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[No. 19. October 17, 1829.]



This day is published,

Price 3s 6d. cloth boards; or 5s. fine paper, Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.


Published this day,

Being Volume I. of a
Price 12s.


Vol. III. Part II.

ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh; LONGMAN and Co. London.



From the Year 1612, till the Restoration of Charles II. in 16 CHEAPNESS AND PORTABILITY.

By the Rev. M. RUSSELL, LL.D., Leitb.

In Two Volumes.


In One Volume, Imperial 8vo,
Price L.1, 11s. 6d.

The Second Volume will appear on the 7th November, and, in

dition to the usual Vignette, will contain a fine Portrait of Croque. Stereotyped, without abridgement, from the original folio Edition of 1752, with numerous additions, emendations, and improvements, By the Rev. B. W. BEASTON, M.A.

Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge,

Just published,
Revised and Corrected

In a handsome 12mo Volume, price is. boards,

LIFE on BOARD a MAN-OF-WAR; includiz of King's College, Aberdeen.

a Full Account of The BATTLE of NAVARINO. “ Encouraged, we trust, by the deserved success of the edition of

By a BRITISH SEAMAN. Johnson's Dictionary in one large 8vo volume, we have here its La.

This little work consists of a succinct Narrative of the personal tin counterpart-a publication on which we do not hesitate to be

ventures of a British Sailor in his Majesty's Service, from his firsta stow our most unqualified praise. Ainsworth's has always been, what it merited, a popular Thesaurus; and for ready reference to the

tering on board till the period of his discharge after the Bache: student, none better could be constructed. There were, however, as

Navarino; and illustrates, by a series of sketches, the char eig, there must be in all works of the kind, many errors, either original,

manners, and habits of British Tars, who form so perular and iste or such as had crept in through careless reprinting ; and we are glad resting a class of the community. It also embraces Sketches of the to see a multitude of these rectified by the industry and judgment of

Maltese, Portuguese, &c. As the Narrator served in the Genda, a the present editor. In other respects, also, great and notorious im

the Battle of Navarino, a full account is given of all that came and provements have been effected-retrenchment of what was obsolete

his own observation during that sanguinary conflict, and much ses or unnecessary, and amplification where the nature of the explana- light is thrown on the conduct of that Vessel and its Commande, tions required it. Altogether

(and we have
looked carefully through regarding which so great

an interest has been excited m the patie many intricate examples to enable us to give this honest opinion)

mind by the recent Court-Martial at Portsmouth. altogether we can most unreservedly recommend this volume as

BLACKIE, FULLARTON, & Co. Glasgow; A. FULLARTOX & one of the best guides 10 early classical attainments, and also one of Edinburgh; W. F. WAKEMAN, Dublin; and JAMES DERAS the completest Latin Dictionaries, that has ever courted public fa"vour."- Literary Gazette.

This day is published,

By Thomas Clark, 3x, George Street,

Price Six Shillings,
Complete in One Volume, price L.2, 2s. in Cloth.

Words are deduced from their originals, and illustrated in their dif. Art. I. Phronology.-II. Letters on Germany, by a German -IIL
ferent Significations by Examples from the best Writers: to which

Modern French Drama.-)V. Müller; the Dorians-V. Rountiense: are prefixed, a History of the Language, and an English Gram. Napoleon Buonaparte.-V1. Political Econoiny.-VII. Goldoni,

Gozzi, Nota, Giraud; Modern Italian Comedy.VIII. The Cd By SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL.D.

IX. General Jackson ; The United Srates of America. -X.-31. Stereotyped verbatim from the Last Edition corrected SHORT REVIEWS OF THE NEWEST CLASSICAL, ITALIAN. Fakxca. by the Doctor.

SPANISH, GERMAN, AND DANISH PUBLICATIONS-XVI. Costa « This Edition of Johnson's DICTIONARY, stereotyped verba

nental Literary Intelligence.-XVII. Important Foreign Publications

of the last Three Months. tim from the last folio Edition corrected by the Doctor,' is eminentDy deserving of notice for its accuracy, the beauty of its Typography

London: BLACK, Young, & Young; BossANOE & Co; sol and the character of its Arrangements." - Literary Gazette.


Dublin. " As a specimen of Typographical art, the Work before us is a splendid contribution to our Libraries. It unites elegance, durahi

lity, exquisite accuracy, and convenience of form, in a manner alto-
gether unprecedented.” -Monthly Revicw.

In three handsome vols. imperial 8vo, price L.3, 15s. in Cloth,

MR DUN has resumed his Teaching at No. 7, AN EXPOSITION of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT.

