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(No. 57. December 12, 1629.]



JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London. Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Just published, in Three vols, post 8vo,



and sold by BELL & BRADYUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. This day was published, Price 3s. Ed. extra cloth boards; or, on fine paper, 5s.

About the 25th December, will be published,

In one vol. post octavo, price 93. 6d.

Mr ALEXANDER BALFOUR, Author of " Campbell, or

The Scottish Probationer,”. . Contemplation, and other Poems," BEING THE THIRD EDITION, WITH MANY INTERESTING " Characters Omitted in Crabbe's Parish Register," &c. &c.; conADDITIONS.

taining Selections from the Author's Correspondence, and Original

Letters from Sir Walter Scott, Dr Robert Anderson, Delta, Mr Also, just published,

Pringle, Mr Mudie, Dr Brewster, &c. &c. The whole free profits of Handsomely printed in royal 18mo, Price 5s. 6d, neatly bound,

the publication are intended for the Author's family. THE NATURAL HISTORY OF SELBORNE. Tuk BIOGRAPHY BY A LITERARY FRIEND AND CORRESPONDENT. By the late Rev. GILBERT WHITE, A.M.,

Printed for DANIEL LIZARS, Edinburgh; WHITTAKER, TREAFellow of Oriel College, Oxford.

CHER, and ARNOT, London; and W. CORRY, jun. and Co., Dublin.


Just ready for publication, • The most fascinating piece of rural writing and sound English By HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London ; philosophy that ever issued from the press."-Athenæum.

And BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh, Printed for Constable and Co., 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh; THE EXCLUSIVES. A Novel. In 3 volumes, and CHANCE, and ,

post 8vo. Just arrived, price 7s. 6d.,


LOUIS XVIII. By a Lady. In 2 vols. 8vo.


post 8vo, 3s. 6d. CONTENTS.

4. TRAVELS in the EAST. By John Carne, Esq. Art. 1. Bourrienne's Memoirs of Napoleon.-II. Wallenstein, with Author of Letters from the East. Printed uniformly with, and in Translations from Schiller's Camp.-11. Present State of Spain. - continuation of, that work. In 1 vol. post 8vo, 10s. 6d. IV. Greek Romances.-V. Heeren on the Polity and Commerce of 5. MEMOIRS of BOLIVAR, President Liberator the Great Nations of Antiquity.-VI. Dialects and Literature of of the Republic of Colombia, By General H. L. V. DUCOUDRAY Southern Italy.-VII. Pacho's Travels in Marmarica and Cyrenaica. HOLSTEIN, Ex-chief of the Staff of the President Liberator. In 2 - VIII. Early Roman History.-IX. Four Months in Belgium and

vols. post 8vo, with Portrait. Holland.-X: Recent Progress of Physical Astronomy.-X1. History

6. TALES of a BRIEFLESS BARRISTER. of the Fine Arts.-XII. The Greek Revolution and European Diplomacy.-XIII. Notice of M. Dumont. Critical Sketches.-XIV. In 3;vols. post 8vo. 28s. 60, Ippolito Pindemonte.-XV. Gorostiza's Theatre.-XVI. History of

In 2 large vols. with Portrait, Woltmann's The Sculptors, a Novel. XIX. Barthelemy's and Mery's DR EDMOND CALAMY'S HISTORICAL ACWaterloo, a Poem. Miscellaneous Literary Notices--List of the

COUNT of HIS OWN LIFE and TIMES, now first printed principal Works published on the Continent from July to October,

from the original MS., including interesting particulars relative to Printed for TRRUTTEl and Co. London ; CADELL and Co. Edin- Lord Shaftesbury, Duke of Buckingham, Prince of Orange, Lord burgh ; and all Booksellers; of whom may be had all the preceding

Clarendon, Lord Lauderdale, Lord w. Russel, Dr Tillotson, Dr Numbers of this popular Journal.

Oates, Sir W. Temple, Mr Hampden, Mr Baxter, Dr Burnet, Dr “ The present is a splendid Number, and will bear a comparison

Sherlock, Hobbes, &c. &c. with any thing which has recently issued from the periodical Press."

HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold by -Scotsman, Dec. 9.

Bell and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.
In Three vols. demy 8vo, price 365. boards,

In 2 vols. 8vo, with Fine Portrait,

PONDENCE, including many particulars in his Life hitherto

unknown, with Notices of many of his Contemporaries, and a Sketch AMERICA. By W. B. STEVENSON, formerly Private Secretary of the Times in which he lived. to the President and Captain-General of Quito, Colonel, and Gover

“We know not when, if ever, we have perised two volumes of nor of Esmeraldas, Capitan de Fragata, and late Secretary to the

the description of these now before us, with more intense curiosity, Vice-Admiral of Chile. His Excellency the Hon. Lord Cochrane, &c.

amusement, and instruction,"-Literary Gazette. Containing Travels in Arauco, Chile, Peru, and Colombia; with an

“ There is a strain of heart-melting piety running like a vein of Account of the Revolution, its Rise, Progress, and Results.

gold through these amusing volumes, which cannot but delight the “ The whole of this gentleman's work, indeed, confirms theasser

pious mind." -Morning Paper. tion of his preface, that he enjoyed opportunities for obtaining ma

“ These volumes must rank with our first English classics, and terials for the formation of this work such as few individuals could

must go down to posterity as specimens of the English language possess, and such as no foreigner could possibly enjoy at the period rarely surpassed." _Evangelical Magazine. of his residence.' We are here indebted to Mr Stevenson for the first

H&NRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and sold by connected view of the whole struggle of the Western South Ameri

Bell and BRADFUTE, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. cans for all that can dignify life. Both for those historical details, and for the varied and intimate knowledge of the people, the politi

THE COURT JOURNAL. cal condition, the commerce, &c., Mr Stevenson is, beyond all doubt, the best authority which we yet possess, and his work is by The attention of the Public, and of the Fashionable World in parfar the most valuable and extensively useful publication on these ticular, is respectfully invited towards this new and popular Weekly subjects which has fallen within our notice."-Monthly Review. Journal; the whole impression of which being now stamped, Sub

London : LONGMAX, REES, ORME, BROWN, and GREEN; GRA- scribers may receive and transmit it to their friends, postage free, PEL, Liverpool ; and OLIVER & Boyd, Edinburgh.

throughout all parts of the kingdom.

