 377
A Sketeh of Life in the Granite State, by E.

Jane Cate, 413
A Theught of the Gifted Dead, by Mrt. J. H.

Thamas, 511
Aunt Milly's Visit to the Watering-plaee, by

Fanng Braeg, 457
Aunt Tahitha's Fireside, by Edith Woodleg, 251
Authentie Partieulars of Alarming Disturhanees
eonsequent on the late Men's Rights Con-
vention at , by Cherieot, 535

A Winter Day's Musings, by F. A. J., 87

A Young Mother's Reverie, by W. J. Annable, 137

Ballad, by J. E. Carnes, 569

Beauty, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 96

Bed Draperies, 382

Bless the Children, by H. Merran Parke, 185

CaUeo-Printing, by C. T. Hinekleg, 5, 117, 213

Cambrio Embroidory, 574

Candle-Lamp Mat, 93

Centre-Table Gossip, 104, 203, 300, 396, 491, 584

Chemisettes, 385

Cl'arehen's Prayer, by Edith Brgant, 472

Cloaks and Mantles, 476

Cloaks and Undersleeves, 573

Colporteurs in Ameriea, . 293

Consumption's Work, by Helen Hamilton, 472

Corn Shueking in the Old Dominion, 345

Costumes of ail Nations, 15, 157, 261, 325, 455, 518

Cottago Furniture, 4, 116, 212

Crossing the Ohion, by Worthington G. Snethen, 258

Deeds of Love, by Blanehe Bennairde, 471

Delusions, 388

Distrust.—A Sonnet, by Marg G. Wells, 568

Editors' Table, 94, 193, 293. 388, 482, 575

Egeria.—A Portrait, by /. W. Brgee, 281

Ella Lee, by John W. Beazel, 89

Ellen Montrose, by Marie Jeannetle, 444

Elsihardo, by Jette Blone, 285

Embroidery—Neek-Tie, 479

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Faneies during Illness, by Fidelia H. Cook, 89

Faney Garden Plans, 82

Fans, by Mrs. C. A. White, 11

Fashions, 106, 205, 302, 397, 492, 586

Festivals, 388

Frank Collemore, by Mrt. Sarah J. Hale, 266

Genius, by Mrt. M. A. Bigelow, 474

Godey's Arm-Chair, 99, 199, 299, 392, 488, 581

God must be mereiful to Kings, by 31. H. Fortune, 568

History of Boots and Shees, 70, 160, 247, 426

Homo Exereises, 64, 169, 448, 629

How to Manage the World, by Mrt. Gore, 294

How wo spent three Days in Constantinople,

and hew wo left it, by A. B. Middletown

Pagne, 439

Illustrious Charaeters, by Themat Wgatt, A.M.,

167, 221, 436, 502

Hiustrions Women of our Time, 134, 320, 453

I'm lonely here witheut thee, by Clara J. H., 14
Industry and Punetuality, 263
In Extenuation, by Bertha Brainerd, 879
Influenee of External Nature on Man, by J. J.

Baker, 375
Intervention; a Sequel to "Pleasing the Pa-
rish," by the Auther of "Mitt Bremer*t Visit
to Cooper's Landing," ete., 37
I think on Thee, 88
I've been forth into the world, mother, by Ma-
rie J. Clare, 86