INDIA STREET, which is in the immediate vicinity of the By MATTHEW HENRY, V.D.M.

Edinburgh Academy, and Circus Place School, and about ta To which are prefixed, the Memoirs of the Life, Character, and

minutes' walk from the High School. Writings of the Author.

Boarding Establishments and Private Families attended. By J. B. WILLIAMS, Esq. F.S.A. " It may almost seem presumptuous to venture upon any recom

FENCING. mendation of the greatest English commentator on the Holy Scriptures : and having recently expressed a decided opinion as to the merits of Matthew Henry's Bible, it is quite unnecessary to repeat for

MR JOHNSTON, Teacher of FENCING, has mer commendations. This we will say, that every man ought to

Re-opened his CLASSES for the Season. Terms as follows: possess this great man's Commentary who can afford it. With this

A Lesson every Day, per Month, L., IS feeling strongly fixed on our minds, we are truly glad to introduce

Three Lessons a-Week, per do. 102 6d. to our readers an edition of this extraordinary work, which, in Private Tuition upon equally moderate Terms. compactness and economy, far surpasses every former attempt; and Mr J. has erected the Horizontal Gymnastic Poles for the use of which demonstrates the ingenuity and taste of the enterprising print- his Pupils. er who has supplied a desideratum so worthy of the age. The pub. 16, James's Square. lic are greatly indebted to the man who thus places a valuable and expensive work within the reach of persons of ordinary means. The Life prefixed to this edition is the one lately

furnished by Mr Wil- Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, liams, a descendant of Matthew Henry's family, and a sincere lover of all nonconformist memorials. The printer and the publisher have

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; our warmest thanks."-Evan. Mag.

Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow ; W. CURRY, This Edition is also published in Parts, at 3s. each, and may be

jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by taken periodically, at the convenience of Purehasers; and for the

all Newsmen, Postinasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout further accommodation of the Public, this work may be had in

the United Kingdoin.
Weekly Numbers, at One Shilling each. Sold by all Booksellers in
the United Kingdom.

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 104.
London : JOSEPH OGLE ROBINSON, 12, Poultry; sold by Con.
STALLE & Co. Edinburgh.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate



A DIFFICULT Point.We are credibly informed, that the March first new piece to be produced at this Theatre, is a tragedy by Mr of Intellect is making progress among the Old Light Burghers, and Thomas Wade, author of "Woman's Love." The work possesses that a Committee has been actually appointed by that association, to attractions of a rather peculiar kind, as the two principal characters, take into serious consideration, whether the reading of the line by father and daughter, are Jews, and will be represented by Mr Kemble the precentor during the singing of the Psalm should not be dis- and his daughter. It was at first intended to bring out this piece im. pensed with ? This practice is considered by some of the members mediately; but the advice of friends has induced the manager to deas a very great innovation on the “ wisdom of our ancestors," and termine on letting Miss Kemble play Belvidere first. ** Venice Preis likely, we understand, to create as great a schism among them as servest" is therefore in preparation, and will be the second play in the Organ Controversy has caused among the Relief Communion. which Miss Kemble will act. The petite comedy of the “ First of

NECROLOGY.-Died at Milan, on the 29th of September, Etienne May," which we noticed last Saturday, continues to be played suc. Dumont, edicor and translator of the works of Jeremy Bentham, at cessfwly. It is from the pen of Miss J. Hill, sister of Mr Benson Hill,

the age of seventy. He ranked high among those literary men who furinerly of the Edinburgh Theatre, and authoress of “ Holiday E gain a reputation by becoming the mouth-pieces and assistants of Dreams, ' and other poetical pieces, which have attraeted some share

men of genius. In his youth, he stood in this relation to Mirabeau, of attention.-Mr Lister's tragedy of " Epicharis" seems to be inand latterly to our great jurist.–Died at Paris, on the 25th of Sep

creasing in popularity, chiefly in consequence of the fine acting of tember, J. Rondelet, architect, in the eighty-sixth year of his age. Young, who plays Subrius Flavius, “the noblest Roman of them He published, in 178.3, his “ Traité Theorique et Pratique de all," and of Miss Philips, who sustains the part of Epicharis, a Grel'Art de Batir." In 1794-5, he was appointed joint director in the cian freedwoman, betrothed to Flavius. Since the re-opening of the erection of the various monumen's then executing in France, and Adelphi, Messrs Matthews and Yates have been excecdingly prosperhad a share in the formation of the Ecole Polytechnique. He was ous, although i hey have lost the valuable assistance of T. P. Caoke. : subsequently appointed professor in the school of the Fine Arts. He

It is said that they are about to bring over to the Adelphi a huge ele became latterly quite blind; and in this state the venerable old man

phant, whose performances have been attracting immense crowds to might frequently be seen led by his son to the meetings of the Insti- the Cirque Olympique at Paris. This will be a novel sort of “star." tute.