The occupations, engagements, and amusements of the Higher FOR THE PREVENTION OR REMOVAL OF Classes of society, had long required a record; and they found it in HOARSENESS, SORE THROAT, &c.

the Court JOURNAL. The public and private habits of royal and

noble life, those habits which give the tone to manners throughout BUTLER'S ACIDULATED LOZENGES OF the empire, are here depicted with a freshness and accuracy hitherto

CAYENNE are particularly recommended for Sore Throat, Enlargement of the Tonsils, Relaxation of the Uvula and Mem- nion, not merely of the Drawing-room and the Boudoir, but of the branes of the Throat, and consequent Hoarseness, so prevalent at

Breakfast-lable and the Study. Being (unlike other Literary Jourthis season of the year.

nals) published on Stamped Paper, it is enabled to supply, in addiThey have been found of great utility by persons who are in the tion to its leading and peculiar features, information on every topic habit of speaking in public; and the highest testimony in the musi- of passing interest, thus rendering the Court Journal a Weekly cal world has been advanced in their favour, especially when, from | Newspaper of an entirely New, Improved, and Valuable Nature. continued exertion of the voice, or the influence of a humid atmo- As a medium for Advertisements connected with Literature, Works sphere, the membranes have become relaxed, and diminished in of Art and Fashion, the advantages possessed by this Paper must be their tone.

too apparent to require remark. These Lozenges are also recommended as a refreshing stimulus

The Court Journal is published every Saturday Morning, on a during field sports, or any unusual exertion.

handsome sheet of Sixteen Quarto Pages, containing 18 columns, Prepared by Messrs BÚTLER, Chemists to his Majesty, 54, Lower price 10d., and may be received on Sunday in all parts of the coun. Sackville Street, Dublin, and 73, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, and try, postage free. (authenticated by their name and address in the labels which are af.

Published for HENRY COLBURN, by W. Thomas, at the Office, fixed on the tops of the Boxes,) may be obtained of the principal | 19, Catherine Street, Strand. Druggists in the country; of whom also may be had, their ANT. Orders are received by all Booksellers and Newsvenders, and by ACID LOZENGES of 'QUININE, for relieving Heartburn, Flatu.

the Clerks of the Roads. Jence, Indigestion, and giving tone to the Stomach. 2s. and 4s. 6d.

Advertisements and Communications for the Editor, are requested per Box.

to be sent to the Office.


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In the Press, and will appear about the middle of January, Mr Sillery is still very, very young; yet he has visited, not only menELDRED OF ERIN,

tally, but budily, the uttermost parts of the earth. He has been rock

ed by the tropic billow--has seen the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte A Poem, in Two Books.

-doubled the cape of storms-gazed on the palmy heartlands of Hin. BY CHARLES DOYNE SILLERY,

dostan, and learnt to eat with chop-sticks in Ching. But we are deal. Author of " Vallery; or, the Citadel of the Lake."

ing too largely in generals. •The Citadel of the Lake' is before us,

and the world is, of course, anxious to know what we think of its ar" At lucre or renown let others aim,

chitecture." I only wish to please the gentle mind,

“ Mr Sillery, with a warmth of gratitude that redounds to his ho Whom Nature's charms inspire, and love of humankind."

nour, has dedicated his two volumes to his Excellency Baron G. A.P. BXATTIR.

Van Der Capellen. late Governor General of the Indian possessions

belonging to the King of the Netherlands, in whose company he reLately published, by the same Author,

turned from the East, and who was the first person of distinction who In Two Volumes, 12mo, elegantly printed by OLIVER & Boyd, patronized his juvenile muse. The mutations of his boy hood have Price 108. boards,

given a rersatility to his muse that it would not be easy to parallel : VALLERY; or, The CITADEL of the LAKE.

it leaps like lightning from land to land, and from sea to sea, it van

ders into all variety of rhythm ; and it transmutes into verse al A Poem. By CHARLES DOYNE SILLERY. sorts of tòpics, however recondite. There is a piling of armour"Fierce wars and faithful lores shall moralize my lay."-SPENSER. a marshalling of brand and banner-an apparelling of maidens: The Poem is comprised in Nine Cantos; containing Sketches of strewing of flowers-a tinting of skies-a siniling of seas, and a toss

glittering of gemsma clustering of fruits grouping of trea the Crusaders--the Chivalry of France and Spain-the Moors the

ing of waves, such as no other poem that we are acquainted with es. Arabians---Description of the Palace of Mahomed King of Granada

hibits. - As evidence of the genuine piety that pervades · Vallety, in the Procession of the King from the Generaliffe to the Alhambra

which, indeed, we have not discovered one loose or in decorous séd--the Pyrences--the Mediterranean--the Persian Gulf-the Red Sea -the Arabian Desert-the Coralline Island—a Bull. Fight-a Tour- Sillery's reading has been immense, and no scrap that couls illustrate

timent, we quote the following ardent apostrophe to NATTRE-Mr nament--Battle of the Moors and Christians—a Tempest and Com

his poem has escaned him, whether buried in the musty tomes of de bat at Sea—the Siege of Vallery-Conquest of the Red Cross-Death

parted genius, or floating down to oblivion with the epberreral liteand Funeral of Lord Vallery-Song of the Pirates-Song of the Sis

jature of the day. Not satisfied with copious quotatious, he refers ters--Song of the Arab Seamen--Song from the Caravans in the De

the reader to nearly a hundred works, ancient and modern, illustra. ert--Song from the Crusading Galleys Song of the Alineh-Hindoo

tive of Chivalry, which may be advantageously consulted." - EdisBoat-Song--the Huntsman's Morning and Evening Chorus--the

burgh Observer Lays of Six Minstrels-Anthem-Serenades, &c. &c. &c. The whole interspersed with various Moral and Religious Reflections; and ac