Knitted Artifieial Flowers, 289, 380, 478, 572

Knitted Berries and Fruit, 91, 192, 290

Lady's Travelling-Bag in Straw-Work, 571

Landseape Gardening, 138, 365, 526

Lasting Attaehments of Men of Genius, 60

Last Words, by Helen Hamilton, 82

Leaves from my Journal.—Genoa, 80

Le MSlangB, 78, 170, 273, 330, 508

Letter from Constantinople, 575

Let me Die in the Autumn-time, by "Marg

Neal," 381
Light Literature, by Mitt Eliza Cook, 473

Lines, by M , 282

Lines in Memory of Clara Z. Wright, by Ira

L. Jenkins, 560
Lines suggested by the plate of "Lord, have

merey upon us!" by Biehard Coe, 517

Lingerie.—Caps for the Chamber and Siek-room, 287

Literary Notiees, 96, 196, 296, 390, 485, 577

Lord, have merey upon us! by Bev. H. Hastings

Weld,'" 315

Love, by P. J. Baileg,'' 295

Love and Truth, by Blanehe Bennairde, 381

Love's Dreamings; or, Extraets from Katy's

Diary, by Haddit Lane, 548

Madeline, by P. A. Jordan, 183

Madeline, by S. D. Anderson, 473

Mandarin Sleeve and Collar, 475

Mania for Old Masters, by Hiekorg Broom, 510


Model Cottages, 172, 264, 469, 497

Moonlight, by M. H. Fortune, 282
Musie, 2, 114, 210, 480, 498

My Aunt Sally, by Kate Kennard, 316
My Country Cousin, by Mite Marg E. Thropp, 357
My Eye and Betty Martin,by An Old Contributor, 433
My Sister, by G. L. Partons, 324

Nebuehadnezzar's Dream, by William E. Sere-
ven, Esq., 322

On the Seheol Compositions of Children, by

Mite Peabodg, 295
Ought a Married Woman to held Property t 542
Our Hostess, by Mrs. S. J. Megargee, 512
Our Talents, by Haddie Lane, 66

Patehwork Cushion, "291

Patriotie Stanzas, by J. J. Baker, 159
Patterns for Silk Embroidery,

91, 192, 290, 385, 477, 574
Pause Not, by H. Colman Paige, 380
Pioneer Life in Ohio, by A Western Contributor, 45
Pride uf Birth, by Aliee B. Neal, 449, 521

Providential: or, The First Wedding, by Mrs.
Sarah J. Hale, 18

Reaping.—To A. C, by Caroline Chesebro', 17
Reeeipts, Ae., 103. 202, 298, 395, 490, 580

Reeeipt for a Fashionable Novel, 280
Reeolleetion of an Odd Chapter from a German

Novel, read many years ago, by M. B. W. H, 183
Reminiseenees of "Kilkee Bay, by M. H. Fortune, 184

Seenes in the Life of a Poet, translated from

the German, 74, 152

Self-Made Men.—Franeis Joseph Haydn, 337
Shaving Tidy, '189

Shepkeeping, by Aliee B. Neal, 370
Single Solitude and Single Blessedness, by Mrs,

L. G. Abell, '124

Sir Heury Sidney, 10
Sketehes of Southern Life, by Pauline Forsgth, 530
Song, by Wm. M. Briggs, 182
Song, by William E. Gilmore, 281
Song.—To thee, my love, by Samuel M'Nutt, 425
Sonnets, by Wm. Alexander,

17, 166. 219. 327, 471, 567
Sonnet.—Early Autumn, by M. B. W. Hough, 284
Sonnet.—In Memory of "Amelia," by G. Wal-

lingford Clarke, 570
Sonnet.—The Approaeh of Winter, by John S.

Moore, 570
Stanzas, by A Strag Wat/, 186
Stanzas, by J. Seott Wihon, M. D., 443
Suggestions to Women, by Mrs. S. C. Hall, 195
Sunset Musings, by John M. Evans, 184

The Bnttlo of Life, by Samuel D. Patterson, 89

The Blind Piper, by Jno. B. Duffeg. 501
The Braneh of Roses, translated from the Freneh,'

bg Mrs. Anne F. Laie, 239
The Canary Bird's Song to its Mistress, by

Jessie Lee, 474

The Dead Dove, by Florenee Maedonald, 369

The Deaf Beauty, by Mrs. Sarah J. Hale, 328

The Deserted Homestead, by John M. Evans, 272

The Dew-drop, by "Marg Neal." 186

The English Lark, by Anne Maria W. Ward, 281

The Faded Flower, by Helen Hamilton, 378

The First Tribute, by Bee. H. Hastings Weld, 10

The Flowers of Spring, by Horaee W. Smith, 88

The Forest Stream, bv /. B. Barriek, 87

The Good Angel, by Mrs. Hale, 123

The Heart, by Franz A. Mosehzisker, 95
The Heart of Man is like a Harp, by John A.