- The Haymarket closed last week, after a profitable season.-Jones EDINBURGH PROFESSIONAL Society's CONCERTS.-We are glad has not appeared a second time at Covent Garden, and considering to understand that the Edinburgh Professional Society of Musicians his success on his debut, we cannot help thinking this strange. There intends giving four Subscription Concerts during the ensuing season. must be a cause for it behind the curtain - A Miss Mordaunt has made To say merely that this body has done more towards encouraging a a successful first appearance at Drury Lane, in the character of Wi. taste for instrumental music in Scotland than any other Institution in dow Cheerly. She is said to possess qualities calculated to make her this country, would be saying nothing ;-it has, in truth, tormed, and an excellent actress in genteel comedy.-Kean has been performing to

diffused a taste, which did not previously exist, and which, without rather indifferent houses at Neweastle.-A provincial paper announces ** its exertions, would never have existed. Yet, we regret to say, that

that it will be impossible to open the Cardiff Theatre this season, the receipts of the three sets of Concerts it has already given have not the late rains having inundated it to the depth of nearly six feet, and been equal to the expenses. The total expenses consequent on the

the water being at present above the stage." Managers sometimes # Concerts of 1826, 1827, and 1828, were L.1475, 11s. Id.; and the boast of exhibitiog “rcal water," but an overflowing house of this

total receipts were only L.1392, leaving a deficiency of 1.83, 11s. Id. description is by no means desirable.- Pasta and Moscheles are to The surplus of the receipts of the single Benefit Concert which was

perform at Copenhagen in the course of the ensuing winter.-Bra. given last season was only L.45, so that the Society is still nearly ham, who takes his benefit here this evening, proceeds shortly w

Dublin, L. 10 out of pocket. This is not creditable to the public of Edinburgh ; but we sincerely hope that the Society's Subseription Book

WEEKLY LIST OF PERFORMANCES. for the present season will be so well filled up, that their affairs will

Oct. 17-Oct. 23. assume a more prosperous appearance, and the reproach of extend. ing so niggard a patronage to this delightful branch of the fine arts SAT. Guy Mannering, & Happiest Day of My Life. be no louger applicable to the better classes of our townsmen.

Mon. Siege of Belgrade, $ No Song No Supper. CANOVA.-Canova's group of the Graces has just been purehased TUES. Der Freischutz, The Sleeping Draught. aby Dr Clarke of Philadelphia, who has made a present of it to the

WED. The Duenna, and No Song No Supper. Academy of Fine Arts of that city. The cost of removing this piece Thun. Devil's Bridge, Spectre Bridegroom. % of sculpture to it- place of destination will not be less than L.500.

FRI. Der Freischutz, 4 The Sleeping Draught
BARON HUMBOLDT.-Haron de Humboldt, the celebrated German
traveller, is at present engaged in an expedition to the Ourahc
Mountains, and Chinese Mongolia, where he and his colleagues are

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. prosecuting their scientific researches. The Baron has inspected the

THE EDITOR IN HIS SLIPPERS, No. V. in our next; also, LET. gold and platina mines of the Qural Mountains, and reports that the working is in full activity. The produce of gold from these mines, TERS FROM PARIS, No. I.; and reviews of Lothian's Historical At. in a single year, is 6000 kilogrammes (between 12 and 13,000 lbs.)

las, the Jew Exile, and other trew works. SINGERS AND RACE-Horses. It is a most exquisite compliment We shall be glad to receive one or two more Sketches by the "ofc that the English nobility pay to the public singers, when they bestow

ficer of H.M.S. Cambrian," that we may better judge of the interest their names upon their favourite horses. The Newmarket Chronicle

they will be likely to possess.-"A Queer Yarn, blow me!" is a spiinforms us that at the late meeting, “ Caradori was rode by G. Ed

rited tale, but, we regret to say, it is nearly one-half too long for us, wards," and the “ Sister of Sontag by Arnull." We hope this dis

and it could not well bear curtailment.—“Thoughts and Scenes, No. tinction is not in reserve for Pasta, or Malibran, or any of those

1." shall have as early a place as possible;-We shall be glad to hear whose names are consecrated by genius. The effigies of some of our

soon again from their author. The Fragment of a Lecture, &e.,' nebility have ornamented sign-posts extremely well; but the aristo- though rather too political for our columns, will appear elsewhere. cracy may be excused if they amit persons of genius in returning the It will give us pleasure to hear again shortly from the same quarter. compliment of the publicans. Race-horses are beautiful creatures; -Some remarks concerning the very laudable Institutions in Duo but the enquiry who was the dam of Miss Sontag seems too nice, and bar and Haddington in our next. the thought of Braham running for a cup too absurd.