** We confidently predict that Vallery will be a standard Fork, and

a great favourite with the public."-Caledonian Mercury. companied with several hundred Notes, Historical, Descriptive,

** There are numerous lines which we could quote as specimens of Critical, and Philosophical; partly original, and partly collected from admired, authentic, and valuable Authors.

fine poetic power and feeling. He possesses a creditable portion of

information and learning.-his mind is obviously well cultivated, OLIVER & Boyd, Edinburgh; SIẢPKIN & MARSHALL, London ; his sentiments are faultless,--his imagination is ardent,-and his geROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY, Jun., & Co., nius is built upon the solid foundations of extensive literary aequire. Dublin.

ments."--Glasgow Scots Times.

“ Never were mottoes to a work more strikingly descriptive of its "We have pleasure in directing the attention of our readers to prevailing characteristics of purpose and execution, than those with this work. We find much to be pleased with. and hail with confi. have been selected to herald Vallery, by its author. The passing dence and gratification this accession of a fresh and ardent-minded inspiration of the hour has led to a series of various and curious et lover of the Muses, to the list of those whose names are already fa-periments in measure, the diversity of which is greater than we eret miliar to the public ear."

remeinber to have met with in any other narrative poem.- With a “Mr Sillery's verses are calculated to convey not pleasure alone. daring that has something, bold and redeeming in it, even blant and the chief object of all readers. Mr Sillery has cultivated his Mosaic, along which the stream of story sparkling flows with a mind. His olassical lore, his scientific information, and his habits brightness that confuses us, and a bubbling music, that almost makes of industrious research, are apparent in almost every page.--A ve.

amends for the foamy obscurity sometimes that mars its clearnes, cond, and no less powerful consideration, induces us to bestow the

- It is needless to detail

the story of a splendid series of pageants meed of praise upon our author. His principles are pure, his feel

Let the play-wrights and opera-composers look to that it would ings are strong, and his enthusiasın, as yet unimpaired, is all di

make a gorgeous spectacle, as it makes a dazzling romance_display rected towards laudable objects. He is a passionate admirer of na

ing a rare and varied lore, altogether extraordinary in so fair a ture in all her moods; he is full of benevolence towards all his fel

man."-Glasgow Free Press. low creatures; there is none of the littleness of false pride, or of “ We have read Mr Sillery's volumes with very great pleasure: morbid sensibility, or of harsh misanthropy, whether real or pre- and have no hesitation of assigning to him a place in the first class or tended, about his book. He writes as a young poet always should, our poetical jeunesse. He is a young man of decided genius, and, honestly and unaffectedly, pouring over his subject the warm glow wbat is bestowing upon him very great additional praise, his heart is of native, virtuous, and healthy sentiment. He is deeply imbued of a right kind, having stored up in it an abundance of amiable feel with the best part of a poet's nature-the warm affections and gene- ing, and a correct moral sentiment; of this every page of his book rous aspirations of the soul, from which all that is selfish is excluded, affords evidence. Even in his most discursive parts, there is an ar and which elevate to eminence, simply by refining the grosser parts of freshness and originality. We recommend Mr Sillery's book L of our nature."-Edinburgh Literary Journal, April.

our readers, promising thein much pleasure in the perusal of it. *after no particular mole: it is fresh and luxuriant, and altogether employed. "Mr Sillery has resided in India : all his pages glow eith " What we especially like in Mr Sillery is, that his style is formed Dundee Courier.

" Every form which English verse is capable of assuming has been his own."-Edinburgh Literary Journal, May.

"This is a metrical romance, redolent of true poetry, and bearing Eastern scenery: our eyes are dazzled--blinded with the overpowerthe stamp of genius in almost every page. It is evidently the pro ing lustre of Eastern gems, Eastern birds, insects, fruits, and dosers: duction of a young, and amiable, and enthusiastic mind." --New

our senses oppressed with Eastern perfume and the songs of the bal Scots Magazine.

bul. Mr Sillery is a ' youthful bard,' with a menory stored with

the productions of our best poets, with a mind alive to all the beas “The poem takes a different turn, and introduces us to scenes that

ties of nature."--La Belle Assembice. delight the senses, encourage the daring, and reward the enterprises of heroic valour. The poetry, which is much diversified in metre,

“ There is a great deal of genius in this poem, the best proof at is highly respectable in its character, bringing before us at times

which is, the degree of attention it has excited. The poem of Val coruscations of thought which border on the sublime. To the lovers lery has obtained considerable notice; and this circunstance, by of chivalry, romance, crusades, and the tumultuous ebullitions of creating a presumption that it was not an ordinary production, is the dark ages, The Citadel of the Lake' will furnish much enter

duced us to read it. We found our inference correct: there is a de tainment.”—Imperial Magazine.

lightful freshness about the work. The verses seem not to be dis.

Lilled from an alembic of imitation and study, but to flow from an " His memory is stored with recent and diversified reading, which inexhaustible spring of fancy and feeling. They are full of tenderis freely given out in his copious and curious illustrative notes, and ness and passion; and there is tlıroughout a tone of such purity, e which likewise appears abundantly in the course of the poem. much lortiness of sentiment, and ardent and unaffected piety, that have met with no finer description of the approach of morning, even there are few, we will venture to say, who will read the poem with in Lucretius, than the following.-It affords us unfeigned pleasure out strong feelings of pleasure. His Oriental pictures, in rarocular, to have it in our power to state, that his feelings are ardent and ex

are splendid and glowing. There is much freedom and mmmand of cellent, that his piety is pure and devont, and that his views of reli.

poetical language in his style, and great variety in his versifieation. gion arc enlightened and evangelical.--His poem, all things consider.

