The Monthly Magazine, Or, British Register, المجلد 14

الغلاف الأمامي
R. Phillips, 1802

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الصفحة 489 - Again, I ask whether those supposed originals, or external things, of which our ideas are the pictures or representations, be themselves perceivable or no? If they are, then they are ideas, and we have gained our point : but if you say they are not, I appeal to any one whether it be sense to assert a colour is like something which is invisible; hard or soft, like something which is intangible; and so of the rest.
الصفحة 489 - But say you, though the ideas themselves do not exist without the mind, yet there may be things like them whereof they are copies or resemblances, which things exist without the mind, in an unthinking substance. I answer, an idea can be like nothing but an idea; a colour or figure can be like nothing but another colour or figure.
الصفحة 143 - I beheld the other boat returning, without having done any thing. On this, I deemed it best to unite my forces, with a view of effecting, at least, some part of our enterprise.
الصفحة 486 - I write on I say exists, that is I see and feel it, and if I were out of my study I should say it existed, meaning thereby that if I was in my study I might perceive it, or that some other spirit actually does perceive it. There was an odour, that is, it was smelt; there was a sound, that is, it was heard ; a colour or figure, and it was perceived by sight or touch.
الصفحة 102 - Tunes her nocturnal note. Thus with the year /,» Seafons return ; but not to me returns Day, or the fweet approach of ev'n or morn, Or fight of vernal bloom, or fummer's rofe, Or flocks, or herds, or human face divine : But cloud inftead, and ever-during dark 4£ " Surrounds me ! from the chearful ways of men Cut off...
الصفحة 139 - At the commencement of the American war (during the year 1775) I was employed to fit out the little squadron which the Congress had placed under Commodore Hopkins, who was appointed to the command of all the armed vessels appertaining to America; and I hoisted with my hands the American flag on board the Alfred, which was then displayed for the first time.
الصفحة 148 - I not taken advantage of their affright to statitm them at the pumps, where they displayed surprising zeal, appearing actually to forget their captivity; for there was nothing to prevent their going on board the Serapis ; or, it was in their power to put an end to the engagement in an instant, by either killing me, or throwing me into the sea.
الصفحة 433 - The two mirrors were placed at thediltance of about twenty- five yards one from the other, in order to determine whether the time of the propagation of the radiant heat, from one focus to the other, could be appreciated. A heated, but not luminous, ball, was fufpended at one of the foci, before which a fcrecn wa
الصفحة 148 - My ship bad no more than 322 men, good, bad and indifferent, on board, at the commencement of the engagement ; and the sixty of these, posted in the gun-room when the gun burst, having...
الصفحة 235 - Every six houses on each side of the way, which will be twelve houses, are to join together to provide firing for three whole nights and three whole days, to be made in one great fire before the door of the middlemost inhabitant ; and one or more persons to be appointed to keep the fire constantly burning, without suffering the same to be extinguished or go out all the time aforesaid...

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