The Song of the Exile," by "W. A." of Glasgow, and “ The WILKIE.-In allusion to the compliments which Wilkie paid to Bankrupt," by " J. B." of Paisley, shall, if possible, have a place.his native city-the Modern Athens - at the late civic dinner here, The verses by our fair friend, entitled "An Ol Maid's Complaint; ** we find the following peevish comment in the Court Journal :-" It are clever but unequal. We like the following stanza: is a wonder that he did not discover that this all-rivalling city lies

"Ogire me back the friends I loved, bencath a sky which might put that of Naples to the blush-is clothed

With whom I've wander'd free, in an atmosphere which an Areadian might envy-and is, moreover,

When lovers round about me poppd inhabited by heroes and houris, whom a Mahometan Elysium itself

Like apples from a trec: would be troubled to match. In fact, all these (and every thing else)

We used to sit at night and talk may possibly be found there'—by the 'poetic fancy' to which our

of their sad knowing ways, admired artist so naively refers them." This sapient crític, we pre

And say- Do you really think it true sime, was never out of sight of the smoke of London, and is angry

That all the men wear stays?"" that a man of genius should find any thing to admire beyond the sound of Bow Bells.

The lines by our other fair Correspondent “A.” though pretty, Theatrical Gossip.--" Romeo and Juliet” has been performed hardly come up to our standard.--" A Jacobite Relic” scarcely every alternate night since the opening of Covent Garden. Miss breathes sufficieutly the spirit of the olden time.-The Lincs “ To Kemble's success increases with each repetition, and her fame as an -" by “G. S.," "The Slave," and the " Very Mournful Ditty" zetress of much genius may now be considered as established. The from Glasgow, will not suit. use



(No. 50. October 21, 1899.)


MR MURRAY respectfully intimates that he has

Resumed giving instructions in SINGING.
Mr Murray will open Classes which will be taught upon the Sys-

tem so successfully adopted by VELLUTI, GARCIA, and BRAHAM, in Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.

London, which necessarily includes the THEORY of MUSIC, and

Accompaniment, as wellas the PRACTICE of SINGING.

Schools and Private Pupils attended as usual.

No 119, Prince's Street.

On the 1st November will be published,

lu one volume 8vo, THE FOURTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the A TREATISE'on POISONS in relation to ME

ACADEMY for the WORKS of LIVING ARTISTS will Open DICAL JURISPRUDENCE, PHYSIOLOGY, and we early in February 1830, at the Rooms of the Academy, 24, Waterloo PRACTICE of PHYSIC. Place.

By order of the Council,

Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Police in the University of
WM. NICHOLSON, Secretary.

Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Oct. 20, 1829.

Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longnan and Ca Londen.

In royal 18mo, with a Portrait, 5s. boards,


HEBER, D.D. Bishop of Calcutta.

London : SIMPKIN & MARSHALL Edinburgh: OLIVER & Bord. THE ROYAL INSTITUTION ROOMS are now open for the Exhibition of a Group of

On the 21 Noveinber will be published,

By John Boyd, 37, George Sueet,


PRESENTS, embellished with splendid Engravings:and representing Ajar bearing the dead body of Patroclus, and com

FOR 1830. bating a Trojan Warrior.

1. THE FORGET-ME-NOT, 12s. Admittance, ls.; Season Tickets, 58.-Open from 10 A. M. till dusk,

II. FRIENDSHIP'S OFFERING, 12s. Edinburgh, 27th August, 1829.



This day is published,
Price 3s. 6d. cloth boards; or 5s. fine paper,


ME-NOT, 8s.

... The Trade Supplied.
Being Volume I. of a


Just published, in three vols. post Svo,


of “ The Spy," “ The Pilot," " The Red Rover," &c.

" But she is dead to him-to all;

Her lute hangs silent on the wall, HISTORY OF THE COMMONWEALTH,

And on the stairs, and at the door,

Her fairy step is heard no more."
From the Year 1612, till the Restoration of Charles II. in 1660.

By the Rev. M. RUSSELL, LL.D., Leith.