He has a strong feeling for the melody of verse. The following post ed, is an extraordinary performance."-Edinburgh Evening Post.

gorgeous picture of a tropical sunset' is evidently painted fran na"A more enthusiastic child of song than Charles Doyne Sillery, has ture.-We close this book with feelings of admiration of Mr Sallent rarely appeared on this torraqueous globe. We have seen him in genius-a genius destined, we trust, to accomplish great unutta retirement, and we have seen him in society, and whether seated kings."-Edinburgh Weekly Journal. in the dark penetralia of our office, or acting the gay and gallant cavalier among fair women and brave men, we found him invariably the same single-hearted, frank-spoken, honest fellow. Like Anacreon Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietori, every Saturday Morning Moore, his wit flashes in incessant coruscations. Like the same illus.

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; trious bard, he sings his own songs, and dashes even his prose with Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow ; w. Cerrv. poetical ornature. He possesses, moreover, the astronomical en- jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London; and thusiasm of a Newton, the philosophic vein of a Brown, and the all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout mechanical skill of a Watt. About the ordinary size, and exceed- the United Kingdom. ingly slender in figure; we never look upon his eye, gleaming with intellectual fire, but we think of the

Price 6d. or Stamped and sent free by post, 104.
mighty soul, that, working out its way,
Fretteth the puny body to decay.'

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.


(No. 58. December 19, 1829.


Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts.


EDINBURGH, This day is published, elegantly bound in rich Crimson Silk, 125. BEGS to intimate, that he has now on Sale an THE LITERARY SOUVENIR for 1830. extensive collection of the best Works, at greatly reduced Edited by ALARIC A. WATTS.

Prices, among which are copies of the following: With Twelve highly-tinished Line-Engravings, from Paintings by

Supplement to the Encyclopædia Britanniea, 6 vols. 4to. FIXE the First Masters.

PAPER Copy, scarce, neatly half bound, 211. for 61. 68. In post 8vo, with Pfe. on India Paper, 21s., Pfs. on Imp. 4to, 30s. in

Edinburgh Review, from its commencement, 42 vols. boards, for a Portfolio.

91, 9s. A very few Pfs. before Letters, £3, 3s. Printed for LoxGMAX, REES, ORME, Bkową, & GREEX.

Edinburgh Annual Register, from its commencement in 1808 to

1824, 21 vols. half-bound, 201. for 57. Of whom may be had, The NEW YEAR'S GIFT, and JUVENILE

Benger's Memoirs of Tobin, 12s. for 6s. Burns's Works, 5 vols.

bds. 15s. Burns's Works, 3 vols. bds. plates, 21s. for 108. Burns's SOUVENIR, for 1830. Edited by Mrs ALARIC WATTS. With Works, 3 vols without plates, 213. for 68. Burns's Works, 1 vol. by numerous Line-Engravings. Elegantly half bound in Turkey Mo. Currie, 9s. for 7s. Boswell's Life of Johnson, 4 vols. 8vo, 11. 16s. for Tocco, with gilt leaves, price 8s.

11. 2s. Boswell's Life of Johnson, 5 vols. royal 18mo, 11. 28. for This day is published, Svo, price 6d.

45s. 6d. Blair's Sermons, complete in I vol. 12s. for 7s. 6d. Bel.

zoni's Researches and Operations in Egypt and Nubea, 2 vols, 11. 8s. PHRENOLOGY IN EDINBURGH,

for 158. 6d. Crawford's History of Renfrewshire, 4to, large paper, A SATIRE.

bds. 208. Dwight's Theology, 5 vols. 8vo, bds. 21. 10s. for 11. 153. 6d. “ But here, alas! the fatal difference lies,

Elme's Dictionary of the Fine Arts, 8vo, bds. 12. 48. for 10s. GibEach man's belief is right-in his own eyes."

bon's Rome, 8 vols. 8vo, bds. 31. is. for 2 Goldsmith's Animated COWPER.

Nature, with plates, 4 vols. 8vo, 21. 88. fur 14. 11s. 6d. Goldsmith's ApiJohn ANDERSON, jun. 55. North Bridge Street, Edinburgh; and mated Nature, 3 vols. 8vo, with plates, 21. 2s. for 11. 108. Goldsmith's SIMPKIN and MARSHALL, London.

Miscellaneous Works, A vols. Il. 12s. for 11. 2s. Hume's England, 8

vols. Svo, bds. 21. 16s. for 11. 10. Hume and Smollett's England, A NEW JUVENILE ANNUAL

13 vols. bds. bl. 53. for 21. 12s. 6d. Josephus's Works, 4 vols. 8vo, This day was published,

bds. 21. 2 s. for 138. Imison's Elements of Science and Arts, 2 vols. Price 6s. 6d., elegantly bound in Silk,

8vo, 11, 5s. for 15s. Illustrations of Marmion, 12s. for 3s. 6d. John

son's (Dr S.) Dictionary of the English Language, (the 2 vols. folio, THE ZOOLOGICAL KEEPSAKE; or Z00- complete in I vol. imperial 8vo,) with fine portrait, bds. 22. 23. for

LOGY, and the GARDEN and MUSEUM of the ZOOLOGI- 12 158. Labaume's Russian Campaign, 8vo, bds, scarce, 10s. 6d. CAL SOCIETY for 1830.

Literary Gems, in two parts, 10s. 6d. for 7s. Mackenzie's (Sir Geo.) Embellished with upwards of Forty Engravings, from Drawings by

Illustrations of Phrenology, 8vo, bds. 15s. for 5s. Morgan's (Lady)

France, 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 218. for 12s. Morgan's (Lady) Italy, 3 vols. Cruikshank, Landseer, Baynes, &c. &c.

