Evolution and Human Behavior: Darwinian Perspectives on Human Nature

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MIT Press, 2008 - 418 من الصفحات

Evolutionary psychology occupies an important place in the drive to understand andexplain human behavior. Darwinian ideas provide powerful tools to illuminate how fundamental aspectsof the way humans think, feel, and interact derive from reproductive interests and an ultimate needfor survival. In this updated and expanded edition of Evolution and Human Behavior, John Cartwrightconsiders the emergence of Homo sapiens as a species and looks at contemporary issues, such asfamilial relationships and conflict and cooperation, in light of key theoretical principles. Thebook covers basic concepts including natural and sexual selection, life history theory, and thefundamentals of genetics. New material will be found in chapters on emotion, culture, incestavoidance, ethics, and cognition and reasoning. Two new chapters are devoted to the evolutionaryanalysis of mental disorders. Students of psychology, human biology, and physical and culturalanthropology will find Evolution and Human Behavior a comprehensive textbook of greatvalue.

The hardcover edition does not include a dust jacket.

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Fundamentals of the Evolutionary Approach
Darwinism Inclusive Fitness and the Selfish Gene
Sex Sexual Selection and Life History Theory
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