In Two Volumes.

and sold by Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. The Second Volume will appear on the 7th November, and, in ad. dition to the usual Vignette, will contain a fine Portrait of Cromwell.

Just published,

In ? volumes 8vo), with a Portrait. Edinburgh: Constable and Co. London: Hurst, CHANCE, THE CORRESPONDENCE and DIARY of Dr and Co. Who have in preparation the following

DODDRIDGE, illustrative of various Particulars in his Life

hitherto unknown, with Notices of many of his Conternporanes, ORIGINAL WORKS

and a Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of the Times in which be

Edited from the Originals, by his Great-Grandson,



Burlington Street, London; and sold by BELL & BRADFUTE, 6, The LIFE of HERNAN CORTES, including Bank Street, Edinburgh. a Complete History of the Conquest of Mexico, and a faithful Account of the State of that Empire at the time. By Don TELESFORO

FAMILY CRESTS. DE TRUEBA Y Cosio, Author of " Gomez Arias," “ The Castilian,"

This day is published, &c. I vol.

By WASHBOURNE, London, and sold by CADELL & Co. Edinburgh, Also, by the same Author,

THE HERALDRY of CRESTS, illustrative of II.

those borne by most of the Families of Great Britain, ibelarting The LIFE of FRANCIS PIZARRO, and an AC- neatly engraved upon 104 plates, by Elven, &c., with Remarks, his

that of every Peer and Baronet, in upwards of 3500 different Creats, COUNT of the CONQUEST of PERU. 1 vol.

torical and explanatory, and copious Indexes of the Peers and Fee III.

mily Names.

Royal 18mo, price 10s. bound, or 13s. with the plates A TOUR IN SICILY, &c. By J. S. Memes, Esq.

on paper prepared for colouring.

Also, the Eleventh Edition of LL.D., Author of the “ History of Sculpture, Painting, and Archi- CLARK'S INTRODUCTION to HERALDRY, tecture," &c. 1 vol. IV.

greotly enlarged and improved. Royal 18mo, price 21s. coloured,

9s. 6d. plain, anu 12s. 6s. on paper prepared for Carvers to colour. CHIVALRY and the CRUSADES. History of the Rise, Progress, and Decline of Knighthool, with a Picturesque

This day was published, price 7s. Ed. View of its influence on the State of Society and Manners in Europe

THE FIRST QUARTERLY VOL. OY during the Middle Ages. By the Rev. Henry STEBBING, M. A. THE POLAR STAR of POPULAR SCIENCE 2 vols.

and ENTERTAINMENT.-The present volume contain: V.

upwards of 150 Valuable and Entertaining Articles, seleeted froa LIFE and REIGN of MAHMOUD II., present every Periodical, &c. Foreign and Domestic, published during the Grand Sultan of Turkey, including the Geographical, Moral, and

last Quarter. Political History of that Empire. By_EDWARD UPHAM, Esq.

London: H. FLOWER, 19. Skinner Street, Snow Hill; and sold by Author of the “ History of the Ottoman Empire," &c. 1 vol. J. SUTHERLAND, Edinburgh ; and all Booksellers.

VI. The ACHIEVEMENTS of the KNIGHTS of Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning. MALTA, from the Institution of the Hospitallers of St John, in

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE: 1199, till the Political Extinction of the Order, by Napoleon, in

Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. Cukry, 1800. By ALEXANDER SUTHBRLAND. 2 vols.

jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by

all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout VII.

the United Kingdom. The POEMS and LETTERS of ROBERT

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. BURNS, Chronologically arranged. With a Preliminary Essay and Notes, and sundry Additions. By J. G. LOCKHART, LL.B. 2 vols. Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Caaongate.


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Will be published on Tuesday 30 November,


Containing, besides other interesting Cases, a variety of ORI-
Edinburgh : William

Tait, and John STEVENSON, Prince's MR ROBERTS, Teacher of Elocution, and MR Street; LONGMAN and Co. and COCHRANE, London; and to be had

J. M. WILSON, Author of “ Navarin," " The Gowrie Conof all the Booksellers.

spiracy,” “ Margaret of Anjou," &c., have the honour of announ. cing, that they will commence a Course of LECTURES on POET

RY, the DRAMA, HISTORY, and ROMANCE, &c., in the HOPEOn the 2d of November will be published, price 10s. 6d. TOUN ROOMS, on Monday Evening, the 16th day of November, DEDICATED, BY PERMISSION, TO HER HIGHNESS THE


The Lectures will comprehend a Critical Analysis of our Litera

ture, from the days of Chaucer, Gavin Douglas, &c. to the present THE GOLDEN LYRE, for 1830 ; or, Specimens time, interspersed with Biographical Sketches, the moral and lite

of the Poets of England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, rary character of the writers and the age. in the Original Languages. Beau tifully printed in Gold.