8vo, bds. 21. 23. for 188. Memoirs of Montrose, 1 vol. 8vo, 12s. for London: Printed for WILLIAM MARSH and ALFRED 'MILLER; 8s. Murray's Discoveries in Africa, 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 10s. 6d.

Meand CONSTABLE & Co. Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

moirs of Captain Rock, foolscap, bds. 93. for 58. Memoirs of the

Rev. J. Blackader, 8s. for 49. 6d. Oxberry's Dramatic Biography, and A NEW ANNUAL.

Histrionie Anecdotes, with numerous portraits, 6 vols. 18mo, bds. Just published,

11. 78. for 15s. 6d.

Robertson's Works, 6 vols. 8vo, boards, 21. 14s. for 12. 173. 60. THE LANDSCAPE ANNUAL, or the Tourist

Robertson's Works, 12 vols. 18mo, bds. 21. 88. for 14. 11s. 6d. Rome in Italy and Switzerland. From Drawings by SAMUEL

in the Nineteenth Century, 3 vols. bds. 11. Us. 6d. for 208. ScoresPROUT, Esq., Painter in Water Colours to his Majesiy. The Li- by's Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, 16s. for 6s. Scott's Mechaterary Department by: T. ROSCOE, Esq. Dedicated by permis- nic's Magazine, 8vo, bds. 158. for 6s. Shakspeare, complete, in sion to the Honourable Lady GEORGIANA AGAR ELLIS.

1 vol. 12mo, beautiful edition, bds. 15s. for 10s. 6d. Toland's HisPrice, elegantly bound in Morocco, L.1, 1s. -Royal Octavo, tory of the Druids, 98. Newgate Calendar, 4 vols. 21. 2s. for 11. 2s.6d. India Proofs, L.2, 12s. 6d.

'l'he British Plutarch, edited by Wranghain, 6 vols. Svo, bds.

31. 12s. for 11 12s. The following Subjects illustrate the Volume : 1. Geneva-General View. 13. Como.

The Abbe Millott's General History, with Continuation to 1815, 2. Lausanne. 11. View of Verona,

6 vols. 8vo, bds. 32. 38. for 17. 165. 3. Castle of Chillon, &c. 15. View of Vicenza.

The Novels and Tales, and Historical Romances, of the Author of 1. Bridge of St Maurice. 16. Padua.

Waverley, 18 vols. 8vo, 10L 16s. for 5L

&c. &c. &c. &c. 5. Lavey, near do. (Swiss Cot- 17. Petrarch's House at Arqua. tage.) 18. The Rialto at Venice.

** Orders from the Country punctually attended to. 6. Martigny.

19. Ducal Palace, do. 7. Sion. 20. The Two Foscari, do.


21. The Bridge of Sighs, do. On Wednesday next will be Published, Price 3s. 6d. extra cloth 9. Domo D'Ossola. 22 Old Ducal Palace at Ferrara.

boards, or 5s. fine paper, 10. Castle of Angelo, from Arona. 23. Bologna. 11. Milan Cathedral, &c. 24. Ponti Sesto, Rome.

12. Lake of Como.
25. Fish Market, do.

Vignette-Constantine's Arch, Rome.

Including a Complete History of the Conquest of Mexico, and a A limited number of Proof Impressions of the Plates are Faithful Account of the State of that Empire

at the time, printed, to illustrate the various Works on Italy, &c., and for the By DON TELESFORO DE TRUEBA Y COSIO, Collectors of fine Engravings.

Author of " Gomez Arias," " The Castilian,” &c. Proofs, on India Paper, with Etchings L.5 5 0


MISCELLANY. with Writing

3 3 0

Edinburgh: Printed for CONSTABLE and Co., and HURST,CHANCE, Ditto, Plain

2 Small paper Prints will not be sold separate from the Book. and Co., London.

Who have in the Press the following original works, written for London: Published by R. JENXTXGS, 62, Cheapside; and sold by

Constable's Miscellany. CONSTABLE and Co. Edinburgh; and all Booksellers.


By the Rev. HENRY STEBBING, M.A. 2 vols.


ACCOUNT of the CONQUEST of PERU, &c. By the Author of CAYENNE are particularly recommended for Sore Throat, Enlargement of the Tonsils, Relaxation of the Uvula and Mem- A TOUR IN SICILY, &c. By J. S. MEMES, Esq. branes of the Throat, and consequent Hoarseness, so prevalent at LL.D., Author of the " History of Sculpture, Painting, and Archithis season of the year.

tecture," &c. 1 vol. They have been found of great utility by persons who are in the

HISTORY of FRANCE, from the earliest authentic habit of speaking in public; and the highest testimony in the musical world has been advanced in their favour, especially when, from era till the present time. By WILLIAM FRASAR, Esq. 3 vols. continued exertion of the voice, or the influence of a humid atmo

The ACHIEVEMENTS of the KNIGHTS of MALsphere, the inembranes have becoine relaxed, and diminished in

TA, from the institution of the Hospitallers of St John in 1099, till tbeir tone.

the Political Extinction of the Order, by Napoleon, in 1800. By These Lozenges are also recommended as a refreshing stimulus during field sports, or any unusual exertion.

ALEX. SUTHERLAND, Esq. 2 vols. Prepared by Messrs BUTLER, Chemists to his Majesty, 54, Lower LIFE and REIGN of MAHMOUD II., present Sackville Street, Dublin, and 73, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, and Grand Sultan of Turkey, including the Geographical, Moral, and (authenticated by their name and address in the labels which are af. Political History of that Empire. By EDWARD UPHAN, Esq., Aufixed on the tops of the Boxes) may be obtained of the principal thor of the “ History of the Ottoman Empire," &c. I vol. Druggists in the country; of whom also may be had, their ANT. ACID LOZENGES of QUININE, for relieving Heartburn, Flatu.

