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calling any damned, which had returned upon him, was not decent ; his anfwer was, Oh! that language of fiends, which was fo familiar to me, hangs yet about me; sure none has, deserved more to be damned than I have done!' And, after he had humbly asked God pardon for it, he desired me to call the person to him that he might ak him forgiveness, but I told him that was needless, for he had said it of one who did not hear it, and: fo could not be offended by it.

In this disposition of mind," continues the bishop,' “ he remained all the while I was with hini, four days together. He was then brought so low, that all hope of recovery was gone ; much purulent matter came from him with his urine, which he passed always with pain, but one day with inexpreffible torment; yet he bore it decently, without breaking out into repinings, or impatient complaints. Nature being at last quite exhausted, and all the foods of life gone, he died, without a

groan, on the twenty.fixth of July, 1680, in the thirty-third year of his age.

A day or two before his death he lay much filent, and seemed extremely devout in his contemplations. He was frequently observed to raise his eyes to Heaven, and send forth ejaculations to the Searcher of hearts, who faw his penitence, and who, he hoped., would forgive him."


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Thus died lord Rochester, an amazing inftance of the goodness of God, who permitted him to enjoy time, and inclined his heart toi penitence. As by his life he was suffered to set an example of the most abandoned dife foluteness to the world; foy by his death, he was a very lively demonftration of the fruidesness of vicious courses, and may be proposed, as an example, to all those who are captivated with the charms of guilty pleasure.

Let all his failings now sleep with him in the grave, and let us only think of his closing moments, his penitence and reformation. Had he been permitted to have recovered his illness, it is reasonable to presume he would have been as lively an example of virtue as he had ever been of vice, and have born his testimony in favour of our relia gion.

He left behind him a son named Charles, who dying on the twelfth of November, was buried by his father on the feventh of December following. He also left behind him three : daughters. The male line ceasing, Charles II. conferred the title of earl of Rochester on Lawrence viscount Killingworth, a younger son of Edward earl of Clarendon.

We might now enumerate his lord thip's - writings, of which we have already given fome character ; but unhappily for the world they are too generally diffused, and we think


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ourselves under no obligations to particularize those works which have been so fruitful of mischief to fociety, by promoting a general corruption of morals ; and which he himself, in his last moments, wilhed he could recal, or, rather, that he never had composed.

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END OF The Seventh VOLUME.


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