The above Lectures to be illustrated by Readings from the Authors Edited by J. MACRAY.

treated of for the night, by Mr ROBERTS, who will each evening give London: Published by J. D. Haas, (from Messrs TREUTTEL

a Descant upon Elocution,-its general principles and effect as apand WURTZ, TRBUTTEL, Jun. and Richter,) West-London Foreign plied to the works of the Authors lectured upon by Mr WILSON Circulating Library, 11, Berner's Street, Oxford Street ; and to be

Particulars will be duly announced. had of Messrs CONSTABLE and Co. Edinburgh, and all Booksellers.

This day was published, (DEDICATED, BY PERMISSION, TO THE KING.)

By JOHN CARFRAE and SON, Edinburgh, and LONGMAN,


Price 20s. extra boards, in one large volume 8vo, with Six Fine
This day is published,

Price 3s. 6d. cloth boards; or 5s. fine paper,



M.D., F.R.S.E., Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in the UniversiBeing Volume I. of a

ty of Edinburgh, &c. &c. Second Edition, revised and considerably LIFE


The want of a new edition of this important work has long been

felt, and the publishers congratulate the Profession on the appearOLIVER CROMWELL,

ance of this Second Edition; which, from the extensive improve

ments and additions made by the Author, is rendered almost a new COMPRISING THE

work, while a much less expensive, although not less elegant form, HISTORY OF THE COMMONWEALTH, has been adopted. From the Year 1612, till the Restoration of Charles II. in 1660.

Just published, 8vo, cloth, price 14s.
By the Rev. M. RUSSELL, LL.D., Leith.
In Two Volumes.


TICE of PHYSIC. By John MACKINTOSH, M.D. Acting Surgeon The Second Volume will appear on the 7th November, and, in ad- to the Ordnance in North Britain, Lecturer on the Practice of Physic dition to the usual Vignette, will contain a fine Portrait of Cromwell. in Edinburgh, &c. &c. &c. Edinburgh: CONSTABLE and Co. London: HURST, CHANCE,

Just published, price 21s. and Co.

An ELEMENTARY COMPENDIUM of PHYWho have in preparation the following

SIOLOGY. By F. MAGENDIE, M.D. Translated from the French, ORIGINAL WORKS

with copious Notes, Tables, and Illustrations, by E. MILLIGAN, M.D. Third Edition, with a new Alphabetical Index, and Engra

vings, greatly enlarged. CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY.

The analytical disposition and minuteness of the Index, the nu

merous Notes and Engravings added, greatly enhance the value of I.

this well-known work, and bring it down to the latest period of PhyThe LIFE of HERNAN CORTES, including siological Science. - The Editor has spared no pains in endeavouring a Complete History of the Conquest of Mexico, and a faithful Ac.

to merit that unexampled patronage with which the work has been count of the State of that Empire at the time. By Don TELESFORO

received by the public. DE TRUEBA Y Cosio, Author of " Gomez Arias,"

- “ The Castilian,"

“We know it has long been pronounced one of the best element&c. 1 vol.

ary works on this subject, that has yet appeared in any country; and Also, by the same Author,

not only as a text-book to the student, but as a work of general

reference, it will always maintain a high character in the literature II.

of Medicine.”—Edinburgh Literary Journal The LIFE of FRANCIS PIZARRO, and an AC

FYFE'S SYSTEM of ANATOMY, with upwards COUNT of the CONQUEST of PERU. 1 vol.

of Two Hundred and Fifty Coloured Plates from Nature, 3 vols. 4to, III.

half-bound. Last Edition. Price (L.6, 6s.), for cash, L.3, 10s. A TOUR IN SICILY, &c. By J. S. MEMES, Esq.

This valuable Work is acknowledged to be the most complete LL.D., Author of the “ History of Sculpture, Painting, and Archi

Practical System of Anatomy in existence; and its merits have long tecture," &c. 1 vol.

gained for it the highest celebrity both with the Medical Schools of

Britain and of the Continent.

The Advertisers being able to reduce the price, from peculiar cirCHIVALRY and the CRUSADES. History of cumstances. to little more than that of an ordinary elementary Work, the Rise, Progress, and Decline of Knighthood, with a Picturesque anticipate that the remaining copies will soon be sold off. View of its influence on the State of Society and Manners in Europe during the Middle Ages. By the Rev. HENRY STEBBING, M. A.