The POEMSand LETTERS of ROBERT BURNS, lence, Indigestion, and giving tone to the Stomach. 2s. and 1s. 6d. Chronologically arranged, with a Preliminary Essay and Notes, and per Box

sundry Additions. By J. G. LOCKHART, LI B. 2 yols.




BUTLER'S ACIDULATED LOZENGES OF the Life of Cortes." 1 vol.

ache work which Mr Burke has just given to the public, is CONSIDERATIONS" ON REMEDIAL MEA


COURT and CAMP of BUONAPARTE,) is just published.

Nearly ready for publication,
JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street, London.

By Messrs COLBURN and BENTLEY, London ;

And BELL and BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.
In 3 vols. post 8vo.

THE POETICAL WORKS of the Rer. “ A book of great intelligence and merit."-Literary Gazette.

GEORGE CROLY. 2 vols. post 8vo. “ This romance is the work of a very able pen. The characters are

DARNLEY. A Novel. By the Author of strongly, we had almost said pictorially conceived ; and the thoughts “ RICHELIEU, A TALE OF THE COURT OF FRANCE." 5 sols. are condensed and masculine. The story details the loves and sor- TALES of the CLASSICS, a new delineation of rows of an Irish beauty, Grace Oldcourt, whose heart has been bewildered by the showy qualities of an Irish soldier, Sir Walter D'Arcy,

the most popular FABLES, LEGENDS and ALLEGOBIES, commemo

rated in the Works of Poets, Painters, and Sculptors, Selected and the last relic of a long line of Irish fox-hunters, and inheriting all their habits of carelessness and luxury, their gallantry," &c.—Court Daughters. 3 vols. small 8vo.

Written by a LADY, for the Amusement and Instruction of her own Journal, HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London ; and sold by

The COUNTRY CURATE. By the Author of Bell and BRADFUTA, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

"THE SUBALTERN." 2 vols. post 8vo.

TRAVELS in the EAST. By JOHN CARNE, In 3 vols, post 8vo, 28s. 6d.

Esą. Author of " Letters from the East," printed uniformly with, STORIES OF WATERLOO.

and in continuation of, that Work. | vol. post 8ro, los 60.

The ADVENTURES of an IRISH GENTLE" An immense popularity may be expected for these volumes: no

MAN. WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. 5 vols thing in its way could be better than the design of the work. There is no event in the records of either ancient or modern history so

RANDOM RECORDS. By GEORGE COLpregnant with the fate of nations and of individuals as the battle of MAN, the YOUNGER, Dedicated by Gracious permission to His MaWaterloo. Among the numerons hosts engaged, there was scarcely jesty: In 2 small vols. 8vo. a man who did not feel a more than ordinary solicitude as to the ca. The PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE of tast rophe. In chronicling the grand drama, history can only recount DAVID GARRICK with the most Eminent ersons of his Time. the main incidents, while by far the most interesting portions, name- 1 vol. ly, the detail of private achievement, of private feeling, and of private suffering, is 'passed over, or consigned to the biographer or the

The LIFE of MAJOR-GEN. SIR T. MUNRO, novelist. The author before us unites these two qualifications, and Bart. K.C.B. late Governor of Madras, with extracts from his Coehas constructed a series of stories, of which it may not be too much KESPONDENCE and PRIVATE PAPERS. By the Rev. MI GLEIG. to say, that they will, on account of their subject and their power 2 vols. 8vo. of narration, bé read again and again, like those famous legends to LAWRIE TODD, or the SETTLERS in the which the battle of Cressy and Aginc surt have given immortality."

WOODS, By JOHN GALT, Esq. Author of "The Ayrshire LeMorning Paper.

gatees," :

"" Annals of the Parish," &c. 3 vols. HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and BELL TRAVELS to TIMBUCTOO, and other Parts & BRADFUTR, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

of CENTRAL AFRICA during the Years 1824, 5, 6, 7, and 8. By

RENE CAILLIE. 2 vols. 8vo, with a Map of the Route, a vit* NEW EDITION.

of Timbuctoo, and other plates representing the Buildings of that IXSCRIBED BY PERMISSION TO HIS MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY.

Haudsomely bound in one large volume,


This day is published, from the Communications of the Nobility, with upwards of 1500

By THOMAS CLARK, Law Bookseller, 38, George Street,

Edinburgh, plates of Arms, and containing Descriptions of the Armorial Bearings

Three of each House. equally well planned and well executed. Great ability is shown in SURES for REMOVING or MITIGATING the EVILS arising the condensation of all the requisite matter into one thick volume, from the LAW of ENTAIL in SCOTLAND, in a Letter to which, owing to the clear and beautiful mode of printing and engra

THOMAS F. KENNEDY, Esq. M.P. ving, is justly entitled to be called a cheap one, not only in compari. son with the tedious and expensive works on the same subject, but

By PATRICK IRVINE, Esq. W.S. in reference to the quantity of reading it contains, and the superior

Edinburgh: THOMAS CLARK; SAUNDERS & BEXNING, London; style of its execution."- Eraminet.

BRASH & Co., SMITH & Son, Glasgow; Sidey, Perth ; BRO# “This work justly deserves to be considered a History of the Bri

Co. Aberdeen ; and K. Douglas, Inverness. tish Nobility: It comprises a quantity of matter equal, we are as

of whom may be had, lately published, sured, to no less than 12 octaro columes !!"-John Bull.

I. LAW OF ENTAIL. HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and BELL In one vol. 8vo, price 1s, Ed., the Second edition, enlarged, of & BRADFUTS, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.