Chapman, 381

The Heiress and her Wooers, by Mrs. Abdg, 27

The Hidden Love, by Anson G. Chester, 245

The Italian Sisters, by Helen Hamilton, 179
The Lady of Haddon Hall, by Mrs. Wm. S.

Sullivant, 185
The Land of Beauty, by B. C. Crane, 505
The Lesson Dream, by W. Wallaee Davis, 568
The Little Girl's Inquiries, by Lillian, 286
The Love-Letter, by A'afe Wildfire, 121
The Lynn Bride, by Mrs. Madeline Leslie, 174
The Maid and the Magpie, by Jno. B. Duffeg, 220
The Maiden Wooed and Won, by T. Bibb

Bradleg, 44
The Ministry of Woman, by the Rev. Charles

Wadtieorth, 194
The Mint Coin Adjusters, by Aliee B. Neal, 125
The Muse, 216
The Mysteries of a Flower, by Professor B.

Hunt, 430
The Nursery, 205
The Old Churehyard, by Beata. 88
The Opera-Box, by Joseph A. Nunes, i63
The Peasant's Family, by Mrs. Sigourneg, 195
The Peasant's Song, by Annie, 473
The Phantaseope, 43
The Philadelphia Seheol of Design, by Aliee

B. Neal, 275
The Philosophy of Grammar. by T,adg Morgan, 95
The Plague of Zurieh, by Helen Maitland, 141
The Red Ear; or, the Husking Frolie, by T. S.

Arthur, 343
The Satin Pelisse, by Mrs. Sarah J. Hale, 466
The Searf and Cross, by Rose Asbleg, 462
The Silent Multitude of the Dead, 377
The Sleeper whe is Dreaming, by Mrs. A. F. Law, 569
The Soldier's Dream of Home, by J. L. Siean, 380
The Soldier's Dream of Home, by Fanng Fates, 380
The Sorrows of a Wealthy Citizen, bv a Sufferer, 83
The Star of Earth, by Mrs. L. G. Abell, 228
The Stereoseope, 340
The Sweetest Sleep: or, the Poct's First Inspi-
ration, by F. A. Gage, 279
The Three Conquests, by Sara, 506
The Town and Country,"bv E. Jane Cate, 561
The Twins, by Rev. T. B.'F. Cake, 381
The Voyager, by Miss E. S. Norton, 332
The Wail of the Tyrol, by if. T. Courad, 86
The Wedding Ring, by Beata, 472
The Wife, by Florenee Maedonald, 217
The Wife, by M. W., 285
The Youthful Bard, by Norman W. Bridge 379
"Then—Now," by //. Merran Parke, 356
Think of Me, by "Jamie," 88
Three Songs for Three Belles, by Mrs. P. P.

Lompagrae, 284
To Caroline, by Ann Sweet, 471
To Dora.—The Power of Love, by Neh, 470
To her whe understands it, by Adaliza Cutter, 570
To Lizzie, bv if. Kerr, 86
To Signora B s e s •, by Fanng St. Aubgn, 124
To the Moeking-Bird, by N. B. Moore, 470
To the Weak, by Janvier, 379
Treasuretrove, by A. J. Bequier, 378
Tribute to Mrs. Anne Hill, 576
Tulip-Wreath Flower-vase Mat, 384
Twilight Dreams, by Marie Roseau, 282

Vegetable Physiology, by Harland Conltas,

24, 136, 227, 346, 461

Wayside Struggles, by Kate Campbell, 49

What to Teaeh, by Mrs. Emma Willard, 295
Window Draperies, 113, 191, 209, 288

Woman, by W. L. Tiffang, 181

Woman's Love, by Washington Irving, 195
Woman in her Soeial Relations, by Henrg E.

Woodburg, 333

Woman.—Inseribed to Mrs. Hale, 501

Woman's Profession, by Mitt Beeeher 484

Work-table Cover, 187

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