In one volume 18mo, bds. price 6s. 2 vols.


Physiologica atque Chemica, quæstionibus et responsis; ad usum inLIFE and REIGN of MAHMOUD II., present genuæ juventutis accommodati. Grand Sultan of Turkey, including the Geographical, Moral, and

To those who, in preparing to take their degree, or for any other Political History of that Empire. By EDWARD UPDAM, Esq. Robertson is a work that cannot be dispensed with. And accommo

reason, are desirous of acquiring a knowledge of Colloquial Latin, Author of the " History of the Ottoman Empire," &c. 1 vol.

dated as the present edition is to the existivg state of science, and VI.

prevailing opinions of it on some subjects, deserves a higher rank The ACHIEVEMENTS of the KNIGHTS of than that of a text-book. To under.graduates, however, it is like! MALTA, from the Institution of the Hospitallers of St John, in

to prove most ser viceable. 11199, till the Political Extinction of the Order, by Napoleon, in

Published by JOHN CARFRAE and Son, Edinburgh ; and Lo 1800. By ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND, 2 vols.




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Printed for Henry Colburn and Richard BexTLEY, 8. New SOLFEGGI and EXERCISES upon SCALES,

In 2 large vols. 8vo, with 70 Plates, price L.2, 2s. bound and lettered,

VELS to and from that Capital through Flanders, along the

In three vols. post sro,
Banks of the Rhine, through Prussia, Russia, Poland, Saxony, Si- THE BORDERERS. A Tale. By the Author
lesia, Bavaria, and France. By A. B. GRANVILLE, M.D. F.R.S. of “ The Spy," « The Pilot," “ The Red Rover," &e.
F.L.S. M.R.S. &c.

“ But she is dead to him-to all; A book which contains a great deal of useful information." Times.

Her lute hangs silent on the wall, “ It should find a place in every drawing-room in England.”

And on the stairs, and at the door,

Her fairy step is heard no more.' Atlas.

ROGERS “ He enjoyed opportunities of seeing more than any writer upon that city with whom we are acquainted."-Literary Gazette.

Printed for HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, 8, Nex “ His picture of St Petersburgh contains the most copious and de

Burlington Street; BELL and BRADFUTE, Edinburgh ; and Joax tailed description of the gigantic edifices of this extraordinary city,

CUMMING, Dublin. which has hitherto been laid before the public."- Quarterly Review.

" It will be read by every person who has either travelled in the countries visited by the Doctor, or who is desirous of becoming ac.

MUSIC. quainted with them."-Globe. Burlington Street, London; and_sold by BELL and BRADPUTE,

INTERVALS, &c., with Explanations and Instructions. To Edinburgh, and John CUMMING, Dublin.

which is prefixed, at. INTRODUCTORY DISCOURSE on VOCAL EXPRESSION. Composed by FINLAY DUN of Edinburgh.

Price 8s.

Just published,

To be had at the Music Shops.
ton Strcet, London; BELL & BRADFUTE, Edinburgh; and

The SOLFEGGI, which form the bulk of the book, are thirteen JOHN CUMMING, Dublin.

in number, and admirably adapted to the objects the composer la

in view. They are in various styles, and progressive; the Melodies DEVEREUX. By the Author of “Pelham” and

are elegant, and expression, “ the soul of music," is the most pro « The Disowned," 3 vols.

minent feature of them. The accompaniments are not less dextring " The novel before us is truly a great work."-Literary Gazette. of praise--accustoming the Student to goord barmony, and preparing The NEW FOREST. By the Author of “ Bram- him for all the varieties he is afterwards to meet with as a general

singer. bletye House," &c. 3 vols.

The KING'S PAGE. By the Author of “ Almack's Revisited." 3 vols.

ROGERSON'S ALMANACK. TRAITS of TRAVEL; or TALES of MEN and CITIES. By the Author of “High-ways and By-ways.” 3 vols. This day is published, the Tenth Annual Impression, price is a The CHELSEA PENSIONERS. A Series of

stitched, or 2s. 9d. cloth, Tales. By the Author of the "Subaltern." 3 vol.

TEMPORIS CALENDARIUM; or, An ALMAContents:- The Gentle Recruit-A Day on Neutral Ground- NACK for 1830. By WILLIAM ROGERSON, Royal On Saratoga-Maida-A Pyrenean Adventure The Rivals.

servatory, Greenwich. ROMANCES of REAL LIFE. By the Authoress

London: Joux STEPHENS, 16, City Road; SIMPEIX and MAB

SHALL, Stationers' Hall Court; Joan Masox, 66, Paternoster Ror; of " Hungarian Tales." In 3 vols.

and other Booksellers.
Contents:- The Maid of Honour - The Bride of Zante-The
Court at Tunbridge-The Soldier-Priest-The Princess's Birth Day
-The Hindoo Mother-The Queen of May, &c.