“This is a very short, and a very sensible book, upon a subject of CONTENTS :-On the Sonnets of Shakspeare, by Thomas Camp- the utmost importance to Scotland." bell, Esq.-The British Empire in the Year 1829 : the National

Debt-What has Emancipation done for Ireland ? --The Catholic
Association; The Roman Catholic Church; Maynooth College: Mr

In one vol. 8vo, price 6s. boards,
Canning; Lord Plunkett; Character of Mr O'Connell-Sketches

CONSIDERATIONS on the INEXPEDIENCY and Recollections, No. 1.; Dick Ferrel--Anecdotes of Russia : of the MARRIAGE LAW OF SCOTLAND. Russian Prisons, Police, &c.- London Lyrics : Jack Jones; the Re.

By PATRICK IRVINE, Esq. W.S. cruit-Characteristics of Rossini's Compositions-Recollections of a

III. Göttingen Student; Hanover; the Botanical Garden--Travelling

Two vols. folio, price £5, 58. Troubles, No. 11. -Dr Edmund Calamy's Historical Account of his own Life and Times reviewed-Walks in Rome and its Euvirons,

STAIR’S INSTITUTIONS of the LAW of SCOT. No. XX. ; the Ghetto degli Ebre.--The Last Song of Corinna Hero LAND, with COMMENTARIES. Worship-Love among the Brokers Similes-Political Events

By GEORGE BRODIE, Esq. Advocate. Critical Notices of New Publications ; the Borderers ; Stories of “ Brodie's Stair is a masterpiece of editorial precision and indus Waterloo, &c.-The Drama-Music- The Fine Arts; British Insti- try. The notes are literally crammed with the most valuable mattution-Linnaean Society-Royal Society of Literature, &c.—Rural ter : and some of the disquisitions on nice points of law display great Economy-Useful Arts-New Patents-Biographical Memoirs of vigour of understanding, united with infinite legal acateness. We Eminent Persons lately deceased--Provincial Oecurrences, &c. &c. would particularly notice the Editor's views of the Marriage Lav,

Printed for HENRY COLBURN & RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and likewise of the Law of Entails, which are really above all praise, and sold by Bell & BRADFUTR, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. exhibiting an extent and variety of learning altogether extraordi

nary."-Caledonian Mercury, Art. Scotch BÅR. SPLENDID SALE BY AUCTION.


In 4to, price £4, 4s. THE WHOLE of that VALUABLE COLLEC

A new and greatly enlarged Edition of TION of STATUARY, No. 9, WATERLOO PLACE, compri. The Volume of JURIDICAL STYLES, containing sing, amongst others, genuine Casts of the Apollo and Venus de SIGNET LETTERS. Medici, Dancing Fawn and Mercury from the Villa Borghese, Flora, Ceres, and Minerva, and many others, too numerous to mention in Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning an advertisement.

by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE ; In presenting the above to the Public, J. L. begs leave to state, that this is the largest and choicest collection of Statuary ever offer

Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKLNSON, Glasgow ; W. Couar, ed to the Public, and as the whole must be sold off without reserve,

jun. & Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London: and by early application will be necessary.

all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout Sale to commence on Monday the 21st current, and following

the United Kingdom, days, precisely at twelve o'clock.

Price 6d. or Stamped and sent free by post, 10.1.
JONATHAN LYON, Auctioneer.
Edinburgh, 16th Dec. 1819.

Printed by BALLANTYNN & Co. Paul's Work, Canongate. )

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[No. 59. Decernber 26, 1829.)

In 3 vols. post 8vo,


in the DAYS of ELIZABETH. An Historical Romance.

" The work will take i's station among the best historical roConnected with Literature, Science, and the Arts. mances that have been written."--Cheltenham Chronicle.

“ One of the finest and purest impersonations which the Genius

of Fiction, working upon the pages of history, has yet produced.” This day was published,

" Geraldine of Desmond is, in our opinion, a work of the highest

merit."-Caledonian Mercury.
By JOHN WARDLAW, St Andrew's Street,
Price 3s. half-bound,

We have not perused a production of modern days in which we

have been more deeply interested or more greatly surprised." SACRED HISTORY, in the form of Letters, ad Morning Juurnal. dressed to the Pupils of the Edinburgh Sessional School. By

HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London; and BELL the Author of the Account of that Institution, &c. Part I. com- and BRADFUTE, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh. prising the Period from the Creation to the death of Moses. JOHN WARDLAW Edinburgh; WILLIAM COLLINS, Glasgow;

This day, 3 vols. small 8vo, JAMES DUNCAN, and WHITTAKER, TREACH ER, and ARNOT, London; and James M. LECKIE, Dublin.


LAND; comprising a variety of interesting information for

Young Persons.

" A great variety of information is here pleasantly collected; and BRITANNICA.

though we are very far from wishing to see any young ladies of our acquaintance either chemists, botanists, or geologists, yet such slight

knowledge as, without dabbling in seienc: and hard words, does On the 1st of March, 1830, will be published,

away with the prejudices of complete ignorance, may gracefully be PART FIRST,

made subjects of female acquirements.

"* We must add, that BERTHA'S VISIT will be a most agreeable Price Six Shillings, of a new, greatly improved, and cheap Edition of the

Christmas present to our young friends."-Literary Gazette.

John MURRAY, Albemarle Sueet, London.
SEVENTH, including the recent Supplement to that Work :

On the 1st of January, 1830, will be published, with Preliminary Dissertations on the History of the Sciences. By

Price Is, 6d. the late Professors STEWART and PLAY FAIR, and by the Right

By WESTLEY and DAVIS, 10, Stationer's Court,
Hon. Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH and Professor LESLIE. Illus-
trated by a new set of Engravings on Steel. To be published in

No. I. of
Monthly Parts, and completed in Twenty Volumes quarto.
Edited by Professor M. NAPIER.

nal of Literature, Science, and Art; being a continuation of MODE AND TERMS OF PUBLICATION

“ The Spirit and Manners of the Age." I. By augmenting the contents of the page, but without decrea- " The British Magazine" will aim to be considered a monthly sing the size of the type, the work, while much improved in appear- journal of Literature, Science, and Art, which the heads of families ance, will be comprised, notwithstanding the great extension of its may receive under the perfect assurance that it will contain nothing matter, in Twenty Quarto Volumes, handsomely printed on paper to which the most scrupulous can object, while it supplies informaof a superior quality, twenty volumes of the present being nearly tion, and provides amusement, upon important or agreeable topicsequal to twenty-four of the former Editions. Each volume will con. furnishes just and liberal notices of all recently published workssist of 800 pages, containing a much greater quantity of matter than conveys intelligence of modern improvements in science_traces the any similar publication; and the Proprietors hold themselves dis- progress of art-describes the nature, and watches the proceedings, tinctly pledged to the Public, that the work shall not, on any ac- of public institutions and directs the attention to matters of still count, exceed Twenty-One Volumes: their present confident belief, higher inportance: those principles of religious truth and moral exat the saine, time, being that it will be completed in Twenty. cellence, by which Great Britain has been so pre-eminently distin. II. The publication will proceed in Monthly Parts, of which Six

tinguished among the nations of Europe. will form a volume; each part thus averaging above 133 pages. The

LONDON, 10, STATIONER'S-HALL-COURT. first part will be published on the first of March 1830.

As the print- Orders for “ The British Magazine" will be received by John ing of the whole will be finished long before the expiration of the BOYD, and any Bookseller in the Kingdom. period required for issuing the successive Monthly Parts, thc Subseribers will have the option, at the close of that operation, of completing at once their copies of the work, or of abiding by the publica

On Monday, the 4th of January next, will be published, tion in Parts till the end of the series.

A NEW WEEKLY JOURNAL, The COUNTRY III. Each Part will be sold for Six Shillings, thus making the TIMES, and Agricultural and Commercial Advertiser, price price of a quarto volume, of 800 ample pages, only Thirty-Six Shil- only Sevenpence, which will contain fuller and more accurate tables lings-a price very considerably lower than that of any similar pub- of all the Markets in the Kingdom for Corn, Cattle, and Merchanlication of the day; and which, when the quantity of Matter in each dise of every description, than is contained in any other Newspaper, volume, the quality of Paper and Printing, the numerous Engra- and give the fullest intelligence on all Foreign and Domestic subvings, and the ability of the Articles, are taken into account, must jects. The “ Country Tiines" will contain 32 closely-printed cobe allowed to place the work in a highly advantageous point of view. Tumus in eight pages, the subjects so arranged and classified as to enConsidering its Execution and Extent, it will, indeed, present the able the reader to turn at once to any particular article. It will also cheapest Digest of Human Knowledge that has yet appeared in Bri- be so forined, that it may be separated into two complete sheets, tain, in the convenient form of a Dictionary.

each having its own department of information, and, therefore, caPrinted for ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh.

pable of accommodating two readers at once, and, in fact, answering the purpose of two Newspapers. An Index and Title-page will be

annually published: thus enabling the subscribers to bind up their In one thick volume octavo, double columns,

papers, which will forin, at the close of the year, a volume of pecuPrice 148. cloth boards,

liar interest, from the great variety of topics ernbraced in its pages.

Orders received by all Booksellers, News-Agents, Postmasters, and A DICTIONARY of MEDICINE, for POPULAR at the Office, 139, Fleet Street, London.

USE; containing an Account of Diseases, and their Treatment, with Directions for administering Medicines ; the Regulation of Diet and Regionen; and the Management of the Diseases of FOR THE PREVENTION OR REMOVAL OF Women and Children. By ALEXANDER MACAULAY, M.D. Fel. HOARSENESS, SORE THROAT, &c. low of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and PhysicianAccoucheur to the Edinburgh New Town Dispensary.

BUTLER'S ACIDULATED LOZENGES OF • The observations on climate, diet, regimen, and the manage

CAYENNE are particularly recommended for Sore Throat, ment of infants, are interesting and judicious,--they comprise all

Enlargement of the Tonsils, Relaxation of the Uvula and Memthe best established information on the subject. To parents, and

branes of the Throat, and consequent Hoarseness, so prevalent at

this seasun of the year. those who have the superintendance of children, this work must be a useful guide ; in all respects, indeed, the Dictionary of Dr Mac

They have been found of great utility by persons who are in the aulay is calculated to gratify rational curiosity, to enlighten the

habit of speaking in public; and the highest testimony in the musi

cal world has been advanced in their favour, especially when, from minds of the public in general on inedical subjects, and to dffuse cor.

continued exertion of the voice, or the influence of a humid atmorect notions on many topics which are too often disguised in technicalities, or debased by superstition. It is, above all, an excellent an

sphere, the membranes have become relaxed, and diminished in

their tone. tidote to every species of quackery and empiricism."-Edinburgh

These Lozenges are also recommended as a refreshing stimulus Medical Journal, No. 96. “ We have seen nothing of the kind more opposed to quackery, or

during field sports, or any unusual exertion. better adapted for consultation."-Literary Gazette.

Prepared by Messrs BÚTLER, Chemists to his Majesty, 54, Lower “We know not a safer manual of medicine in our language."

Sackville Street, Dublin, and 73, Prince's Street, Edinburgh, and Scots Times.

(authenticated by their name and address in the labels which are af“Decidedly the most useful book of the kind which has yet been

fixed on the tops of the Boxes) may be obtained of the principal offered to the public."--Caledonian Mercury.

Druggists in the country; of whom also may be had, their ANT

ACID LOZENGES of QUININE, for relieving Heartburn, Flatu. Printed for ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh; and LONGMAN and Co. lence, Indigestion, and giving tone to the Stomach, 2s, and 1s. 6 London.

per Box.

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