About the 12th November will be published,
TALES of the GREAT ST BERNARD. 3 vols.

A NEW ANNUAL, “These Tales are now generally understood to be from the power. ful pen of the Author of Salathiel. They exhibit a succession of

TO BE ENTITLED richly-coloured pictures in the magic lantern'of invention.”—Literary THE LANDSCAPE ANNUAL, or the Tourist

STRATTON HILL, a Tale of the CIVIL WARS. PROUT, Esq., Painter in Water Colours to his Majesty. The LBy the Author of "Letters from the East," “ Tales of the West of terary Department by T. ROSCOE, Esq. Dedicated, by permission, England," &c. In 3 vols.

to the Honourable Lady GEORGIANA AGAR ELLIS. "A spirited and stirring memoir of a most exciting period, and Price, elegantly bound in Morocco, L.1, 18.-Royal Octavo, finely descriptive of Cornwall, its manners, and characters."-Lite

India Proofs, L.2, 12s.6d. GRANBY. Third Edition. 3 vols.

The following subjects will illustrate the volume :

1. Geneva-General View, 13. Como. TALES of PASSION. By the Author of “ Gilbert 2. Lausanne.

14. View of Verona. Earle." In 3 vols. post 8vo, 31s. 6d.

3. Castle of Chillon, &c.

15. View of Vicenza. YESTERDAY in IRELAND, a Series of Tales.

4. Bridge St Maurice.

16. Padua.

5. Lavey, near do. (Swiss Cot- 17. Petrarch's House at Arqua. By the Author of " To-Day in Ireland." 3 vols.


18. The Rialto at Venice. SAILORS and SAINTS. By the Authors of the

6. Martigny.

19. Ducal Palace, do.

7. Sion. " Naval Sketch Book." Second Edition. In 3 vols. post 8yo,

20. The Two Foscari, do. 31s. 60.

8. Visp, or Viege.

21. The Bridge of Sighs, da. 9. Domo D'Ossola.

92, Old Ducal Palace at Ferrari

10. Castle of Angelo, from Arona. 23. Bologna. DR DODDRIDGE'S CORRESPONDENCE, &c. 11. Milan Cathedral, &c.

24. Ponti Sesto, Rome. 12. Lake of Corno.

25. Fish Market, do Just published,

Vignette--Constantine's Arch, Rome. By HENRY COLBURN, and RICHARD BENTLEY, New Bur. 'lington Street, London ; BELL and BRADFUTE, Edinburgh; printed, to illustrate the various Works on Italy, &c., and for the

A limited number of Proof Impressions of the Plates will be and JOHN CUMMING, Dublin, PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE of DR DOD- Collectors of fine Engravings.

Proofs, on India Paper, with Etchings L.5 5 0 DRIDGE, illustrative of various Particulars in his Life hither

without Writing to unknown, with Notices of many of his Contemporaries, and a

with Writing

5 3 0 Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of the times in which he lived.

Ditto. Plain Edited, from the Originals, hy his Great-Grandson, JOHN DOD- Small paper Prints will not be sold separate from the Book. DRIDGE HUMPHREYS, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo, with a Portrait.

London: Published by R. JENNINGS, 62, Cheapside; and sold by 2. STORIES of WATERLOO, and other Tales. 3 CONSTABLE anu Co. Edinburgh; and all Booksellers. vols. post 8vo.

The Trade in Scotland supplied by CONSTABLE and Co.
3. TRAVELS in CHALDÆA, &c. By Captain
MIGNAN, of the Hon, East India Company's Service. 8vo, Plates.
And in a few days,

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, 4. DR CALAMY'S HISTORICAL ACCOUNT

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; of his OWN LIFE, with some Reflections on the Times in which Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow: W, CURES, he lived, from 1671 to 1731, now first published from the Original jun. & Co., Dublin ; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London: and by MS. In 2 vols. 8vo, with a Portrait.

all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout 5. TALES OF MY TIME. By the Author of

the United Kingdom. “ Blue Stocking Hall." 3 vols.

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. 6. TRAVELS in the INTERIOR of MEXICO, in 1826, 7, and 8. By Lieut. R. W. H. HARDY, R.N. Sro, Plates.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.

rary Gazette.

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